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Fellow Citizens of Ottawa County:

In compliance with the request of your committee to write up that portion of the history of the early settlement of Ottawa county, that came under my knowledge and experience, allow me to say, that my earliest acquaintance with Ottawa County was in the fall of 1836, and the winter and spring following. I was then about eighteen years old, and had left the place of my birth and boyhood in Genesee county, New York, for the purpose of seeking my fortune; and like many others of that day supposed it was to be found in the far west, and with that purpose in view I found my way to Grand River,. by the way of what was then known as the Shiawassee trail. I arrived at Grandville, Kent county, about the 1st of October of that year, where I engaged as a laborer, in a saw mill, then owned by Brown & Britten, but operated by Hiram Jenison as their foreman. At this time the title of the Indians to the land on the south side of the river had been extinguished, and the lands surveyed and put in market at the Ionia land office.

On December 31, 1837, Ottawa county was organized, and five towns, to wit, Grand Haven, Muskegon, Talmadge, Norton and Georgetown. In the meantime the lands on the north side of the river had been surveyed and brought into the market. And owing to the fact that the lands on the south side of the river had been purchased and were held by speculators, the immigration was largely turned to the north side of the river, and settlements were formed rapidly along the river.

In those days local politics ran very high. The highways having a coutroling influence, each man being anxious to secure a well worked and traveled highway to his own door, even to the exclusion of his neighbor, and the office of highway commissioner was as eagerly sought after then as the presidency is at this day, and many roads were partially constructed, large sums expended on them, and afterwards- abandoned as useless and uncalled for.

The boundaries of townships were also a bone of contention along the river. as the river cut in two every surveyed town along its banks, leaving parts of the surveyed town on each side of the river. This interfered with the construction of highways and school districts to such an extent that the legislature was very often called upon to fix the boundaries of the townships, sometimes making the river the boundaries of townships, and sometimes repealing those acts and restoring the township to its surveyed limits. These frequent changes of the boundaries of townships frequently led to contention among the settlers, and sometimes to bad blood and trickery, and sometimes took a ludicrous turn. I will mention an instance: Georgetown, being mostly taken up by speculators, had large sums of money raised for highway purposes, while Talmadge was mostly Government lands, or what was then known as internal improvement lands, upon which no taxes couhl be levied. The settlers were very anxious to handle the highway and school money raised on the non-resident lands of Georgetown, and construct highways on the north side of the river. This could only be done by annexing the two towns and extending the highway district across the river. In 1841 and 1842, petitions and remonstrances were sent to the Legislature to have the river made the dividing line. Talmadge remonstrated, because that would give them three more inhabitants; while they had more than there were offices for, and each man must have an office, and it would cut off all the non-resident lands upon which they could raise money to build roads on the north side of the river.

The legislature granted the prayer of the petitioner, and made the river the dividing line between the townships, but, by a mistake in the newspaper report of the act, Talmadge was alleged to be attached to Georgetown, the town below (now Polkton) retaining the name of Talmadge; the town meeting to be held at Eastmanville. Talmadge outnumbered Georgetown in voters four to one, and they rejoiced in the prospect of handling the money of Georgetown for one year at least. Georgetown voters made efforts to induce Talmadge to remain on their own side, elect their officers, and apply to the legislature the next winter to legalize their acts, promising not to assess them or exercise any jurisdiction on that side of the river. This offer was refused by Talmadge, and a week before the township meeting Talmadge held a caucus, nominated a full set of officers on their side of the river, and rejoiced in the prospect of having everything lovely. In the meantime Georgetown sent to the Secretary of State for a copy of the act, when lo, it appeared that the river was made the dividing line. The next question up was how to retaliate on Talmadge; we were not long in drawing a plan; it was to let Talmadge remain in ignorance of the real facts and let them come up to the east part of Georgetown, the place of holding our election, and detain them there so long as to render it impossible for them to return to Eastmanville in time for them to vote there. In the meantime George M. Barker, who had been set off from Georgetown to Talmadge by the act, to go down to Eastmanville and inform them there and hurry up their township meeting and close the polls before Talmadge voters could arrive. This was successfully accomplished. Talmadge appeared in full force at the place now called Jenisonville and offered their votes; they were challenged of course; this led to long and laborious arguments, which continued until about one o'clock p. ji., at which time it was believed that there was sufficient time before the close of the polls at Eastmanville to induce Talmadge to attempt to get there, but not time enough to reach it in fact; they were then shown the certified copy of the secretary, and they at once saw the plot laid for them, and with one accord left for Eastmanville, some in canoes with the wind strong against them, two men on one horse in some instances, the greater portions on foot with hats and coats off, determined to make the distance of fifteen miles before the polls should close at Eastmanville. This was the most exciting campaign and the closest run for office that Ottawa county ever witnessed. Some few arrived at Eastmanville in time to vote, while others failed to reach there in time; those voting did so without organization, and the campaign was lost to Talmadge. Eastmanville folks took good care to get set off from Talmadge before the next town meeting.

The judiciary branch of the settlement of Ottawa county was not neglected. Four justices of the peace were elected in each township, who each, for himself felt that the entire responsibility rested upon him to see to it that the path of each citizen was made straight, and that he walked therein, and there was more litigation per capita then than there ever has been since, each justice and constable feeling that he was not elected for ornamental purposes only. Many ludicrous scenes in court might be- mentioned, but time and space will not permit. Conspicuous among the elements of litigation was the so-called Church & Dalton mill, at Sand Creek. This proved to be a source of revenue to two old attorneys at Grand Rapids, Moore and Abel, and a vexation to the settlers around; they being few in number, were quite too frequently called from home, as jurors, to decide upon the contentions of the two owners of the mill. This mill was built at Sand Creek about the year 1838 or 1839, by B. Church, a Seventh Day Baptist, who resolved that his property should not labor on Saturday, and James Ualton, a Catholic, who resolved that his property should labor on Saturday, but not on Sunday. This was the first bone of contention between them, but led tomany others. The difficulty was partially compromised after awhile, by an arbitration, in which Amos Robinson was the principal arbitrator. He determined that each man should use the mill the alternate week; but that did not stop the litigation, which continued without abatement until both parties were very much impoverished, and was only terminated by a separation of the parties. Mr. Dalton abandoned his property and went to Chicago, where he has since remained. Both parties having cut their pine, the mill went into disuse, and 'was swept away a few years ago by the flood. Abel and Moore each lost the pearl of great price, and both abandoned the practice of the law soon after.

At the time that Georgetown was organized, in 1840, it embraced four townships, those that are now known as Jamestown, Zeeland. and Hiendon. Jamestown was organized about 1849. Jamestown took its name from three James's—James Skeels, the second supervisor, James Brown, and James M. Conkwright. The land, although mostly located by specu lators, in 1835 was mostly put on the market, and was rapidly settled by emigrants largely from Ohio. The first settler in Blendon was Booth Kinney. who settled on Dec. 12, about the year 1845, now dead. Afterwards a family by the name of Woodruff,—Milton, and Henry,—who settled on the same section. This town settled very slow. Stoors & Wyman built a mill in southeast pnrt of the town somewhere about 1850. The town was organized in 1856. First town meeting held at the house of Booth Kinney. Albert Vredenburg was the first supervisor. Zeeland was set off from Georgetown and attached to Holland, and was after organized, and one D. Young was the first supervisor: this was about 1850. The heads of families of the settlers as early as 1840 are now nearly all dead. Henry Griffin, J. V. Harris, Samuel Hart> Thomas Woodbury, Daniel Rieley, and Mrs. H. Steel are the only survivorswho first settled Talmadge.

Hiram Jenison, Luman and Lucins Jenison, S. Yeomaus, L. Burdsly, Edward F. Bosworth, and Freeman Burton are the only survivors of the residents of Georgetown, in 1840, at the time of its organization. The settler* of that day endured many trials and privations, such as are incidental to a: new country. The western portion of the county, and particularly on the south side nf the river, was regarded valueless for agricultural purposes, and had been a great drawback to the settlers in the eastern part of the county, owing to the malaria rising from low lands, causing much sickness, from which very few, if any, of the older settlers were able to escape. It was not unfrequently the case that whole families were found sick with the ague and burning fever at the same time, and no one able to offer a draught of cold water,—and frequently these families resided many miles from other settlers. The mdsquitoes and fleas were intolerable.

The contrast in the appearance and comforts of this county in 1840 and the present day is very great.

, chair or two - benches - beds made with woven rope springs. Ticks filled with straw or corn husks, were used for mattresses. His clothes were probably hand woven. The wool or flax was no doubt grown, spun and woven by his mother.

Wolves were very numerous in those days and usually ran in packs. They were never known to attack a person, but often, when one went out for the cattle, in the morning, he found they had been encircled by the wolves at night. When wolves are near, domestic animals will usually herd close together and the wolves will run around them in circles, howling in a weird manner.">Linesville History
The first newspaper venture was made at Linesville in April, 1875, by 
Britton & McCoy, under the appellation of the Leader. It maintained a 
flickering existence with brief suspensions under the subsequent 
management of George W. Baldwin and of R. H. Montgomery, until 
with a subscription list of 149, it passed into the hands, in September, 
1881, of H. D. and F. C. Lowing, the present publishers. Under their 
charge the Leader, re-christened the Linesville Herald, has met with 
a large circulation, and proved a valuable property; since September, 
1883, it has been issued semi-weekly, Wednesdays and Saturdays. 
In politics it is Republican. Subsequent to the founding of the Leader 
the Linesville Gazette was launched into being by Frank McCoy. After 
a brief existence it was continued by L. L. Luce, under the name of 
the American Citizen. A few months later its final issue was published.

Lowing Butcher In Australia In 1880s

Lowing Butcher in Australia

Lowing Or Loren?

Interresting coincidence in names Loren drom Danby and Lowing from Danby.

American Lineage: Elihu5, Edmund4, David3, Edmund2, & Philip1.
Preceding English Lineage: Samuel6E, Henry5E, Henry4E, Thomas3E, John2E, & Thomas1E.
1794. Loren born in Danby VT. Also spelled "Lowing/Lowring". (Gen Refs: DPS p298/99; FDS 1588; SD p1598).
1812. Loren served from NY as a private in the war of 1812 (1812/VET p686, Ingham Co).
1815. Loren married at Danby VT Rutland Co to Hannah Carr born 1797.
1820/30. Loren lived in Peru NY Clinton Co.
1832. Loren lived in Plattsburg NY Clinton Co.
1840. Census of Tompkins Twn/Twp Jackson Co indicated: Lorin Shearman (sic) family; males age 10-15, 20-30, 40-50, females age 5-10, 15-20, 30-40 (p189). 
1844. Loren came to Onondaga Twn/Twp Ingham Co in 1844 (1812/VET, Ingham Co).
1850. Census of Tompkins Twn/Twp Jackson Co indicated: Loren age 55, farmer, Hannah age 53, born 1797 in VT; children Deborah, Cynthia, Eli (p615/d1266/f1266).
1854. Census of Tompkins Twp Jackson Co indicated: Lorin (LDS/AISx). 
1860. Census of Tompkins Twp Jackson Co indicated: Lorin Shearman (sic), farmer; Hannah age 65, born 1795 in VT; children Cynthia, Charles (p558/d3291/f290).
1860. Loren died at Tompkins Twp Jackson Co MI. Buried in Onondaga Cemetery Onondaga Twp Ingham Co (1812/VET, Ingham Co). Lowing Sherman died 1860, age 65 yrs, buried in Onondaga Village Cemetery tombstone).
1870. Hannah age 74 lived with son Eli in Leslie Twp Ingham Co (p184/185/d92/f92).

Some Records Of Sussex County Delaware

Some Records of Sussex County Delaware Compiled by C. H. B. Turner, Lewes, Delaware Philadelphia, Allen, Lane & Scott 1909

lowing, william.

William Lowing's Mail

Looks like William missed some mail in DeKalb County, Indiana Waterloo post office.

list of letters remaining unclaimed in the waterloo post office for the week ending march 7, 1881: anna bartely, e. t. barnes, a. w. cook, william lowin, r.a. miller, thomas shroyer. john m. kimsey, p. m. (re: waterloo press - 10 mar 1881)

WWII Grave: Samuel Lowing

Samuel Lowing grave in California: Golden Gate National Cemetery San Bruno, San Mateo County, California

Lowing, Samuel , 
d. 04/28/1945, 
Plot: H BLK695, 
bur. 05/04/1945, *
h them our dinner which we had not eaten, and every mouthful of provisions. We saw at a glance that our next meal was in Washington. Now Leffingwell is so drunk half his time that he does not know himself from a hole in the ground.[15]

He was still at Hunter's Farm when he wrote on August 20, 1861, that it was reported the Regiment would

remove our quarters tomorrow morning. No one knows where, but I suspect about one mile to the point from here and think preparations to defending a fortification of Earth Works. We do not really believe we will be attacked here, owing to the expiration of the month's enlistments. We are short of men. The South are making a tremendous effort in traveling 35 miles to Bull Run. We did not see a man or negro able to bear arms, all being in the Southern army. They keep a host of negroes entrenching and some of them have run away and come to us, say, their masters put them in the front of the fight. At least they made some use of them. But if they attack us here it will be a long siege. The South will entrench himself every foot of the way and they are doing it now and are within about five miles of us. They can bring two men in the field against our one, owing to peculiar advantage of roads, but when they get here the tables turn, but the fact is, and we need not deny it, our officers are the damndest set of fools and drunkards ever God let get together. If God intended to defeat the Northern army he could not employ better means than the putting such a body of men at the head of the army. If the men could get away, there is not one that would even go into another battle under these officers. I expect nothing but defeat to follow. The first time the officers ran and left their men, the next time the men will start first and not let the officers fool them again. Good officers might have led them to Richmond and they would not have mistrusted they were defeated. But I am tired of Bull Run, and suppose you are too, and will write no more about it.[16]

From Fort Richardson on September 17, 1861, he wrote that "We have just gotten orders to advance on the enemy.

We have waited for them until we have our own companies complete and now we are ready and will give them battle, if they do not give us one. All parties are ready and a bloody day is at hand unless it all fizzles out as it did at Bull Run. But I do not think it will be so. The enemy is flushed at victory at Bull Run, and as they will not run we are in a bend of the river and have no way of retreat except one narrow bridge, over a mile long, and that would break down with half of the form that would get on it in a panic. It is clear to us that the whole force of the enemy is here and unless they can defeat us, we will defeat them with a tremendous effect. If they do succeed in defeating us the great section will be captured. As to the results, I have great fears. The fact is our officers being many of them Democrats and are as hostile to the Administration as ever the enemy were, and see to aiding them of intensive plans, and then lay the disgrace to the Administration and claim to have defended the South hereafter. My opinion is that the Democrats near here need watching more than at present. I believe poaching is rampant in every department. It is easy for a lukewarm general to misunderstand the commands given him and thus open a large gap in our ranks. Besides our officers will be drunk by 2 P.M. This one thing will provoke retreats and everything will be lukewarm. I don't believe the army is sufficiently purged yet, but that we shall soon know.[17]

On November 9, 1861, he wrote from Fort Lyon that "Our matters here are all going right with our Regiment and company. Stephen G. Champlin is colonel and makes a good one but our camp is disagreeable enough. Our tents are poor, but we will get new ones on Monday when I hope we will be more comfortable."[18] And on November 27, he wrote that

besides my usual task of a company commander, I am detailed on special duty every afternoon on the fort we are building. Add to that the duties of a Judge Advocate of the Regiment to which I am appointed and you have some idea that I am busy. It is useless for me to attempt to give you any idea of the amount of my labors. Enough for me to say I am falling away to a 190 pounds, about 50 more than when I left there. . . . I think we will not remain here much longer, but where we will go is more than I know. Our company are all well and doing well. Lieutenant Brennan is a first rate officer and so is Benjamin Tate. Company I is all right. I am informed that Capt. Weatherwax has conveyed the impression that it was my fault he resigned. Now I can hardly think that he has done so, but if he has, I would like to know it, that I may disprove it now in the time of it. He knows better and knows that I can assign the reason and prove them.

We are all getting the hang of the soldier's life and are better satisfied. Colonel Champlin was a friend of mine at home, and is no less so here. There is a number of lawyers in the Regiment and in selecting me is a mark of distinction that I am proud of. In the meantime, I am not ambitious to be a warrior. To command Co. I through the war and bring them home again, is the height of my ambition. Great changes have taken place, six months ago, I entered the Regiment a perfect greenhorn, and now I believe I stand at the head of the Regiment on tactics. If you were not my friend you would say I was egotistical but not so. I know that at the time of getting up this company, my friends as well as myself were anxious to the result. And because I could not take my place at once, my ill-wishers declaimed it a failure. I am anxious therefore to remove all doubts on the minds of my friends.

It is not every good fellow that can make a military man, and yet no fault of his, and that was the difficulty with Captain Weatherwax. As good a fellow as I ever wish to mess with, and as poor a captain. He was as good a captain as McConnell was colonel. They fought each other, and killed each other's chances; and both left the Regiment together, and for the same reason, leaving many friends behind them. Both are brave to a fault, but neither could learn the tactics.[19]

Stephen was apparently an strong supporter of the Abolition movement. According to William Drake of Company A, although Drake disliked Abolitionists as cowardly and unwilling to fight for their beliefs, he considered Lowing "an exception to the general rule. It is refreshing to find one of them that will fight. He is a brave officer, and wide-awake to his business."[20]

On January 5, 1862 he wrote from Camp Michigan that "I am getting on the best terms with General Richardson and am building him a house, and also Colonel Champlin one."[21] On February 5, 1862, General Richardson commended Lowing for his conduct in a reconnaissance he commanded along the Occoquan river. Under the heading of "Brigade Order No. 6",

The general commanding the Brigade considers it his duty, and takes this opportunity to convey to the troops under his command his good opinion of their conduct as soldiers in the late affairs in which the two detachments, one of the 3rd Mich volunteers commanded by Captain Lowing of Co. I of that Regiment and the other of the 37th New York Volunteers commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Burke, were engaged with superior forces on the 'Occoquan River'. The daring attacks and fearless reconnaissance of Captain Lowing and his detachment of the 3rd Mich. Volunteers in front of superior forces of the enemy, deserve, and the general commanding this Brigade hopes will obtain the just commendation of all those who take any interest in the patriotism and discipline of the American Soldier. The general would again remind the same 3rd Michigan Company that he has not forgotten that company together with the Second Michigan performed gallant service last summer in the most considerable campaign which has yet taken place against the enemy, and from being the first troops actually engaged against the enemy, not only showed the highest discipline and skill in the attack of the 18th of July at Blackburn's Ford but also exhibited a coolness and orderliness in covering the retreat to Washington on the 21st of July which has rendered these Regiments an honor to the country.[22]

Charles Church of Company G wrote home in February of 1862 of the recent reconnaissance to Occoquan village led by Lowing. "Our Regiment started on the 1st of Feb. Stayed out 3 days. It was very stormy, rain and snow. Captain [Lowing] of company [I] went out and made a reconnaissance. He went to the Occoquan river where he saw a squad of Secesh drilling, in the village of Occoquan about 40 rods over on the other side of the river. He watched three movements a few minutes when they looked up and saw our men and run Bull Run style and that drew the attention of a lot of the devils that were quartered in the houses and they come out as bold as lions."[23]

On March 27, 1862, Lowing wrote to a friend from Old Point Comfort, Virginia, near Fortress Monroe.

A commander of a company, being well posted in tactics and military discipline has much to do in caring for his company. He has neither Sunday, day, night or hour that he can call his own. And many have been obliged to leave the service, as unequal to the task. Our company has labored under far greater difficulties than companies in general, and much more than any other Co. in the Regiment with whom we have kept pace. It is well known that our company was the only one in the Regiment that had not some form of military organization previous to enrolling in this Regiment. Except the Muskegon Rangers and they were organized under the command of three old military officers who had seen service in other wars and under the fostering care of Muskegon citizens and drilled three weeks before our company commenced its organization of entire raw material of both officers and men without one pennies' aid from any one. We came in at the eleventh hour, the butt of the Regiment; the Regimental and a large part of the line officers opposed to us in politics and jealous of us while the administration both state and general were so anxious to conciliate the Democratic Party as to become unmindful of Republicans.

Notwithstanding we determined that Ottawa Co. should have a company in the field, one that should represent her, and one that she should not blush to own. Although like "Old Ottawa" toiling under many difficulties at first, we are found to stand inferior to none in the service. We have already gained a high position which has not been accomplished with out much toil. But our hearts are cheered to know that our efforts have been approved of at last, by our fellow citizens of Ottawa County.

We have some cause of complaints for on the 28th of October last, the office of Second Lieutenant became vacant and a man from the 5th Regiment was transferred to our company, commissioned and then placed on the general's staff without our knowledge or consent. This throwing the work of three men on two of us, for less pay by $100 per month, than the other companies have, and because we were here discharging our duties to our country and the powers that did it were in Michigan, and we had no one to urge our legal rights we have had to submit to it and are still submitting to the abuse.

The Democrats have the appointing power in this Regiment, and the Governor in his blind anxiety to conciliate them is neglecting his friends. But no object will destroy our Patriotism. We are bound to succeed. The great questions of the day are discussed here in the army as well as elsewhere, and it is surprising to see the different effects that the same facts as presented to the eyes of our northern men have upon them. Strong Democrats have become Emancipationists, and strong emancipationists have become opposers of Emancipation. The cause is in the men and not the institution of slavery, for no man here can say that his worst expectation in regard to slavery and its blighting effects have not been more than realized. You cannot mingle here with the inhabitants for a day without meeting with some life illustration of some of Ms. H. B. Stowe's pictures of domestic slavery and you will find they are not over drawn. You meet the negro at every point, his language is readily incorporated in the best families. His songs are the past times, and their blood courses through the veins of a very large portion of the present generation and fearfully so in the rising generation.

The White Race is divided into two casts, the Aristocrats and the White Trash. The Aristocrats are the ones that owns the slave and has mortgaged his father's patrimony for twice its value. The White Trash is far the most numerous class, and no where to lay their heads, and are inferior to slaves who as a general thing have their homes. The negro has found his way into the army and even into Co. I in the form of servants. The officers of Co I have been bitten by the negromania. We must have a nigger to carry our baggage. "Well, Sam came, Sam loaded our baggage on his back, Sam marched, but Sam did not halt, and is marching yet as far as we know."

The negro sits in Congress daily and tempers all our debates. Our most ordinary legislation wears the impress of his Black Majesty before it becomes a law. And so long as he remains a slave in any one of these United States, just so long will his wooly pate pervade every department of our nation.

The Democrat Party in their anxiety to expel him, will drag him forth from his hiding place every day and one every occasion to give him a more Public Expulsion. The Ark of Liberty, of Emancipation of free labor is moving and "Woe to the man or Party of men that shall put forth their hands to stay it."[24]

On May 3, 1862, he wrote Franklin from a camp near Yorktown, that

"Stephen Scales [of Company I] died on the 1st of May of typhoid fever. My own health is poor but I am able to keep around and in command of my Co. Our duties are very arduous. In addition to our duties as soldiers we have taken to lumbering. There stood an old sawmill just outside the enemy's defenses, directly under fire of their cannons. The enemy had used this mill all winter sawing timber to mount their cannons, guns, barracks, etc. When the siege was determined, it was found that lumber and timber would be necessary for the same purpose on our part. The mill was partially destroyed. A part of a Maine Regiment was detailed to repair it, and work it, but after several days effort, they could make no lumber. In fact, I think they dare not raise the steam for fear of the enemies guns. Volunteers were called for, our colonel designated me and Company I. We succeeded and are cutting logs using beef cattle to draw logs, sawing the lumber as fast as we want it. The only thing peculiar is that it is perfectly in range of their guns. They are firing at it and the balls and shells fall on every side of it, and not a man hurt. Yesterday the shells fell thick and fast, so fast we could hardly count them, falling into the yard, and exploding, throwing fragments in amongst fifty men, all falling on the ground, and strange to say, every man arose unhurt. One struck within four feet of Mr. Tracy of Nunica who was moving logs on the yard, but did not explode and he was unhurt. There is not a company in the army that has stood as much fire and yet not a man hurt. Men have been killed one mile to the rear of us. we are getting hardened to danger. Last night a part of our company were dancing cotillions at the sound of a violin played by Jack Meeks, while shells were playing on our position. . . ."[25]

And two weeks later he wrote from Camp Cumberland on the Pamunkey river, that

My health is so poor that I think seriously of resigning as soon as the approaching battle is decided. At least if decided favorable to us. I am clearly of the opinion that the two battles, this one at Richmond and one at Corinth, will decide the fate of the rebellion and I am of the opinion that the the fate of both the places is already decided in our favor. So far as Richmond is concerned it appears that Yorktown, Norfolk, Suffolk, Williamsburg and West Point are the national defense of Richmond. These places in our hands it would seem that Richmond must fall. A few days will tell. I think I will come home in July. In the meantime encourage the boys to put in all the crops they can. Aaron P. Camp of Allendale died on the 12th inst (May) at the hospital at Yorktown; the same place Stephen Scales died at. He had been engaged in the hospital as a nurse for sometime and died of fever which is worse than the enemy bullets.[26]

He added a note to "Sister Mary", that "The Pamunkey river lays before me on one side and before me on the other lays our camp and wagon trains.

It's a level plain and as far as the eye can see, nothing but men, horses and the implements of war is visible. The weather is fine today, and our men are more cheerful. I am hardly able to get out of my tent, so you will have to make great allowances for disconnections in subject and sentences. I will not attempt a description of a battlefield. I could not do justice to it, if I should, but enough to say that the Lovers of the Horribles would be fully satiated. We are amongst the first to visit the field in the morning for the purpose of renewing the fight, but the enemy had enough of Michigan rifles and had taken to flight. The field was mostly in a slashing of timber and the dead lay on all sides. The ground was alternately occupied by the enemy and by our troops, so that the dead lay side by side. In one instance a Michigan and an Alabamian thrust a bayonet through each other. Both lay dead, still grasping his bayonet. Many had not died suddenly and evidently their last acts were acts of devotions. The Catholic died with a cross in his hands and some with a string of beads. While another had undone his knapsack and taken out his Testament, and died with it grasped in his hands frequently opened to some promise. Others again had letters from home, from Mother, sisters, from wives, as though loath to part with the last messages from loved ones at home. Even in death, the sufferings of these poor fellows as they lay there bleeding, dying in a cold rainstorm through the night, many of them half under water, may be faintly imagined but can never be told. I cannot comment more nor well longer of the subject. I am so unwell. Lieut. Brennan and Tate are being kind to me and Do all they can to make my duties light. George makes a very good Orderly Sergeant. All are doing everything they can for me, but my health still fails. Colonel Champlin is also very feeble. This war cannot end too soon for my good. The enemy is ten miles this side of Richmond and ten or twelve miles from us on one road and three miles on another road. We march to meet them in the morning. I think they will will back and no battle will be fought this side of the city except skirmishings which is going on all the time. I am able to say that our men are perfect tigers in a fight, but most the officers are worse than useless. Mutinies still prevails to an alarming extent and old dotage and men of limited sense does the rest."[27]

Lowing was wounded severely in both legs on May 31, 1862, at Fair Oaks, Virginia, and subsequently absent sick on leave for 30 days from July 12, 1862, although the Eagle of June 18, reported that Lowing, along with Colonel Champlin and Lieutenants Dodge and Brennan had arrived in Grand Rapids the day before. "They were received," wrote the paper, "by the Mayor and Common Council, the Firemen and Grand Rapids Grays, and a large concourse of our citizens, who escorted them to their stopping places. Their feeble appearance excited the warm sympathies of every beholder for these gallant men who have suffered so much in defense of the government. Their noble deeds of daring excite the pride of every Michigander, and when this satanic war is over and history records the deeds of valor performed by Northern arms, the names of the Michigan Volunteers will adorn its brightest pages, and first upon the record will stand in letters of gold the brave deeds of the noble Third."[28]

Although one source reported in early July of 1862 that Stephen hoped to rejoin the regiment soon,[29] it was not to be, at least not yet. Stephen was absent recruiting in Michigan from June 21, 1862, through January of 1863. In late August the Grand haven News reported that Captain Lowing was in Lamont, Ottawa county, speaking about the war.

The good citizens of Lamont and vicinity, assembled at the Congregational church, at that place, filling it to overflowing, on Saturday evening last, to listen to a recital of war themes, by Capt. Stephen Lowing, who is on his legs again and at work for his country. For two hours he held the meeting enwrapped in the deepest interest while he reviewed the war and recounted the brave deeds, hair-breadth escapes, and well achieved victories of the gallant Michigan Third, from the skedaddle of Bull Run, to the withdrawal of our forces from Richmond to Williamsburg. Capt. L. has improved greatly in health, his wound is healing rapidly and he anticipates soon to lay aside the crutch for the sword, and again lead his gallant company to victory. He is recruiting for the "3d" generally, and partic ularly for company "I". He wants some 30 men. Now is a most excellent opportunity for any one desirous of becoming identified with the gallant "3d" to do so. Geo. Parks, Esq., is recruiting officer at Grand Haven, and John Rice, Esq., at Lamont.[30]

By mid-fall of the year Stephen was in Detroit. He wrote Franklin from Detroit Barracks on October 4, 1862.

"I am very pleasantly situated here and shall remain for the present. The order for drafting is out and published. I hope old Ottawa will be on hand. The county has to raise 164 more men. Georgetown does not get credit for raising company I, except in an approving concern. I am rapidly recovering the use of my limb and I am encouraged. I use but one crutch and can get along about the house some without that. My quarters are comfortable and associated gentlemanly a good boarding house etc. So you see I am all right."[31]

He was Captain of Company E in February of 1863, while still recruiting in Michigan. In a letter written on February 17, 1863, to Lieutenant Colonel Smith in Detroit, he described his predicament as a recruiting officer.

I want to call your attention [ wrote Lowing] to the changes that have taken place with me. You will recollect that by your order I was to resume recruiting in Ottawa county and at the time I informed you of my intention to raise a Battery, which met with your approval. I received written authority to raise the Battery from Colonel George Grey of the Sixth Cavalry who had (as he stated) received authority from the War Department approved by Gov Blair. The Adjutant General also recognized my authority to raise the Battery." But soon afterwards Lowing learned "that by an arrangement between the Governor and Colonel Grey made within three days after I received my authority from Colonel Grey, the Battery was to be abandoned and not raised at all. Gov Blair ordered me to turn over my men to some other [Captain] which is creating great difficulty. Of course the Battery is at an end. What now am I still on recruiting service until further orders?[32]

Stephen then went on to describe another problem.

"I found a private of the 21st Infantry here on a discharge" and "with his gun and belt on I took them from him and hold them subject to some order." Then there were two paroled prisoners-of-war. "I went after them yesterday found one sick and" decided "to let them both remain for a few days until he recovers." And then there were the various problem with deserters and bounty jumpers, and the administrative problems of getting transportation passes on the Detroit & Milwaukee railroad for the deserters he did find in order to forward the men back to their Regiments. He said he did not believe he was needed in Michigan but wanted to be back with his Regiment. "I should ask to return to my Regiment but there is only 130 men for duty and only 3 [?] officers to command them. I am not needed there.' he had considered the possibly of resigning but the governor's office "requested that I should not do so at present saying that about 30 of the old Regiments would be filled up" and that "recruiting would soon be resumed with vigor."[33]

Nevertheless, Lowing remained detached on recruiting service from February through July and he returned to the Regiment from recruiting service in August. On October 8, 1863, he wrote from a camp near Culpeper, Virginia,

These Regiments are contemplating reenlisting for three years or during the war. In that case they will return to Michigan to reorganize and fill up. If we do so we will be home soon. Probably for the winter. This point is undetermined. My health is unusually good and as yet my leg has not troubled me. I am gaining in flesh, weighing 190 pounds. I have for some days been engaged on a court-martial, and am the Judge Advocate, which increases my work but not my pay. . . . Two nights ago we had an opiate for the purpose of quieting us to sleep in the form of an order, informing us that Stewart's [sic] cavalry was within a few miles of us, and nothing between us but a slender picket line. Today, orders are coming and going at a rapid rate, and we are ordered to form a line of battle, and nothing can be heard or seen of an enemy. The bugle sounds to fall in. A punishment is to be inflicted on a sharpshooter. One of Berdan's. He has been court-martialed for disobeying orders and is to be drummed out of camp etc. These court martials are severe things. I have six cases to try. Five where the death sentence is the result of guilty, and one case hearing. The case hearing is nothing, but when we come to try a man for his life, and myself to act as Judge Advocate, prosecuting on the part of the people, and then aiding the prisoners in his defense, and again counseling court, puts upon me a terrible duty, and calls for honest practice into which I have been a stranger. But God helping me, I will deal fairly with these men.

One of the greatest curiosities to us is how you can stay at home when soldiers live so well. And now to prove you know nothing of the comforts of life when compared with a soldier, I am inclined to attempt a description of our mode of living. In the first place George Hubbard and I are messing together. Our tent is six foot square on the ground, running to a point 7 feet high. This comprises cellar, kitchen, parlor, dining hall, and bed chamber. Our bedding, one blanket each. One laid on poles, the other over us. Our culinary apparatus, one frying pan, and one tin cup. Today, we are enabled to get some soft bread, and that pile of jet black stuff constitutes our pastry. We have a choice in meats. Today we may draw a piece of that belly pork that is there in that pile, and the only fault we have with it is that when it was alive it must have been a facsimile of those you and father got up in Ada many years ago.

Or we may draw from that pile of beef whose only fault is that it would have not been here, it it had not got too poor to draw its breath of life any longer. So you see our outfit is complete and we demonstrate Longfellow's

"Man wants but little here below,

Nor yet that little long."

The life of Patriarchs has been lauded from time immemorial and principally for their wants and light cares. But they did not want less than we have, or care less of danger or consequences than this army.

So you see how simple it is of you fellows at home to build large houses, barns, get beds, dishes, and in fact encumber yourselves with cartloads of useless commodities, so that you could not move for days, while we in two minutes, have our whole kit strapped on our backs and are off at double quick, and laugh at you old fogies.[34]

On November 1, 1863, he wrote from near Bealton Station, Virginia, "I have been very busy since I arrived here.

Having had so long a time at home. The other officers have put a fully share of duty on me, besides I had to learn some things new, and many things over again that I once knew. My health is good but my limb injures my marching. I shall not be able to stand hard marching and will have to go into the Invalid Corps or resign. . . . We have some expected to return home this Fall to recruit, but I now think we will not come at all. . . . This army has done some very hard marching and done some good fighting this Fall, but I am satisfied that all attempts to advance this Fall are worse than useless. We can go about as fast and far and put out men to guard, though about every mile we advance weakens us, and if we spin our lines too fine, the rebels can flank us. Cut off our rear, tear up our track, and compel us to fall back for want of supplies. This large army is unwieldy in an enemy country. A smaller and getter appointed army is much better. We should have more mounted men. These large armies are an experiment and I am of the opinion that they are not the thing to travel over on enemy country with.

I believe that our operations should be confined to the places accessible by water as long as there is such a place in the hands of the enemy, and never attempt a line, one or two hundreds miles by railroad until compelled to do so.

What a world this is! How large and comprehensive and yet in what a small space it may be represented. This camp is a very fair representation of all the world. Here you find men of every color, shade, clime and tongue, and all the different interests are here manifested. As you look over them you will see every man acting some part, and each seems to act as though on his shoulders rests all the welfare of the nation. Old gray heads are here, and striplings are seen mounting horses and riding for their lives for a mile or so, and then return without any object or business, only to make up the 'General Hurly Burly.' To the casual observer it would appear that something awful was going on. Orderlies are riding for their lives with packages of ominous looking papers, delivering to the commanders of Regiments, Brigades or Divisions. And when opened the whole thing does not amount to enough to pay for the sheet of paper. Get a look into the inside of this whole array and you will exclaim "How empty." What a farce. Is it possible that such a show and expense are all moonshine, and the dear people pays. The fact is Patriotism dies within us, and honestly blushes (within us) at the deception. But the men are honest, but are disgusted with the manner the war is conducted.

I was the Judge Advocate and the first one that ever got up paper sufficient to condemn a man to be shot, and I never want to do it again. Many have been sentenced to death but the papers have been set aside by the reviewing officer for informality, but not in the case I tried. I have about 30 more cases to try of the same nature, but have been on the march of late and not able to attend to it. I hope I shan't get to attend to it.[35]

From near Brandy Station he wrote on November 22, 1863,

"I should have written to you before, but the fact is I have been on a court martial since the 29th day of September last, and all times when the Regiment stops long enough our court martial convenes.

My duties are being "arduous" as I have to prepare all cases for trial. Try them and write up all the proceedings and send them up to headquarters for review. . . . I find myself in a difficulty. I am unable to stand a long march. My legs become very much inflamed and painful, but again when we are in camp,or on easy marches I am all right. Now if I thought I had much more marching to do, I would go into the Invalid Corps. Then I would have to go in for three years; on the the other hand with the Regiment, I would be discharged when the Regiment is discharged. Or I suppose that I could manage to get my resignation accepted when I should leave the Regiment for the Invalid Corps. What had I better do?. . . We are again under marching orders which means attempt to cross the Rapidan. You will not wonder when I tell you that the army dread the movement very much. Had we moved along when we pushed the enemy from this place we would have been willing to have tried to cross the river. The enemy was on retreat and we were victorious and fifteen days earlier in the season. Now the enemy has had fifteen days to reinforce and strengthen their defenses. And we are no stronger. The season is later. Several attempts have been made to cross the river in which we have been defeated each time, and suffered each time from bad weather. The same thing is to be tried again at this late season of the year , although we were here two months ago, with a larger army than we have today, and yet we did not attempt it then. I have fear for the result, but I hope for the best. . . . Amongst other things I should like to know who went from Georgetown on the draft, and who are to go, and fill the next quota of 15 for Georgetown. We did think some of coming home to reenlist but at present it would not help Georgetown much if we did for about all that enlisted from Georgetown are promoted, discharged, or dead, and would not reenlist. But I do not think we will reenlist at all now, it has got so late and our time is so near out.[36]

In December, however, he was back in Michigan on detached service from December 29, 1863. By February 16, 1864, he was back with the Regiment in camp at Brandy Station, Virginia, when he wrote to Michigan Governor Austin Blair seeking promotion to Major. Lieutenant Colonel E. S. Pierce had just resigned and it was rumored that Major Moses Houghton would replace him, thus leaving vacant the post of Major. Lowing, who claimed to be the senior captain in the regiment felt he should be promoted. Lowing told the governor that

Major Hoton [Houghton] is the next in line and ought to be promoted if he asks for it. I am the Senior Captain of the regiment and, I think, of the state. My commissioning the date of Oct. 28th 1861. I was severely wounded at Fair Oaks [May 31, 1862] and many younger officers were promoted to higher rank while I was disabled. As soon as I recovered I presented recommendations [from General Hiram Berry among others] which you considered satisfying at this time and promised me that I should be remembered at the earliest opportunity. That opportunity now presents itself. I am calling your attention to these facts rather than procure further recommendations, unless you desire further recommendations.

I [also] mention however that I came to Michigan in command of the detachment of the 3rd Mich inf and enlisted one hundred and thirty-four men in thirty days which is more than the 1st regiment did and more than the 5th did except they took in a company already enlisted.

The application I make is to be commissioned Major of the 3rd if Major Hoton [Houghton] is promoted and to that of Lt. Col. . . .

Hoping that the efforts I have made to serve my country in the field and in reenlisting this regiment and recruiting the same will meet your approbation and be rewarded by granting my request.[37]

From Camp Bullock, near Brandy Station, he wrote Franklin on February 21, 1864, that he he was "on another court martial. I had not been here two days but became Judge Advocate of a court martial."[38] He resigned his commission on April 9, 1864, at Brandy Station, Virginia, and he explained in detail his reasons for resigning in a letter to the War Department dated March 29, 1864.

I joined this Regiment at its organization, and have been with it in all its engagements, until the Battle of Fair Oaks, Virginia, on the 31st day of May 1862, when I was severely wounded with a gun shot through the thigh, which disabled me for marching for a year after. I was detailed on recruiting service in the State of Michigan in May last [1863], I tendered my resignation, which was disapproved, and I was referred to the Invalid Corps, with the intimation that the Government still required the services of officers disabled for Field Service, and who were yet able to do Garrison Duty. Preferring not to join that Corps, I was permitted to rejoin my Regiment in September last, and accompanied them in their Fall campaign, frequently in great pain and suffering, to such a degree that I was compelled to apply for a position in the Invalid Corps, to avoid duty I was unable to perform. A notice of my appointment reached me in Michigan in January last, too late to enable me to appear before the Board for examination. I returned with my Regiment in February, and accompanied it on the march to James City [Virginia], and find that the Winter has made no improvement in my ability to march. The Invalid Corps is still open to me, but I desire that my resignation be accepted unconditionally, as I don't wish to receive any gratuity from the Government, or become a sinecure, believing the Invalid Corps to be a Humane Institution for the wounded, disabled and destitute, and not for those still able to provide for themselves.[39]

Thus, he rejected any offer to join the Veteran's Reserve Corps, believing that while he was still rather fit he remained unable to march with any endurance.[40]

Stephen returned to Ottawa county and devoted most of his energies to the practice of law but failing hearing caused him to retire some seven or eight years before his death. He became Prosecuting Attorney of Ottawa county in 1868 and moved to the county seat in Grand Haven in 1868, where he continued his practice of law in Grand Haven until January 24, 1884, when, owing to his deafness, he resigned from the law and moved to his farm in Allendale where he was living in 1884, 1888 and 1890.

He received a pension no. 209,819, dated May of 1884, and drawing $20.00 per month for a wounded right thigh.

He was married a third time to Lydia Church Wheeler (d. 1889),[41] but they, too, reportedly quarreled frequently and were divorced. Finally, in 1870 he married Ohio native Emily Markham (1851-1936), who was 34 years younger than Stephen, and they subsequently had two daughters: Myrtie (b. 1873) and Emily (b. 1875).[42] Stephen had two sons and a daughter by his first wife Ruth: Luke (1843-1922), Oscar (b. 1847) and Martha (b. 1841).

Stephen was injured by a bull while farming in 1889 and never fully recovered from his wounds.

He died of dropsy on November 4, 1891, in Allendale township and was buried in Georgetown cemetery; see photos G-341, G-342, P-86 and P-87. He left a landed estate valued at $60,000 at his death.

[1] Unless otherwise noted, most of the prewar biographical information is based in large part on conversations with Lowing family historian Joyce Klawiter of Grandville and several Lowing family histories.

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[42] Emily eventually remarried one Joseph Dearborn in 1903 and they lived in Grandville for the next thirty years or so.

ce married October 1, 1948, Jack Klawiter.

Thay have three children:

  1. Craig
  2. Glenn
  3. Mark
  • Daniel M.
  • May Belle
  • Isaac N.
  • Rose
  • Dora
  • William R.
  • John H.
  • Eva Annette
  • Alice
  • Esther B.
  • Isaac Newton
  • Mary Jeanette - b (6th child) Je. 5, 1825 at Bethany, NY , d. Je 14, 1903 in Michigan. M. Franklin Edward Bosworth - a descendant of Edward Bosworth who d. on the voyage to America in 1634, leaving wife and children. September 25, 184
    1. Nellie - b. Dec 18, 1861 - d. May 1 19 -m. Dec. 12, 1887 - John Thomas, son of Thomas and Susan Lambert Sheridan - b. April 12, 1862 - d. (Thomas Sheridan - b. 1818 - d. 1891 - was of Chapel Izod - d. Nov 17, 1905. He was at Blanchartown, Feb 13, 1843, Susan Lambert, b 1825 - d. Nov 17 1905. He was a descendant of Rt. Honorable Brinsley Sheridan, M.P. youngest son of Thomas, Esq. and Frances( ---) Sheridan.)
      1. Mary - b. October 6, 1888, at Allendale, Michigan - m. Roy H. Lowing - (see Roy Lowing). Isaac was the Great Grandfather of both Mary and Roy.
  • Ulysses
  • Cordelia
  • Elizabeth
  • Twin girls (not named)
  • Stephen
  • John
  • Anna
  • Sec. 02: Haight

    Haight Lineage

    Simon Hoyt, son of John and Ruth (Stowers) Hoyt, born at Dorchester England January 20, 1590 - died at Stamford Connecticut September 1, 1659, according to the town records. In 1628 he came with his brother-in-law, Nicholas Stowers and the Spragues, in the ship "Abigail" with Governor John Endicott, arriving at Salem Massachusetts September 6, 1628. In the summer of 1629, he went to Charlestown as one of the first settlers, but was at Dorchester in 1650. His name on the records was Simon Hoit.

    He removed to Scituate, Massachusetts where his wife joined the church, April 19, 1635. On February 28, 1640, he was granted 80- acres on the west bank of the Connecticut River. He removed to Fairfield Connecticut and bought from John Green, a home lot of three acres, March 6, 1649 and later five more lots, but was at Stamford before his death an the inventory of his estate was taken there.



    Descendants of John & Ruth (Stowers) Hoyt

    1. Simon Hoyt (Hoit) married Deborah, daughter of Walter Stowers, at the Parish church at Upway. Children born at Upway Dorset England:
      1. John - born March 12, 1614 died Rye, New York 1684 married Mary xxxx
      2. Walter - born January 3, 1616 died Norwalk, Connecticut 1696.
      3. Thomas Hyat - born September 20, 1618, Died September 9, 1656
      4. Deborah - born August 9, 1620, died Upway January 1628 Nicholas of whom further
      5. Ruth born January 2, 1625
      6. Simon Hoyt (Hoit) remarried Susannah Smith (Second Wife) after coming to America. Susannah survived him and married Robert Bates. She died at Stamford Connecticut 1674. - Children born in New England:

      7. Moses
      8. Joshua born in Windsor Connecticut about 1640 died 1690 - married Mary Bell.
      9. Samuel - born about 1642, died at Stamford April 7, 1720 married 1 st November 16, 1670, Hannah Holley. Married 2nd September 20, 1714 Rececca Gold. Married 3rd Hannah Gold
      10. Benjamin - born February 2, 1644 - died Stamford Conn. Jan 26, 1736 married Jan 5, 1670 Hannah Weed
      11. Mary b xx d xx married Thomas Lyon of Stamford A daughter married Samuel Finch
      12. Miriam m Samuel Firman
      13. Nicholas Hoyt - born Upway November 11, 1622 died Windsor Conn. July 2, 1455 [sic]. Also lived at Hartford. Married June 12 1646 Susanna Joyce.
        1. Samuel Haight - born Windsor, May 1, 1647 - died 1712. He removed to East Chester, Westchester County New York. At one time he lived at Flushing Long Island. He was a Quaker - married Sarah.
          1. Samuel jr. born between 1667-72
          2. Nicholas
          3. Jonathan born 1670/84
          4. David born 1670/90
          5. John
          6. Susanna born before 1684
          7. Sarah born before 1686
          8. Mary born before 1693
          9. Hannah born before 1699
          10. Phoebe born before 1701
        2. Johnathan born June 7 1649
        3. David b April 22, 1651
        4. Daniel born April 10, 1653

    Many Haights Active in Political Life

    Many of the Haights were Quakers or Friends - Anna retained her friendship for them. When William was a boy in Jamaica, the Friends were active there and his mother had always been friendly toward them.

    Anna Haight

    Anna was born at Crum Elbow, New York, March 10, 1764 and from there moved with her parents to Tinmouth Vermont. She was the daughter of William, youngest son of Joseph Haight. Her father was a strict orthodox Quaker and owned a farm not far from the meeting house. When the split came between the Liberal young people and the older Orthodox members, Anna joined the liberals, much against her father's anger and the inability to control his own daughter, caused a break in her father's prestige, both in church and community. From the Dissenting members, a Baptist church was formed at Danby.

    After William's death, Anna tried to operate the mill and manage the family finances, but James, the eldest son had bought a farm at Tinmouth & Stanton was too young to help. The purchasers of the Harrington Sawmill, tried to buy the Lowing mill with its better water advantages, but their price was so small that she refused to sell.

    After this they bribed any help she hired, until there was no one to he lp her - business declined and she was forced to take out a mortgage on the mill. This she could never pay and so lost the property to the owner of the rival mill.

    James sold his property to try to help her and so lost his also. Before the year was out, Anna and her family returned to Danby where they owned a small tract of land with a house on it.

    Susanna, Deborah and Stephen were married from this house, James Tinmouth. He was of Quaker descent. He lived 17 years after this marriage and died at Lewis, Essex County New York. having married in 1802.

    Ten years after William's death, Anna married William Vaughan. After William Vaughan's death Anna visited all her children and finally settled down to live with James at East Gainsville, New York (Now Silver Springs). The home with all its effects at Lewis, was burned and among the things lost was the War record of William. When she applied for a pension, she had to take that of a private, for the commission as Captain was gone. She died August 23, 1845 at East Gainsville, New York.

    The children of William and Anna Haight Lowing:

    Sec. 03: Lampman

    Lampman Lineage

    From Cuyler Reynold's History of the Hudson River Valley.

    The Lampmans of Coxsackie, Greene County, New York were descended from ancestors from Palatin Germany.

    The Emigrant ancestor settled in Greene County at the south of Greene's Hill in the town of Coxsackie.

    Stephen Lampman born Greene County about 1760 married and had issue Peter, son of above born about 1760 married and had issue.

    John Peter born September 17, 1792 died January 2, 1855 married Abigail King, born November 11, 1795 died January 2, 1882. They removed from King's Hill, some three miles to the eastward, where they settled on a farm.

    Obadiah born on the Greene County homestead, upon which his parents settled prior to his birth, May 25, 1818 died at Coxsackie, 1902, married Elizabeth Vandenberg, born November 22, 1817 died October 31, 1890 daughter of Peter Vandenberg. Five children.

    It would appear that John Peter could be the brother of Lavina and Stephen who married Susanna Lowing in 1812.

    Lavina Lampman married Isaac Lowing 1814.

    Rachel Lampman (a descendant of Stephen) born August 26, 1824, died March 4, 1910 married Richard, son of Henry and Rebecca (VanLoon) Vandenberg born February 8, 1817 died July 21, 1860. He was a farmer.

    Illus. 01: Lampman

    Lampman Family 1897.

    I am a direct descendent of Susanna Lowing--grandson of Sylvester Orrin Lampman and son of Mary Ann Lampman and William Lyman Bowen. I own the mimeod Lowing book Ruth provided and have enjoyed it greatly. Any other Web sites on the Lowings you could recommend? Thanks. Larry Bowen, Fairfax, VA

    Taken in 1897. My grandfather Sylvester Orrin Lampman was 18 and is standing second to the right in the back row. All remained in Iowa.

    Sec. 04: Sheridan

    Sheridan Lineage

    The ancestor of this family was the Right Honorable Richard Brinley Sheridan, M.P. orator and author who was born at Dublin, Ireland, September 1751 -youngest son of Thomas by his wife Frances Chamberlaine (the accomplished author of Sidney Biddolph) who was born at Quilco, Co. Cavan 1721. Thomas was the son of Reverend Thomas Sheridan, D.D. ( a friend of Dean Swift) born 1684 in county Cavan. This Thomas was the son of Thomas who obtained a fellowship at Trinity College, Dublin, which he had obliged to resign on becoming a Catholic, and in 1680 was imprisoned for supposed complicity in a "Popish plot" but was subsequently knighted by James II, who made him his secretary. This last mentioned Thomas was a brother of the Ft Rev. William Sheridan, Bishop of Kilmore, who was born at Togher, co. Cavan, about 1655, and both were sons of Reverend Dionlysius Sheridan, once a Catholic Clergyman, who was converted to Protestantism by the Bishop of Bedell.


    (Gold shield, a lion rampant, between 3 trefoils green)

    Out of a ducal coronet, gold, a stag's head in natural colors)

    In January, 1775 Richard's Comedy, the Rivals - was bought out at Covent Garden and his School for Scandal Later.

    Thomas Sheridan (1818-1891) was of Chapel Izod, by Dublin, Ireland, married at Blanchartown February 13, 1843 to Susan Lambert - born 1823 - Died November 17,1905.

    Susan always said she was 12 years old when Victoria was crowned.

    Mary - born October 6, 1888, at Allendale, married October 29, 1913 - Roy H., son of Holden C. and Eleanor (Chapin Woodruff) Lowing - Living 1952.

    John born April 12, 1862, at Blyhe, Ontario - married December 12, 1887, Nellie Daughter of Franklin and Mary Jeanette (Lowing) Bosworth, born December 18 ,1861 - died at Allendale, Michigan

    Sec. 05: Stowers

    Stowers Lineage



    (Gold, Three Bars Red. A Rose, Red, Seeded and Barbed Natural Colors.)

    The name Stower (later Stowers) is rarely heard except in West Dorsetshire. It is from Stour Parish (now East and West Stour) on the river of the same name, in Dorsetshire, England. In the Visitation of Dorsetshire in 1623 is found the record - "Jon Bowdich married Julian, daughter of Nicholas de Stowre."

    Walter Stowers, of Dorsetshire is known to have had the following children. His wife's name is unknown.

    • Nicholas, with Simon Hoyt (Haight) and the Spragues, from Upway Parish Dorsetshire, came to the New England in the ship "Abigail" with Governor John

    Endicott, arriving at Salem Massachusetts September 6, 1628. He was a member of the Boston Church in 1630 and was made a Freeman of Boston, May 18 of that year. On November 2, 1632, he and his wife Amy and children "entered the covenant" at the first church of Charlestown, Massachusetts. He died there May 17, 1646, leaving widow Amy and children; Richard, born England married Hannah daughter of Henry Frost of Ipswich, Suffolk - Joanna, Joseph born Boston

    February 12, 1632 - Abigail born 1636 Sarah a daughter who married a Mr Farr and John who died prior to August 15, 1638.

    Deborah - born Dorchester, England May 1, 1593, died probably Dorchester, Massachusetts about 1634. She married at Epway in the Parish church, in 1612, Simon Son of John and Ruth Hoyt of Upway.

    1. THOMAS ALFRED PACKER (359), born January 1, 1952. Married August 4, 1974 to Kay O'Conner (3031) in Naperville, Illinois.
    2. JAMES KENNETH PACKER (360), born June 16,1954.
    3. LYNN ANN PACKER (351), born August 4, 1955.
    4. DAVID ALLEN PACKER (352), born January 26, 1962.
  • HAROLD S. LADEWIG (1120), was born June 22,1904. He attended Grandville High School and Hope College. He married Ruby Mooney (2886) at Grandville, Michigan, June 26,1934. He is a contractor. They live in Paradise, California, and have no children.
  • CARL F. LOWING (335), was born June 21, 1887. He attended Chrysler School. He married Grace Barton (363), March 15, 1925. After her death he married Willie Lee Roris (373). She died October 16, 1960. Carl was a mechanic of the Otis Elevator Co. Carl has two children by his second wife. Carl passed away 1972 at age 83.
    1. FRANKLIN CARL LOWING (364), was born December 19, 1929. He attended Godwin School and Central High School. He married Dora Gann (366), May 1954, in Texas. He was in the Air Force. He now works at Kelvinator Division of American Motors. They have two children.
      1. DEBBIE KAY (367), born November 1, 1956.
      2. STEPHEN DALE (368), born March 7,1957.
    2. HAROLD LAVERNE LOWING, born August 6,1932 at Cedar Springs, Michigan. He attended Godwin School and Central High School at Grand Rapids. He married Louise Bullock (369), December 9, 1949, at Grand Rapids. They have three children. Harold is a mechanic.
      1. CHERYL LYNN (370), born May 2,1952.
      2. CARL ALLEN (371), born June 27,1954.
      3. PHILLIP WAYNE (372), born November 27, 1959.
  • WILLIAM LOWING (137), the seventh child of William and Mary Ann Lowing, was born in 1857. He lived but six months and was buried in the Haire Cemetery. His grave is unmarked.
  • MARION LOWING (138), the eighth child of William and Mary Ann Lowing, was born April 4,1859, while the family lived in the old log house at the bend of the road, east of the Haire School. Mary Ann died at his birth, and his Aunt Mary Bosworth kept him for months, and from that time, until his death at 22, in 1881, he was passed from one relative to another. He lived for a time with his father and stepmother.
    1. DORA LOWING (139), first child of William and Maria Cressy (Orton) Lowing (second wife) died in infancy.
  • EDGAR CURTIS LOWING (140), (Ned), second child of William and Maria Lowing, was born February 8,1870. Ned attended the Canada Hill School. He married Laida Isella Bowen (214), who was born January 7,1891. She was a housewife and he worked for the National Grocery Company in Traverse City, Michigan. They were both active in Civic affairs and Congregational Church work. Ned passed away August 5, 1933 and Laida passed away March 1954. Both are buried in Traverse City, Michigan. They had four children and lived in Traverse City Michigan.
    1. HILDEGARDE ALICE (LOWING) MILLER (215), first child of Ned and Laida Lowing was born at Grand Rapids, Mich., March 21, 1895. She attended the Traverse City public schools and also studied music at Bayview. Hildegarde married Neil 0. Miller (219) at Traverse City. He was born April 28,1890. She was a housewife and church organist. There were two children born to this union. Hildegarde passed away, August 5, 1928 and is buried in Traverse City.
      1. RICHARD BOWEN MILLER (220), born July 27,1918.
      2. ROGER LOWING MILLER (221), born January 15,1920.
    2. GLENNA MARIE (LOWING) KIEFER (216), of R#2, Deepwater Point, Williamsburg, Michigan, second child of Edgar and Laida Lowing was born March 4, 1897 at Grand Rapids, Michigan. She attended the Traverse City public schools, received a B.S. degree in English from the S. Western College at Ypsilanti, and did graduate work at the University of Michigan. On March 4, 1924 Glenna married William James Kiefer (2887) at St. Joseph, Michigan. He was a Commercial Artist and fought during WWI on the European front. William passed away in 1945 in Philadelphia. Glenna taught English in Traverse City and is now retired. She is active in the Friendly Garden Club, Delta Gamma Society, Acme Woman's Club, Retired Teacher's Club and the Congregational Church Guild. She has two children.
      1. PATRICIA LOWING KIEFER (2888), was born in Niles, Michigan, December 9,1924. She is a graduate Nurse and did further study at Kalamazoo College and the University of Michigan. She has a Masters from Yale Graduate School. She is now teaching in Flint Junior College.
      2. BARBARA MARY (KIEFER) THOMPSON (2890), was born in Traverse City, Michigan, February 6, 1928. She attended Traverse City public schools and Michigan State University. On June 20, 1954 she married James William Thompson (2891). He is a graduate of Southeastern College, with graduate work at Oberlin College.
        1. WILLIAM THOMPSON (2892), born April 26,1954.
        2. ROBERT THOMPSON (2893), born September 25,1956.
        3. TIMOTHY THOMPSON (2894), born November 1,1958.
    3. EDGAR CURTIS LOWING (217), JR,(Ned), third child of Edgar and Laida Lowing was born March 15,1903. He attended schools in Traverse City. On July 20, 1925 he married Byrd Duncan (2895) at Grand Haven, Michigan. Edgar was a Salesman and Byrd was a bookkeeper. They were members of the Congregational Church. There was one child born to this union. Edgar passed away June 8, 1955 and is buried at Traverse City, Michigan.
      1. ANNE DUNCAN (LOWING) LATHAM (2896), of 301 Youpon St., Silsbee Texas, was born in Traverse City, June 18, 1926. She attended Michigan State University, Lamar College of Technology and received a B.S. degree in House Economics at Beaumont, Texas. On September 27, 1947 she married Wesley Charles Latham (2897) at Appleton, Wisconsin. He is an Appraiser and Forestry Consultant and Anne is a Home Economist, Real Estate Broker, Draftsman and Artist. Active in the National Home Economics Association, Silsbee Art League and a member of Lamar College Alumnae Association. They have one child.
        1. LANCE WESLEY LATHAM (2998), born October 25, 1948, Iron Mountain, Michigan.
    4. RUTH CRESSY (LOWING) BEHL (218), of 3834 Oakland Dr, Kalamazoo, Michigan, was born in Traverse City, April 9, 1909. She attended Traverse City public schools and Western Teachers College in Kalamazoo. On August 9,1934 was married to John D. Behl (2899) in Michigan City, Ind. He is Package Engineer for KUP Southland Co. and active in Masons and the Congregational Church. Ruth is a housewife and active in Alpha Phi Beta Sorority, Congregational Church, Ann Bradford Guild and Oakwood Book Club. There were three children born of this union.
      1. GLENNA MARIE (BEHL) HALLIBURTON (2900), of 1427 Giddings S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan, was born in Battle Creek, Michigan, February 11, 1936. She attended Battle Creek, Omaha and Kalamazoo public schools, and is a graduate of MSU. In Kalamazoo on June 19,1957, Glenna married Sam H. Halliburton (2903) who is a Hospital Supplies Salesman. They have two children.
        1. JOHN HARLAN HALLIBURTON (2904), born in Lansing, March 23,1958.
        2. ANDREW MATHIS HALLIBURTON (2905), born in Kalamazoo, September 3, 1960.
      2. JOHN EDGAR (NED) BEHL (2901), of 229 Tamorix, Kalamazoo, Mich., second child of John and Ruth Behl, was born September 17, 1938 at Battle Creek, Mich. He attended Battle Creek, Omaha, and Kalamazoo public schools and has a B.A. degree from Western Michigan University. Ned married Jane Ellen Johnston (2906) on June 10, 1961 in Kalamazoo. He is in Industrial Sales for PP Gast Co. Jane is a teacher and housewife. They are active in the Congregational Church and he belongs to the Delta Upsilon Fraternity.
        1. JOHN EDGAR BEHL (2907), born in Kalamazoo, MI, November 29, 1963.
        2. ROBERT LOWING BEHL (2908), born in Kalamazoo, MI, March 17, 1965.
      3. KENT LOWING BEHL (2902), born September 15,1943, died April 17,1952.

    End Of The Known Descendants Of William Riley Lowing.

    Ch. 04 : Stephen L. Lowing

    Lowing Family History

    Updated by Bruce Sheridan Lowing

    Chapter 4: Stephen Lowing


    Stephen L. Lowing was born in East Gainesville, New York January 15, 1817. He suffered the same hardships, as did the rest of the family, only going to school when he had clothes and shoes to wear. Their Uncle James, who had a large and profitable farm, tried to relieve some of the strain by taking Stephen to raise and educate. James was a very religious man, and realizing Stephen's aptitude for learning, decided that he should become a minister. He gave him pages of the Bible to memorize each day, while he worked in the fields. Uncle James was a hard taskmaster and tested him each evening. Although Stephen always remembered those lessons, he rebelled at the arbitrary manner of his uncle, so after four years, at the age of seventeen, he went back home.

    Here he found his brother James and his sister Mary with their feet wrapped in rags for warmth, and with the first money he earned he purchased shoes for them.

    In the summer of 1836, at nineteen, having heard of the Michigan Land and Timber Bonanza, he walked to Grand Haven and found employment at the sawmill of William Hathaway. The land on the south side of Grand River had been surveyed in 1831, and was ready to be sold for settlement or speculation. Stephen hired a canoe and paddled up the river, where he purchased 80 acres of land from Mr. Freeman Burton, directly opposite Sand Creek, thereby gaining a site bordering on the river.

    Early in 1837, he built a cabin on this land, and in the spring of 1838, he returned to New York State, where he attended Bethany Academy, preached in the Baptist Church, and married Ruth Madison (77) (daughter of his Uncle James' second wife, Martha Madison). The first baby, Martha was born before his return to Michigan in September of 1841. His nineteen-year-old brother, Holden, accompanied him. They came by way of the Lakes and brought a team of oxen, their household goods, and their farming and lumbering equipment with them. At Grand Haven, they transferred their goods to the Grand River steamer "Humming-Bird", which landed them at Sand Creek.

    It was a rugged country; the Indian trails and the river were the only highways of the area. The first years in Michigan were difficult ones. The mosquitoes and flies were troublesome in the summer, and Stephen had brought little to make his but comfortable in the winter, Ruth was continuously ill with ague and there were many days when there was little to eat.

    Stephen's father arrived in 1842, and the rest of the family October 18, 1843. Two more children were born to Stephen and Ruth; Luke, October 18, 1843; and Oscar (Tobe) December 12, 1847. Ruth returned to New York State to visit her family, but continued illness kept her from returning to the unhealthy Michigan climate.

    Stephen lumbered and drew his logs to the river hoping to earn money by selling them in Grand Haven, but in the 1840's logs barely brought in enough money to pay expenses (usually not more than $5.00 per M., and often less). Hoping to sell boards to the settlers for their cabins, he dammed up a creek near his hut, and put in a water wheel, to which was attached pails. These were filled from the race at the top and made an impetus that turned the wheel and made enough power to run the saw. It was crude. The millpond emptied too rapidly, but Stephen and his neighbors used it until 1846, when he built a larger mill. In 1850, he built his third mill, which sawed about 6000 feet in 24 hours, having an 8 inch bore, 26 inch stroke, and a boiler about 16 feet by 36 inches in diameter, with a 13 inch flue. For many years he did an extensive lumber business. At this time, Stephen had thirty or forty men working for him, so he built a lumber camp near the river consisting of a boarding house, a store, in which he installed a Post Office, a jail, several cabins, and a large building that had so many projections, that the lumbermen dubbed it the "Bee Hive". Stephen was the first Post Master in Georgetown, serving from 1850 to 1854, when the Post Office was moved to the home of E.F. Bosworth.

    Stephen held many offices in the Township, Clerk, Justice of the Peace, and Supervisor for several years. He became a petty-fogger and settled many cases for the community.

    Stephen was instrumental in the organization of Company I of in 1861 comprised of his friends and neighbors from Georgetown. They joined with the Michigan Third Regiment at Grand Rapids, and merged into the Union Army of the Potomac upon their arrival in Washington, DC. He became Captain of Company. 1, October 28, 1861, and Judge Advocate of the 3rd Regiment. He was wounded at Fair Oaks, May 31, 1862. After hospitalization in Washington he returned to Georgetown for further recuperation.

    While still crippled he was sent to the Detroit Barracks, in October 1862, to try cases against the "Bounty Jumpers" trying to escape to Canada. He returned to active duty July 11, 1863, and continued as Captain and Judge Advocate, but trouble from his wound forced him to resign. He was honorably discharged April 15, 1864.

    After his return to Georgetown, the demands from the soldiers seeking assistance on their war claims persuaded him to intensify his study of law, and in 1866, he was admitted to the bar. He became the Prosecuting Attorney of Ottawa County in 1868, and moved to Grand Haven. Here he married Emily Markham (78) in 1870, and had two children: Myrtie born June 24th, 1873 and Emily born March 5, 1875.

    He continued his practice at Grand Haven until January 24, 1884, when owing to deafness, he gave up his office, resigned from the law, and moved to his farm in Allendale. In 1889, while farming he was attacked by a bull and from these wounds never fully recovered.

    Stephen died November 7, 1891. Funeral services were held in the Canada Hill School House, and he was buried in Georgetown Cemetery. His pallbearers were his associates at the bar.

    1. MARTHA (LOWING) HUBBARD (222), the first child of Stephen and Ruth M. Lowing, was born March 30, 1841 at East Gainsville, NY. She was six months old when her family moved to Michigan into the hut, built in the woods, which had only openings for doors and windows, which had been covered with blankets to protect them from the weather. The road from Grandville later passed the house, and men on horseback occasionally stopped for food and shelter. These visits were red-letter days for the lonesome family for at that time there were only 133 people in Ottawa County. A store and Post Office for the vicinity was at Talmadge on Sand Creek. Stephen and Ruth often crossed the river and rowed up the creek for mail and supplies. One evening as they were returning there was a bear standing on the bank at the landing place. Ruth was so frightened she dropped the baby (Martha) in the river. The commotion in rescuing her frightened the bear and he dashed away.

      Martha, at the age of three, climbed in one of the pails of her fathers' mill and it started. She climbed from pail to pail until rescued by a nearby worker.

      After her mother went back to New York State and did not return she lived with her father until she was eighteen, when she married George Hubbard (227), May 3rd, 1859 and they moved to the land they had purchased nearby.

      George enlisted in Company 1, Third Regiment as a Sergeant and remained in this company among his Georgetown friends and comrades until he was mustered out as Captain, June 20th, 1864.

      George became an estimator of lumber and worked in the woods moving from camp to camp. During this time, he established a home for his family, near Muskegon and later at Menominee, Michigan.

      He became ill at the later place, so his family moved back to his farm, where he died January 26th, 1893. His pallbearers were his companions of the Old Third Regiment.

      After her husband's death, Martha managed the farm until her children were grown, then moved to Grandville. Here she joined the Eastern Star. In spite of her large family, she made a home for her many nieces and nephews, that they might attend school in that village. She was kind and generous, and was never happier than when doing for others.

      She died August 8, 1927, at the age of 86 years, and is buried in Georgetown Cemetery. She had nine children.

      Martha lived through the transition of Georgetown from forests to farmhouses. She saw the trails and logging roads become township and county roads. She saw the building of all the schools. She knew the Indians that trapped the river. She saw all of the early and later riverboats. She saw all the timber slashed, cut and logged until all the virgin timber was gone. She lived through the age of ox-carts, ox-teams, horses, lumber wagons, cutter sleighs, the luxurious surreys, and finally the automobile and early airplane. Her greatest delight was the sewing machine, the vacuum sweeper and the phonograph. She lived to see the early radios, lived to ride in automobiles, and was alive when Lindbergh made his famous flight.

      She often remarked: "If eighty years gave us all this, what can the next eighty years produce?"

      1. CARRIE RUTH HUBBARD (228) was the first child of Martha and George Hubbard. She was born at Georgetown, Michigan, January 27, 1861, and died July 23, 1861, while her father was at war. She was buried in the Bauer Road Cemetery.
      2. IDA MAY (HUBBARD) CARGILL (229), was born at Georgetown, Michigan, September 28,1863. She received her education at Muskegon and Menominee, Michigan. She married Charles Cargill (240), April 12, 1888. He was a bookkeeper at the Fuller & Avery Lumber Company at Muskegon; Boom's Company at Marinette, Wisconsin; Quinnessee Logging Company at Iron River and the Menominee River Logging Company. In 1894, he came to Grand Rapids to become General Manager of the Grand Rapids Engraving Company. After retirement they moved to Grandville, where Ida died September 15, 1937. Charles died at Hollywood, Florida, December 3, 1944. They had three children.
        1. FRANCES (CARGILL) LINDSLEY (241), was born August 3,1890 at Marinette, Wisconsin. She attended private school at Grand Rapids, Akeley Hall in Grand Haven and Semples at New York City. Frances married Lee Lindsley (244) of the Lindsley Lumber Company, April 4,1914 at Grand Rapids, Michigan. She lives at 2126 Monroe Street, Hollywood, Florida. They have two children.
          1. CHARLES CARGILL LINDSLEY (245), April 12, 1914 at Grand Rapids, Michigan. He attended public schools at Grandville, and Atlanta Georgia, and the University of Georgia. During World War II Charles served overseas and attained the rank of Staff Sergeant. He is with the Lindsley Lumber Company at Miami Florida.
          2. PATTY (LINDSLEY) CARLILE (246), was born January 30, 1922, at Escanaba, Michigan. She attended Public Schools at Grandville, and Atlanta, Georgia, and the University of Alabama. Her first marriage was to John Disosway (247) (deceased). She married Norman P. Carlile (250), December 19, 1948. He was a 1st Sergeant during World War II and served overseas. He is now Vice President of the Southern Oxygen Company, at Hollywood, Florida. She has four children, all born at Hollywood, Florida.
            1. LYNN DISOWAY (248), born June 3, 1945.
            2. JOHN DISOWAY (249), born March 15, 1947.
            3. PATRICK CARLILE (251), born July 30, 1949.
            4. CONSTANCE CARLILE (252), born August 1, 1951.
        2. CHARLES ROGER (DON) CARGILL (242), was born August 9, 1892, at Iron Mountain Michigan. He was 2nd Lieutenant and a Bomber Pilot in the US Air Force during World War I. Don married Evelyn Hope Gove (253), June 30, 1919 at Detroit, Michigan. He was a commercial photographer and lived at 550 Laural Avenue East Grand Rapids, Michigan. They had two children. Don passed away 17 January 1984, buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Grand Rapids.
          1. DON ASHTON CARGILL (254), was born September 3, 1921, at Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was commissioned Lieutenant JG in the US Navy at Annapolis and served during WWII. He married Martha Leete Skinner (256), January 4, 1946 and they live at 822 Fairfax Road, Bloomington Michigan. He is President and owner of the Detroit Cargill Mechanical and Engineering Corporation. They have two children.
            1. SUSAN HOPE (257), born October 31, 1947
            2. JOHN SHERROD (258), born April 6, 1953.
          2. CONSTANCE (CARGILL) SHUSTER (255), was born February 21,1924 at Grand Rapids, Michigan. She married Harold Schuster (259), June 17, 1949, at Los Angeles, California. He is a salesman and they live at 4 Hawthorne Avenue, Princeton, New Jersey. They have three children.
            1. STEPHANIE ELLEN (260), born April 13, 1952.
            2. ALEXANDR H (261), born September 16, 1954.
            3. ELIZABETH CLAIRE (262), born August 30, 1956.
        3. RICHARD IRVING CARGILL (243), was born January 30, 1897. He married Jean Benham (263), December 28, 1922. They were divorced. He had one child, Milton Benham Cargill. Richard was Quarter Master Sergeant in the US Army for 2 1/2 years, of the Commander in Chief Section Headquarters, and was personal chauffeur to General George C. Marshall and General John J. Pershing during World War I. He married Florence Youse (265), January 10, 1937. He is a salesman.
          1. MILTON BENHAM CARGILL (264), of Elkhart, Indiana was born June 4,1924. He was a Seaman 1st Class and served 3 years in the US Navy during World War II. Milton married Marjorie Borneman (266) of Elkhart, Indiana, November 10, 1947. He is now a salesman. They have two children.
            1. MICHAEL (267), born August 21, 1949.
            2. LINDA SUE (268), born January 28, 1952.
      3. ALICE HUBBARD (230), was born January 15, 1866. She attended school in Georgetown, Muskegon and Menominee. She began teaching school in Georgetown and Muskegon Counties, and also in the city schools in Menominee. Alice went west in 1889, and taught in the Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington schools. Her specialty was the Primary Grades and held the position of Supervisor for 35 years in Vancouver. She was never married. Passed away April 3, 1935.
      4. FRANKLIN HUBBARD (231), the first boy and fourth child was born April 4, 1868 and died July 25, 1873 at the age of five years.
      5. GEORGE HUBBARD (232), the fifth child of Martha and George Hubbard, was born October 2,1870 and died November 28, 1900 at the age of 30. He attended schools in Muskegon and Menominee. George was employed in the office of Pemberthy and Cook Company, wholesale grocers. On June 15, 1899 he married Bertha L Nowack (269) of Menominee, Michigan, who was a kindergarten teacher in that city. George belonged to the National Guard. He is buried in his father's plot in the Georgetown Cemetery. They had one son.
        1. GEORGE JR. (271), born June 11, 1901. Lived with his mother in Grandville, Michigan until his death, April 15, 1918. He is buried in the Grandville Cemetery.
      6. MARY (HUBBARD) PRINDLE (233), sixth child, was born February 11, 1873, in Georgetown Michigan. She was married to Dr. Earl Stanley Prindle (271), December 18, 1894. He was born in Vermont, June 10, 1869. He practiced in Menominee, Michigan and Spirit Lake, Idaho, for several years, and last at Portland Oregon, where he had a large practice. Dr. Prindle died May 1935, and afterwards Mary moved to San Mateo California where she died, May 27, 1958 at the age of 85. Five children were born to this union.
        1. KIRK HUBBARD PRINDLE (272), of 865 Culrbra Rd, Hillsborough, California, was born April 15,1897 at Menominee, Michigan. He attended public schools in Idaho and Washington, Reed College and the Medical Department of the University of Oregon. He married Anne Goss (277), October 14, 1930 at Long Island, New York. She was born May 8, 1900 in New York City and attended Horace Mann, and Vassar College, and is a musician. Dr. Kirk Prindle is an Episcopalian, belongs to several Church Societies and is Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at Stanford University Medical School. He was an Ensign in Navy Aviation during World War I. They have five children.
          1. ELEANOR PRINDLE (278), is the first child of Dr. and Ann Goss Prindle, and was born September 13, 1931 at San Mateo, California. She attended Hillsborough and San Mateo Public Schools, Reed College in Portland Oregon, and is librarian at Wine Institute.
          2. ANN (PRINDLE) ANTHONY (279) was born May 13, 1933, at San Mateo, California. She attended Hillsborough and San Mateo Public Schools. Graduated with an A.B. degree from Stanford University and also is a Registered Nurse having attended Stanford University School of Nursing. She married Donald Anthony, September 11, 1960. He is a Professor of Music at Stanford University. Both are active in music at Palo Alto, California
          3. JUDITH PRINDLE TOLLACKSON (280), was born April 24, 1935 at San Mateo, California. She attended Hillsborough and San Mateo Public Schools, Catherine Brannson's, and Whitman College at Washington. Judith married Kenneth Tollackson, MD (284), February 2, 1958 at Trinity Church Boston. He is a Lieutenant Surgeon in the Medical Corp of the Navy. They had one child, Kendra (285), who died at Oak Knoll Hospital, December 7, 1960.
          4. MARTHA PRINDLE (281), was born May 3, 1937 at Hillsborough, California. She attended schools at Hillsborough and San Mateo. Catherine Brannsons and Whitman College at Washington. She is a graduate nurse from the University of California Nursing School at San Francisco. She lives at home.
          5. KIRK HUBBARD PRINDLE, JR (282), was born February 11, 1940 at Hillsborough, California and attended Public Schools there. He also attended Cate School and Whitman College at Washington. Was President of the Whitman College student body 1960-1961. Entered the Medical School at Stanford University the fall term of 1961.
        2. ALICE (PRINDLE) McBROOM (273), of Bakersfield, California is the second child of Dr. and Mary Prindle, born January 31, 1900 at Menominee, Michigan. She attended Spirit Lake Grammar School, Washington High School in Portland, Oregon, and the Musical Department at the University of Washington where she was a member of Pi Beta Phi Sorority. In 1952, she married Harold McBroom at Las Vegas, Nevada. He is in the US Air Force. Alice is a Public School teacher and has been a Professional Soloist for seven years, for the Warner Brothers Broadcasting Company of Hollywood, California. She also works for Twentieth Century Fox. Belongs to the Christian Science Church. They have no children.
        3. PAULINE PRINDLE (274), died in infancy.
        4. ELINOR EARLE PRINDLE (275), was born November 4, 1912 and died October 19,1919.
        5. MARY ELIZABETH (BETTY)(PRINDLE) LOMBARD (276), of 2119 East Dartmouth Circle, Englewood, Colorado was born May 2, 1908 at Spirit Lake, Idaho. She attended Spirit Lake grammar school, Washington High School at Portland, Oregon, Washington State College, and the University of Oregon. February 25, 1933 she married Abner Loren Lombard (286) at St Michaels and All Angles Church at Portland, Oregon. He is Vice President of a Life Insurance Company and Betty is a Piano Teacher. They have three children.
          1. MARY PRINDLE (LOMBARD) MULDER (287), was born December 14, 1933 at Spokane, Washington. She attended schools in California, Boise, Idaho, Olympia Washington and Honolulu. She married Herman Mulder (290) June 14, 1952 at Olympia Washington. They live at Kona Inn, Kailu, Kona Hawaii. He is manager of the Inter-Island Resort. Herman Mulder was born and raised in the Netherlands, living under hazardous conditions during World War II. Escaped a Concentration Camp and came to America. He settled in Olympia in 1956. They are Republicans. They have two children.
            1. MARY ELIZABETH (291), born September 12, 1958 at Hilo.
            2. JAN RENEE (292), was born November 25, 1960 at Honolulu, Hawaii.
          2. PETER KIRK LOMBARD (288), was born October 12, 1935 at Spokane, Washington. He attended schools in California, Boise, Idaho, Olympia Washington, Honolulu College and the University of Arizona. October 15, 1960 he married Peggy Ann Watson (293) at New York City. Peter is an actor and singer, and she is an actress, singer and dancer. He was a member of the Broadway Production of "Carnival". He also had leading roles in these previous shows; "Straw Hat", "Lil Abner", and in Dallas, Texas had the male lead in "Red Head", and has also had many leads in the field of musical comedy. Peter was a 1st Lieutenant during World War II. They have no Children.
          3. THOMAS ABNER LOMBARD (289), was born November 3, 1949 at Los Angeles, California. He attended schools in Olympia, Washington and in Honolulu. He is not married and works in Denver, Colorado. Thomas has been ill for many years. He lives at 23209 East 13th Street, Denver, Colorado.
      7. GRACE D. HUBBARD (234), the seventh child of Martha L. Lowing and George Hubbard, was born February 12,1876. She graduated from Central High School in Grand Rapids. Taught in Holland City Schools. While on leave of absence to study Art in Ypsilanti College, she was taken ill and died March 13, 1904. She is buried in the Hubbard-Lowing Plot in Georgetown Cemetery. She was unmarried.
      8. JULIA (HUBBARD) FROST (235), was born February 8, 1879 at Muskegon, and attended schools in Muskegon and Menominee. She taught piano in Hudsonville, Grandville and Grand Rapids. She married William Eastman Frost (294) April 4th, 1912, and moved to Portland Oregon. He was born September 5, 1878 at Sand Lake, Michigan. Mr. Frost was a lumberman and his activities were largely in the Northwest. He at one time owned and operated mills in Washington, Idaho and Oregon. He spent some time in the goldfields of the Klondike. William died July 22, 1945. Julia lives at 44 San Mateo Drive, San Mateo, California. They had no children.
      9. JESSIE (HUBBARD) JENISON (236), the youngest child was born September 11, 1881 at Muskegon, Michigan. She received her education at Muskegon, Menominee, and Grandville. When nine years old, owing to the illness of her father, the family moved to their farm in Georgetown, where Jessie attended the Bosworth School. When a young lady she moved to Grandville, where she became a teacher in the rural schools. While teaching at the Bursley School, she married the Director of the School Board, Hiram Jenison (295), June 6, 1906. They settled in a home in Grandville, living in that community for over fifty years. She is a Life Member of the Order of the Eastern Star and is a Past Matron and occasionally attends both Grandville and Dowagiac Clubs. She served several years as Member of Grandville Board of Education and had the pleasure of presenting her daughter Julie with her diploma.

        She is a member of the Methodist Church and was active in Sunday School and other Church organizations. Being interested in the "Votes for Women", she helped organize the Grandville Woman's Suffrage Club and served as an officer. It was an honor to have been selected to serve on the City Election Board, the year that women were first allowed to vote, and she was a member of that Board for many years.

        Hiram was Secretary and Treasurer of Grandville Elevator Company, Manager of the Michigan Auto License Bureau of Grandville, and a member of the Masonic Lodge. He died October 5,1947. After the death of her husband, Jessie sold the family home and eventually moved to Dowagiac to be near her son Eugene and his family. She retired from active life. She had two children. She passed away May 18, 1962, and is buried in Georgetown Cemetery.

        1. EUGENE JENISON (296), son of Hiram and Jessie Jenison was born May 16, 1911 at Grandville, Michigan. He attended Grandville High School, Michigan State University and Ferris Institute. He married Henrietta Avink (298), February 24, 1940 and they live at 602 Green Street Dowagiac, Michigan. He is a Magazine and Newspaper Distributor. Eugene was elected Mayor of Dowagiac, April 1959, is Charter President of Dowagiac's Lion Club; Member of Masonic Lodge and Elks and a member of the Federated Church at Dowagiac. They had two children. Henrietta passed away December 11, 1989, buried at the Riverside Cemetery Dowagiac.
          1. JUDITH (299), born May 17, 1942.
          2. RODGER (300), born August 29, 1945.
        2. JULIE (JENISON) JONES (297), daughter of Hiram and Jessie Jenison was born May 23, 1914, at Grandville, Michigan. She attended Grandville High School. She married Dean W. Jones (301), June 4th, 1938 at Grandville Methodist Church. He is with the J. Walter Advertising Agency, Chicago, Illinois, and is the Account Executive on Kraft Cheese Company. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois; Member of the Masonic Order, Merchandising and Advertising Clubs. They live at Thackery Lane, Northfield, Illinois. They have three children.
          1. THOMAS HUBBARD (302), born August 7, 1939.
          2. JILL JENISON (303), born December 12, 1947.
          3. MARY SUSAN (304), born February 14, 1956.
    2. LUKE LOWING (223), second child of Stephen and Ruth Madison Lowing, was born October 18, 1843. His father being very religious, at that time gave him the name of Saint Luke Saint John but it was immediately shortened to Luke. He was born in the log-house on the creek, but shortly moved to the second log-house where now stands the family home. They were living here when their mother returned to NY on a visit and did not return. This separation caused great hardships for the children. Their father was unable to get a woman to care for them and only a doddery old man watched over them. They lacked clothes and sometimes there was a shortage of food. When business increased and their father built his third mill and boarding house close to the river, the children were sure of food, for he hired cooks. When they had clothes, they attended Haire School and Luke tells of wearing pants made of flour sacks.

      He had a dog that he traded for a violin that he taught himself to play, laboriously learning the notes. He became an accomplished violinist, and played for all the parties, and dances of the community. He also learned to play the fife, and in 1861, when his father organized Company I, he played so that Company I would have martial music on the long march into Grand Rapids to join the 3rd Regiment.

      He married his Cousin Amelia (134), daughter of his Uncle William, June 25th, 1865, and a year later with baby Nettie, moved to the farm down the river, where he cleared the stumps, and set out the first orchards on the land that later became known as the Hubbard farm. Bertha and Albert were born there.

      In 1874, the family moved up to the old farm, where his father had recently moved two parts of the boarding house and set them at angles. Here Stephen, Luke, Elizabeth, Charles, Harry and Harriet were born. The land still needed much stump-pulling and work from the ox-teams. With the help of his sons, all the land was cleared.

      Amelia had a fine voice and sang for all occasions, she also played "second" for the many dances that were held in the old house on Saturday nights. They both worked to educate their children. Luke, who had had such little time for schooling, was very insistent that the children be given time to study. He improved his own reading and writing after marriage.

      Amelia died June 25th, 1895; leaving a young family and for the next years with help of his daughter, Bertha, he cared for them. In 1907 he sold his large farm to his sons Charles and Harry, and built a new house on the corner fourteen acres. When he died February 22, 1922, he left it to Bertha with the stipulation that any of his children could come back there to live if they so chose. Albert, Stephen, Elizabeth, Harriet all spent their last years at this home with Bertha until her death, and Harriet continued to make a home for the rest. Harry and Charles lived on the adjoining land for years.

      Luke started the first Lowing reunions by holding a strawberry festival in his yards. These continued until his death.

      His sister Martha was his only childhood playmate, and at a very early age, there was formed a closeness between them that lasted throughout their lifetime. After their families were grown they would spend many weeks together each year. It was a time of telling of their old pioneer hardships, and their stories, much of the history of the Lowing family and the progress of the growth of Georgetown was saved for the future generations.

      1. NETTIE AMELIA (LOWING) HUBBARD (178), the first child of Luke and Amelia Lowing, was born August 13, 1866, at Georgetown, Michigan. She attended the Chrysler School, walking to this school on old logging trails that her father had blazed to show her the way. The family moved to the old Boarding House home on the original Stephen farm, and she finished her grade schooling at Haire's. She attended school in Muskegon, for two years, and received her teaching certificate. Her first school was at Haire's where she received $3.40 a week. She also taught at Blendon and Chrysler, receiving $6.50 a week her last term. She married George M. Hubbard (312) March 22,1892. They moved to the lumbering town of Watersmeet, Michigan, here he became bookkeeper at the mill. In the Spring of 1895, the bottom dropped out of the lumber market, and they returned to Georgetown, with their son, Donald, and moved to the farm on the river, where the rest of the children were born. They brought out two carloads of lumber and built the home that was not entirely finished, when the family moved to Hudsonville twenty-years later, in 1915. George was postmaster for a few years, then with Guy Edson bought out the Lumber Yard at Hudsonville, and with this company remained until his death in 1937 Nettie lived until April 1, 1945. They are buried in the Georgetown Cemetery. They had six children.
        1. GEORGE DONALD HUBBARD (313), was born in Georgetown, May 4, 1893. He attended Chrysler School and Tri State College in Angola, Indiana. He married Belle Van Haften (319), October 3, 1917, at Grand Rapids, Michigan. He enlisted in the Army Air Force, June 1, 1918, and spent most of his year's service at Camp Upton, New York. He moved to Miami, Florida in October 2, 1934, where he worked for several years at South Miami. Later he purchased the Carter Electric Company, and became an Automotive Electrician. They had two children. George passed January 9, 1963 buried in Miami, Florida. Bell passed May 8, 1973 also buried in Miami.
          1. JOYCE DONNA (HUBBARD) HARPER (320), was born November 26th, 1918, at Grand Rapids, Michigan. She was graduated from High School and the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. She married Helm T. Harper (322), February 11, 1941, and they moved to Aruba, Netherlands West Indies, and Venezuela, where he was employed for 14 years on the Foreign Staff by the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey (EXXON). He also served in the China, Burma, India theatre during World War II. They have two children.
            1. STEVEN CHARLES (323), born November 24, 1954.
            2. LISA LOUISE (324), born April 29 1961.
          2. LOUISE FRANCES HUBBARD (321), was born November 7th, 1923. She graduated from High School and Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. While working at the hospital she was burned in an accident and died June 4th, 1944. She is buried in Miami, Florida.
        2. ALBERT M. HUBBARD (314), was born May 25,1895, in Georgetown. He moved to Hudsonville after his father bought the Lumber Company, and worked in the mill there as a carpenter. He served in World War I, in the Air Force and spent most of his war years in Hawaii. Albert married Myrtle Chamberlin (325) October 13, 1934. They have no children. He belongs to the American Legion Post at Grandville. Last known residence L. Lakes near Baldwin. Myrtle Chamberlin Hubbard passed July 29, 1976 at the age of 85.
        3. DOROTHY (HUBBARD) SKINNER (315), was born on the river farm in Georgetown, January 29th, 1897. She attended Chrysler and Grandville High School. Dorothy began teaching school in 1916, and taught for twelve years in Ottawa County. She married Almond Skinner (326) March 23, 1929. They moved to Federal Avenue, Grand Rapids, near the National Cylinder Gas Company, where he was employed for thirty-three years before his retirement in 1961. They had no children. Dorothy passed July 15th, 1979 at the age of 82 in Grandville, Michigan.

          Dorothy was responsible for much of the research and was supplier of many stories for the update of the Michigan Lowing History that was published in 1962. To her we will forever be grateful.

        4. EUGENE E. HUBBARD (316) was born August 12, 1899. He graduated from Grandville High School, and taught at the Alward School for two years before becoming the Postmaster at Hudsonville, a position he held for thirty-seven years before his retirement in 1959. He married Flora Sweet (327) July 7th, 1926, and they lived one and a half miles north of Hudsonville. He is a member of the Lions Club. They have no children. Flora passed February 4, 1990 at age of 89.
        5. LUKE C. HUBBARD (317), was born October 4,1904 in Georgetown. He graduated from Hudsonville High School. He served in World War II from September 8th, 1942 to June 16, 1945, and was located mostly in the Trinidad Area. On his return he went into "Spe-d-Gas" business with his brother Glen. Luke married Gladys Seydel (328), June 28, 1949. He is a member of the Lion's Club. They have no children.
        6. GLEN HUBBARD (318), was born April 27, 1907, in Georgetown He attended Hudsonville High School, Ferris Institute and the University of Michigan. He served in World War II from April 21st, 1941 until December 1945. He enlisted as a private and was discharged as a Captain. He married Mary Powell (329) March 5th, 1943, at Bay Village, Ohio. Glen is in partnership in the "Sped-d-Gas" Company. They live north of Hudsonville on one of the original farms of Holden Lowing. He is a member of the Lion's Club. They have no children. Mary Hubbard passed February 22, 1963, buried Georgetown Cemetery. Glen married Emily Lowing (2910) (widow of Harry Lowing) September 3, 1965.
      2. BERTHA LOWING (305), the second child was born on the lower farm, September 12th, 1868. They moved up to the big house in 1873. She attended Haire's School and also one year at Montague, living with her Aunt Stella Todd. She taught at Chrysler for a year, but gave up teaching to care for her ill mother and assist in the home. Her mother passed away in 1895, and Bertha assumed full responsibility for the care of her father, the home and the younger brothers and sisters.

        In 1908, her father sold the big farm to his sons Harry and Charles, and built a home on a comer of the farm reserving 14 acres for a garden and pasture. They moved into this house in 1909. It had five bedrooms, so that it could shelter the big family should they wish to all return at one time.

        Here she cared for her again father, and when he passed away in 1922, he willed the house to Bertha with the stipulation it should always be home to any one of the family wishing to live there. Here it did become home to almost everyone of the brothers and sisters. Her family deeply loved her. Her life was full of responsibilities, but she accepted them, and there seemed to be no end to her giving, showering love and affection throughout her long life.

        Bertha passed away January 11th, 1954, at the age of 85 years. She is buried in the Lowing Hubbard plot in the Georgetown Cemetery.

      3. ALBERT E. LOWING (306), the third child and first son of Luke and Amelia Lowing, was born August 14, 1870, on the lower river farm. He received a grade school education, and began to assist his father clearing the big farm as soon as he was large enough to work. He helped pull stumps with a stump puller and ox-team, on most of the acres of that farm. Albert married Dora Alward (330) November 7th, 1900, and they moved into an apartment made from the upper story of the farmhouse. They lived there one year while the house was being built on the Eastern section of the land, where they lived until 1911, when Dora and Albert purchased one of the farms on "Street Road" that Holden Lowing had bought and cleared in the 1840's.

        Dora was born November 17th, 1876, and passed October 3,1954. Albert sold the farm in 1955, purchased a trailer, and moved it next to Bertha's home, where he spend the remaining years of his life. Albert passed April 11, 1964 and is buried in the Georgetown Cemetery.

      4. STEPHEN LUKE LOWING (307), the fourth child was born October 5th, 1875. He attended Haire School, Grandville High School and graduated from Central High School in Grand Rapids. He assisted on the farm in his younger days, but did not like farm life, so left for the West in 1900 with two friends. They worked at various jobs including lumbering, sheep herding and ranching. He went to Mexico in 1903, and worked for several months at Mazatlan. The gold rush fever seized him in 1905 and with a companion they purchased their dunnage, consisting of heavy woolen clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, tents, tools and grub enough to last one year. They left Seattle in the early spring and took the inside passage, leaving the ship at Skagway. Here they headed for the noted Chilkoot Pass, going up the icy 3500 foot pass, and experienced the hardships that the early miners encountered. They successfully made the Whitehorse Rapids, with their luggage intact. It was a hard insecure trip until they reached the Yukon River, when it was clear sailing into Dawson City.

        They found Dawson crowed on three sides with mountains, there was no room so they traveled up the Klondike River and onto the bank of a creek where they were first allowed to pitch a tent. Here they stayed all summer hunting for a place to stake a claim. Weekly they traveled miles hunting for one spot that hadn't been claimed. It was impossible; gold has been discovered in 1897 and even these few years all possible spots had been taken.

        They began working at odd jobs and finally earned enough money to get them to Fairbanks. He took up fur trapping, and remained in the area of Big Delta forty-eight years. A rugged life but lucrative if one could stand the hardships. He established a large trapline and built cabins at various places along the route, maintaining a large cabin at home base in the Big Delta, many miles from Fairbanks. Summers found Stephen busy stocking his cabins for winter, with food, wood, dry clothing and reading material. The food usually was ordered from Sears down in Seattle. It was cheaper than buying it in Fairbanks.

        When autumn and trapping season opened he followed his lines 12 or 15 miles between cabins and stations, gathering the furs as he went along. It was always easier going in the winter when he could use his dog team. He was often stranded in his far away cabins during a storm. One of the unwritten laws of the country was to leave a fire laid and doors unlocked when leaving a cabin, so that anyone could enter for protection from a storm. In all the years Steve had his cabins he never experienced any thefts.

        In 1942, the Alcan Highway was built through Big Delta and on into Fairbanks. This brought Stephen right out into civilization. In 1946, he sold out his Alaskan holdings and returned to Michigan to live his remaining years, passing away July 23, 1958 at the age of 82 years.

        (Stephen's name is mentioned in the book Highway to Alaska, written by Herbert C. Lanks, as one of the "sourdoughs" of the region.)

      5. ELIZABETH LOWING (308), was born January 18th, 1878, and attended Haire's School. In 1885, she suffered a severe case of spinal meningitis which left her very crippled, and unable to walk to the country school. She went to Menominee to go to school living with her Aunt Martha Lowing Hubbard. She remained there until the family came back to Grandville. Later she left for the West with the Hubbard girls, where she felt there were more opportunities. She taught school near Portland, Oregon, studied at night school and found a fine position in business. For a time she was Secretary in the Chehalis Training School, and last entered the Banking Division of the State Government in Olympia. This position she held for many years. She retired in 1944, and after a winter in Phoenix, Arizona, came back to Michigan in 1945, making her home with her sisters, Bertha and Harriet, and brother Stephen.

        Elizabeth passed away November 24, 1959, and is buried in the Lowing-Hubbard plot in the Georgetown Cemetery.

      6. CHARLES SUMNER LOWING (309), was born February 15,1880. He attended Haire and Grandville School. He remained on his father's farm, and on December 27,1904 married Nellie Berger (331). Nellie was born September 2, 1880 and had taught school for several years in various parts of Kent and Ottawa Counties. After marriage they lived in an apartment in the old big house. Charles and his brother Harry took over complete management of the farm in 1908, forming a partnership. In 1913, they divided the farm, Harry taking the Western Half and Charles the Eastern half where Stephen L. had built his first home. Through long hours and good management, they were enabled to retire in early life.

        Charles then entered politics, holding the office of Supervisor of Georgetown from 1934 to 1949. He served as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Ottawa County for four years, was a member of the Michigan State Farm Bureau, and belonged to the Georgetown Grange for over thirty years. He always amused his family by calling himself the "Politician".

        Nellie and Charles built a brick house in 1953, next to the Haire Cemetery. Nellie lived in this house just one year when she passed away, September 3, 1954.

        At the time Stephen arrived home in 1946, the family began to have 4 pm coffee time, and every day at that time the brothers and sisters gathered around the family dining table to visit and enjoy a reminiscing period. At first there were six of the family, seven if Harry happened to be in the vicinity. They welcomed guests, and usually had extras. Even though they have passed away one by one, the coffee hour continues with those remaining. Charles always brought so much fun to this coffee time, as well as every gathering he attended.

        Charles passed away while enroute home from Arizona, where he had gone to try and regain his health, Feb 28, 1960 at the age of 80 years.

        Charles sold his original farm in 1956, and the remaining 40 acres and brick home was sold in 1960.

      7. HARRIET LOWING (310), the twin sister of Harry was born November 15,1883. She attended Haire School and Grandville and graduated from Central High School in Grand Rapids in 1902. She taught many schools in Kent and Ottawa counties, then in the state of Washington. She taught at the Training School at Chehalis, Washington, and for several years on Camano Island. Harriet graduated from the University of Michigan in 1926. In 1946, she retired and lived with her sister Bertha, assisting her in making that home a center for the rest of the family. She cared for her brother Albert who lived next door. She died December 26, 1977 at the age of 88.
      8. HARRY LOWING (311), was born November 15, 1883, and attended school with his sister Harriet. He remained on the farm and bought out one half interest in 1912. He married Delsie Wells (2909), August 26,1912. She was a former Kent County School Teacher. They moved into the old home that now consisted of three apartments. In 1933 they tore down the old farmhouse, which had been built of the old boarding house and built a home on the same site. After enjoying several years of retirement, Delsie passed away February 6, 1943, and is buried in Georgetown Cemetery. They had no children. Harry married Emily Chamberlin Johnson (2910) on June 14, 1946. Harry sold the farm in 1948 and bought a cottage at L. Lake where they spend their summers and winters in Florida. Harry passed away April 1964. Interment Georgetown Cemetery.
    3. OSCAR (TOBE) LOWING (224), was born December 12,1847. His grandfather and grandmother, Lavinia, cared for him from the age of two until he was a large boy, so he escaped some of the hardships of Martha and Luke.

      Even as a small child he made friends readily, he was full of fun; a great mimic and he brought great fun into any group that he joined.

      He attended Canada Hill and Haire's School. During their father's absence at war and while he was off trying law cases, Tobe and Luke tried to run the farm. They cut wood and tried to earn enough money to keep the family provided with food. It was a time of great scarcity and was especially difficult for the two boys. Oscar married Naomi Whitehead (332), April 4th, 1869, and moved into the boarding house of his father's until 1874, when they moved to the Ohio Mills, here he worked in the woods and she ran the boarding house there. They next moved to the farm near the Chrysler School, where they finished clearing the land. Here their three children were born:

      1. GEORGE (333), May 3, 1870.
      2. JENNIE LYNN (334) October 17, 1874.
      3. CARL (335), June 21, 1887.

        Tobe died March 11, 1889 at the age of 42. Leaving Carl a two-year-old baby, and George, at 19 to farm the land and care for his mother and children.

        Tobe was instrumental in the family buying the family plot in Georgetown Cemetery, and was the first to be buried there.

        (For history of the descendents of Tobe and Naomi, see Naomi, under the descendents of William Riley Lowing)

        EMILY MARKHAM LOWING (78), fourth wife of Stephen L. Lowing was born in Troy, Ashland County, Ohio April 5,1851. She was the daughter of Loren G. and Betsy Biggs Markham. The family moved to Jamestown, Michigan and there at the age of fifteen, Emily married Andrew M. Christie (2911), October 21, 1866. They were divorced in 1869. Stephen Lowing was solicitor in the divorce proceedings, and a few months later, they were married, March 26, 1870. They moved to Grand Haven where Stephen was then practicing law. After deafness forced him to retire, they moved to one of his farms in Allendale, where he died November 4, 1891. For a short time they continued to live at Allendale, then the family moved to Grand Rapids. She married Joseph Dearborn (2912), and lived in Grandville many years. She died March 11, 1936.

        Two daughters were born to Stephen and Emily while at Grand Haven.

    4. MYRTIE (LOWING) HOPKINS (224), first daughter born June 24, 1873 at Grand Haven, Michigan. She attended school at Allendale, Grandville, and Teacher's Institute in Holland, Michigan. She taught one year in Blendon Township, Ottawa County, at the salary of $26.00 per month. She married Moses Barrett Hopkins (966), October 6, 1892. He was a newspaper reporter and editor working on the Grand Rapids, Detroit and Lansing Newspapers. In 1896, he went to Washington, as Secretary to William Alden Smith, and wrote a daily column for the Grand Rapids Herald. Her husband left newspaper work after World War I and became connected with Wayne County Treasurer's office. For many years Myrtie was a member of the Wayne County Republican Club, and was active in all its membership drives. After her husband's death, April 17th, 1927, she was employed in the Personal Tax Department of the Treasurer's Office until the Republicans were voted out of office in 1932. During World War II she worked in the Detroit Recruiting Office and also at the Indiction District at Dearborn.

      Myrtie (Lowing) Hopkins died June 9th, 1943, and is buried in Northview Cemetery at Dearborn. They had two children.

      1. HOMER HOPKINS (967), born May 22, 1902 and died at the age of fifteen months, September 4, 1903.
      2. JESSIE N. HOPKINS KANDT (968), was born in Detroit Michigan, April 6, 1904. She attended Farrand Elementary and Central High School in Detroit. She worked for the L.B. King, Company, Dearborn Hardware, and the Dearborn Library, as Secretary until her marriage to George E. Kandt (969), August 9th, 1929. George was President of the C.A. Kandt Lumber Company, Dearborn Michigan. They live at 22971 Wellington, Dearborn, where she continues to work as a Bookkeeping machine operator at the lumber company. They have two children:
        1. RALPH EDWARD KANDT (970), was born May 4, 1930 at Dearborn, Michigan. He attended Columbia Military Academy (1948) and Henry Ford Community College (1950). Ralph is a Certified Public Accountant at Petoskey, Michigan. He married Jean M. Smith (972), December 28, 1949, at Dearborn, Michigan. They have two children:
          1. KATHLEEN JEAN (973), born December 21, 1951.
          2. SARAH MELISSA (974), born December 17, 1960.
        2. DOROTHY ANN (KANDT) PORTER (971), was born April 29, 1933 at Dearborn, Michigan. She attended Dearborn High School, University of Michigan and Graduated from Michigan State University in 1955. She married Rodger Lynn Porter (975), November 9, 1957, in the Martha-Mary Chapel, Greenfield Village at Dearborn. Dorothy was a secretary for several years. Lynn is a salesman for the Address-ograph-Multigraph Corp. They live at 3011 Arcadia Drive Lansing, Michigan. They have no children.
    5. Emily (LOWING) MCBRIDE (226), the second child of Stephen L. Lowing and Emily Markham Lowing was born at Grand Haven, March 5th, 1875. She attended schools in Grand Haven, Grandville and Grand Rapids. Emily taught school in Holland, Michigan and married Charles Hamilton McBride (976), August 16,1899 of that city. He was a lawyer and insurance agent of that city and both were active in the Republican Party, Charles was a State Representative, Speaker of the House, Chairman of the Central Committee and both took an active part in all the Civic Groups and Clubs. Charles died July 14, 1947 and Emily died March 8, 1953. They had four children.
      1. KATHERINE L. (MCBRIDE) BOLTWOOD (977), was born June 5, 1900. She attended Holland Public, Hope College, and National Kindergarten, Chicago. She married Chester G. Boltwood (1580) of Grand Rapids, December 17, 1924 at Hope Church, Holland. Chester was in the Ordnance Dept in World War I. They had three children. Katherine died October 7th, 1945.
        1. CHESTER MCBRIDE BOLTWOOD (1584), only son was born November 20, 1925. He attended Holland Public, Hope College, and Harvard Navy School. He married Joan Mary Schnaubel (1584), June 3,1947, at Long Beach California. He was a US Navy supply officer stationed at Subic Bay, Philippines. They had three children.
          1. CHESTER M., II (1585), born December 15, 1948.
          2. KATHERINE MARGARET (1586), born June 1, 1950.
          3. PATRICIA ANNE (1587), born September 30, 1955.
        2. BARBARA BOLTWOOD (1582), born July 1st, 1927. Died June 21, 1937, from an operation at St Lukes Hospital, Chicago. She is buried in the Fulton Street Cemetery in Grand Rapids.
        3. LINDA KATHERINE (LEE) BOLTWOOD (1583), was legally adopted by Katherine and Chester Boltwood at the age of 3 months. She was born September 11, 1940. She attended Grand Rapids Schools and Michigan State University. Lives with her father and stepmother.
      2. MAXINE (MCBRIDE) HORGAN (978), the second daughter of Emily and Charles McBride was born August 13th, 1901. She attended Holland Schools and Hope College, Mt Hoyoke. She married Thomas Horgan (1588), November 27, 1925 and lived for a time in Boston. Here she became a short story writer. He was a newspaperman. They were divorced at New York City. She became ill, and was in and out of hospitals, and is now in Northville State Hospital, Michigan.
      3. MARJORIE DOROTHY (MCBRIDE) DAVIS (979), the third daughter of Emily and Charles McBride, was Born April 10, 1903. She attended Holland Public Schools, Hope College and Oberlin College, Ohio. Marjorie married Ray Davis (1589) in March 1938. He had graduated from the Naval Academy in 1933, was a Lieutenant Commander in the Naval Air Force, flew during World War II in the Pacific, and was Wing Commander. He is now a USN Captain Retired and lives at 6 Forest Lane, Warrington, Florida. He was loaned to Canada to assist in building up their Naval Air Force.
        1. RAY CHARLES DAVIS (1590), was adopted by Marjorie and Ray Davis, October 13, 1949. He attended various schools in this country, Canada, the Philippines and the Fork Union Military Academy, Virginia, and the University of Indiana.
      4. VIRGINIA GRACE (MCBRIDE) CRAWFORD (980), fourth child was born May 24, 1908 at Holland, Michigan. She attended Holland Schools, Olivet College, and Randolph Macon Woman's College Lynchburg, Virginia. She married Donald J. Crawford (1591) February 14, 1933 at Holland, Michigan. He is General Insurance Agent in the McBride Crawford Agency at Holland. He was born in Detroit, December 12, 1909, attended Culver Military Academy, Olivet College and the University of Michigan. He entered the Navy as a Lieutenant Junior Grade in World War II and retired as a Lieutenant Commander. They are both Republicans, and are active officers in the Macatawa Yacht Club. Both were chairman of the Community Chest of Holland. They have two children.
        1. DONNA JILL (CRAWFORD) BROWN (1592), was born at Detroit, June 16, 1935, attended Holland Schools, Lake Forest College, and Stephen's College, Columbia, Missouri. She married James Keith Brown (2814), of Edmond, Oklahoma, Aug 22, 1956, at Holland, Mich. They live in Houston, Texas, where he is Representative of Coca-Cola Sales, and she is Receptionist in the Geophysical Lab, Houston, Texas. He sings in the choir in the Episcopal Church and lives on 8822 Robindell Rd. He was staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force in the Korea and Japan areas.
        2. SHARON ANN (CRAWFORD) BROOKSTRA (1593), was born Jan 15, 1938 at Holland Mich. She attended schools at Holland, Kemper Hall, Kenosha, WI, Sophie Newcomb, New Orleans, Hope College, and Univ. of Vienna, Austria. She married William Robert Brookstra (2815), February 11, 1961 at St Mark's Cathedral, Grand Rapids. He is an ensign in the U.S. Navy, and she is Hostess for TWA. They are both Republicans, and both active in the Episcopal Church. Wherever they live he sings in the choir. At present he is supply officer aboard the Destroyer "Sullivan".

    This Completes The Life of Stephen L. Lowing And All Of His Known descendants.

    Ch. 05 : James Lowing

    Lowing Family History

    Updated by Bruce Sheridan Lowing

    Chapter 5: James Lowing

    JAMES O. F. LOWING (70)

    JAMES O.F. LOWING, the third child and third son of Isaac and Lavina Lowing, was born at Canandaigua, New York, May 20, 1819. He had a common school education and became a farmer and carpenter. When his father and older brothers left to seek land elsewhere, he remained in New York to attend the needs of his mother and younger sisters. After the father had some of his land cleared and a home built in Michigan, James brought the family and household goods.

    The family arrived October 18th, 1843. James brought the three sisters and his mother Lavina, by boat around the lakes and up the Grand River on a steamer to Stephen's place. The Lake trip had taken them fifteen days, and a storm raged the whole distance. It was late when they arrived at Stephen's and as the family was tired, he persuaded them to stay all night, rather than cross the woods in the dark. They moved out the few pieces of furniture and laid their feather beds on the floor. In the middle of the night Ruth, Stephen's wife was taken with the pains of childbirth, so the children were awakened, dressed, and a man was asked to guide them to their father's home about one mile away. The man carried pine knots that he lighted to assist them in keeping the narrow path through the dense woods. In crossing a creek on a log, Elizabeth who was only ten years old lost her balance and fell in. In the excitement of getting her out the man dropped the pine knot in the water, and they had to finish the journey in the dark. With the man in front they held on to him and each other, and fairly felt their way along. The children never forgot that night trip to their new home in Michigan.

    For a year, James worked in the woods of Michigan but realized he could make more money in the carpenter trade in a more settled area. Making arrangements with his brother Holden to purchase a farm for him in Georgetown, he left the community to earn the payments. After drifting for sometime he settled in Burford, Canada, near his brother William, in 1844. There he married Emily Bowen (374), in 1845, and their first four children were born in that vicinity.

    In 1855, both James and William, with their families, came to Michigan, and James moved on to his land, near his father's farm. Seven more children were born in Georgetown. He was active in the affairs of that community, and served several years as Justice of the Peace.

    Later he sold his farm and moved to Grand Rapids, where he continued to work as a carpenter. He became a member of the Baptist Church, was an Odd Fellow, with all the honors of his local lodge.

    In spite of their large family, James and Emily sheltered several of William's children, after Mary Ann died. They always called Aunt Emily their "second Mother", for she had lived in Canada, and sympathized with their homesickness for that place.

    James died Sept 20, 1890, and is buried in Grand Rapids. They had eleven children.

    1. JAMES M. LOWING (375), eldest son of James and Emily Lowing, was born November 13, 1846, at Burford, Canada. He had a common school education, was an Odd Fellow and saw service in the Civil War, leaving Georgetown with Company I, Third Michigan Regiment. He married Louise Robinson (1121) at Robinson, Michigan, May 1878. He was killed while at work in a sawmill, by being hit from an exploding pulley. Two children were born to this union.
      1. ALFRED JAMES LOWING (1122), was born Dec 16, 1873, at Robinson, Michigan. He married Pearle E. Clark (1124) at Boulder, California, October 12, 1903. He died in 1953 and is buried in the Oakhill Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Michigan. They had three children.
        1. LOUISE (LOWING) KRAGT (1127), who married James Kragt (1594) and lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
        2. CLARK LOWING (1125), living in White Bear, Minnesota.
        3. JAMES LOWING (1126), living in Plymouth, Michigan.
      2. CHARLES MORTIMER LOWING (1123), second son of James M. & Louise Lowing, was born Jan 14, 1875, at Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was married Sept 23, 1898 to Mary Beche (1128). For years they lived at Boca Del Tora, in Panama. They had one son.
        1. CHARLES ROBINSON LOWING (1129), born Oct 6, 1915, in Boca Del Tora, Panama. He was married to Marian Rankin (2913). Charles graduated from University Military School, Mobile Alabama. Attended Oxford University, Ohio. He held many offices, as an Elder and also served on the Board of Directors of the First Christian Church of Mobile, Alabama, where they were members.

          Charles was employed with the Coca Cola Co., Mobile Alabama for 34 years. Also was on the Board of Directors of the Federal Credit Union, holding office upon his death, at the age of 60, on May 20, 1975. He is buried in Pinecrest Cemetery, Mobile Alabama. There were four children born to this union.

          1. JAMES ROBINSON LOWING (2914), born June 26, 1948.
          2. SUSAN (LOWING) DUPUIS (2915), born February 18, 1951.
          3. CHARLES RANKIN LOWING (2916), born January 19, 1959.
          4. BARBARA LOWING (2917), born August 11, 1961.
    2. WILLIAM CLARENCE LOWING (376), the second son of James and Emily Lowing was born September 23, 1848 at Burford, Canada. He moved to Georgetown with the family in 1855, and enlisted in Company I., Third Michigan Regiment in April 1861. He was killed at the Battle of Bull Run. He was married. Always called "Clarence". Very little data can be found about him.
    3. ERNEST VILLIERS LOWING (377), the third son of James and Emily Lowing, was born February 19, 1851, at Burford, Ontario. He was an engineer, by vocation and spent much of his life converting the big timbers of Michigan into commercial lumber and railroad timbers. He was married at Stanton, Michigan to Esabelle Brooks (1151), June 25, 1876. She was born Oct 6, 1859, and died January 31, 1917. Ernest died at Battle Creek, May 25, 1915. Five children were born to this union.
      1. EDITH (LOWING) NIGHTENGALE (1131), was born April 7, 1877 at Stanton, Michigan and married John Nightengale (1136), and moved to Battle Creek, Michigan. They had two children.
        1. BELLE (NIGHTENGALE) COLE (1137), was born March 1898 at Grand Rapids. Mr. Cole (2816).
        2. RUTH (NIGHTENGALE) HATFIELD (1138), second daughter of Edith Lowing and John Nightengale was born Feb 10, 1907. Mr. Hatfield (1595). She was killed several years ago. They had two children.
          1. DONALD DIAMOND HATFIELD (1596).
          2. MRS. BETTY HATFIELD GAYWOOD (1597). Mr. Gaywood (1598).
      2. WINIFRED GRACE (LOWING) HAMMOND (1132), the second daughter of Ernest V. and Isabelle Lowing, was born April 15, 1879, at Stanton, Michigan. She married Cloyd E. Hammond (1139), Oct 23, 1897. He was a merchant. She died March 7, 1957, an nd is buried at Elmlawn Cemetery, Kenmore, NY. They had two children.
        1. LEO JAMES HAMMOND (1140), of 5959 Klice Road, Lewiston, N.Y., was born at Buffalo, NY, Jan 16, 1912. He married Edna Quick (1599) at Niagara Falls, June 18, 1941. He entered service April 15, 1942, in the medical corps. He received four medals and was discharged Jan 3, 1946. He is a Warehouse Manager. They have no children.
        2. REVA LENORE (HAMMOND) PUTMAN (1141), of 38 Virgil Ave., Buffalo, N.Y., was born August 1, 1915. She became a registered graduate nurse. She married Gordon Putman (1600). She died August 1, 1951, and is buried in Elmdale Cemetery, Kenmore, NY. Gordon is a salesman. They had two children.
          1. JOAN LENORE (1601), born October 21, 1943.
          2. ROBERT NORMAN (1602), born Jan 3, 1945.
      3. MORTIMER ERNEST LOWING (1133), third child, first son born to Ernest and Isabelle Lowing, was born at Stanton, Michigan, October 23, 1881. He married Edith L. Holmes (1142), February 19, 1903, at Battle Creek, Michigan. He was a stationary engineer. He died October 15, 1961 and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Battle Creek. They had three children.
        1. WINIFRED HELEN (LOWING) PATTEN (1143), of 143 Oriole Dr., Battle Creek, was born June 22, 1907 at Battle Creek, Michigan. She married Claude Earl Patten (1603), Sept 12, 1928. He is a carpenter at V.A. Hospital and she is employed in the office at the B.C. Health Center. They have four children.
          1. RUSSELL LOWELL PATTEN (1604), born Jan 25, 1930, died March 3, 1930.
          2. DOROTHY JEAN PATTEN (1605), born June 12, 1931.
          3. DUANE MORTIMER PATTEN (1606), of 3608 Owens Way, North Highlands, California was born Oct 29, 1932, at Battle Creek. He attended the Battle Creek Academy, Emanuel Missionary College, Michigan State University, and Sacramento State College. He is an Electronics Engineer for the Hughes Aircraft Corp. He married Ila Grace McCullock (1608), June 26,1955. He is a member of the Republican Sacramento Assembly, and a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. They have three children.
            1. CLIFTON DUANE PATTEN (1609), born Sept 30, 1957.
            2. CLAYTON DEAN PATTEN (1610), born Nov 30, 1959.
            3. CARI DENISE PATTEN (1611), born May 18, 1961.
          4. DONNA MAE (PATTEN) STECK (1607), of 46 Birmingham Terrace, Battle Creek, Michigan, was born May 3, 1936. She attended the Battle Creek Academy and the Adelphian Academy. She married Floyd Louis Steck (1612), Oct 24, 1953. He is a carpenter for Shoals Homes. They are members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. He was in the Armed Services from 1954 to 1956. They have four children.
            1. DANIEL DWIGHT STECK (1613), born September 18, 1954.
            2. DEBRA LYNN STECK (1614), born June 7, 1956.
            3. DAVID ALAN STECK (1615), born October 30, 1957.
            4. DOUGLAS OWEN STECK (1616), born April 25, 1959.
        2. ERNEST MORTIMER LOWING (1144), the second child of Mortimer and Edith Holmes Lowing, was born March 7, 1915 at Battle Creek, Michigan. He lives at 6144 Nimitz Dr, Indianapolis, Ind. He married Gertrude Clarissa Parlin (1617), August 15, 1936, at Battle Creek, Michigan. He is an Industrial Engineer with the Chrysler Corp, belongs to the Episcopal Church, Kiwanis Club, and Chrysler Management Club. He served in the Instructor Training Program of Air Forces during World War II. They have two children.
          1. JOANNA RAE (LOWING) SMITH, of 8536 23 Mile Road Utica, Michigan, was born Sept 15, 1937, at Battle Creek. She married Charles Wilfred Smith (1619) December 15, 1956 at St Clair Shores, Michigan. They own a hobby shop and deal in stamps and coins. They belong to a number of coin clubs, the Detroit Coin Club, the Michigan State Numismatic Society, the Michigan State Coin Dealers Association, Utica Coin Club, and the Royal Oak Coin Club. They have three children.
            1. EDWARD CHARLES SMITH (1620), born June 26, 1957.
            2. ELIZABETH ANNE SMITH (1621), born June 26, 1957.
            3. VIRGINIA RAE SMITH (1622), born Oct 12, 1960.
        3. LILLIAN LUCILE (LOWING) CONSTANTINE (1145), was born May 24, 1921. She resides at Rt., #1, Box 81, Chesterton, Indiana. Husband's RIN 2919.
      4. RUBY (LOWING) SCHRAM (1134), third daughter, fourth child born to Ernest and Isabelle Lowing was born Nov 28, 1884, at Stanton, Michigan. She was married in August 1906 to Edson Schram (1146) at Battle Creek. There were three children born to this union.
        1. HORACE SCHRAM (1147), was born in Feb 1907.
        2. CAROLINE SCHRAM (1148), was born in 1912.
        3. ROBERT SCHRAM (1149), (no further information available).
      5. BEULAH (LOWING) WEIGANT (1135), youngest child of Ernest V. and Esabelle Lowing, was born May 7, 1889 in Georgetown, Michigan. She was married October 16, 1912 to Lewis Weigant (1150). They moved to Niagara Falls, New York. No further information is available on her descendants.
    4. EMILY CECILIA (LOWING) ROSE, HAMACHER (378) fourth child and eldest daughter of James O. Lowing was born in Burford, Ontario, April 26, 1853. She was two years old when the family moved to Michigan in 1855. She married Edward Eugene Rose (1152), born September 6, 1845 in Saline, Washtenaw Co., Michigan; son of Phillip A. Rose & Alzuera on September 1, 1879. They had four boys. They were divorced. She remarried William Hamacher. Emily died April 11, 1920, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
      1. FRANK M. ROSE (1153), Tacoma Washington.
      2. ALZIE E. (ROSE) COOPMAN, FELLMER (ll54), born August 20, 1881, Grand Rapids, MI, died December 8, 1946, Grand Rapids, MI. Married Gerritt Coopman (2921), born January 26, 1898. Her second marriage was to Theodore Fellmer (2922).
      3. EDWARD ALEXANDER ROSE (1156), born September 21, 1886, Oakfield Twp., Kent Co., MI. Died September 4, 1941, Grand Rapids, MI. Married Dec 23, 1905 to Florence Ellen Cunningham (2923), daughter of Thomas Cunningham & Elsie MacLachlan, born July 7, 1888, died November 9,1963, Grand Rapids, MI.
        1. JAMES HOWARD ROSE (2924), born 1906, died same year.
        2. EMILY ELLEN (ROSE) HEAGLE,(2925) born February 14, 1907, in Grand Rapids, MI. Married January 1, 1927 to Howard Heagle (2931). Emily died July 3, 1988.
          1. BARBARA JEAN (HEAGLE) CARO(2932), Husband (2937).
          2. WESLEY ALLEN HEAGLE (2933).
          3. NANCY (HEAGLE) MILLER (2934), husband (2938).
          4. MARY ANN (HEAGLE) MEHL (2935), husband (2939).
          5. JAMES HEAGLE (2936).
        3. HELEN MARIE ROSE (2926), born 1909, died same year.
        4. EVA ARLENE (ROSE) RILEY (2927), born March 30, 1910, Grand Rapids, Mi. Died May 3, 1971, Grand Rapids, MI. Married November 20, 1920 to E. Smith Riley (2940).
          1. MARY KAY (RILEY) GARDNER, SAGE (2941), Husband Gardner (2945) Husband Sage (2946).
          2. THOMAS RILEY (2942).
          3. MICHAEL RILEY (2943).
          4. KATHY RILEY (2944).
        5. FRANCES LEONE (ROSE) BRASS (2948), born July 10, 1912 in Benton, MI. Married John Forbes Brass (2947).
          1. JAMES BRASS (2949).
          2. SUSAN (BRASS) SCHULTZ (2950).
        6. MARIAN ISABEL (ROSE) OLLMAN (2929), (known as Florence) born November 18, 1918, Grand Rapids, MI. Married Lawrence Ollman (2951), September 2, 1936.
          1. ROBERT TERRENCE OLLMAN (2952).
          2. FAITH ARLENE (OLLMAN) MARTIN (2952), Husband (2954).
        7. EDNA RUTH (ROSE) VAN HOUTEN (2930), born May 17, 1917 in Grand Rapids, MI. Married Woodrow L. VanHouten (2955), August 3, 1933, divorced 1960.
          1. DIANNA ROSE (VAN HOUTEN) LEALE (2956), born June 30, 1934, Grand Rapids, MI. Married January 3, 1951 to Vincent Leale (2969).
            1. VINCENT LEALE (2970), born July 31, 1951, Grand Rapids, MI.
            2. JOHN LEALE (2971), born May 29, 1952 in Grand Rapids, MI.
            3. ANNA MARIE (LEALE) PRATT (2972), born March 17, 1953. Husband (2980).
            4. JOSEPH LEALE (2973), born October 22, 1954, Grand Rapids, MI.
            5. ROBERT LEALE (2974), born December 17, 1956 in Grand Rapids, MI.
            6. ELIZABETH ANN LEALE (2975), born December 28, 1959.
            7. DIANE LEALE (2976), born June 4, 1961, Grand Rapids, MI.
          2. CAROL JEAN (VAN HOUTEN) CRAWFORD (2957), born April 4, 1936, Grand Rapids, MI. Married June 1956 to Feneth O. Crawford (2981).
            1. CREGORY ALLEN CRAWFORD (2982).
            2. CYNTHIA ANN CRAWFORD (2983).
            3. TRACY JEANNETTE CRAWFORD (2984).
            4. MICHELLE RENAE CRAWFORD (2985).
          3. GARY LEROY VAN HOUTEN (2958), born March 7, 1937, Grand Rapids, MI. Married June 1957 to Chara Klitz (2986).
            1. LAURA VAN HOUTEN (2987), born May 11, 1959.
            2. JASON VAN HOUTEN (2988), born August 2, 1961.
          4. JUDITH ANN (VAN HOUTEN) VANDER LAAN (2959), born August 8, 1938, Grand Rapids, MI. Married November 1956 to Robert VanderLaan (2989).
            1. ANNE LOUISE VANDER LAAN (2990), born July 25, 1958.
            2. MARY BETH VANDER LAAN (2991), born June 6, 1961.
            3. STEVEN ROBERT VANDER LAAN (2992), born February 23, 1963.
            4. KEITH BRIAN VANDER LAAN (2993), born May 8, 1968.
          5. BRUCE GORDON VAN HOUTEN (2960), born May 3,1940, Grand Rapids, MI. Married December 1959 to Gillian Emanuel (2994).
            1. DEBORAH VAN HOUTEN (2995), born May 15, 1960.
            2. LAURA VAN HOUTEN (2996), born December 18, 1961.
            3. SCOTT VAN HOUTEN (2997), born October 10, 1964.
          6. WOODROW GERALD VAN HOUTEN (2961), born February 18, 1943, Grand Rapids, MI, Married September 1963 to Sharon Russell (2998).
            1. JULIE VAN HOUTEN (2999), born May 29, 1964.
            2. DANIEL VAN HOUTEN (3002), born September 15, 1965.
            3. MICHAEL VAN HOUTEN (3000), born October 27, 1966.
            4. WENDY VAN HOUTEN (3001), born October 31, 1967.
        8. ERNEST ULYSSES ROSE (2962), born 1920, died same year.
        9. MORRIS ALFRED ROSE (2963), called "Fred", born April 25,1921, Grand Rapids, MI. Married April 1943 to Dorothy Woody (3003).
          1. JUANITA ROSE (3004).
          2. DANIEL ROSE (3005).
          3. JAMES ROSE (3006).
          4. WILLIAM ROSE (3007).
          5. KAREN ROSE (3008).
        10. EDWARD ALEXANDER ROSE II (2964), born October 8, 1924, Grand Rapids, MI. Married October 7, 1950 to Gertrude Letson (3009).
          1. STEVEN EDWARD ROSE (3010).
          2. EDWARD ALLEN ROSE (3011).
        11. DONALD LAWRENCE ROSE (2965), born July 2, 1927 in Grand Rapids, MI. Married, no particulars, no children.
        12. CLYDE WILBUR ROSE (2966), born October 8, 1929 in Grand Rapids, MI. Died January 1958, Married Patricia Smouse (2967).
          1. RUSSELL ROSE (2968).
      4. ERNEST (ERNIE) ROSE (1155), born 1889 in Kent Co., MI. Married August 30, 1913 to Desa Gallup (2977).
        1. NORBERT ROSE (2978).
        2. GEORGE ROSE (2979).
      5. VICTORIA NINA ROSE (2920), born May 9, 1892, Grand Rapids, MI. died May 1, 1903.
    5. HENRY P. LOWING (379), was the first child of James O. to be born in Georgetown, Michigan. He was born Oct 4, 1855. He spent his boyhood in that area, and moved to Grand Rapids with the rest of the family. He married Mary Mautaugh (1157) at Grand Rapids. She was born in 1857 and died at their Grand Rapids home Oct 1895. Nine children were born to this union.
      1. ANNA (LOWING) JACKMAN (1158), was born April 24,1878, at Grand Rapids. She married Willis Jackman (1167), Sept 1897 and they moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. They had three children.
        1. HAROLD JACKMAN (1168).
        2. WILLIS JACKMAN (1169).
        3. CAROLINE JACKMAN (1170).
        4. Baby Jackman (1171).
      2. JAMES J. LOWING (1159), second child and eldest son of Henry P. Lowing, was born in Grand Rapids, Sept 1, 1879. He marred Myrtle Wolz (1183), in 1902. He worked for the former Pere Marquette railway forty years before retiring in 1945. He was foreman of the railroad's roundhouse. He was a member of Holy Name Parish, Holy Name Society and St Paul's society. James died Feb 18,1948. He had a daughter and two sons. Myrtle, aged 94, passed away November 2, 1976, buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Grand Rapids, MI.
        1. ARDELL LOWING (1184), oldest son of Myrtle and James J. Lowing was born in Grand Rapids, in 1904. He attended Catholic Central. He attended Holy Name Parish, while in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and St Gabriel's in New Jersey. He married Ida S. Johnson (1623). Ardell is a retired Electrical Engineer. They have three children.
          1. JAMES THOMAS LOWING (1624), of Long Branch, New Jersey, was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He attended school in Westfield, N.J. and Michigan State University. James was in the U.S. Air Force. He is a designer. He married Lynnie Powney (1627) at Grand Rapids, Michigan. No children.
          2. MARY SHARON LOWING (1625), of Marlboro, New Jersey, was born at Grand Rapids, Mich. She attended school at Westfield, New Jersey and Michigan State University at Lansing, Mich. She is an Investment Analyst.
          3. JON ROBERT LOWING (1626), of Long Branch, New Jersey, was born at Westfield, New Jersey. He attended School at Westfield, and Freehold, New Jersey. He married Valerie (3012) in New Jersey.
        2. JAMES GERARD LOWING (1185), (second son of Myrtle and James J. Lowing) was born in Grand Rapids, in 1911. He attended Catholic Central High School, and Fairleigh Dickinson Univ at New Jersey. He is an Aircraft Inspector at Wright Aeronautical, in New Jersey. He married Lucile Blair (1629) at Grand Rapids, Mich. They live at River Edge, New Jersey. She is a teacher. They attend St Charles Parish. They have four children.
          1. VALERIE (LOWING) GORDON (1630), daughter of James G. Lowing was born at Grand Rapids, Mich. She married Gregory Gordon (1634), in 1955, at New York. He is a Designer and she is a Designer and Decorator. They have two children, both born in New York.
            1. ANDREA GORDON (1635).
            2. PETER GORDON (1636).
          2. MICHAEL LOWING (1631), was born in Grand Rapids, MI. He is in the National Guards and is unmarried.
          3. JAMES LOWING (1632), was born in Grand Rapids, is in the U.S. Marines.
          4. PATRICIA LOWING (1633).
        3. LORRAINE (LOWING) STEWART (1186), of 1790 Knapp N.E., daughter of James J. Lowing, and Myrtle Wolz, was born in Grand Rapids, 1914. She attended Mt Mercy Academy and Aquinas College. She married Donald E. Stewart (1637), Sept 28, 1940 at Grand Rapids, Mich. He is a designer. They are members of the Blessed Sacrament Parish. They have three children.
          1. TERENCE L. STEWART (1638), was born in Grand Rapids, MI on December 3, 1942. He attended Catholic Central, and St. Joseph's Seminary.
          2. DONALD JAMES (1639), was born at Grand Rapids, MI on April 20, 1945. He attended Catholic Central.
          3. MARY CELESTE (1640), was born Dec 4, 1947 at Grand Rapids, Mich. She attended Blessed Sacrament.
      3. ELLEN (LOWING) HULBERT (1160), third child of Henry P. Lowing, was married to Fred Hulbert (1187). She was always called Nell during her lifetime. She died March 24, 1961, and is buried in the Cascade Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Mich.
      4. ISABELLA (LOWING) WALSH (1161), fourth child of Henry P. Lowing, married John Walsh (1188). They have four children. Passed away July 29, 1982 at age of 89. Buried at Resurrection Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
        1. MARY WALSH (1189).
        2. JOHN WALSH (1190).
        3. CATHERINE WALSH (1191).
        4. BETTY ROSE WALSH (1192).
      5. JESSIE M. (LOWING) BRIGGS (1162), was born Nov 1, 1884 at Grand Rapids, Mich. She attended Straight Street School in Grand Rapids. On April 21, 1902, she married Ira L. Briggs (1193) who was an electrician. Jessie is a member of the St Andrews Cathedral. Jessie passed away November 27, 1963, burial in the Oakwood Cemetery. Fifteen children were born to this union.
        1. ISABELLE L. (BRIGGS) FRON (1641), of 1548 Robinson Rd., SE, the granddaughter of Henry P. Lowing was born January 23, 1903, at Grand Rapids, Mich. She attended St. Andrews, Junior High-Diamond St. School. She married Joseph S. Fron (1656), June 21, 1921 at St Andrews Church, in Grand Rapids, Mich. He is an accountant and she is the Desk Clerk at St Mary's Hospital. They attend St Thomas Catholic Church, and belong to the Junior Guild and the Alter Society. They have five children.
          1. JOSEPH T. FRON, JR. (1657), of 1148 Aberdeen NE, Grand Rapids, MI, was born July 8, 1922 at Grand Rapids. He attended St Thomas & Catholic Central. He married Janet C. Post (1662), July 6, 1943, at Grand Rapids. He is a Route Salesman with the Colonial Baking Co. She is in the Personnel Dept at Sears Roebuck. They attend the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. He served in the Army from Nov 21, 1942 until Nov 25, 1945. They have two children.
            1. JOSEPH M. FRON (1663), born July 17, 1944.
            2. THOMAS R. FRON (1664), born May 5, 1946.
          2. GERALDINE M. FRON (1658), ---now Sister Isabelle Mary, was born Aug 29,1924. She attended St Thomas and Catholic Central, and Sisters of Lortto College, Denver, Col. She teaches 1st and 2nd grade at Santa Fe, New Mexico.
          3. ROBERT S. FRON (1659), of 140 Fuller Ave, SE, Grand Rapids, was born Feb 19, 1926 in Boston Township, Ionia County. He attended St Thomas, Catholic Central and Aquinas College. He married Mary Ella Wilholt (1665), Aug 11, 1956 at St John Vianney Church in Grand Rapids. Robert is a Postal Clerk and she is a schoolteacher. He was in the U.S. Marine Corps in active duty from Aug 1946 to July 1948, and was in the Reserves from Nov 1950 to July 1951. They are members of St Thomas Church. They have one child.
            1. RAYMOND JOSEPH (1666), born July 28, 1957.
          4. P. RICHARD FRON (1660), of 1312 Ellsmere NE, Grand Rapids, MI was born March 4,1929. He attended St Thomas School and Catholic Central. He married Beverly Ann Maker (1667), Aug 4, 1950 at Grand Rapids, Mich. Richard is a Salesman, and she is a housewife. He was two years in the U.S. Army, served 14 months in Korea, 1952-1953. Richard was a Staff Sergeant, Radio Tower Operator for Light Observation in the Army Aviation Unit. (5th L.A.S.). They attend the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. They have three children.
            1. MICHAEL R. FRON (1668), born Aug 19, 1956.
            2. SALLY JO FROM (1669), born Feb 5, 1958.
            3. STEVEN JAY FRON (1670), born Nov 14, 1960.
          5. MARILYN M. (FRON) REED (1661), of 149 S Fuller Ave., Grand Rapids, MI was born March 17, 1932 at Grand Rapids. She attended St. Thomas, Catholic Central. She married James B. Reed (1671), Oct 15, 1955 at St Thomas Church. He is a Planner, and she is a housewife. They attend St Thomas Church. They have five children.
            1. JANET RAE (REED) ZILIZNIK (16 72), born Jan 4, 1952. Married Dave Ziliznik (3013).
              1. LISA ZILIZNIK (3014), born October 16, 1970.
              2. KRIST ZILIZNIK (3015), born June 19, 1973.
            2. KAVEN MARIE REED (1676), born Sept 1, 1956.
            3. JAMES F. REED (1674), born Sept 23,1957.
            4. JOHN C. REED (1675), born Sept 23,1957.
            5. GERRI LYNNE REED (1676), born Aug 1, 1959.
        2. ELLEN L. BRIGGS (1642), born Aug 27, 1950, and died Jan 18, 1906.
        3. IRA LYNN BRIGGS (1643), of 635 Sinclair NE, Grand Rapids, MI, was born Feb 24, 1906 in Grand Rapids Township. His wife is the former Evelyn R. Blair (1677) whom he married on Dec 10, 1930 at Lowell, Mich. He is a plumber for the City of Grand Rapids and Evelyn is an Accountant. They have three children.
          1. EVELYN DOLORES (BRIGGS) CHAPIN (1678), of 1808 Diamond Ave., NE, Grand Rapids, MI, was born Aug 20, 1932 at Lowell, Kent County. She attended Eastern Ave. grade school and Central High School. Evelyn married Richard James Chapin (1681) on April 15, 1950 at South Bend, Indiana. Richard served in the Army from Feb 4, 1952 to Feb 4, 1954. He now works for the Bridges Home Improvement Co. They have three children.
            1. DEBRA LEE CHAPIN (1682), born June 4, 1953.
            2. TERRY RICHARD CHAPIN (1683), born July 28, 1954.
            3. STEVEN GILBERT CHAPIN (1684), born March 18, 1957.
          2. NATHAN BRUCE BRIGGS (1679), of 336 Donald Pl., SE, Grand Rapids, MI was born April 26, 1934 at Lowell, MI. He attended Eastern Ave. Grade School and Central High School, Grand Rapids. Nathan married Shirley Ann Peterson (1685), Sept 11, 1954 in the First Methodist Church. He is a Civil Engineer. They have three children.
            1. BRUCE ALLEN BRIGGS (1686), born June 7,1955.
            2. LYNNE LOUISE BRIGGS (1687), born Dec 21, 1956.
            3. JENISE ANN BRIGGS (1688), born Dec 9, 1957.
          3. GORDON LYNN BRIGGS (1680), of 308 Fuller Ave., SE, Grand Rapids, MI was born May 1, 1937 at Grand Rapids, MI. He attended Eastern Ave. Grade School and Central High School and Davenport Institute, all in Grand Rapids. Gordon married Pauline Anne Schantz (1689) at the Oakdale Methodist Church on Nov 28, 1959. Also served in the U.S. Air Force from March 1956 to Nov 1959. At present Gordon is an Accounting Student. They have one child.
            1. DAVID GORDON BRIGGS (1690), born Nov 3, 1961.
        4. MELVIN HUGH BRIGGS (1644), born Aug 9, 1907 and died Dec 10, 1907.
        5. HENRY LOWING BRIGGS (1645), of 307 n. Jefferson Ave., Lowell, MI. The fifth child of Jessie and Ira Briggs was born, Sept 8, 1908 in Grand Rapids, MI. He married Dorothy Burt (1691), Dec 8, 1930 at Grand Rapids, MI. Five children were born to this marriage. After his first wife's death, he married Dorothy Wood, July 15, 1959. Henry works as a lather and is a member of the Catholic Church and the Moose Lodge.
          1. ETHELANNE (BRIGGS) SCHNEIDER (1692), of 1560 Sargent Rd., Ada, MI was born June 7, 1933 at Lowell, Michigan. She graduated from Lowell High School and married Donald A. Schneider (1697), August 16, 1953 at the Lowell Methodist Church where they are members. She is a member of the Lydia Circle of that church. Donald belongs to the Lowell YMCA and is a design engineer. They have five children, all born in Grand Rapids.
            1. JO ELLEN SCHNEIDER (1698), born Dec 26, 1954.
            2. ARTHUR HARRY SCHNEIDER (1699), born Aug 2, 1956.
            3. BARRY MARTIN SCHNEIDER (1700), born Aug 25, 1957.
            4. AMY LOUISE SCHNEIDER (1701), born Dec 26, 1958.
            5. JENNIFER ERIN SCHNEIDER (1702), born Jan 30, 1961.
          2. PATRICIA JEAN (BRIGGS) HENDRICK (1693), was born Feb 13, 1936 at Lowell, MI. She graduated from Lowell High School. Patricia married Bernard Hendrick (1702), Feb 13, 1954 in Lowell. They are members of the Lowell Congregational Church and she is a member of the Dorcas Group of that church. Bernard is a machinist-lather and a member of the Lowell YMCA. They live on Grand River Dr. in Lowell and have four children.
            1. DANIEL A. HENDRICK (1704), born Sept 9, 1954.
            2. JEFFREY E. HENDRICK (1705), born Dec 16, 1955.
            3. MICHAEL S. HENDRICK (1706), born Feb 6, 1957.
            4. TIMOTHY A. HENDRICK (1707), born April 4, 1959.
          3. HOWARD AMBROSE BRIGGS (1694), third child was born March 22, 1930 at Lowell, MI and attended Lowell Schools. He is a lather and married Barbara Burtle (1708), Oct 5, 1955 at the St Mary's Parish in Lowell. They have four children and live on Bowes Road in Lowell.
            1. LAURIE LEE BRIGGS (1709), born May 8, 1956.
            2. CHRISTOPHER EDWARD BRIGGS (1710), born July 9, 1957.
            3. CARLO JO BRIGGS (1711), born Nov 22, 1959.
            4. GREGORY ALAN BRIGGS (1712), born March 16, 1961.
          4. GERALDINE VICTORIA BRIGGS (1695), born Feb 21, 1945.
          5. RICHARD LEE BRIGGS (1696), born April 20, 1948.
        6. DOTTIE LOUSETTA BRIGGS (1646), born October 2,1911 and died January 17,1912.
        7. BERNARD L. BRIGGS (1647), born January 5, 1913 and died March 22,1937.
        8. WALLACE MATTHEWS BRIGGS (1648), eighth child born to Ira and Jessie Briggs, was born January 28, 1914. He attended Ware Schools and works as a machinist- lather. Wallace served in the U.S. Army from 1943 to 1945 and was married to Ester O. Simpson (1713), Feb 15, 1947 in Lowell, MI. They are members of the St Mary's Church in Lowell and have one child.
          1. JOYCE BRIGGS (1714), born Sept 14, 1948.
        9. MARVIN ULYESSES BRIGGS (1649), was born Dee 4, 1915 in Grand Rapids and married Grace Lee Fredericks (1175), Sept 27, 1939, in Lowell. Marvin is an electrician and belongs to the Catholic Church, living at 1440 Sunnyside St., NE Grand Rapids. They have two children.
          1. RICHARD ARLAN BRIGGS (1716), born Nov 4, 1942.
          2. PAUL DOUGLAS BRIGGS (1717), born July 26, 1943.
        10. ESTHER FRANCES LUCILLE (BRIGGS) MULLEN (1650), was born April 5, 1917 in Grand Rapids. She attended Ware School in Lowell and married Loyal Mullen, (1718) a tool and die worker, August 13, 1938 at Elkhart, Ind. They are members of the Congregational Church and have no children
        11. JOHN WESLEY BRIGGS (1651), eleventh child born to Ira and Jessie Briggs, was born Sept 15, 1919. He attended Ware Elementary School and Lowell High School and was in the U.S. Army from 1941 to 1946. John married Evelyn Hotchkiss (1719), June 24, 1943 at San Miguel, Calif. They belong to the St Mary's Church in Lowell. John works as a machinist-lather for Owens Corning Fiberglass. Their address is 12080 Gee Dr., Lowell, MI and they have four children.
          1. GERALDINE BRIGGS (1720), born Oct 19, 1946.
          2. JOHN W. BRIGGS (1721), born Nov 16, 1947. (Jr.)
          3. WANDA BRIGGS (1722), born May 28, 1949.
          4. CARALYN BRIGGS (1723), born July 15, 1956.
        12. JAMES LEROY BRIGGS (1652), of 905 High St., Lowell, MI, was born July 23,1921 at Grand Rapids, MI. He attended Ware Grade School and graduated from Lowell High School. On Aug 31, 1940, James married Dorothy Genevieve Miller (1724) in the St Mary's Church in Lowell. He is a machinist-lather and she is a housewife. They have four children.
          1. JUDITH LORRAINE BRIGGS (1725), born April 1, 1941.
          2. JOAN TERESA BRIGGS (1726), born Aug 18, 1943.
          3. JAMES LEROY BRIGGS, JR. (1727), born April 20, 1948.
          4. PAMLA RAYE BRIGGS (1728), born May 5, 1955.
        13. WILLIAM BRUCE BRIGGS (1653), was born March 18, 1924. He died Feb 22, 1945 in Italy while serving with the Ski Troops during World War II.
        14. JEAN TERESA (BRIGGS) EDGERLE (1654), was born Jan 3, 1927 in Ionia County. Attended Ware Elementary School and graduated from Lowell High School. June 10, 1949, Jean married Robert E. Edgerle (1729) in Kent County. He is a quantitative control engineer, and has served in the armed forces. They have four children and make their home at 2247 Beverly Ave., SW, Wyoming, MI.
          1. ROBERT FRANKLIN EDGERLE (1730), born March 14, 1950.
          2. RONALD ERENST EDGERLE (1731), born Oct 22, 1951.
          3. LINDA MAE EDGERLE (1732), born Nov 17, 1952.
          4. ROGER LYNN EDGERLE (1733), born May 29, 1954.
        15. IRIS MAE (BRIGGS) CLARK (1655), was the fifteenth and last child of Ira L. and Jessie M. Briggs, born May 6, 1929 in Lowell, MI. She attended Ware Elementary School and graduated from Lowell High School. Iris married Robert Lisle Clark (1734) in the St Mary's Church in Lowell, Aug 23, 1947. Robert has served in the Armed Forces and is now a farmer. The Clarks belong to the St Patrick's Church, Caledonia, MI and live at R.R.#2, Lowell, Mich. They have four children.
          1. MICHAEL ROBERT CLARK (1735), born Dec 10, 1948.
          2. LISLE LONSON CLARK (1736), born July 31, 1950.
          3. BRENDA LOU CLARK (1737), born July 15, 1958.
          4. BERNARD ALLEN CLARK (1738), born Dec 10, 1960.
      6. JOHN J. LOWING (1163), the sixth child of Henry P. Lowing, married Pearl Sergeant (1194). He lived all his life in Grand Rapids. For years he worked for the City Park Department and was supervisor of a municipal golf course. A Veteran of World War I, he was a member of the American Legion and the Elks Lodge. He died Sept 5, 1950, and is buried in Restlawn Cemetery. He had three children.
        1. DOROTHY (LOWING) PELTON (1739), who lives in Grand Rapids.
        2. RAY DODD LOWING (1740), of Atlanta, Ga.
        3. MOREL DAN LOWING (1195), of Grand Rapids, MI, passed away September 22, 1967 at the age of 61, interment Kent Memorial Gardens, Grand Rapids.
      7. HARRY P. LOWING (1164) lived in Grand Rapids, MI. He passed away January 9, 1963, buried in Resurrection Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
      8. ULYSSES M. LOWING (1165), lives in Grand Rapids, MI. He married Doris V. (3016) who passed away May 29, 1964, burial in Oak Hill Cemetery, Grand Rapids. Ulysses passed away at age 73 on August 29, 1965, burial in Woodlawn Cemetery, Grand Rapids.
      9. GEORGE LOWING (1166) lives in Roslyn, New York. At age 73, passed away February 14, 1968.
    6. ULYSSES M. LOWING (380), sixth child of James O. and Emily Lowing. He was married to Mary Warner (1172), and they had two children. No further information is available.
    7. ISABELLE (LOWING) SHOCKY (381), seventh child was born in Georgetown and later moved to Grand Rapids. She was married at Georgetown to L.E. Shocky (1176), who was a night overseer in a big manufacturing plant in Grand Rapids. They had one child.
      1. LILLIAN ISABELLE (SHOCKY) FLANDERS (1177), only child of Isabelle Shocky was married to Harold Flanders, traveling auditor of the PM. Railway Systems. He was a Mason. Both are deceased.
        1. FRED TYLER (1173), died as a young man.
        2. FORREST TYLER (1175), b.??, died 1956, married Olga (Stricker) (3017). Olga passed away in 1983.
          1. MARJORIE FLANDERS (3020), lead three sons.
          2. MEREDITH LOUISE (TYLER) SCHMITT (3018), born 1923, married 1945 to Matthew Christian Schmitt Jr. (3019).
            1. GREGORY ALAN SCHMITT (3021), born 1946, married & divorced.
              1. DONNA SUE SCHMITT (3025), born 1967.
              2. SHAWN MARIE SCHMITT (3026), born 1970.
              3. MATTHEW GREGORY SCHMITT (3017), born 1975.
            2. GARY LEE SCHMITT (3018), born 1948.
            3. PATRICIA LOUISE (SCHMITT) SAINDON (3023), born 1955, married Darryl Saindon (3028).
              1. BRIAN PAUL SAINDON (3029), born 1980.
              2. CARRIE LOUISE SAINDON (3030), born 1983.
    8. EDWARD LOWING (382), eighth child, was married to Eda Ebel (1179). They have three children.
      1. BEATRICE LOWING (1180).
      2. MILDRED LOWING (1181).
      3. ROSE LOWING (1182).
    9. VICTORIA LOWING (383), no information.
    10. ZUA (LOWING) LEEMAN (384), tenth child of James O. and Emily Lowing, was married to Walter Leeman (1201), Nov 2, 1888. They had one child.
      1. MARIAN (LEEMAN) FISHER (1202), married Charles Fisher (1203), May 24, 1919. They have one child.
        1. DORIS ZUA FISHER (1204).
    11. NINA (LOWING) HICKOX (385), youngest child of James O. Lowing was born Nov 11, 1862. She married George Hickox in Grand Rapids, Feb 27, 1887. The family lived in Grandville. Five children were born to this union.
      1. EDNA (HICKOX) CLINGER (1206), eldest daughter, was born May 24, 1898, and was married Aug 19, 1922 to William Clinger. He was born Aug 28, 1896. They lived in Grandville.
      2. GEORGE W. HICKOX (1207), was born June 24, 1901.
      3. THELMA LOUISE (HICKOX) LEWIS (1208), was born Feb 16, 1904 in Grandville, MI.
      4. ERNEST HICKOX (1209), was born Oct 4, 1906.
      5. EVERET HICKOX (1210), was born Oct 4,1906.


    Ch. 06 : Holden Crandall Lowing

    Lowing Family History

    Updated by Bruce Sheridan Lowing

    Chapter 6: Holden Lowing

    Holden Crandall Lowing (42)

    HOLDEN C. LOWING, was the fourth child and the fourth son born to Isaac and Lavina Lowing. He was born March 19, 1821, in East Bloomfield, New York. He attended school between the ages of 5 and 10 and only intermittently thereafter. As soon as he was old enough, he worked for other farmers and brought much of his pay home to assist in clothing and feeding the younger children.

    When Holden was fourteen, the Michigan Land and Timber craze hit New York Everyone talked about the wealth in timber in Michigan, almost all to be had for the asking. Although Holden was too young to take advantage of this, his older brother, Stephen, then only 19 years old, left in the fall of 1836 for Michigan. He purchased 80 acres of timberland on the Grand River, across from Sand Creek, and returned home the following spring. After the glowing reports given by Stephen, the family looked forward to the time they, too, could move to Michigan.

    It took 4 years for the money to be raised for purchase of laud in Michigan. In the late fall of 1841, Holden, at the age of 20, came with his brother Stephen, Stephen's wife and six month old baby, to Michigan. They came by boat around the Lakes, bringing a small amount of household goods and a team of oxen. It was a long tiresome trip with such a small baby, and to make things worse, on the last night, such a storm arose that even the crew were sick. The oxen were so sick that Holden thought they would die.

    When they reached Grand Haven, they transferred all their supplies to a steamboat and came up Grand River to Sand Creek. From there it was a short walk to the hut that Stephen had built.

    For a few weeks, Holden lived with Stephen, but in the early winter of 1841, he purchased 80 acres of land for his father on what is now known as the Bauer Road near the intersection of 24th St., about a mile south of Stephen's property. He then finished the winter by working in a lumber camp. In the summer of 1842, he became an assistant to a surveyor, and spent the next few summers surveying land all over South Georgetown, North Jamestown Townships, and as far away as Big Rapids.

    This same spring of 1842, his father, then 48 years old, arrived in Michigan, ready to start over, clearing land for another home in the wilds. Holden also helped his father, cut timber and clear the land. They built their cabin large enough to accommodate all the family that was to arrive the next year.

    Holden purchased land west of his father's place around this time, and continued to add more land as time went by.

    Georgetown was organized as a Township in 1839. In April 1840 seven men met at Jenison and held the first Township meeting. They elected Hiram Jenison as the first Supervisor and H. Burton as Clerk. In 1841 these same men were again elected, but in 1842 and 1843, Holden was elected Clerk with H. Jenison still Supervisor. At that time Holden was only 21 years of age. In 1862 and 1863 he was again Clerk and in 1864, Supervisor.

    At the very first, mail for Georgetown was sent to Grandville, where anyone from Georgetown called for it, and delivered it to the neighbors. Later people in the township were allowed to have the post office in their homes or mills. The first post office was in the mill boarding house of his brother as early as 1850, where it remained until 1854. After that it was placed either in the home of Holden, who was a Democrat, or Franklin E. Bosworth, who was a Republican, depending on which party held sway in Washington.

    Off and on during his life Holden was a member of the school board and when the Grange was organized in Georgetown, he was very active in the movement and the first Master. He was also a charter member of the Jenison Masonic Lodge.

    On September 11, 1851, he was married to Eleanor Chapin Woodruff (44), born August 5,1835 in Springfield, New Jersey. (Father: Henry L. Woodruff, born September 1, 1790 in Allegheny Co., New York; died December 18, 1842, in New York; Mother: Mary Marvin, born November 20, 1793, New York, died March 21, 1869, Georgetown Township). They had 13 children. Every one of them lived to manhood and womanhood. The outstanding accomplishment of Holden's life is the fact that he secured enough land to give everyone of his children a small farm as a start in life.

    Soon after his marriage, he built a large two-story house on his property. It contained 17 rooms, with a hall running the full length of the upstairs with bedrooms on either side and stairways at both ends. There was a cupola on the roof with shutters. The home became a gathering place for young people for miles around. Surging was one of the main pastimes; music was furnished by an organ, comb, Jew's Harp, bones, and mouth organ. It was said that Holden loved young people and if one of the young people missed one week, he was told that Holden had missed him.

    Holden died on his farm on March 29, 1899 at the age of 79. His death certificate reads Holden E. Lowing. Eleanor died Sept 14, 1907. Both are buried in the Georgetown Cemetery.


    At one time Holden Lowing wished to extend the logging road, leading directly north from Hudsonville, across his land, and asked permission of Stephen to have it cross his land, thereby making a straight road from Hudsonville, north to the Ohio Mill's Docks on Grand River.

    One would have thought that this would have been a sensible and convenient road for Stephen, but he refused. Holden was angry and years later, when Stephen wished this road to go through, and began the proper procedure to accomplish this, but Holden was Supervisor of Georgetown Township at this time and decided Stephen was not to have this road if he could prevent it. Holden, knowing that a road cannot disturb a cemetery, had the southern most part of his land set off as a cemetery and buried one of the poor charges of the Township in this lot. As this was the southern entrance to the proposed road, Stephen never gained his road. For years that lonely grave was the only one in the cemetery.

    Later, Stephen and Holden's parents, Isaac and Lavina were buried in this cemetery. Today that same Cemetery remains as a memoriam of that quarrel.

    1. GLENN EMMET LOWING (45), was born February 25,1853 and was tire oldest child of Holden and Eleanor Lowing. He was born in Georgetown Township, Ottawa County, Michigan, at the homestead located on Bauer Road. He died July 11, 1909, burial in the Georgetown Cemetery. Emmet, as he was called, was married to Eliza Cheyne (105), September 20, 1877. Eliza died April 9, 1916, and was also buried in the Georgetown Cemetery.

      Emmet was a farmer and the entire years of his married life was spent on a farm one mile south of Bauer, Michigan. Eight children were born to Emmet and Eliza Lowing.

      1. ZELMA (LOWING) HAMMOND (1212) was the first child born to Emmet and Eliza. She was born November 18, 1878. On April 10, 1901 she married Guy Hammond (1220) in Kent County, Mich. They had one child. Zelma died October 21, 1913 and is buried in the Georgetown Cemetery.
        1. GUYOLA (HAMMOND) HOWARD (1221), the only child of Guy and Zelma Hammond, was born July 20, 1901. She married Clifford Howard (1222), January 9, 1919 at Grand Rapids, Mich. They have one child. Clifford passed away April 27, 1980.
          1. MARGARET (HOWARD) GAVIN (1223), the only child of Guyola and Clifford Howard was born September 26, 1920. She married Frank Gavin (1743). They have two children.
            1. JAMES GAVIN (1744), born January 16, 1938.
            2. RICHARD GAVIN (1745), born February 13, 1940.
      2. HERBERT LOWING, the second child of Emmet and Eliza, born June 3, 1881 in Georgetown Township. He died April 12, 1921 with burial in Georgetown Cemetery. In April 1912, he married Bessie Springsted (1224). She died, Dec 21, 1959, and was also buried in the Georgetown Cemetery. Herbert was a farmer most of his life. One child was born of this union.
        1. JULIA LOUISE (LOWING) DEBOER (1225), the only child of Herbert and Bessie Lowing was born February 17, 1915. She married Quinten DeBoer (1746), August 19, 1938. Quinten died in action during World War II, on April 5, 1945. One child was born to this marriage.
          1. PATRICIA ANN (DEBOER) PURCELL (1747), the only child of Quinten and Julia DeBoer was born, December 20, 1940. She married Michael Purcell (1748), September 24, 1960.
      3. LILLIAN (LOWING) NIELSEN (1214), was the third child of Emmet and Eliza Lowing. She was born in 1883 and died Nov 20, 1931. She married Fred Nielson (1226), June 12, 1911. No children were born to this marriage.
      4. ALVERNA MAGGIE (LOWING) ABEL (1215), fourth child of Emmet and Eliza Lowing, born February 14, 1885. She married John W. Abel (1227), June 16, 1903. Eleven children were born to this marriage. John passed away February 16, 1967, and Alverna at age 85, passed away August 9, 1970, both are buried in Blendon Cemetery.
        1. ANDREW W. ABEL (1228), first child born to John and Alverna Abel, May 23, 1904. He married Fern Larabee (1754), August 20, 1932. Andrew died December 21, 1944. There were no children born to this union.
        2. ANNA E (ABEL) WESTVEER (1229) was the second child born in January 1906. She married Randall M. Westveer (1755), July 14, 1927. They had two children before their divorce in 1945. Anna passed away June 15,1965.
          1. HAZEL M. (WESTVEER) PASKIEWICZ (1756), first child born to Randall and Anna Westveer, was born October 6, 1927. She married Edward Paskiewicz (1758), June 28, 1947. They have two children.
            1. JOHN E. PASKIEWICZ (1759), born February 18, 1948.
            2. MARCIA A. (1760), born June 7, 1954.
          2. ROBERT M. WESTVEER (1757) was the second child born to Randall and Anna Westveer, born August 16, 1931. He is not married.
        3. HAZEL I. (ABEL) KRIKKE (1230), third child born to John and Alverna Abel was born March 25, 1908. She married Rennie Krikke (1761) August 19, 1926. They have six children. Rennie passed away May 30, 1975 in Grant Michigan., Hazel passed away January 15, 1978 at age 70, both are buried in Grant Cemetery.
          1. MILTON JUNIOR KRIKKE (1762), the first child of Rennie and Hazel Krikke, was born January 1, 1928. He was married October 14, 1948 to Joan Roeters (1768). They have four children.
            1. BETTY J. (1769), born August 11, 1949.
            2. TERRY L. (1770), born August 21, 1951.
            3. GARY A. (1771), born August 3, 1954.
            4. SUSAN K. (1772), born December 17, 1956.
          2. KENNETH JAY KRIKKE (1763), second child of Rennie and Hazel Krikke born on September 18, 1929. He was married December 28, 1950 to Florence Plaisier (1773). They have three children.
            1. KAREN J. (1774), born August 29, 1953.
            2. ROGER D. (1775), born January 23, 1955.
            3. DEBRA K. (1776), born August 13, 1958.
          3. RICHARD EUGENE KRIKKE (1764), was the third child born to Rennie & Hazel Krikke on October 13, 1931. On August 26, 1952 he married Evelyn L. Pell (1777). They have four children.
            1. DAVID A. (1778), born April 22, 1953.
            2. MARY J. (1779), born December 25, 1954.
            3. PAMELA SUE (1780), born August 4, 1956.
            4. STEVEN L. (1781), born October 22, 1959.
          4. LLOYD ALLAN KRIKKE (1765) was the fourth child born to Rennie and Hazel Krikke on January 11, 1933. He was married to Anna VanderLee (1782) on November 16, 1956. They have two children.
            1. KATHLEEN A. (1783), born July 27, 1958.
            2. RONALD A. (1784), born in 1959 and died May 31, 1960
          5. MARILYN JOYCE KRIKKE (1766), was the fifth child born July 7,1934. She is not married.
          6. VERNON DALE KRIKKE (1767), was the sixth child born to Rennie and Hazel Krikke, September 4, 1935. He was married September 10, 1955 to Joan Biegalle (1785). They have three children.
            1. CARRIE L. (1786), born April 13, 1956.
            2. STACY J. (1787), born September 27, 1958.
            3. JILL M. (1788), born October 8, 1959.
        4. MILDRED B. (ABEL) ROLLSTON, SNOW (1231), was the fourth child born to John and Alvena Abel. She was born July 8, 1910. She married Marion Rollston (1789), Nov 8, 1929. They were divorced in 1952. They have four children. She had since remarried a man named Snow (3046) and lives near Alto, Mich.
          1. VIVIAN E (ROLLSTON) PATTON (1790), the first child born to Marion and Mildred Rollston born March 26, 1930. She married Donald Patton (1794) July 17, 1948. They have two children.
            1. MICHAEL P (1795), born January 5, 1950.
            2. MICHELL D. (1796), born March 26, 1955.
          2. MELVIN LAWRENCE ROLLSTON (1791) was the second child, born October 5, 1931. He was marred June 30, 1951 to Alta Mae Follett (1797). They have five children.
            1. DALE A. (1798), born October 7, 1952.
            2. DEBRA M. (1799), born January 10, 1955.
            3. MARIANNE (1800) (twin), born January 27, 1956.
            4. MARY ANNA (1801) (twin), born January 27, 1956, and died at birth.
            5. DUANE M. (1802), born November 2, 1957.
          3. PAULINE M. (ROLISTON) HOPPE (1792), was the third child, born July 8, 1933. She married Duane Hoppe (1803), October 28, 1950. They were divorced in 1954. One child was born to this marriage.
            1. SHARON LYNN (1804), born July 3, 1953.
          4. RONALD WILLIAM ROLLSTON (1793), was the fourth child born to Marion and Mildred Rollston. He was born July 14, 1935. He married Mary J Davis (1805) on December 11, 1954. They have three children.
            1. KENNETH A. (1806), born June 16, 1955.
            2. KEITH A. (1807), born Sept 20, 1956.
            3. KRISTENE A. (1808), born April 2, 1960.
        5. FREDA L. (ABEL) HUNGERINK (1232), the fifth child born to John and Alvena Abel on November 19, 1912. She was married to Wesley G. Hungerink (1809) November 29, 1934. They have four children. Wesley died September 3, 1988, buried Vriesland Cemetery.
          1. PATRICIA. (1810), born May 15, 1941.
          2. SANDRA J. (1811), born September 1, 1944.
          3. JUDITH K. (1812), born November 20, 1945.
          4. GERALD W. (1813), born July 23, 1950.
        6. BEATRICE M. (ABEL) HICKEY (1233) was the sixth child born to John and Alverna Abel, on February 4, 1917. She married Walter J. Hickey (1814), July 12,1947. They have two children.
          1. SUZANNE KAY (1815), born September 11, 1943.
          2. EILEEN LOUISE (1816), born August 1, 1949.
        7. ALVERNA MARIE (ABEL) TIMMER (1234) was the seventh child born to John and Alverna Abel. She was named after her mother and was born February 13, 1920. Alvenna married Willis Timmer (1817), June 14, 1941. They have one child. Alverna passed away August 14, 1982, buried Pilgrim Home Cemetery, Holland,
          1. ALVIN WAYNE TIMMER (1818), born September 27, 1944.
        8. ESTELLA ELNORA (ABEL) (STENWART) MEREDITH (1749), was the eighth child born to John and Elvirna Abel. She was born June 16, 1922, and married Roy J. Stewart (1819) December 15, 1940. They had four children. They were divorced June 10, 1950 and on January 6,1951 she married Dale Meredith (1824). They have one child.
          1. RUTH E. (1820), born Sept 5, 1938.
          2. ROGER L. (1821), born March 10,. 1942, died June 10, 1941
          3. ROSEANNE (1822), born Feb 14, 1944.
          4. TERRY W. ((1823)), born March 9, 1946.
          5. DALE G. MEREDITH (1825), born Nov 9, 1955.
        9. GLADYS MATILDA (ABEL) NEWHOUSE (1750), was the ninth child born June 2, 1924. She married Rev. Sidney Newhouse (1826) April 10, 1946. They have six children.
          1. DAVID A. (1827), born December 31, 1946.
          2. MEREDITH R (1828), born July 3, 1948.
          3. CAROL M. (1829), born October 21, 1950
          4. ROBERT B. (1830), born April 10, 1952.
          5. GLORIA J. (1831), born June 3, 1954.
          6. VALERIE J. (1832), born February 14, 1960.
        10. BERNICE BERYL ABEL (1751) is the tenth child born to John and Alverna Abel. She was born November 27, 1936. She never married. Bernice died April 19, 1991, buried in Blendon Cemetery.
        11. LINDA LOU AEEL (1752), is the eleventh child born on December 10, 1928, and lives at home.
      5. AGNES (LOWING) HALL (1216), was the fifth child born to Emmet and Eliza Lowing, born May 28,1887. She married Clarence Hall (1235), a blacksmith, December 20, 1911. She died October 9, 1936, and is buried in the Georgetown Cemetery. Six children were born to this marriage. Clarence passed away October 8, 1955.
        1. LOTON HALL (1236) was the eldest son of Clarence and Agnes Hall. He was born July 23, 1913. On December 25, 1958 he married May Smith (1833). Loton is a salesman and lives in Grand Rapids, Mich. They have no children
        2. CLYDE HALL (1237), was the second child born to Clarence and Agnes Hall, born July 11, 1916. He married Winona Mayes (1834), August 6, 1946 at Grand Rapids, Mich. Clyde works for the A&P Co., in Grand Rapids. They have three children. Clyde passed away July 14, 1974, buried in Blythfield Cemetery, Grand Rapids.
          1. MARY AGNES (HALL) LOOMAN (1835), born March 8, 1952. Married Thomas Looman (3048), October 5, 1974.
            1. JOSHUA THOMAS LOOMAN (3049), born August 24, 1976.
          2. WILLIAM (1836), born March 24,1953.
          3. DAVID HALL (1837), born August 24, 1955. Married 1973, divorced 1976. Remarried, September 1979 to Julie Jackson (3051).
            1. LUANNE MARIE HALL (3052), born November 1973.
        3. JUNE (HALL) SCHELTEMA (1238), was the third child born to Clarence and Agnes Hall, born May 23, 1917. She married George Scheltema (1838) April 25, 1940 in Kent County. They have two children. George was an inspector for the American Motors Corp. Kelvinator Division. June passed away July 8, 1974, buried Grandville Cemetery.
          1. SHERRY (SCHELTEMA) SCHOUW (1839), born October 31, 1941. Married Fred Sehouw, Jr. (3053), February 5, 1960.
            1. JODIE JUNE (SCHOUW) MADISON (3054), born April 20, 1961. Married Kurt Edward Madison (3056), February 5, 1983.
            2. SARA SCHOUW (3055), born January 13, 1968, adopted.
          2. TIMOTHY SCHELTEMA (1840), born Nov 4, 1959.
        4. BESSIE (HALL) MENDENDORP (1239) was the fourth child born to Clarence and Agnes Hall. She was born October 20, 1919. She married Robert Mendendorp (1841), May 23, 1941. They have three children.
          1. BRUCE MENDENDORP (1842), born March 10, 1943. Married Mary Ann Farage (3057).
            1. CHRISTINE LYNNE MENDENDORP (3058), born October 17, 1966.
            2. TODD MICHAEL MENDENDORP (3059), born November 3, 1968.
          2. SUE ELLEN (MENDENDORP) LEMMEN (1843), born October 14, 1947. Married Ronald Lemmen (3060).
            1. JENNIFER ANN LEMMEN (3061), born April 19,1970, and died May 27, 1970
            2. ALISON JANE LEMMEN (3062), born September 27, 1971.
            3. KIMBERLY SUE LEMMEN (3063), born October 28,1974
          3. SCOTT ALAN MENDENDORP (1844), born November 10, 1954.
        5. JOYCE (HALL) SMITH (1753), was the fifth child, born October 25, 1921. She married James (Jack) Smith (1845), July 24, 1943. They have two children.
          1. PATRICIA (SMITH) PIERSON, SKELDING (1846), born May 17, 1946. She married Jerome Pierson (3064). Divorced. Remarried, August 1978 to James Skelding (3068).
            1. DAWN DARLENE PIERSON (3065), born September 9, 1965.
            2. ROSE MARIE PIERSON (3066), born February 14, 1968.
            3. PETER JEROME PIERSON (3067), born May 31, 1972.
          2. LARRY SMITH (1847), born June 1, 1949. Married Paula Johnson (3069), 1970.
            1. MATHEW SMITH (3070), born 1976.
            2. MICHELLE SUE SMITH (3071), born May 10, 1979.
        6. LEROY (HAPPY) HALL (3047), born March 17, 1924, died August 9, 1950, buried Georgetown Cemetery. Never married.
      6. RALPH LOWING (1218) was the sixth child born to Emmet and Eliza Lowing. He was born in 1893 and died in February 1961. Burial in Georgetown Cemetery. Ralph was married twice, but no information is available as to their names. Ralph left no descendants.
      7. ALGERMON (ELGIE) LOWING (1219) was the seventh child born to Emmet and Eliza Lowing. He was born July 28, 1898. He was married but his wife's name is not known. He served in the Armed Services on the Mexican border during World War I. The date of his death was June 26, 1954. Burial in the Georgetown Cemetery.
      8. MILDRED LOWING (1217) was the eighth child and died in infancy.
    2. BENTON HEART LOWING (46), the second son of Holden and Eleanor Lowing was bony January 3, 1855, in Georgetown Township, Ottawa County. He died February 20, 1883. He was single and was killed by a falling tree while working in the woods. Burial in Georgetown Cemetery.
    3. OTIS ULYSSES LOWING (47) was the third child of Holden C. Lowing and Eleanor Chapin Woodruff Lowing, born at Georgetown April 1, 1857. He joined the Grange April 21, 1877, three years after it was organized in Georgetown. For many years lie was a fanner, had a common school education, was a Mason, belonging in Grandville. He served his township as a commissioner and was a Justice of the Peace. He married Edna Gillett (58) January 17, 1888. She was born at Georgetown, August 8, 1869. After his death in Grand Rapids, Michigan, October 13, 1908, his wife moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where she remarried George Fields. She died July 1942. She had six children.
      1. ROY HOLDEN LOWING (13), the oldest son of Edna Gillett and Otis Lowing was born October 7, 1887, in Georgetown Township. He attended Canada Hill, Grandville High School and McLaughlin Business College. He married Mary F. Sheridan (14) October 29, 1913 in Allendale. He was a farmer. He served 18 years as Supervisor of Georgetown Township and 5 years as Chairman of Ottawa County Board of Supervisors.

        Served as County Supervisor of the Farm Security Administration under Federal Service, also as an Advisor of County Draft Board as to Selectees of Farm Draftees, assignment of Farm Workers from the available supply of Mexicans, Jamaicans, German Prison camps and local sources during W.W.II.

        Thirty-two years as director and President of the Citizens Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of Grand Rapids, and one of the original organizers of the Production Credit Association of Grand Rapids. Vice President of the West Michigan Mutual Insurance Co. of Western Michigan. Vice President of the Berlin Fair Association. Life member of Grandville Masonic Lodge. Past Master of Georgetown Grange. Affiliated with the Grandville-Jenison Congregational Church and charter member of Grandville Rotary. They have five children. Roy died November 11, 1968. Buried in Georgetown. Mary died in October 1971.

        1. OTIS J. LOWING (15), oldest child of Roy and Mary Sheridan Lowing, born May 2,1915 in Grand Rapids, Mich. He attended Georgetown School No. l. He was with the Associated Truck Line, and was a farmer. He belonged to the Congregational Church, and was Past Commander of Neil Fonger Legion Post of Grandville. He belonged to the National Guard, and served three years in W.W.II in Co L 126th Inf. He received a back injury and was discharged January 19, 1942. He married Grace M Geasler (102), January 27, 1940 at Grandville. Otis died 21 April 1956 in a tractor accident. Grace M. passed away June 28, 1966, Buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
          1. HOLDEN OTIS LOWING (103), born November 1, 1943. Married August 16, 1985 to Kathleen Eardley (3075) daughter of Mary Eardley of Grand Rapids.
            1. ROY HOLDEN LOWING (3076), born June 2, 1989.
          2. STEPHEN J. LOWING (104), born August 15,1946. He married Janice Fortuna (3077), June 28,1968.
            1. STEPHANIE GRACE LOWING (3078), born October 22, 1970. Married March 2, 1991 to Bruce DeVrou (3082).
            2. ANGELA LYNN LOWING (3079), born December 4, 1971.
            3. VALARIE ANN LOWING (3080), born October 20, 1975.
            4. STEPHEN JAMES LOWING (3081), born August 12, 1977.
            5. PAMELLA CHRISTINE LOWING (3083), born August 20, 1990.
        2. HUGH C. LOWING (6), of 2345 Bauer Rd., Jenison was born in Georgetown, March 20, 1918. He attended Georgetown No 1 (Canada Hill), Grandville High, and courses in Dairying at M.S.U. He married Nancy Jarvis (7), October 19, 1939 at Grand Rapids, Mich. He owned/operated the Cedar Crest Farms Dairy on Bauer Road and a group of Dairy Stores located throughout the metropolitan Grand Rapids area. He is affiliated with the Grandville-Jenison Congregational Church, is a charter member of the Sunnybrook Golf Club, and a member of the Grandville Masonic Lodge. Currently he is enjoying traveling in his motor home and his cottage. They have six children.
          1. BRUCE SHERIDAN LOWING (1), was born June 19, 1941. Received his EE from Michigan Tech University. He married Karleen Schacherl (2) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 2, 1963. Karleen, a certified teacher for the primary grades, is well known in the Rock Island area for her talents in the spinning and weaving crafts. Bruce pursued graduate studies at Cornell University at Ithaca New York, completing his Masters Degree in Engineering at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. A career civil servant, Bruce was employed by the Army Materiel Command. Received the Commanders Award from Fort Monmouth for his work with electronics/radios. Although his major residence was at Rock Island, Illinois he was on an extended detail to Letterkenny Depot in Pennsylvania where he assisted in the planning/implementation of the downsizing of the Army in regards to Depots and the Maintenance of Fielded Equipment At Chambersburg his last assignment was that of Chief of the Aircraft Engineering Division. Bruce's major interests besides Automation include music; he has an excellent voice and plays the guitar, the Andalusia Lions Club, Historical Society, and the updating of this genealogy. He has three children who are the focal point of his life. Bruce passed on in Grand Rapids 29 August 1993 after a prolonged illness. Internment in the Georgetown Cemetery.
            1. HEATHER MARIE LOWING (3), born January 11, 1965 in Freehold, NJ. Graduated Rock Ridge HS and Univ. of Southern Illinois. Currently residing in Carbondale Illinois where she is working in the field of Computer Automated Design. Married Mark Moreno (3864) September 4, 1993.
              1. NICHOLAS SCOTT MORENO, born June 30, 1995.
              2. ALISON LEIGH MORENO, born March 12, 1998.
              3. MATTHEW BRUCE MORENO, born August 11, 2003.
            2. JOHN LOWING (4), born October 12,1966. He is a Graduate of Rock Ridge HS, Rock Island, IL. Lives at home. John is very clever at creating/repairing and utilizing his hands.
            3. HOLLY LOWING (5), born December 4, 1973. Graduate of Rock Ridge HS, attending Iowa State University, where she hopes to gain a degree in Veterinary Medicine. Holly is an exceptionally fine horsewoman had, has won many competitions in the mid-western states.
          2. THOMAS HUGH LOWING (8), born Jan 11, 1944. He married Shirley Ann Orrell (1848) of Hudsonville on June 3, 1964. Owner of a Heating and Cooling Business in Grand Rapids and has a vested interest in one of the local golf courses. They have two children.
            1. THOMAS HUGH LOWING II (1849), born December 18, 1966. Married to Judi Peloguin (3084) on June 19, 1987.
              1. SCOTT THOMAS LOWING (3085), born November 12, 1987.
            2. TREVOR JAMES LOWING (1850), born February 8, 1969.
          3. RICHARD JARVIS LOWING (9), born September 12, 1947. Richard married Lucinda Linga (941), August 6, 1966. After a divorce in 1969, Richard married Irene Hernandez (2357), February 3, 1973.
            1. RICHARD JARVIS LOWING, II (2355), born February 28,1967.
              1. RICHARD JARVIS LOWING, III (3088), born November 18, 1988.
              2. CRYSTAL JEAN LOWING (3089), born December 29, 1989.
            2. NICHOLE LOWING (2356), born March 28, 1969. Married August 10, 1991 to Dean Frederick Pacific.
            3. MARISA INEZ LOWING (2358), born November 17, 1975.
          4. DAVID ROY LOWING (10), was born February 12,1954. Married October 1, 1983 to Mary Ann Thorne (2359), daughter of Mark and Theresa Thorne.
            1. MATTHEW DAVID LOWING (2360), born July 1, 1987.
            2. EMILY ROSE LOWING (2838), born 19 July 1992.
          5. RUTH LOUISE LOWING, VANDENBERG, BACHMAN (11), was born July 25,1955. Married David VandenBerg (2361), October 6, 1972, they had one child They were divorced January, 1984. Ruth remarried Mark Bachman (3090) September 1986, and divorced September 1990. Ruth is an employee of AT&T in Marquette. Many thanks are due Ruth for her unfailing dedication in the correlation of the older versions of The Michigan Lowing History and the annual Appendices. Without Ruth's patience, fortitude and nimble fingers this would never have been accomplished.
            1. JENNIFER LEIGH VANDENBERG (2362), born March 28, 1973.
          6. ELIZABETH FLORENCE (LOWING) SANBORN (12), born May 28, 1960. Married Robert Sanborn (2363), December 24, 1982.
            1. JOSEPH ROBERT SANBORN (2364), born January 22, 1979.
            2. CASSIE JUNANN SANBORN (2365), born July 26, 1982.
        3. WAYNE LOWING (16), of Bauer Rd., Jenison was born July 17, 1920, in Georgetown. He attended school in Georgetown, Grandville High, and Agricultural Course at M.S.U. at Lansing. He spent five years in World War II. Co L. of 126th Infantry, 32nd Div., which was known as the lost Company and was in active combat for over 600 days - the longest of any Division. He received an honorable discharge from Ft. Sheridan, Ill., August 25, 1945. He married Lucille Klawiter (123), May 1, 1948. She is a housewife and Lab. Tech. He is a Dairy farmer, had been for 15 years a 4-H leader, member of the Georgetown Grange, and the Neal E. Fonger Legion Post, and is affiliated with the Grandville-Jenison Congregational Church. He is on the Hudsonville Fair Board. They have two children.
          1. MARY LOUISE (LOWING) KINLEY, HODGKINSON (1856), born July 20,1954. Married on August 7, 1976 to Lee Kinley (3091), born December 9, 1951. Divorced. Remarried August 2, 1987 to Ralph Hodgkinson (3093).
            1. JULIE ELIZABETH KINLEY (3092), born March 20,1980.
            2. MEGAN ELIZABETH HODGKINSON (3094), born September 22, 1988.
          2. VICKY LOU (LOWING) REED, PRILL (1857), born November 22, 1957. Married June 9, 1978 to Randy Scott Reed (3095), son of Mr. & Mrs. Jack Reed. Divorced August 1980. Remarried March 20, 1982 to Mark Prill (3096).
            1. HEATHER MARIE PRILL (3097), born December 17, 1982.
            2. ASHLEY ELLEN PRILL (3098), born March 27, 1987.
        4. BOYD J. LOWING (17), of Omaha St., Grandville, Michigan was born August 16,1922 at Georgetown, Ottawa County, Michigan. He attended Georgetown Grade School and Grandville High School. Enlisted in the Navy at the age of 17 and was assigned to the South Pacific area on the U.S.S. Mobile which saw constant action during World War II. He was discharged November 1945. He married Mary Jane Moses (128), November 13, 1949 at Grand Rapids. She is a housewife and he is associated with Michigan Lines. They have one child. Mary passed away, age 60, in August 1979, Internment at Georgetown Cemetery. Second marriage in 1985 to Carol Norton (3848).
          1. DIANE (LOWING) BOSS (1851), born March 29, 1957. Married June 24,1977 to David Craig Boss (3099), son of Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Boss.
            1. JASON DAVID BOSS (3100), born February 11, 1979, died August 8, 1979 at 6 months.
            2. TARA LYNN BOSS (3101), born August 24, 1980.
            3. TYLER SCOTT BOSS (3102), born January 29, 1983
            4. JACOB DAVID BOSS (3103), born August 22, 1986.
        5. MARY JOYCE (LOWING) KLAWITER (18), of Filmore St., Jenison, Michigan, the only daughter of Roy and Mary Lowing, was born April 19, 1929 at Georgetown. She attended Georgetown and Grandville High School. Joyce married Jack Klawiter (124), October 1, 1948 at Grandville, Michigan. She is a housewife. They have seven children, all born at Grand Rapids.
          1. CRAIG RICHARD (125), born November 25, 1949. Married Karen Kay Pikaart (3104), May 11, 1973. Divorced. Married November 11, 1989 to Sandy Sheppelman (3108).
            1. JENNIFER KLAWITER (3105), bon, March 1, 1974.
            2. CARL ROY KLAWITER (3106), born January 12,1977.
            3. BRIAN WARREN KLAWITER (3107), born January 7, 1980.
            4. MICHAEL KLAWITER (3109), born April 13, 1991.
          2. GLEN ALAN KLAWITER (126), born November 5, 1950.
          3. MARK DOUGLAS (127), born December 20, 1952. Married May 13, 1977 to Phyllis G. Howerzyl (3110), daughter of Mr. & Mrs Theodore Howerzyl.
            1. JUSTIN ALLEN KLAWITER (3111), born April 19, 1979. Died December 31, 1984, buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
            2. ALEX JAMES KLAWITER (3112), born November 12,1980.
            3. ROSS MICHAEL KLAWITER (3113), born September 5,1984.
            4. STACEY LYNN KLAWITER (3114), born September 27, 1986
          4. JOAN MARIE (KLAWITER) DYS (1852), born March 20, 1953. Married Timothy Dys (3115), January 22,1982. Timothy, born June 29, 1952, is the son of Simon and Marie Dys.
            1. NELLIE MARIE DYS (3116), born May 31, 1982.
            2. SIMON RICHARD PAUL DYS (3117), born May 20, 1985.
          5. SUE ANN (KLAWITER) DALDOS (1853), born September 7, 1954. Married April 1, 1978 to John Harold Daldos (3118), son of James & Maxine Daldos.
            1. LISA MARIE DALDOS (3119), born March 8, 1981.
            2. REBECCA ANN DALDOS (3120), born June 15, 1983.
            3. JONATHON JAMES DALDOS (3121), born August 17, 1986.
          6. CATHLEEN (KLAWITER) PAUL (1854), born December 4,1955. Married Levron Paul (3122), son of Mr. and Mrs. Clare Hamari of New York Mills, Minnesota, on October 29, 1983.
            1. ANNA ELIZABETH PAUL (3123), born June 2, 1988.
          7. MARY ANN (1855), born December 19, 1958.
      2. FLOYD M LOWING (1240), was born April 2, 1889 at Georgetown, Michigan. He was the second son of Edna and Otis Lowing, the grandson of Holden Lowing. He was married to Eva Snyder (1245) of Grandville, January 1, 1910. She was born September 13, 1889, and was a graduate of Grandville High School, and a Granger. After retiring from dairy farming Floyd lived in Allendale for 45 years. All are married and live not far from the parent's home. Floyd and Eva celebrated their Golden Wedding in the Allendale Township Hall January 21, 1960. Two hundred fifty friends and relatives attended the festivities. He died in 1973 at age of 74. Eva died August 20, 1970. Both are buried in Allendale. They had six children.
        1. RUSSELL O. LOWING (1246) was born at Georgetown, on his father's birthday April 2nd, 1911. Russell attended Davis Technical High School in Grand Rapids. He was a Granger and now is a Mason. Russell married Mable C. Quick (1359), September 24, 1931. She was born in Allendale, December 18, 1909. Mable was a high school graduate. They have three children. Mable passed away March 26, 1982, buried in Allendale Cemetery. Russell remarried March 8, 1984 to Doris Arnold (3124).
          1. MARILYN RUTH (LOWING) HODGSON (1860), eldest daughter of Russell Lowing and Mable Quick was born at Allendale, October 10, 1932. She is a high school graduate and soon after graduation, she married Carl Hodgson (1865) of Fruitport. They were married at Coopersville. They have three children.
            1. DAVID BURTON HODGSON (1864), born October 18, 1951. He married Vicki LaMie (3125), April 17, 1971.
              1. GARY RUSSELL HODGSON (3126), born September 14, 1971.
              2. SANDRA ADELE HODGSON (3127), born July 13, 1974. Passed away July 21, 1975, buried in Fruitport, Mi.
              3. MICHAEL KAAN HODGSON (3128), born October 25, 1976.
            2. CARLA SUE (HODGSON) JOHNSON (1865), born November 22, 1953. She married Robert Johnson (3129), July 10, 1971.
              1. KELLY SUE JOHNSON (3130), born September 6, 1973.
              2. AMY JO JOHNSON (3131), born February 7,1978.
            3. KIMBERLY ANN (HODGSON) SLAZAK (1866), born September 21,1956. Married Dennis Bert Slazak (3132), May 8, 1976.
              1. JODY LOU SLAZAK (3133), born July 16, 1980.
              2. JAMIE SUE SLAZAK (3134), born March 25,1982.
          2. LOTTIE JEAN (LOWING) EDDY (1861), second daughter of Russell Lowing was born at Allendale, February 15, 1937. Lottie is a high school graduate and has worked as a telephone operator. In March of 1957, Lottie married Robert Eddy (1867) of Muskegon. They are now living rear Coopersville.
            1. STEVEN RUSSELL EDDY (1868), born November 1, 1957. Married September 18, 1976 to Patty Kay Chamberlain (3155).
              1. ERIN KAY EDDY (3136), born December 11, 1978.
              2. MONICA JEAN EDDY (3137), born August 16, 1981.
            2. DALE ROBERT EDDY (1869), born September 1958. Married November 1, 1977 to Lori Gilde (3138).
              1. JOSEPH ROBERT EDDY (3139), born May 26,1978.
          3. LORNA LEE (LOWING) ENGLE (1862), youngest daughter of Russell Lowing was born in Grand Rapids, July 27, 1943. She married Donald Engle (2817), March 3, 1962.
            1. LORI ANN (ENGLE) RANDER (3140), born October 27,1963. Married January 5,1985 to Robert Rander (3142).
              1. HEATHER MARIE RANDER (3143), born November l8, 1986.
              2. JACQUELYN RANDER (3144), born January 31, 1988.
              3. ROBYN LORI RANDER (3145), born December 30, 1989.
            2. NANCY KAY (ENGLE) KEEGSTRA (3141), born June 5, 1967. Married April 1, 1989 to Bruce Keegstra (3146).
        2. RUTH ELEANOR (LOWING) BEHRENS (1247) was born at Georgetown, October 3, 1913. Site is the oldest daughter of Floyd and Eva Lowing. Ruth is a high school graduate, and was a member of the school orchestra. She married William E Behrens (1870), December 31, 1932 at the home of her parents in Allendale. They lived on their farm near Bauer since their marriage. William passed away April 5,1968, buried in Blendon Cemetery. They have seven children and eleven grand children.
          1. ARLENE JUNE (BEHRENS) GROENDYK (1871), eldest daughter of Ruth Lowing and William Behrens, was born at Allendale, July 20, 1933. She is a high school graduate and did office work until her marriage February 1954 to Roger Groendyke (1878) at St. John Lutheran Church at Blendon. They are now living in Grand Rapids, and they have four children.
            1. WILLIAM ALLAN GROENDYK (1879), born September 1, 1954. Married September 29, 1979 to Jefra Johnson (3147), daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Johnson.
              1. RYAN WILLIAM GROENDYK (3148), born November 14, 1983.
              2. EVAN ROBERT GROENDYK (3149), born October 30, 1986.
            2. JUNE ANN GROENDYK (1880), born September 3, 1955.
            3. ROGER D. GROENDYK, JR (1881), born August 21, 1956. Married November 30, 1979 to Judy Havelhorst (3150), daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Harry Havelhorst.
              1. ROGER DAVID GROENDYK 111 (3151), born December 20, 1981.
              2. ERIC CHRISTOPHER GROENDYK (3152), born May 30, 1984.
            4. GARY LEE GROENDYK (1882), born October 13, 1957. Married September 23, 1978 to Denise Zamarippa (3153).
              1. BROOKE ANN GROENDYK (3154), born August 27, 1981.
          2. WARD E BEHRENS (1872), twin son of Ruth (Lowing) Behrens, was born in Blendon, June 25,1934. He attended Hudsonville High School and later married Helene Garner (1883) at St. Mary's Church in Grand Rapids, April 25, 1954. Helene passed away August 19, 1968, burial Woodlawn Cemetery. Ward remarried Patricia Cooley (3155) June 23, 1972
            1. WARD LEE BEHRENS (1884), born May 11, 1955. Married Vicky Mroz (3156), February 12, 1977.
              1. BRANDON MICHAEL BEHRENS (3157), born July 8, 1977.
            2. KEITH LEE BEHRENS (1885), born June 18, 1959. Married August 14, 1982 to Mary Beth VanNetten (3158), daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ray VanNetten, of Holland, Michigan.
              1. JENNIFER LYNN BEHRENS (3159), born May 13,1988.
              2. JODI MARIE BEHRENS (3160), born July 25, 1990.
            3. KELLY ANNE (BEHRENS) GLAZIER (3161), born October 22, 1963. Married Steven Glazier (3162), August 16, 1986.
          3. WAYNE E BEHRENS (1873), twin son of Ruth Lowing Behrens, was born at Blendon June 25,1934. He attended High School and later married Thurlene Nash (1886) of Grand Rapids, March 1, 1945. They are living in Grand Rapids and have three children.
            1. DAVID WAYNE BEHRENS (1887), born September 8, 1957. Married March 22, 1979 to Ginger Dalman (3163).
              1. LINDSAY JOY BEHRENS (3164), born August 17, 1983.
              2. ALICIA RENEE BEHRENS (3165), born May 10, 1985.
              3. JENNA CHRISTINE BEHRENS (3166), born November 7, 1988.
            2. DEBRA LYNN (BEHRENS) HEEMSTRA (1888), born April 7, 1959. Married June 7, 1980 to Thomas Heemstra (3167), son of Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Heemstra of Hudsonville.
              1. REBEKAH LYN HEEMSTRA (3168), born July 5, 1984.
              2. RENEE MICHELLE HEEMSTRA (3169), born June 5,1988.
            3. DWAYNE ALLEN BEHRENS (1889), born May 29, 1960. Married June 11, 1982 to Sharon Joy Burns (3170), daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Burns of Hudsonville, MI
              1. JEROD SCOTT BEHRENS (3171), born October 15, 1982
              2. ASHLEY MARIE BEHRENS (3172), born October 16, 1985.
          4. CAROL JEANNE (BEHRENS) KNOPER (1874), daughter of Ruth (Lowing) Behrens was born at Blendon, March 17, 1938. After graduating from high school and working for a time as a bank clerk she married Larry Knoper (1890) at Allendale Christian Reformed Church. They reside at Allendale with their two children.
            1. LAUREL JEAN (KNOPER) HERRICK (1891), born April 4,1957. Married John Herrick, (3174) August 20, 1975 in Allendale, MI.
              1. MICHAEL HERRICK (3175), born May 31, 1975
              2. ISAAC JOHN HERRICK (3176), born September 19,1981.
              3. REBEKAH JEAN HERRICK (3177), born November 18,1982.
            2. RANDALL LEE KNOPER (1892), born November 2, 1958. Married August 8, 1981 to Gretchen Piersma (3178), daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Piersma of Hudsonville.
              1. DEREK GORDON KNOPER (3179), born December 25,1983.
              2. JORDON LEE KNOPER (3180), born May 21, 1987.
            3. LYNN RENEE KNOPER (3173), born November 3, 1964.
          5. LORRAINNE (BEHRENS) EVERETT (1875), daughter of Ruth (Lowing) Behrens, was born at Blendon September 4, 1944. Lorraine is a high school graduate. She married Michael Everett (3181), May 12, 1973.
            1. MICHAEL TAYLOR EVERETT (3182), born May 31, 1975.
            2. KYLE WILLIAM EVERETT (3183), born February 11, 1977.
          6. BETTY LOU (BEHRENS) HALL (1896), youngest daughter of Ruth (Lowing) Behrens was born November 13, 1947 at Blendon. Betty married Earl Hall (3184), April 30, 1966.
            1. KEVIN EARL HALL (3185), born July 1, 1971.
            2. JASON KELLY HALL (3186), born September 21, 1973.
          7. JERRY WILLIAM BEHRENS (1877), youngest child of Ruth (Lowing) Behrens, was born November 13, 1957 in Zeeland, Michigan. Married August 15, 1981 to Mary Jeanette Phillips (3187), daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Phillips of Allendale.
            1. ANDREW WILLIAM BEHRENS (3849), born 17 January 1985.
        3. ROBERT M. LOWING (1248) was born in Allendale, July 21, 1917, the second son of Floyd and Eva Lowing. He was married to Lucille Dennis (1893), March 16, 1937 at Grand Haven. To this marriage was born Roger Hugh, who passed away at six weeks, and Connie Louise born in Grand Rapids. Robert was divorced January 10, 1941, and married Mary J. Muste (1896), December 31, 1943. Their first child was Robert Allan, then Jean Ann, who passed away at four months of age. Robin Gayle, born November 18, 1952, at Grand Rapids. Robert was divorced and married Klare E. Luyk, (1900) November 2, 1957 in Grand Rapids. Klare was born in August 1915. Robert is now a truck driver and lives in Allendale.
          1. ROGER HUGH LOWING (1894), born September 16, 1938 and died November 1, 1938.
          2. CONNEE LOUISE (LOWING) FERGUSON (1895), daughter of Robert and Lucille (Dennis) Lowing, was born February 13, 1943 at Grand Rapids. She married Ronald Ferguson (1901) on June 10, 1961. They have three children.
            1. FEBRA ANN FERGUSON (1902), born March 27, 1962 in New Jersey
            2. KEVIN CRAIG FERGUSON (3188), born May 13, 1965. Married 1983 to Bobbie (3189).
              1. BRYAN CRAIG FERGUSON (3190), born February 29,1984.
              2. AIMEE LYUNN FERGUSON (3191), born May 21, 1985.
            3. PALL ROBERT FERGUSON (3192), born October 28,1969.
          3. ROBERT ALLAN (1897), son of Robert Lowing and Mary (Muste) Lowing was born December 31, 1944.
          4. JEAN ANN (1898) was born July 2, 1951 and passed away at four months of age, October 8, 1951.
          5. ROBIN GALE (LOWING) BOWEN (1899), daughter of Robert and Mary Lowing was born November 16, 1953. She married Ernest Bower (3193), May 1973.
            1. ERNEST BOWEN, JR, born June 1973.
        4. WILLARD ELTON LOWING (1249), third son of Floyd and Eva Lowing, was born at Allendale, September 11, 1920. A high school graduate, he married Jeannette Dennis (1903), August 29, 1937 at Elkhart, Indiana. One son was born to this union, Donald Eugene born at Bauer. Willard was divorced July 1st, 1940. He was then married to Helen Sodowski (1909), who was born at Grand Rapids. Two sons were born to this union, Duane Allen, and David Stanley. Helen passed away soon after David's birth, August 13, 1943. Willard married Arlene Bohn (1912), December 4, 1942, who was born in Grand Rapids, March 2, 1926. Three daughters were born to his union, Lee Ann, Leslie Marie and Juanita Kay. Willard and family live on a dairy farm near Coopersvile, where he raises registered Holstein cattle and is a 4-H leader. After the departure of Arlene he married Margaret Smith (3195) in 1972.
          1. DONALD EUGENE LOWING (1904), son of Willard and Jeannette (Dennis) Lowing, was born November 18, 1937 at Blendon. He is a High School graduate, and served three years with the U.S. Army in Japan. Donald married Emily Patrick (1905), April 7,1956 in Nunica. Emily is also a High School graduate, and spent two years in Japan with her husband. Donald is a diesel mechanic. Donald divorced Emily, married Sharon Betsford (3196) on May 14, 1977.
            1. MICHAEL DUANE LOWING (1906) was born in Tokyo, Japan, May 8,1958, while his father was in the Army. Married October 10, 1981 to Marcia Lynn Otterbein (3197), daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Otterbein of Coopersville, MI.
              1. BRADLEY JAY LOWING (3198), born November 25, 1985.
            2. TRACY LYNN (LOWING) WOODS, KNAUF (1907), was born January 8, 1960. Married January 5, 1980 to Danny Woods (3199) of Georgia. Divorced and married Frank Knauf (3201), August 13, 1988.
              1. RYAN WOODS (3200), Born May 6, 1980.
            3. CHRIS ALLAN LOWING (1908), was born April 27, 1962. Married April 22, 1989 to June Yost (3201).
            4. BRIAN DONALD LOWING (3203), born November 19, 1965.
          2. DUANE ALLEN LOWING (1910), born December 14, 1941. Married Rita Rae Struik (3204) of Manic on October 10, 1964
            1. TIMOTHY EUGENE LOWING (3205), born March 30,1965
            2. TERESSA (TINA) ANN (LOWING) WIGGERS (3206), born October 26, 1967. Married August 25, 1990 to John Jay Wiggers (3207).
          3. DAVID STANLEY LOWING (1911), born August 13,1943. He married Sharon Parks (3208) on June 6, 1964.
            1. DEBORAH LYNN LOWING (3209), born November 18, 1964.
            2. DENNETTE LEE (LOWING) FLOUR (3210), born November 19, 1965. Married Gregg Floud (3211), April 26, 1986. Divorced 1991.
            3. DAVID LOWELL LOWING (3212), born October 9,1967. Married May 14,1988 to Virginia Lynn Gravely (3213).
              1. CHRISTOPHER LOWING (3214), born December 3, 1988
              2. JESSIE ALLEN LOWING (3215), born November 3,1990.
          4. LEE ANN (LOWING) KLUTING (1913), born July 26, 1944. Married Eugene A. Kluting (2818), October 27, 1962
            1. MARK EUGENE KLUTING (3216), born December 18, 1964. Married August 3, 1985 to Laura Audissred (3218) of McAllen, Texas.
              1. KERRI KLUTING (3219), born April 1, 1988.
              2. MATTHEW EVAN KLUTING (3220), born May 22,1991.
            2. EVAN KLUTING (3217), born August 28, 1973.
          5. LESLIE MARIE (LOWING) YAGER, STEINHAUS (1914) born September 21, 1947. She married James Yager (3221), January 27, 1968. Divorced. Remarried to Warren Steinhaus (3224) in 1979.
            1. KARLY JANELLE YAGER (3222), born August 6,1973.
            2. JAMES MARK YAGER (3223), born November 15, 1976.
            3. KELLY LEE ANN STEINHAUS (3225), born May 20,1980
          6. JUANITA KAY (LOWING) SHRUNK, ZAHRT (1915), born June 7, 1949. She married Robert Shrunk (3226), April 1970. Divorced. Remarried Jim Zahrt (3229), July 1985.
            1. ROBERT SCOTT SHRUNK (3227), born August 31, 1973.
            2. BRIAN ALLAN SHRUNK (3228), born October 19, 1976.
        5. MYLA JEANS (LOWING) VISSERS, HORTER (1250), second daughter of Floyd and Eva Lowing was born in Allendale, July 15, 1923. She received a high school education and was married to Marvin R Vissers (1916), January 29, 1941, at Allendale Reformed Church. He is employed at Consumers Power Company. They have three children. She divorced Marvin and remarried David Horter (3230) on April 29, 1979.
          1. NANCY KAY (VISSERS) DYKE (1917), born at Zeeland, August 15, 1942. She married Jerry Allen Dyke (2819), September 6, 1962.
            1. CYNTHIA KAY (DYKE) BOERTJE (2820), born May 13, 1963. Married November 11, 1989 to Bruce Boertje (3231).
            2. CRISTINE FAY DYKE (3232), born July 13, 1965.
            3. CHERILYN MAY DYKE (3233), born October 20, 1969.
            4. CURTIS ALAN DYKE (3234), born January 3, 1971.
          2. JANET LYN (VISSERS) VENNEMAN (1918), was born August 10, 1944. She married Mare Venneman (1920), September 21, 1961.
            1. LAURA ALARM (VENNEMAN) SMITH (1921), born April 24, 1962. Married August 25, 1984 to Randy Allen Smith (3235) of Kalamazoo.
            2. DANIEL MARC VENNEMAN (3236), born May 2, 1965.
            3. JOEL HAROLD VENNEMAN (3237), born June 5, 1968. Married September 16, 1989 to Nancy Niblick (3238).
          3. TERRYL LEE VISSERS (1919), was born October 8, 1946. He married Sally Arnoldink (3239), October 2, 1970.
            1. CRAIG ALLAN VISSERS (3240), born March 24, 1973.
            2. STACY LYNN VISSERS (3241), born October 24, 1975.
            3. MATTHEW JON VISSERS (3242), born January 31, 1977.
            4. LISA MARIE VISSERS (3243), born April 8, 1979.
        6. FLOYD M. LOWING, JR (1251), youngest son of Floyd and Eva Lowing was born September 30, 1925 at Allendale. After receiving a high school education, he married Donna McDowell (1922) in Grand Rapids, March 16, 1952. Donna was born in Caledonia, February 12, 1926. He is a diesel mechanic at Cummings Diesel in Grand Rapids. They have two sons and a daughter and live near Coopersville.
          1. DAN BRIAN LOWING (1923), was born June 16, 1955.
          2. THOMAS BRUCE LOWING (1924), was born January 8, 1957. Married April 14, 1984 to Darlene Beck (3244).
            1. CHRISTOPHER THOMAS LOWING (3245), born December 25, 1985.
            2. MONICA ELYSE LOWING (3246), born October 2, 1987.
            3. GERRIT JAMES LOWING (3247), born March 2, 1990.
          3. DENISE KAY (LOWING) BREEN (1925), was born September 28, 1959. Married October 20, 1979, to David Breen (3248), son of Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Breen.
            1. BRIEN FLOYD BREEN (3249), born May 30, 1983.
            2. BRADLEY JOHN BREEN (3250), born November 2, 1984.
            3. BRANDON DAVID BREEN (3251), born June 28, 1987.
      3. IVAN LOWING (1241), the third child of Edna Gillett and Otis Lowing, was born in Georgetown, July 1892. He attended Georgetown School and Grandville High School. After his father's death he worked his mother's farm for several years. He married Marguerite Doan (1252), November 12, 1912 at Grandville. Later he worked as salesman for the Grand Rapids Dairy. He sold Insurance for several companies. He was called for World War L, but never saw active service. He was a member of I.O.O.F in Hudsonville and was a Noble Grand for several years. Marguerite was born July 2, 1896 and died February 16, 1948. Ivan died April 5, 1940. Both are buried in the Georgetown Cemetery. They had six children.
        1. DONNA (LOWING) DUBOIS (1253), of Fox St., Grand Rapids, Michigan, was born May 25, 1916, at Jenison, Mich. She married Gerald May (1927) in 1936 and was divorced in 1942, married Lewis Smith (1928) in 1944 and divorced in 1948, and married Floyd Dubois (1929) January 21, 1950, at Fort Wayne, Ind. He is in the Diesel Equipment Division of G.M.C. at Grand Rapids. She has no children. She passed away January 28, 1969.
        2. GRANT E LOWING (1926), was born August 16, 1918 and passed away September 27, 1919.
        3. MAX I. LOWING (1254), was born November 4, 1919, at Georgetown, Michigan. He attended Hudsonville Grade and High School. He was a salesman for the Singer Sewing Machine Co., prior to his service in the Army. He married Mavis DeGroot (1930), January 13, 1942 at Jamestown, Michigan. He left Grand Haven for Ft. Custer, Michigan Jan 26, 1942. He arrived at Camp Wheeler, Ga., Feb 14, 1942 and in May to Ft. Devens, Mass. After a few short furloughs, he left for overseas in April 1943, landed in Africa, and was in the first combat in July in Sicily. They fought their way through the entire Sicilian Campaign until the land was completely taken. On September 10th 1943, his outfit (180th Infantry Antitank of the 45th Thunderbird Division) and he landed at Salerna, Italy and fought, and was on front line duty consistently until October when they reached the Vulturno River Crossing, they next moved to Cassino Italy, where they fought until January 1944, when they were moved to the Beaches of Anzio. Here they were shelled upon night and day as they tried to hold an area 8 miles deep by 12 miles wide, by German 88mm guns, as they tried to push them back into the sea. Max was on a forward antitank gun, on the morning of February 16, 1944. Some of the German tanks got behind his position, and were firing from the flanks. He swung his 57mm gun around to cover his men. It was an unequal battle, and when it was over Max had been killed, and his gun was shattered by a direct hit.

          He was awarded the Bronze Star posthumously which read "For heroic achievement in action of Feb 16,1944, his courageous performance in engaging tanks despite their superior fire power reflects the high tradition of the Army of the United States." He had been in constant action from the time he left North Africa in May until he was killed at Anzio, Italy in Feb, living on rations without any relief from constant combat. Max is buried in Georgetown Cemetery. They had one child.

          1. SHERRYL MAXINE (LOWING) ENSING (1931), born October 23, 1942. She married Gary Ensing (2821). Sherryl (aged 32) and Gary (aged 33) both passed away due to accidental injuries August 15, 1975. Interment Grandville Cemetery.
            1. KELLY KRISTIN (ENSING) BLOUW (3034), born July 20, 1964. Married June 30, 1990 to Douglas Blouw (3254).
            2. BRETT MICHAEL ENSING (3253), born June 29, 1967.
        4. KEITH F LOWING (1932), 5547 Pleasant Ave., Hudsonville, was born April 26, 1923. He attended Hudsonville Grade and High School. He entered service in World War II, February 11, 1943 and served the 351 Inf. Co. B 88th Division in Italy. He saw a great deal of action and was wounded near Florence Italy. He was discharged October 17, 1945. He married Faye (Polly) Alward (1935), November 25, 1947 at the Congregational Church in Hudsonville. He is a driver for the Cedar Crest Farms and Dairy. They have two children.
          1. PENDRA LEA (LOWING) COSTEN (1936), was born April 1, 1949. At the age of two on August 1, 1951, Penny won first prize in an IGA contest over 10,000 contestants, as a national winner; $500 bond, trip to New York, and playground equipment. Pendra married Jerry Costen (3255), May 18, 1971.
            1. KELLI COSTEN (3256), born August 19, 1977
          2. CINDA LEE (LOWING) GEERS (1937), was born January 22, 1954. Married Rick Geers (3257), January 22, 1977.
            1. RYAN LEE GEERS (3258), born October 13, 1980.
            2. CODY C. GEERS (3259), born October 2, 1984.
        5. KENT LEROY LOWING (1933), of Hamilton St., Newton, New Jersey, fifth child of Ivan and Marguerite Lowing was bony Oct 11, 1935, at Hudsonville. He attended Hudsonville Elementary and High School. He entered service in Sept 1955 and was in the Infantry. He took his training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., and then spent 1 1/2 years in Germany. He was discharged in 1957. He married Effie Plowman (1938), June 10, 1960, at Newton, New Jersey. He is a factory worker.
          1. RUTH ANN (LOWING) SHAUGER (3035), adopted daughter born December 21, 1963. Married Shauger (3260), Divorced same.
            1. NICHOLAS (3261), born May 22, 1983
            2. DERRICK (3262), born January 2,1990.
        6. GARTH LOWING (1934), of 5547 Pleasant Ave., Hudsonville, the sixth and last child of Ivan and Marguerite Lowing was born Dec 21, 1937 at Hudsonville. He attended elementary and high school at Hudsonville, Mich. He entered service on May 3, 1956 and served with the 29th Infantry. He received his training in California, and spent a year and a half in Germany. He was discharged April 18, 1958. He is a driver for the Spe-D-Gas Co. On June 29, 1962, he married Christine Ammons (1939).
          1. LINDA CHRISTINE (LOWING) MARREN (2822), born June 14, 1963. Married September 18, 1981 to Todd Marren (3264) son of Mr & Mrs Don Marren.
            1. AMANDA CHRISTINE MARREN (3265), born March 14,1982
            2. ROSS MICHAEL MARREN (3266), born April 16, 1985.
          2. BECKY SUE (LOWING) DE WEERD (3263), born November 11, 1965. Married May 16, 1986 to Joel Gerald DeWeerd (3267)
            1. JARED ROBERT DE WEERD (3268), born September 9, 1987.
      4. NEVA (LOWING) CHENEY (1242), of 624 North Lansing, Mt. Pleasant, the only daughter of Otis and Edna Lowing, was born March 20, 1898, at Georgetown, Michigan. She attended school in Georgetown, Grandville Hilt School and Webb Academy in Grand Rapids. She studied music. She married J.D. Cheney (1255), December 13, 1916 at Grand Rapids. He was a salesman. She worked in the drapery business. J.D. passed away May 6, 1968 in Mt Pleasant. Neva passed away March 29, 1982. Both are buried in Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens, Grand Rapids, MI.
        1. MARGARET JANE (CHENEY) MORTENSEN (1256), was born Aug 8, 1919 at Grand Rapids. She married Jack Mortensen (1940), August 17, 1940 at Grand Rapids, and later moved to Mt. Pleasant. They have five children.
          1. GAYLE A. (MORTENSEN) JOHNSTONE (1941), was born Aug 4, 1941. She married Mark Johnstone (1946), in 1961.
          2. DAVID J.MORTENSEN (1942), was born September 6, 1944.
          3. DIANE J. MORTENSEN (1943), was born March 14,1948.
          4. GARTH A. MORTENSEN (1944), was born August 4, 1956.
          5. JANET KAIORTENSEN (1945), was born April 25, 1959.
        2. JACK EDWARD CHENEY (1257) was born in Grand Rapids, January 27, 1921. He entered the Army August 1943, was overseas with the 94th Infantry Div., serving in France and Germany from 1944 until 1946. He was discharged February 1946. He married Violet Gage (1947), January 1941. They had one child. All live in Mt. Pleasant Michigan. Second marriage was to Vivian Kitto (1949), September 23, 1948. They had one child. Vivian passed away October 26, 1966, burial in Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens, Grand Rapids.
          1. RUTH ANN (CHENEY) TOLAR (1948), was born June 21, 1943. She married James Tolar (1951) in 1958. They have one child.
            1. KATHY TOLAR (1952), born 1959
          2. BETTY LOU CHENEY (1950), born March 11, 1959.
      5. LYNN G. LOWING (1243), the fifth child of Otis and Edna Lowing was born December 26, 1902 at Georgetown. He attended school in Grand Rapids and graduated from South High School. He married Vane Schnures (1953), July 21, 1922 at Cedar Springs, Michigan. He is an employee of the C&O Railroad. They had eight children. Vatic passed away August 11, 1948, and is buried in the Georgetown Cemetery. He married Minnie Engeleman (1962) March 12, 1949. She had two children by a former marriage who took the Lowing name. Lynn and Minnie have one child.
        1. RICHARD FREDERICK LYNN LOWING (1954), first child of Lynn and Vatic lives at 17841 56th St., Coopersville, Michigan. He was born May 12, 1927, at Evans, Michigan. On May 14, 1949 he married Armella Victoria Schoenborn (1966), at Conklin, Michigan. He is a Carman of the C&O Railroad. They are members of the Holy Name Society, and St Mary's Church. He was chairman of Cub Scout Pack 3004. They have three children.
          1. CHARLES RICHARD LOWING (1967), born January 22, 1951. Married Mary Faltenowsky (3270), February 3, 1973.
            1. MICHELLE LYNN LOWING (3271), born July 3, 1973.
            2. RAYMOND RICHARD LOWING (3272), born December 16,1974.
          2. CHRISTENE ANN (LOWING) DLBOIS (1968), born August 27, 1953. Married Wayne DuBois (3273), January 13, 1973.
            1. HEATHER JO DUBOIS (3274), born November 8, 1973.
            2. MARTHA MARIE DUBOIS (3275), born April 27,1982.
          3. ROSE MARIE (LOWING) HORTER (1969), born February, 15,1955. Married Leonard E. Horter (3276), April 30, 1977, son of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Horter.
            1. EDWARD RICHARD HORTER (3277), born August 10, 1980.
            2. LEONARD WILLIAM HORTER (3278), born October 7, 1981.
          4. THOMAS LYNN LOWING (3279), born October 25, 1961. Married June 25, 1983 to Ruth Marie Schneider (3280), born May 12, 1959, daughter of Agnes and Alfred Schneider of Carson City, Michigan.
            1. JAMES RICHARD LOWING (3281), born June 25,1985.
        2. BETTY JEAN (LOWING) KNAUFF (1955), from Coopersville R.R.#2, was born February 28, 1930 at Grand Rapids. She attended the neighboring schools. February 26, 1949 she married John Knauff (1970), at Conklin, Michigan. He is a farmer and site is a housewife. They belong to St. Mary's Church. They have two children.
          1. SUSAN MARIE (KNAUFF) HORNACEK (1979), born August 15, 1949. Susan married John Hornacek (3282), November 23, 1973.
            1. PATRICK JOHN HORNACEK (3283), born April 14, 1974.
            2. DARLENE MIKEL HORNACEK (3284), born June 26, 1975.
            3. ANNE MARIE HORNACEK (3285), born August 1, 1977.
            4. JOSEPH PAUL HORNACEK (3286), born November 22,1978
            5. KATHLEEN RENEE HORNACEK (3287), born July 2, 1981.
          2. MICHAEL JOHN KNAUFF (1972), born July 20, 1959. Married Susan Mae Trendt (3288), July 3, 1976.
            1. CHRISTINA DIANE KNAUFF (3289), born December 22, 1978.
            2. BARBARA ANN KNAUFF (3290), bore August 29, 1980
        3. DONALD GORDEN LOWING (1976), was born March 17, 1932 at Georgetown. He has been ill for a long time and is in the state school in Coldwater. Donald, aged 47, passed away September 4, 1979, buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
        4. DALE LYNN LOWING (1957), the fourth child of Lynn and Vane Lowing lives at 619 56th Ave., Coopersville, Mich. He was born August 2.3, 1934 at Manic, Mich. Dale married Sue Carole Martin (1973), July 13, 1957 at Brandenburg Kentucky. She is a housewife, and he is a carman for the C&O Railroad. He entered the army on June 2, 1954, and was discharged May 31, 1957, with overseas duty for 16 months in Korea. They are members of the Immanuel Baptist Church. They have three children.
          1. PEGGY SUE (LOWING) MANZER (1974), born March 27, 1958. Married May 26, 1979 to Daniel Lawrence Manzer (3291) son of Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence Manzer.
            1. JOSHUA AARON MANZER (3292), born August 5, 1980.
            2. DEANNA MARIE MANZER (3293), born January 26,1983.
            3. KAITLYN MANZER (3294), born March 28, 1989.
          2. DEBORAH KAYE (LOWING) MAYSE (1975), born November 26, 1959. Married August 11, 1980 to Richard Mayse (3295).
            1. NICHOLAS MARTIN MAYSE (3296), born January 2, 1984.
            2. BENJAMIN RICHARD MAYSE (3297), born August 28,1987.
          3. LYNDA LEE (LOWING) SCHUTTER (1976), born February 8, 1961. Married January 8, 1983 to Martin Wayne Schutter (3298).
            1. ABBIE LYNN SCHUTTER (3299), born July 10, 1985.
            2. WAYNE SCHUTTER (3300), born October 27, 1987.
        5. DUANE OTIS LOWING (1958), was bore February 19, 1937 and also in the state school at Coldwater.
          1. SCOTT RANDALL LOWING (3301), born December 25, 1965. Married July 1987 to Paula Russo(3304).
            1. ZACHARY DANIEL LOWING (3305), born July 25,1990.
          2. JASON EDWIN LOWING (3302), born August 27,1976.
        6. RANDALL DEAN LOWING (1959), of Coopersville, Mich., was born February 16,1939 at Marie, Mich. He was married to Sharon May (1977), June 1959 at Conklin, Mich. She is a secretary, and he is a Press Operator. They have one child. Divorced from Sharon, Remarried to Nancy Wierenga (3303), January 25, 1975.
          1. JASON EDWARD LOWING (3302) born August 27, 1976
        7. BONNIE JUNE (LOWING) CURTHS, WIENAND (1960), was the seventh child of Lynn and Vane Lowing and was born June 30, 1940. She attended school at Marie. She married Richard Curths (1960), October 2, 1958 at Fort Collies. He entered the Airforce Aug 6, 1958 and now is in England. She is a housewife. They have three children. Divorced. Remarried May 5, 1978 to George Wienand (1978).
          1. DAVID MARK CURTHS (1979), bore April 27,1959.
          2. PAUL EDWIN CURTHS (2823), born November 18, 1961.
          3. STEVEN JOHN CURTHS (3306), born February 19, 1966.
        8. PATRICIA (LOWING) MILLER (1961), is the youngest child of Lynn and Vane Lowing, and she was born February 26, 1944. She attended grade school and Kalkaska High School. She married Ivan Miller (3307), May 1961.
          1. MARTIN MILLER (3308), born October 2, 1961. Married July 18, 1981 to Holly Hayes (3313) of Fife Lake.
            1. JASON MILLER (3314), born April 1983.
            2. JEFFERY MARTIN MILLER (3315), born December 2, 1985.
          2. TAMMY (MILLER) WHITLOW (3309), born August 1964. Married May 7,1983 to David Whitlow (3316).
            1. CHELSEA WHITLOW (3317), born December 19, 1990.
          3. MATTHEW J. MILLER (3310), born September 27, 1965.
          4. LISA KAY (MILLER) HARTPENCE (3311), born February 10, 1967. Married to Barry Gene Hartpence (3318), June 28, 1986.
          5. AMANDA LEE MILLER (3312), born January 16,1971, in South Boardman, Michigan.
        9. LEROY JAMES LOWING (1964) is the son of the second wife Minnie and adopted son of Lynn Lowing. He attended Big Springs Grade School and Coopersville High School. He married Sue Swears (1980), December 23, 1959. He joined the Navy June 1959 and was stationed at Boston Navy Yards. They have one child. Leroy married Noelle Schwingle (3319) from Chicago on July 13, 1964. They have one child. Remarried Betty Blackledge (3323) September 3, 1971. Divorced 1980. Remarried Judy Smith (3333), of Traverse City on June 6, 1981. Divorced, 1986. Married Brenda Cross (3787) August 31, 1986.
          1. JONATHAN LEE (1981), born August 29, 1960.
          2. JAMES LEE LOWING (3320), born April 21, 1965.
            1. JAMES LEE LOWING (3321), born October 5, 1986
          3. REUBEN BLACKLEDGE LOWING (3324), adopted, born 1963.
            1. DAVID SCOTT LOWING (3327), born February 21, 1991
          4. JILL BLACKLEDGE LOWING (3325), adopted, born 1964.
            1. JAY ALLAN RAYMAR (3320), born January 19, 1991.
          5. SHAWN LEE LOWING (3326), born July 24,1974.
        10. CAROL ANN (LOWING) BUTCHER (1965), is also adopted by Lynn Lowing. She attended Coopersville High School and Big Springs Grade School. She married Terry Butcher (1982) June 12, 1958. He is in the Air Force, serving in South Carolina. Spent one year in Okinawa. They have five children.
          1. LAURA LEA (BUTCHER) HUBBERT (1983), born February 13, 1960. Married September 3, 1984 to Charles Hubbert (3334).
            1. ANDREW CHARLES HUBBERT (3335), born January 23,1986.
            2. DEBORAH LEE HUBBERT (3336), born July 20, 1988.
            3. THOMAS WILSON HUBBERT (3337), born May 15, 1991.
          2. CARLA ANNE (BUTCHER) SUESSINE (2824), born October 22, 1961. Married May 17, 1980 to Tony Suessine (3338) of Romulus.
            1. BRIAN ANTHONY SUESSINE (3339), born February 16, 1986.
            2. BETHANY ANNE SUESSINE (3340), born February 28, 1988.
          3. TERRY ALLEN BUTCHER (3330), born October 2, 1963. Married Diane Karns (3341) of Reed City.
            1. NICKOLE MARIE BUTCHER (3342), born November 20, 1985.
            2. MICHELLE ELAINE BUTCHER (3343), born January 4, 1987.
            3. MELISSA ANN BUTCHER (3344), born May 10, 1988.
            4. TERRI LYNN BUTCHER (3345), born March 18, 1990.
          4. DARRELL DUANE BUTCHER (3331), born September 26, 1965.
          5. DANIEL FLOYD BUTCHER (3332), born August 12, 1972.
        11. SANDRA LYNN (LOWING) BONSOR (1963), the first child of Lynn Lowing and Minnie (Englesman) Lowing was born April 11, 1952. She attended grade school at South Boardman, Michigan. Married to Paul Bonsor (3269), May 15, 1975 in New Zealand.
      6. DON M. LOWING (1244), of 316 E. Alice St., Whitehall, Michigan was born July 2, 1907 at Georgetown Township. He attended South High School, Junior College at Grand Rapids, and Michigan State University. He is Vice President and Secretary of the Chaddock, Winter and Alberts Corp., Insurance Brokers at Muskegon, Michigan. He had two children by his last wife Dorothy (1984). Don married his second wife, Helen Marie Brogren (1987), September 4, 1948 at Minneapolis, Minn. They live at Whitehall. He is committeeman of the County Political Unit. Don is active in United Fund Drives, Member of the Rotary Club, and YMCA. Has been active in many offices over a 25-year period. President of White Lake Little League, Whitehall City Planning Commission member for 3 years. In 1952, he was top producer of Sales of Life Insurance for the Aetna Insurance Company, of Hartford, Connecticut, and served as President of their Leaders Club during that year. They have ten children, all born at Muskegon, Michigan. Passed away November 11, 1968. Buried Georgetown Cemetery.
        1. DONALD JAMES LOWING (1985), of 561 Chadwick, Whitehall, Mich, was born February 10, 1937 at Chicago, Ill. He attended Muskegon High school. He is employed by West Michigan Vending Company. Donald was in the U.S. Army from January 1957 to January 1959. He married Irene Marie Belasc (1997), at South Bend, Indiana. They have two children. Donald passed away February 25, 1972.
          1. KELLY MARIE LOWING (1998), born April 13, 1960 at Muskegon.
          2. LAURA D. LOWING (3036), born February 10, 1962
        2. JUDITH LYNN (LOWING) POSTMUS (1986), of Beville, Texas, was born January 14,1941 at Chicago, Illinois. She attended Muskegon High School and Muskegon Junior College. Judith married Terry Postmus (3037), June 10, 1961 at Muskegon, Michigan. He entered the service March of 1958, and was stationed at Beville, Texas.
          1. AMY KATHLEEN POSTMUS (3038), born May 6, 1963
        3. RICHARD HOLDEN (1988), born March 7, 1949.
        4. DAN ARTHUR (1989), born March 5, 1950.
        5. DIANNE (1990), born March 10, 1951.
        6. MARK EDWARD (1991), born November 22, 1952.
        7. STEPHEN CRAIG (1992), born April 21, 1954.
        8. PATRICIA LU (1993), born August 30, 1955.
        9. AMANDA (1994), born November 26, 1957.
        10. MARY JANE (1995), born October 14, 1959.
        11. JENNIFER KAY (1996), born October 1, 1961.
        12. ROBERT SCOTT LOWING (3346), born October 6, 1963.
    4. DANIEL M. LOWING (48) was the fourth child born to Holden and Eleanor Lowing. He was born February 21, 1859 in Georgetown Township. He married Anna Fairbanks (80) of Holland, Michigan, December 5, 1889. Dan was a farmer all of his life on a farm on Bauer Road given to him by his father. He died May 21, 1903 and is buried in the Georgetown Cemetery; Anna passed away May 9, 1920.
      1. BERTHA LOWING (1999) died in infancy.
      2. CECIL (LOWING) WILSON (1258), the 2nd child born to Daniel and Anna Lowing was born February 28, 1891. She married Fred Wilson (1260), who was killed in a grain elevator accident March 24 1950. Three children were born to this marriage. Cecil passed away July 21, 1974 at age 83, in Marshall, Michigan; buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
        1. ARLEEN WILSON (1261) died in infancy.
        2. HARLEY WILSON (1262), the second child of Fred and Cecil Wilson was born June 12, 1913. On October 15, 1938 he married Viola Beeman (2001). They have two children. Harley passed away January 4,1991, buried in Lake Odessa, Michigan.
          1. FREDERICK CLARK WILSON (2002), born April 25, 1939. Married Susan Leslie VanderLind on April 22, 1967. Susan passed away 1970. They had no children. Frederick married Mary Frances Sacks, August 25,1972.
          2. ROGER HARLEY WILSON (2003), born February 22, 1945.
        3. DANIEL B. WILSON (2000), the third child of Fred and Cecil Wilson was born September 6, 1939. He married Peggy Adams (2004) in 1960. They have one child.
          1. BARBARA ANN (2005), born February 28, 1961.
      3. LUCY LOWING (1259), the third child of Daniel and Anna Lowing was born January 18, 1895, and died March 23, 1895.
    5. MAY BELLE (LOWING) WATERS (49) was the fifth child born to Holden and Eleanor Lowing. She was born February 27, 1861. Married Charles Waters (106), who died March 6, 1932 in Ohio. May died June 26, 1901 and is buried in Georgetown Cemetery. No children were born to this union.
    6. ISAAC N. LOWING (50) was the sixth child of Holden and Eleanor Lowing. He was born January 12,1863 in Georgetown Township. On March 232 1885, he married Lettie Willis (81) who died April 21,1951 and is buried in Georgetown Cemetery. Isaac was a farmer and in the early days of his marriage, operated a farm directly across the road from the Holden Lowing Home. He later operated a farm near Cedar Springs and spent the last years of his life in Grand Rapids. Isaac died February 24, 1924 and was buried in the Georgetown Cemetery. Four children were born of this marriage.
      1. Clyde B. (1263) died in infancy.
      2. WALTER LOWING (1264), was born January 24, 1889, and married Charlotte Wing (1266), January 24, 1927, who died May 10, 1938. Seven children were born to this marriage. At the age of 79, Walter passed away June 25, 1968. Buried in the Greenwood Cemetery, Grand Rapids.
        1. WALTER LOWING JR. (2007), born February 7,1928. Married Norma Hoose (3349), October 5, 1963.
          1. LEANN HOOSE (3350)
          2. NELSON HOOSE (3351), passed away Feb 2,1974.
          3. WANDA LOWING (3352), born June 19, 1964.
        2. EARL LOWING (2008), twin, born and died June 9, 1932.
        3. PEARL LOWING (2009), twin, born and died June 9, 1932.
        4. ARLENE (LOWING) BURTON, BELBOT (2010), was the fourth child of Walter and Charlotte Lowing, born March 6,1934. She married Robert Burton (2014), May 7, 1954, divorced July 28, 1967. Remarried Roy Belbot (3353), June 1, 1968.
        5. MARIE (LOWING) SMITH (2011) was the fifth child of Walter and Charlotte Lowing, born January 4, 1936. She married Ralph Smith (2015), June 26, 1953. They have five children.
          1. CERISS (2016), born September 3, 1954. Married June 27, 1974.
          2. DELLA (2017), born November 16, 1955. Married December 7, 1973
          3. DEWAYNE (2018), born March 20, 1957.
          4. CHRYSTAL SMITH (3354), born November 19, 1963.
          5. CAROLYN SMITH (3355), born May 13, 1966.
        6. BARBARA LOWING (2012) was the sixth child of Walter and Charlotte Lowing, born March 28, 1937.
        7. ALBERT LOWING (2013), was born March 28,1938.
      3. MAYBELL (LOWING) RECTOR (1265), the second child of Isaac and Lettie Lowing, was born March 13,1892. She married Orrin T. Rector (2019), February 28, 1918, at Baltimore, Maryland. Maybell died February 9, 1933. Ten children were born to this marriage.
        1. LETA E. (RECTOR) VANDERWIG (2020), oldest child was born October 18, 1918. She married John VanderWig (2030) August 18, 1952.
        2. ORRIN G. RECTOR (2021), was born May 30, 1920. He married Betty Jean Switzer (2031), March 12, 1940. Orrin died December 11, 1943. Three children were born to this union.
          1. EDITH (RECTOR) FALON (2032), oldest daughter of Orrin and Betty Rector was born December 5, 1940. She married Gordon Falon (2035), December 18, 1957 at Jackson, Michigan. They have two children.
            1. KENNETH GORDON (2036), born February 21, 1958.
            2. KEVIN LEE (2037), born December 15,1959.
          2. LILLIAN RECTOR (2033), born December 26, 1941.
          3. NANCY RECTOR (2034), born December 26, 1942.
        3. RAYMOND E. RECTOR (2022), was the third child born to Orrin and Maybell Rector. He was born August 26, 1921. He married Mae Robinson, (2035) August 8, 1947 at Columbia, South Carolina. They have three children.
          1. KENNETH R. RECTOR (2039), born September 12, 1948
          2. JACK RECTOR (2040), born December 18, 1953.
          3. RONNIE J. RECTOR (2041), born November 9,1955.
        4. DONALD DELL RECTOR (2023), fourth child born November 10, 1922 and died September 22, 1928.
        5. ORPHA M. (RECTOR) KITSON (2024), the fifth child of Orrin and Maybell Rector was born July 13, 1924. She married Dale K. Kitson (2042), January 9, 1944 at Flint Michigan. Five children were born to this marriage.
          1. MARSHA L (2043), born January 31, 1947.
          2. DENISE K (2044), born January 6, 1949.
          3. KAREN L. (2045), born July 13, 1950.
          4. MARK S. (2046), born May 17, 1952.
          5. DOUGLAS D (2047), born May 11, 1954.
        6. KEITH M. RECTOR (2025), was the sixth child born December 19,1925. He married Barbara L. Fulk (2048) April 21, 1946. at Lakehurst, New Jersey. They have six children.
          1. JAMES (2049), born April 1, 1947.
          2. LINDA (2050), born June 8, 1949.
          3. DAVID (2051), born August 7, 1950
          4. MIKE (2052), born October 10, 1954.
          5. DONALD (2053), born July 7, 1958 and died July 8, 1958.
          6. TIMOTHY (2054), born May 27,1959.
        7. BETTY J. (RECTOR) BYRNES (2026), seventh child born to Orrin and Maybell Rector was born February 18, 1927. She was adopted out and named Carolyn Cunningham. She married Paul Byrnes (2055), August 4, 1945. They have five children.
          1. BERNARD C (2056), born June 12, 1950.
          2. GARY P (2057), born April 10, 1952.
          3. DENNIS (2058), born June 5,1955.
          4. JON (2059), born December 13, 1956.
          5. JOAN (2060), born December 13, 1956, twin of Jon.
        8. MARY A. (RECTOR) MCALARY (2027), eighth child born March 28, 1929 and was adopted out as Mary A. VandenBurg. She married Gaylord McAlary (2061) July 24, 1948 and they have three children.
          1. LINDA J (2062). born December 24, 1948.
          2. VICKI G. (2063), born February 20, 1951.
          3. DANNY L. (2064) born March 27,1957.
        9. SYLVIA A. (RECTOR) VINING (2028), ninth child born to Orrin and Maybell Rector was born August 26, 1930 and adopted out as D. Arlene Croff. She married Roger Vining (2065), August 27, 1949 at Big Rapids, Michigan. They have three children.
          1. MIKE R. (2066), born August 12,1950.
          2. FRANK A. (2067), born August 5, 1952.
          3. RANDY L (2068), born October 31, 1953.
        10. GEORGE RECTOR (2029), tenth and last child died at birth February 7,1933.
      4. ALLEN W. LOWING (1267), third child of Isaac and Lettie Lowing, born September 20,1899. He married Rachel Lowell (2069), September 20, 1924 and had two children prior to their divorce. He married Mabel Mekkes (2072), April 4, 1943 and they have one child. Mabel passed away January 26, 1964. Allen served in the Armed Services during World War II and works for the City of Wyoming. At age 67, Allan passed away on March 9, 1967. Buried in the Rosedale Memorial Park, Grand Rapids
        1. JAMES LOWING (2070), first child born to Allen and Rachel Lowing was born August 20, 1924. He married Blanch Mekkes (2074), April 4, 1947. They have two children.
          1. SUZANNE (LOWING) GARZA (2075), born July 14, 1947. Married to Ruben Garza (3356), June 24, 1967.
            1. TERESA SUE GARZA (3357), born February 20, 1973.
          2. JEAN ANN (2076), born May 26, 1950.
        2. MARIAN (LOWING) KENWORTHY (2071), second child born to Allen and Rachel Lowing was born January 22, 1927. She married John Kenworthy (2077), June 3, 1944, and they have four children.
          1. MARY J. (2078), born July 30, 1945.
          2. WILLIAM J (2079), born February 6, 1947.
          3. JEAN D. (2080), born July 8, 1949
          4. FREDRICK A (2081), born November 17, 1954.
        3. WESLEY L LOWING (2073), first child born to Allen and Mabel Lowing, was born October 16, 1944. Married Linda Lou VanDrunen (3358), July 1967.
          1. KAIRI SUE LOWING (3359), born July 14, 1968.
          2. KRISTI LYNN LOWING (3360), born November 23, 1971.
          3. KONNI BETH LOWING (3361), born November 24, 1975.
    7. ROSE E. (LOWING) WICKHAM (51), seventh child born to Holden and Eleanor Lowing was born July 29, 1865 in Georgetown Township. She married Charles Wickham (107), October 9, 1892, who was born in 1864 and died in 1946. Rose died April 25, 1937 and is buried in Georgetown Cemetery. Four children were born to this marriage, but all died in infancy.
      1. BENTON H. WICKHAM (1268), bony April 14, 1897, died May 5, 1897.
      2. LELA B. WICKHAM (1269), born 1901 and died 1908.
      3. ELLEN C. WICKHAM (1270), (twin) born June 3, 1907,died May 21, 1908
      4. HELEN C. WICKHAM (1271), (twin) born June 3,1907,died May 25,1908
    8. DORA (LOWING) ULBERG (52), born November 24, 1866, was the eighth child and third daughter born to Holden and Eleanor Lowing. Her childhood was spent in working around the household helping her mother and caring for the large family. Many times the girls were obliged to do the work assigned to the boys of the family, because the boys would leave the wood pile and go off into the woods hunting. Undoubtedly the urge to hunt and explore came from their pioneer parents and grand parents, who spent their entire lives in the forests, clearing land and hunting as a necessity. She married Edward P. Ulberg (108), a farmer, June 20, 1889. He died May IS, 1921, and Dora died August 3, 1947, both are buried in the Georgetown Cemetery. Four children were born to this marriage.
      1. ELLA (ULBERG) PEARSON (1272), the oldest child of Edward and Dora Ulberg, was born April 7,1890. She married Albert Pearson (1276), May 10, 1911, who died January 17, 1919, at Denver, Colorado. After the death of her husband, Ella spent some time at the Winabago Indian Mission until she was called home due to the death of her father. She lived with and cared for her mother until her death. While her mother was still in good health, Ella did practical nursing. No children were born to this union. Ella passed away June 11, 1982, at age of 92. Burial at Allendale.
      2. CLARENCE C. ULBERG (1273), the second child and only son of Edward and Dora Ulberg, was born January 29, 1892. After graduation from the Canada Hill Grade School, he attended the McLaughlin Business College in Grand Rapids. He married Verna R. Swanson (1277), a schoolteacher from Allendale, Michigan, on June 20, 191 S. The early part of their marriage was spent on the Edward Ulberg farm, located one mile north of Bauer, in Georgetown Township. While living on this fare, he served on the school board of the Chrysler School; was Secretary of the Bauer Threshing Association; Secretary of the Bauer Creamery Company; and member of the Ottawa County Farm Bureau. Later lie served as agent and adjuster for the State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company for a period of 30 years. He later moved to Grandville, Michigan and served as mayor of that city for a period of five years. He has served on the Kent County Board of Supervisors for more than fourteen years. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Grandville Rotary Club for a number of years, holding the offices of Secretary and Vice President and was President Elect for the year 1962-3 for that organization. Three children were born of that marriage. Clarence C. Ulberg passed away September 24, 1976. Verna Swanson Ulberg passed Jan 3, 1983. Both are buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
        1. CRANNEL EDWARD ULBERG (1278), eldest child of Clarence and Verna Ulberg was born April 2, 1921. He graduated from Hudsonville High School and attended Grand Rapids Junior College, University of Grand Rapids, and Fordham University. He served in the armed services for a period of three years during World War II, saving in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany with the 329th Combat Engineer Battalion, 104th (Timberwolf) Infantry Division. While home on leave, he married Suzette J. Groendyke (2084), a dental assistant of Grandville, on July 12, 1945. After his discharge from service he established an office in Wyoming, Michigan. He has acted as Precinct Delegate for the Republican Party, is a past president of the Hudsonville High School Alumnae Association; Past President of the Wyoming Park Businessmen's Association; Charter Secretary, and Past President of the Wyoming Park Rotary Club. Two boys were born of this marriage. Crannel passed away September 7, 1982, aged 61. Buried in the Georgetown Cemetery.
          1. BRIAN EDWARD ULBERG (2085), born December 15, 1957. Married July 11, 1981 to Dawn Lynette Clemens (3362), born December 10, 1960, daughter of Dale and Geraldine Clemens of Wyoming.
            1. ANGELA SUZETTE ULBERG (3363), born January 28, 1987.
            2. TRAVIS LYN ULBERG (3364), born October 15, 1989.
          2. BRUCE HOLDEN (2086), born April 25, 1961.
        2. KENNETH J. ULBERG (2082), born February 8, 1924, was the second son born to Clarence and Verna Ulberg. He graduated from Grandville High School in June 1943 and immediately enlisted in the Army Air Force on June 12,1943 during World War II. He served in the European Theatre as a gunner on a B-17 Bomber, completing 35 missions over Germany, receiving the Air Medal with 5 Oak Leaf Clusters, three bronze stars to the E.A.M.E. theatre medal and a good conduct medal. Five of his missions were over Berlin. He attained the rank of Staff Sergeant. After his discharge from service in October 1945 he attended Grand Rapids Junior College prior to his marriage to B. Doreen Rasmussen (2087), January 17,1948. He was active in Little League Baseball and Scout work. He served three years on the Board of Directors of the Grandville Little League, and has served as its secretary. He also managed a team for four years, Kenneth was a traveling salesman for the ?Great Lakes ? Distributing Company. Eight children were born of t his marriage.
          1. DAVID C. ULBERG (2088), born September 28, 1948. Passed away April 26, 1971, buried in Wyoming Cemetery, Grandville
          2. DARYL S. ULBER (2089) born October 26, 1949. Married May 24, 1986 to Georgie Edinger.
          3. VALERIE A. (ULBERG) BALL, MORAWA (2090), born July 31, 1951. Married Craig Ball (3365) July 15, 1972. Divorced. Remarried December 31, 1978 to William Morawa (3368).
            1. ANDREA MEGAN BALL (3366), born May 30, 1974.
            2. TATE MICHAEL DAVID BALL (3367), born November 10, 1975
          4. ROYCE DOUGLAS ULBERG (2091), born January 18,1953. Married Dawn Raenel Daggett (3369), April 27, 1974.
            1. KEVIN JAMES ULBERG (3370), born June 25, 1977.
            2. MARK ALLEN ULBERG (3371), born March 28, 1980.
            3. JOSHUA DAVID ULBERG (3372), born November 18, 1983.
          5. DWIGHT K. ULBERG (2092), born July 3,1954.
          6. JED A. ULBERG (2093), born January 5, 1956.
          7. MAURICE B. ULBERG (2094), born April 16, 1958.
          8. MARCELYN KAY (ULBERG) WYNSMA (2095), born November 11, 1960. Married August 22, 1980 to Gary Allen Wynsma (3373).
            1. LINDSEY KATHLEEN WYNSMA (3374), born August 7, 1983.
            2. TROY ALLEN WYNSMA (3375), born July 26, 1986.
            3. WIHTNEY LEIGH WYNSMA (3376), born and died August 24,1990.
          9. STEPHEN DWAYNE ULBERG (2825), born March 10, 1963.
        3. MERLE D. ULBERG (2083), third son born to Clarence and Verna Ulberg on November 3, 1926. He graduated from Grandville High School in June 1943 as Salutatorian. While attending General Motors Institute, he enlisted in the Army Air Force as a Cadet. After his discharge in November of 1945, he continued his studies and graduated with an Industrial Engineering Degree. While in school he was associated with the Phi Tau Alpha Fraternity, Editor of the college yearbook and member of Roberts Honorary Society. He married Barbara Van Dyke (2096) January 10, 1948. Merle served on the Grandville City Commission for five years (a position he still holds). He was Chairman of the Planning Commission, a member of the Grandville Board of Zoning Appeals and a member of the Library ?Board. He is employed as Senior Methods Engineer for the Brunswick Corporation of Muskegon, Michigan. Three daughters were born of this marriage.
          1. LYNN A. (ULBERG) HASCHER (2097), born March 24 1949. Married Frederick Hascher, Jr. (3377), March 20, 1970.
            1. JODI LYNN HASCHER (3378), born January 13, 1979.
            2. JULIE SUE IIASCHER (3379), born April 11, 1982
          2. SUSAN C. (ULBERG) MULLIGAN (2098), born March 20, 1950. Married S. Craig Mulligan (3380), February 14, 1969.
            1. MICHELLE LYNNE MULLIGAN (3381), born July 11, 1969.
            2. MELISSA SUE MULLIGAN (3382), born August 14, 1974.
            3. MEGAN ANN MULLIGAN (3383), born May 28, 1979.
          3. PATRICIA JEAN (ULBERG) SNYDER (2099), born December 9, 1956. Married J. Wayne Snyder (3384), May 16, 1975.
            1. SCOTT ALAN SNYDER (3385), born September 14, 1979.
            2. SARAH MARIE SNYDER (3386), born December 16, 1982.
      3. EDITH ULBERG (1274) was the third child and second daughter born to Edward and Dora Ulberg. She was born January 13, 1894 and died at the age of 21 on November 19,1916, burial in the Georgetown Cemetery. She was not married.
      4. ADDIE (ULBERG) THOMPSON (1275) was the fourth child born to Edward and Dora Ulberg on December 28, 1896. She married Clifford Thompson (1279), October 20, 1917, who lives in Grandville, Mich. Addie died November 10, 1933, burial in Wyoming Cemetery. Two sons were born to this marriage.
        1. LEON W. THOMPSON (1280), eldest son of Clifford and Addie Thompson, was born January 2, 1918. He is a graduate of Grandville High School and attended Davenport Institute. He married Isabel Brown (2100) February 4, 1938. Leon is a traveling salesman and lives in St Louis, Missouri. Three children were born to this union. Leon passed away May 20, 1971, buried in Kirkwood, Missouri.
          1. SHARON (THOMPSON) KUHLENSCHMIDT (2101), the oldest of three daughters born to Leon and Isabel Thompson, was born Dec ember 2, 1938. She is a graduate of Evansville High School, Evansville, Indiana. She married Keith Kuhlenschmidt (2104), September 12, 1958. Both attended college at the present time. They have two children.
            1. GAIL LYNNE (KUHLENSCHMIDT) THOMPSON (2105), born July 1, 1961. Married December 28, 1984 to Joseph E Thompson, Jr. (3390).
              1. JOSEPH FREDERICK THOMPSON III (3391), born September 29, 1985
              2. GRACE ELIZABETH THOMPSON (3392), born December 5, 1989.
            2. CHERYL RENEE (KUHLENSCHMIDT) MIYAHARA (3387), born April 12, 1964. Married December 14, 1986 to Leonard Miyahara (3388).
              1. DREW KAZUTO MIYAHARA (3389), born September 5, 1989.
          2. MARSHA LYNNE (THOMPSON) BISHOP (2102), born September 28, 1940. She married Jack Richard Bishop (2826) on December 29, 1962
            1. DAWN RENE BISHOP (3393), born May 20, 1988
          3. CONSTANCE GAEL (THOMPSON) ROBERTSON (2103), born February 27, 1942. She married James David Robertson (2827), July 13, 1963.
            1. SHAWN LEE ROBERTSON (3394), born July 16, 1965.
            2. JAMES ROBERTSON (3397), born April 19, 1970.
            3. DANIEL SEUNG HWAN ROBERTSON (3395), born June 15, 1973, adopted.
            4. MICHAEL KEITH ROBERTSON (3396), born July 14, 1975, adopted.
        2. RUSSELL THOMPSON (1281), the second son of Clifford and Addie Thompson, was born February 24, 1923. He married Doris Krupp (2106) April 30, 1949 and has one stepson, Timothy. Russell is manager of the Kent County Abstract Office. He graduated from Grandville High School end enlisted in the Army Air Force January 3, 1942. Served in Australia during World War 11, end was severely wounded July 1, 1942 when his plane was forced down due to enemy fire. He attained the rank of Sergeant and was honorably discharged September 20, 1945. Russell lives in Grandville Michigan.
    9. WILLIAM RILEY LOWING (53), the ninth child born to Holden and Eleanor Lowing was born September 30, 1869 in Georgetown Township. He was married June 1, 1893 to Mary Ulberg (79). He resided on a farm near the Holden Lowing homestead the greater part of his life. He operated a store in Grandville for a few years, but returned to his farm where he lived until his death. He was very active in the Grange and served as Master of the Georgetown Grange and also as Master of the Ottawa County Pamona Grange. Will also served as Treasurer of Georgetown Township. He was known as a "Good Samaritan" and influential citizen. He died June 21, 1935, Mary died July 16, 1947 and both are buried in the Georgetown Cemetery. Seven children were born to this marriage.
      1. ARTHUR LOWING (1282), was the first child born to Will and Mary Lowing on June 25, 1894. He married Vina Morrell (2108) June 28, 1916. Arthur was a salesman and member of the Odd Fellows Lodge. They lived in Wyoming Michigan. One child was born to this union. Arthur passed away at age 86 on April 29, 1981. Villa passed away October 4, 1983.
        1. EILEEN L. (LOWING) BOONSTRA (2109), only child born to Arthur and Vina Lowing was born April 18, 1920. She married George J. Boonstra (2110), February 14, 1946. Eileen is an a ccountant and her husband a supply clerk. No children have been born to this marriage. They live in Grand Rapids, MI. George died October 24, 1987.
      2. ERVIN LOWING (1283), the second child of Will end Mary Lowing was bony on July 27, 1898. He married Bernice Klekatka (2111), June 24, 1925. Ervin was Superintendent for the Jervis Corporation in Grandville, where they resided. They had one child. Ervin, aged 86 passed away August 11, 1984. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
        1. VIRGINIA (LOWING) STELLARD DYKSTERHOUSE (2112), only child of Ervin and Bernice Lowing was born April It, 1927. She married William Stellard (2113), May 29, 1948. They have three children. Married April 16,1966 to Raymond Dyksterhouse (3398). He was born January 11, 1921. Virginia died July29, 1990, aged 63, buried in Rosedale Memorial Park. Raymond passed away September 23,1990.
          1. DONALD E. STELLARD (2114), born July 12, 1949. Married on August 11, 1973 to Mary Katherine Meczkowski (3399), born 1953.
            1. SEASON ELIZABETH STELARD (3400), born February 28,1979.
          2. LINDA C. (STELLARD) HARTIGH, VANDERJAGT (2115) born May 12,195 1. Married Terrance Hartigh (3401), May 29, 1971. Married May 1, 1976 to Wayne Douglas VanderJagt (3402), born November 4, 1950, son of Leonard VanderJagt and Flora (Rysdyk) VanderJagt.
            1. ERIN ELIZABETH VANDER JAGT (3403), born April 19, 1978.
            2. AMBER MARIE VANDER JAGT (3404), born, October 25, 1982.
          3. SHARON K. (STELLARD) DUIMSTRA (2116), born November 20,1954. Married August 2,1980 to Bruce Duimstra (3405), born August 5, 1952
            1. JUSTIN JAMES DUIMSTRA (3406), born July 3, 1983.
      3. LILAH (LOWING) KELLEY (1284) was the third child of William and Mary Lowing, born January 28, 1901. She married Harold Kelley (2117) in 1928. Lilah a graduate nurse spent some time in this profession prior to her marriage. She and her husband resided on a farm near Sturgis, Michigan. They had four children. Lilah died January 23, 1985, buried in Sturgis, Michigan.
        1. BONNIE (KELLEY) WHEELER, (2118) the first child of Harold and Lilah was born April 2, 1930. She married Stanley Wheeler (2122), August 15, 1949. They have two children.
          1. MARK (2123), born April 6, 1951.
          2. STEPHEN (2124), born July 6, 1954.
        2. MARY J. (KELLEY) TAYLOR (2119), the second child was born January 3, 1933. She married Marlin Taylor (2175), May 18, 1952. Mary is a graduate of Sturgis High School. They live near Sturgis and have four children.
          1. TWYLA TAYLOR (2126), born June 3, 1958.
          2. MARVIN TAYLOR (2127), born Jan 25, 1960. Passed away September 30,1961.
          3. BRYAN DE VON TAYLOR (3407), born April 7, 1963. Passed away June 8, 1982, aged 19. Buried Oaklawn Cemetery, Sturgis, MI.
          4. MELVIN LAVON TAYLOR (3408), born November 3, 1964.
        3. WILLIAM KELLEY (2120), the third child of Harold and Utah Kelley, was born June 9,1934. He married Eleanor Studerman (2128), June 9, 1956. William is a farmer. He graduated from Sturgis High School and attended Michigan State University prior to two years served in the Armed Services. They have four children.
          1. WILLIAM LAWRENCE KELLEY (2129), born March 25, 1958.
          2. CHERYL KELLEY (2131), born April 18, 1959
          3. LYNDON LEE KELLEY (3409), born February 14, 1962.
          4. KENTON DARNELL KELLEY (3410), born May 25, 1965.
        4. LARRY KELLEY (2121) was the fourth child born to Harol and Lilah Kelley, born March 13, 1936. Married Marilyn Pueschel, (2131) Mary 24, 1958. Larry is a graduate of Sturgis High School, served two years in the Armed Forces and is a farmer near Sturgis. They have four children.
          1. DEBRA SUE (2132), born June 25, 1959.
          2. KRISTIN KELLEY (3411), born May 10, 1962
          3. ROBERT KELLEY (3412), born November 16, 1963.
          4. LOREN KELLEY (3413), born February 23, 1965.
      4. DORIS (LOWING) CHEYNE (1285), the fourth child, was born to Will and Mary Lowing on March 7,1902. She married Floyd Cheyne (1289), June 1, 1922, who died July 12, 1961, burial in the Coopersville Cemetery. They had three children. Doris died September 6, 1985 and was buried in the Georgetown Cemetery.
        1. LORRAINE (CHEYNE) RIDER (2133), the first child of Floyd and Doris Cheyne was born June 7,1926. She married Leon Rider (2136), and they have two children.
          1. LYNNETH (2137), born May 13, 1951.
          2. ALAN (2138), born July 21, 1952.
        2. LOIS (CHEYNE) SPENCER (2134), second child born to Floyd and Doris Cheyne was born September 18,1931. She married George Spencer (2139) June 14, 1950. They have four children.
          1. DENNIS (2140), born October 10, 1950.
          2. DAVID (2141), born April 13, 1954.
          3. EUGENE (2142), born October 27, 1955.
          4. TONJA (2143), born July 14,1960)
        3. FLOYD ALDEN CHEYNE (2135), third child of Floyd and Doris Cheyne, was born November 25, 1942. He is not married.
      5. HAROLD C. LOWING (1286), fifth child of William and Mary Lowing, was born on May 29,1905. He married Doris DeNeff (2144) of Allendale, June 28, 1930. Harold and his wife both served Georgetown Township as Treasurer. He was postmaster at Jenison, Michigan. They resided on the William Lowing homestead. One child was born to this marriage. Doris died Sept 6, 1985. Harold died March 26, 1988. Both are buried in the Georgetown Cemetery.
        1. BARBARA JEAN (LOWING) BRINK, (2145) only child born to Harold and Doris Lowing on October 25,1931. She graduated from Hudsonville High School and attended Hope College before her marriage to Irvin Brink (2146), October 9, 1954. They have four children.
          1. JEANNE MARIE (BRINK) LINDELL (2147), born April 23 1961. Married January 8, 1983 to Jay Lindell (3414).
          2. ANNE RENEE BRINK (2818), born February 2, 1963.
          3. ROBERT LOWING BRINK (3415), born November 24, 1965
          4. MARY LYNNE BRINK (3416), born January 15, 1967.
      6. GERALD LOWING (1287), sixth child of Will and Mary Lowing, was born April 3, 1909. He is a graduate of Grandville High School and Barber Chiropractor College. Previously he had taken courses in Building Contracting. Gerald married Helen Howe (2148) in 1941 and is a practicing Chiropractor. He adopted the son of his wife's by a previous marriage, Donald Lee Howe (3417). Gerald married his second wife, Bernadine (3418) June 18, 1962. She passed away in Mexico City, Mexico on October 8, 1971. Buried at Oakland Hills Memorial Gardens. Gerald died October 4, 1983. His wife Pauline also passed away.
      7. WILLIAM STEWART LOWING (2188), the last child born to William and Mary Lowing, born December 25, 1916. He married Cornelia Blanker (2150) October 2_"3, 1937. Stewart worked in Plant Protection for the Diesel Division of General Motors Corporation in Wyoming, Michigan, where he resided. They had three children. Cornelia, aged 62, passed away July 4, 1980. William remarried Eva Bronkema (3419), June 10, 1983. William died September 27, 1985 and is buried at Resurrection Cemetery.
        1. CAROLYN S. (LOWING) BAGIN (2151), born November 5, 1940. She was a nurse before her marriage February 24, 1962 to Robert H. Bagin (2154). They reside in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
          1. ROBERT LOUIS BAGIN (2829), born May 1, 1963
          2. PAUL ALAN BAGIN (3420), born February 2, 1965.
          3. SUSAN MARIE BAGIN (3421), born July 8, 1969
        2. WILLIAM N. LOWING (2152), born October 23, 1949. Married Mary Jo Leonard (3422) July 1971, divorced. Married Patti Jane Petrick (3424), September 18, 1976, she was born December 3, 1952.
          1. ADAM CLARK LOWING (3423), born October 30, 1972.
        3. MARY RITA (LOWING) GARVELINK (2153), born November 30, 1952. Married June 11, 1977 to James Lee Garvelink (3425), son of Mr. & Mrs. Ray Garvelink
          1. LINDSEY ANN GARVELINK (3426), born December 15, 1979.
    10. JOHN HOLDEN LOWING (54), was the tenth child born to Holden and Eleanor Lowing and was born April 8, 1872. He married Clara Ulberg (109), December 31, 1896. Except for a short time spent in Holland, Mich. he lived on a f arm given to him by his father Holden at the intersection of what is now known as Bauer Road and 28th St. in Georgetown Township. John was active in the Grange and was a charter member of the Bauer Community Band and was a member of this band until it was discontinued many years later. He and his brother William attended rehearsals regularly, although it meant driving a horse 2 1/2 miles to Bauer. They were instrumental in encouraging a number of others to join the band, among them Roy and Floyd, nephews and sons of their brother Otis. John also loved to sing and often sang in the church choir. His wife Clara, the last living second-generation descendant of the Holden Lowing family, died February 26, 1971. John died June 20, 1914, burial in the Georgetown Cemetery. Both are buried in the Georgetown Cemetery. They had two children.
      1. THEDA (LOWING) KONING (1290), was the oldest child born to John and Clara Lowing and was born November 21, 1901. She married Hiram Koning (2155), February 24, 1927. They lived on the John Lowing farm with Theda's mother. Hiram passed away March 4,1963 and is buried in the Georgetown Cemetery. They have two children. Theda passed away October 6, 1971, buried Georgetown Cemetery.
        1. ROGER KONING (2156), is the first child born to Hiram and Theda Koning and was born October 14, 1932. He married Esther Timmer (2158), July 1, 1959. They have two children.
          1. DAWN L. (KONING) WUSTMAN (2159), born August 12, 1960. Married August 5, 1983 to Scott Wustman (3427).
            1. MICHAEL SCOTT WUSTMAN (3428), born October 21, 1985.
            2. JENNIFER LYNN WUSTMAN (3429), born July 3, 1988.
          2. DAVID WUSTMAN
          3. DOUGLAS ROGER KONING (3039), born July 7, 1964. Married October 18, 1985 to Kimberly Etterbeek (3430). Second marriage to Susan Schut (3432) on July 22, 1989.
            1. KATHERYN MARIE KONING (3431), born October 12, 1988.
        2. SHIRLEY (KONING) VANDER MOLEN (2157) was the second child born to Hiram and Theda Koning, on March 7, 1934. Shirley taught school prior to her marriage June 22, 1956 to Gene P. Vander Molen (2160). They have two children.
          1. BRADLEY G. VANDER MOLEN (2161), born July 7, 1957.
          2. KURT J. VANDER MOLEN (2162), born January 22, 1959. Married June 29, 1985 to Ellen Boersman (3433).
      2. LESTER LOWING (1291) was the second child born to John and Clara Lowing, September 29, 1905. He married Sadie VanderMarkt (2162), October 23,1926. Lester has been employed at the Michigan Consolidated Gas Company since his youth. They live in Wyoming and have four children.
        1. KENNETH LOWING (2164), is the oldest child of Lester and Sadie Lowing and was born February 14, 1930. He married Sarah Zuverink (2163), May 29, 1951. They have two children, divorced. He remarried on September 25, 1971 to June M. Gillean (3434), born June 4, 1929.
          1. KATHLEEN LOWING HOLLEMAN (2169), born July 8, 1951. Husband Holleman (3435).
            1. APRIL JOY HOLLEMAN (3436), born April 17, 1981.
          2. BRUCE LOWING (2170), born December 20, 1956. Married May 22, 1982 to Sara Aberhamson (3437), daughter of Ward Aberhamson of Ludington.
            1. STEPHANIE ANN LOWING (3438), born October 22, 1984.
        2. PAULINE (LOWING) PETERSON (2165), is the second child of Lester and Sadie Lowing and was born November 5, 1932. She married Cecil Peterson (2171), February 20,1953. They have four children.
          1. DIANE (PETERSON BRIGGS, VAN LEEUWEN (2172) born June 1, 1955. Married on December 6, 1974 to Kim A. Briggs (3439), born April 9, 1955. Married Van Leeuwen (3440).
            1. MATHEW VAN LEEUWEN (3441), born September 1984.
            2. MARY BETH VAN LEEUWEN (3442), born February 15 1987.
          2. ROBERT PETERSON (2173), born November 8, 1956. Married November 5, 1976 to Cindy Molenkamp (3443).
            1. AMY RENAE PETERSON (3444), born June 14, 1979.
            2. ROBERT JOHN PETERSON (3445), born November 1981.
          3. JAMES PETERSON (3446), born September 22, 1961. Married July 23, 1981 to Amy VanTuinen (3447).
            1. MICHAEL PETERSON (3448), born February 1982.
          4. BRENDA PETERSON (3449), born December 6, 1963.
        3. MARILYN (LOWING) BARKER (2166), is the third child of Lester and Sadie Lowing, and was born September 6, 1934. She married Leo Barker (2174), August 14, 1953. They have six children.
          1. NANCY (BARKER) RITTENHOUSE (2175), born May 29, 1954. Married on August 25, 1972 to Daniel Rittenhouse (3450), born February 20, 1954.
            1. JAIME AT-AN RITTENHOUSE (3451), born August 11, 1973.
            2. ERIC MICHAL RITTENHOUSE (3452), born December 31, 1974.
            3. JASON LEE RTTTENHOUSE (3453), born May 25, 1978.
          2. RONALD BARKER (2176), born December 14, 1956. Married August 1, 1981 to Jacqueline Piell (3454), born December 15, 1950.
            1. NATHAN ANDREW BARKER (3455), born September 25, 1984.
            2. JOSHUA DAVID PIELL BARKER (3456), born January 30, 1987.
          3. DAVID BARKER (2177), born May 1, 1959. Married July 22, 1983 to Cheryl DeKorne (3457), born June 29,1960.
            1. DAVID ALAN BARKER (3458) , born May 17, 1987.
            2. JENNIFER RANEE BARKER (3459), born May 5, 1989.
          4. MARCIA JANE (BARKER) JANICKI (3460), born April 25, 1963. Married February 14, 1988 to Randy Janicki (3463).
            1. RANDY MEGAN JANICKI (3464), born September 25, 1988.
            2. ASHLEY KAUILANI JANICKI (3465), born April 17, 1990.
          5. GREGORY LEE BARKER (3461), born May 22, 1968. Married August 5, 1988 to Kimberley Joy Bennett (3466).
          6. JULIE KAY BARKER (3462), born December 20, 1974.
        4. JANET (LOWING) VAN DYKE (2167) is the fourth child of Lester and Sadie Lowing, born August 4, 1939. She married Andrew VanDyke (2178), September 19, 1958. They have two children.
          1. JAMES VAN DYKE (3467), born July 25, 1964. Married Pamela Batma (3469).
            1. HEATHER SUE VAN DYKE (3470), born April 1984.
          2. SUSAN LYNN VAN DYKE ((3468), born February 23,1973.
    11. EVA ANNETTE (LOWING) LADEWIG (55), was the eleventh child born to Holden and Eleanor Lowing. "Nettie" was born February 9, 1875. She married Charles Ladewig (110) in Georgetown Township, September 19, 1894. He died in 1944 and Nettie died January 5, 1953. Both are buried in the Georgetown Cemetery. Eight children were born to this marriage.
      1. CARL H. LADEWIG (1292), is the oldest child of Charles and Nettie Ladewig and was born September 18, 1895. He married Angeline Poot (1300), November 6,1915. He worked as a printing pressman until his recent retirement. Carl is a member of the Grange and has served as Master of Talmadge Grange and as Master of Ottawa County Pamona Grange. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge. His hobby is nurseryman and is well known for his beautiful rose gardens. Two children were born to this marriage. Carl Passed away November 28, 1968 and Angeline September 8, 1968. Both are buried in the Georgetown Cemetery.
        1. CARL J. LADEWIG, JR. (1301), was the first child born to Carl and Angeline Ladewig. He was born June 15, 1917. On November 3, 1945 he married Betty Burri (1302). They have three children.
          1. CURIA (LADEWIG) HARRINGTON (2179), born June 27, 1948. She married James Harrington (3470) on September 12, 1963.
            1. LNDA JEAN HARRINGTON (3471), born March 15, 1966.
          2. NANCY (LADEWIG) LINDBERG (2180), born January 6,1950. Married Kenneth Lindberg (3472), March 25,1907.
            1. ROBIN LEIGH LINDBERG (3473), born October 9, 1967
          3. JAMES (2181), born December 31, 1954.
        2. HENRY LADEWIG (1303) was the second child born to Carl and Angeline Ladewig on February 24, 1921. He married Josephine Horton (2182), March 28, 1941. Henry served in Italy during World War II, and became shell-shocked. They have four children.
          1. VIVIAN (LADEWIG) REYERS (2183), born January 31, 1943. She married Larry Reyers (2830), February 10, 1962.
            1. DEBRA REYERS (2831), born December 1, 1962
            2. BRENDA ANN REVERS (3474), born Nov 2, 1964
          2. HENRY A. LADEWIG JR (2184) was born September 6, 1944. He married Rosemarie E. Anthony (3041) of Tacoma, Washington on August 15, 1964
            1. CYNTHIA ELLEN LADEWIG (3475), born April 11, 1965.
            2. DAWN LADEWIG, (3476) born November 11, 1966.
          3. TOMMY (2185), twin of Johnny, born October 10, 1947.
          4. JOHNNY (2186), twin of Tommy, born October 10, 1947.
      2. JOHN LADEWIG (2193), was the second son born to Charles and Nettie Ladewig. He was born March 29, 1897. He married Ruth Telder (1308), December 31, 1920. He like his brother Carl is a Printing Pressman. They have no children
      3. ALBERT HENRY LADEWIG (1294), was the third child of Charles and Nettie Ladewig and was born February 8, 1899. He married Minnie Eva Wells (1304), March 6,1922. She died November 25, 1957. They had one child. Albert passed away January 9, 1982, buried Greenwood Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
        1. VIRGINIA E. (LADEWIG) TERRELL (1305), was the only child of Albert and Minnie Ladewig who was born November 2, 1921. She married Wendell Leroy Terrell (2187), February 14, 1941. They have two children.
          1. DAVID M. TERRELL (2188) was born August 29,1943. Married Anne Winters (3477), January 28,1966
          2. DANNY E.TERRELL (2189), born May 26, 1947.
      4. MYRTLE (LADEWIG) LENNING (1295), was the fourth child of Charles and Nettie Ladewig and was born January 23, 1901. She married William Lenning (1306) a Captain in the Grand Rapids Police Department, August 8, 1918. William passed away March 31, 1966, interment at Woodlawn Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have two children. Myrtle passed away, age 76, April 29, 1977, buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
        1. WILMA (LENNING) HEYDENBERK (1307), is the eldest child of William and Myrtle Lenning and was born January 12, 1922. She married Donald Heydenberk (2191) February 28, 1942. He is manager of the AP Johnson Printing Co. They have three children.
          1. ROBERT A. HEYDENBERK (2192), born March 12, 1944. He married Judy Austin (3042) on August 22, 1964.
            1. CAROL JOAN HEYDENBERK (3478), born January 11, 1965.
          2. BA PAY HEYDENBERK (2193), born May 18, 1947. Married Barbara Thompson (3479), September 23, 1966.
            1. BARRY RONALD HEYDENBERK, JR (3480), born January 25, 1967.
            2. BRETT LOUIS HEYDENBERK (3481), born June 30, 1968.
          3. WILLIAM (2194), born October 5, 1948.
        2. HAZEL (LENNING) SCOTT (2190), is the second child of William and Myrtle Lenning and was born Ma y 27, 1925. She married Gene Scott (2195), March 21, 1958. He is a machinist in Sheet Metal Laboratory. Hazel passed away May 31, 1963. Burial at Woodlawn Cemetery in Grand Rapids, Mich. They had no children.
      5. LAWRENCE LADEWIG (1296) was the fifth child of Charles and Nettie Ladewig, born January 7, 1903. He is a printer and married Gertrude Chlebowski (2196) March 30,1923. They have three children. Lawrence, at age 74, passed away March 9, 1977 in Holland, Michigan.
        1. DONALD LADEWIG (2197), is the oldest child of Lawrence and Gertrude Ladewig and was born December 5, 1925. He married Irma Steck (2200), April 19, 1952. They have four children.
          1. JOANNE ELIZABETH (2201), born October 26,1952.
          2. ROBERT DONALD (2202), born September 12,1954.
          3. AMY LEE (2203), born January 17, 1956.
          4. LONNA JOY (2204), born June 17,1959.
        2. DOROTHY (LADEWIG) KONING (2198), was the second child born to Lawrence and Gertrude Ladewig. She was born January 24, 1924. On July 26, 1945 Dorothy married John Koning Jr. (2205). They have four children.
          1. SALLY LYNN (KONING) SPEET (2206), born June 23, 1947. Married Larry Albert Speet, November 18, 1967
          2. SUSAN LEE (2207), born June 7, 1951
          3. LARRY JON (2208), born August 16, 1952.
          4. MARY LOU (2209), born March 16,1956.
        3. NORMA (LADEWIG) MORRIS (2199), is the third child of Lawrence and Gertrude Ladewig and was born November 12, 1932. She married Roy Morns (2210), November 19, 1954. They have two children.
          1. LAUREN KAY (2211), born March 22, 1956.
          2. JON EDWARD (2212), born November 28, 1958.
      6. DOROTHY (LADEWIG) BELILE (1297), was the sixth child of Charles and Nettie Ladewig and was born June 24, 1908. She married Herbert Belile (2214), September 9, 1926, who served in the Army during World War II. He now is a farmer and a maintenance man. They have no children.
      7. ELVIN LADEWIG (1298), was the seventh child of Charles and Nettie Ladewig and was born June 25, 1911. He is a twin brother to Ervin. Elvin married Sophia Sveadas (2214), July 11, 1934. He worked as a metal polisher. They have three children. Elvin passed away August 1991 at age 77, buried in Los Angeles, California.
        1. ELVIN LADEWIG, JR. (2215), is the first child of Elvin and Sophia Ladewig and was born July 22, 1935. He married Joyce Kosten (2218), December 17, 1955. Elvin served in the U.S. Navy. They have two children.
          1. CINDY (2219), born January 5,1957.
          2. ROGER (2220), born November 21, 1960.
        2. JEAN (LADEWIG) HILTON (2216), the second child of Elvin and Sophia Ladewig, was born January 17, 1938. She married Darrel Hilton (2221), March 20,1955. They have three children.
          1. DARREL (2222), born February 20, 1956
          2. GERALD L (2223), born September 1, 1958.
          3. JEFREY (2224), born April 25, 1960.
        3. JUDY (LADEWIG) BUCKNUM (2217), the third child of Elvin and Sophia was born October 5, 1945. She married Victor Lee Bucknum (3482), July 22, 1967.
      8. ERVIN LADEWIG (1299) was the eighth child of Charles and Nettie Ladewig. He is the twin of Elvin and was born June 25, 1911. He attended Harrison High and Marne High School. Ervin is a printer and a member of Smith Memorial Church. He married Marion VanOosten (2225) in 1930 and was divorced in 1939. They had one child. In 1940 he married Gertrude Kardux (2227). One child was born to this union.
        1. LAVONNE (LADEWIG) VICARI (2226), of 2063 Michigan St., NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan, was the only child of Ervin and Marion Ladewig, and was born in 1931. She marri ed Anthony Vicari (2229), June 23, 1951 at Grand Rapids, Michigan. Anthony served in the Army from 1954 to 1956, is a National Guard. They have five children.
          1. ANTHONY VICARI JR (2230), born October 6, 1954
          2. MARY VICARI (2231), born October 24, 1956.
          3. CATHERINE VICARI (2232), twin to Carroline, was born October 30, 1960.
          4. CARROLINE VICARI (2233), twin to Catherine, was born October 30, 1960.
          5. JANET VICARI (2832), born September 1962
        2. SHIRLEY (LADEWIG) BURCH, was the second child born to Ervin Ladewig. She was born in 1942. She married Jack Burch Jr. (3043), August 1, 1964.
    12. ALICE (LOWING) GREENE (56), was the twelfth child of Holden and Eleanor Lowing and was born December 20, 1877 in Georgetown Township. She married George Van Wagon (111), June 21, 1899. Lightning at their farm home in Georgetown, in June 1900, killed him. They had one child, George Jr., who was born April 18, 1900. He died in 1947. Alice was married a second time to Roy Collins (112), but no dates are available. Her second husband also died. Her third husband was Aaron Kelley (113), from whom she was divorced. They had two children. She married Edward Greene (114), February 22, 1915, who died prior to her death and was buried at Boyne Falls, Michigan. Alice died May 29, 1930 and is buried in the Georgetown Cemetery.
      1. GEORGE VAN WAGON JR. (1310) was the only child of Alice and George VanWagon. He was born April 18, 1900 and died in 1947.
      2. MYRTLE (KELLEY) LILLEY (1311) was the first child born to Aaron and Alice Kelley. She was born November 7, 1910. On September 14, 1930 she married John Lilley (2234). They have five children. John, age 75 passed away, January 18, 1978, interment Georgetown Cemetery.
        1. IRENE (LILLEY) PLATT (2235), is the first child of John and Myrtle Lilley and was born March 10, 1932. She married Howard Platt (2240), June 30, 1950. They have three children.
          1. NANCY (2241), born August 14, 1951.
          2. PATRICIA (2242), born December 31, 1952.
          3. JANEE (2243), born August 9, 1956.
        2. MAURICE LILLEY (2236), is the second child of John and Myrtle Lilley and was born June 7,1933. He married Janet Vickers (2244), February 20, 1954. They have two children.
          1. MARTIN (2245), born December 29, 1955
          2. RAYMOND (2246), born August 19, 1956
        3. WARREN LILLEY (2237), is the third child of John and Myrtle Lilley and was born August 24, 1935. He married Mary Ann Bass (2247), December 11 1954. They have three children.
          1. PAMLA (2248), born June 29, 1955.
          2. JAMES (2249), born April 29, 1958.
          3. SCOTT (2250), born March 25, 1959.
        4. LOUISE LILLEY (2238), the fourth child of John and Myrtle Lilley was born May 24, 1941. She is not married.
        5. WAYNE LILLEY (2239) was the fifth child born February 15, 1946. He is not married.
      3. ELEANOR (KELLEY) (MOYER) GOYT (1312) was the second child of Aaron and Alice Kelley and was born March 10, 1914. She married Jesse Moyer (2253) in 1933 and Bob Goyt (2255) on December 31, 1960. She has two children.
        1. ISAAC KELLEY (2252), the first child who was born June 26, 1931. He married LaVon May Kitely (2256), August 15, 1953. They have one child.
          1. VONNIE MAY (2257), born December 9, 1954.
        2. EVERETT MOYER (2254), was the second child and was born, February 23,1934. He married Bonnie Kay Skult (2258), August 15, 1953. They have five children.
          1. DELLA MARIE (2259), born May 24, 1955.
          2. JESSE EVERETT (2260), born May 28, 1956
          3. TERRY LYNN (2261), born January 21, 1958.
          4. BECKEY KAY (2262), born April 20, 1959.
          5. DALE J (2263), born October 30, 1960.
    13. ESTHER BROOKLIN (LOWING) ENGEL (57) was the thirteenth and last child born to Holden and Eleanor Lowing. She was born July 31, 1881. She married William Engel (115), who was born January 29, 1877 and died February 25, 1952. He was a farmer. Esther died December 11, 1914 and is buried in the Georgetown Cemetery. They had five children.
      1. MARVIN ENGEL (1313), the first child of William and Esther Engel was born July 8, 1903. He never married. Died June 11, 1984, buried Georgetown Cemetery.
      2. DOROTHEA (ENGEL) WOODBURN (1414), was the second child born to William and Esther Engel. She was born October 27, 1905 and is a graduate of Rockford High School, where she received special honors in chemistry. Dorothy is a Registered Nurse having studied at Butterworth Hospital. She married Kenneth A. Woodburn (2264), January 1, 1931 who died July 20, 1952. Dorothea passed away June 25, 1963, buried in Wyoming Cemetery. Six children were born to this union.
        1. RONALD K WOODBURN (2265), is the eldest child of Kenneth and Dorothy Woodburn who was born October 17, 1931. He married Margaret M Meyer (2271), April 15, 1952. Ronald is a veteran of World War II. At present he is a Tool and Die worker. They have five children.
          1. RONALD K., JR (2272), born July 16, 1953.
          2. PATRICIA K (2273), born March 12, 1955.
          3. KENNETH A (2274), born February 2,1957.
          4. KATHLEEN A (2275), born April 12, 1958.
          5. RICHARD W (2276), born March 1, 1960.
        2. MARILYN A. (WOODBURN) HEILEMAN (2266), is the second child of Kenneth and Dorothy Woodburn and was born March 5,1933. She is a graduate of Grandville High School and on December 29,1951 she married Frederick A. Heileman (2277) and live in Dutton. They have four children.
          1. FREDERICK R. HEILEMAN JR. (2278), born July 23,1952. Married May 15 to Gwendlyn J. Edema (3483). Divorced October 30, 1987.
            1. NATHANIEL J. HEILEMAN (3484), born September 1, 1983
          2. KENNETH A. HEILEMAN (2279), born September 1, 1953.
          3. MICHAEL A.HEILEMAN (2280), born October 16,1956. Married May 15,1978 to Debra A Witzak (3485).
            1. REBECCA ANN HEILEMAN (3486), born September 15, 1979.
            2. KRISTIN KATHLEEN HEILEMAN (3487), born March 22, 1982.
          4. ROGER A. HEILEMAN (2281), born June 15, 1959.
        3. NANCY CAROL (WOODBURN) DE JONGE (2267), is the third child of Kenneth and Dorothy Woodburn. She was born April 5, 1934 and attended Grandville High School. She married Willard H. De Jonge (2282), a high school teacher April 1, 1953. They have two children. Nancy passed away December 18, 1969, buried in Wyoming Cemetery, Grandville.
          1. WILLARD H. DE JONGE JR. (2283), born September 26, 1955. Married April 20,1985 to Lori Lynn Lerch (3488).
            1. CHANTELLE CHARISE DE JONGE (3489), born March 22,1989.
          2. KIMBERLY R. (DE JONGE) CURTHS (2284), born November 29, 1957. Married May 16,1981 to Michael Lee Curths (3490).
            1. ANDREA LEE CURTHS (3491), born May 12, 1982.
            2. AUSTIN MICHAEL CURTHS (3492), born October 28, 1985.
        4. LARRY KENGEL WOODBURN (2268), the fourth child of Kenneth and Dorothy Woodburn, was born June 28, 1940. He married September 1972 to Rachel Naggart (3493), in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
        5. LINDA LOU (WOODBURN) CORCORAN (2269), was the fifth child of Kenneth and Dorothy Woodburn, she was born June 14, 1943. Married Thomas Frederick Corcoran (3494), October 17, 1964.
          1. CHRISTOPHER THOMAS CORCORAN (3495), born April 2, 1966.
        6. GARY RANDALL WOODBURN (2270), was the sixth child born July 9, 1946 and was a student at Grandville High School. He married Sheila Ann Vinkemulder (3496), July 15, 1967.
      3. LEE ELDRIN ENGEL (1315), was the third child of William and Esther Engel and was born July 24,1907. He married Donna L. Huckleberry (2286), March 7, 1931. Lee lived in Cedar Springs, Michigan and worked for the Wolverine Shoe and Tanning Co. of Rockford. He belonged to Masonic Lodge #213 F&AM and the Methodist Church. They had two children. Lee died July 7, 1972, buried in Cedar Springs, MI.
        1. ROBERT E. ENGEL (2287), the first child born to Lee and Donna Engel was born September 3, 1932. He married Many Elliott (2289) of Laramie, Wyoming on June 19, 1956. Robert is a graduate of Cedar Springs High School and has served eight years in the Armed Services. They have three children.
          1. JERRY LEE (2290), born March 25, 1957.
          2. REBECCA (2291), born November 9, 1958.
          3. DEB ORAH KAY (2292), born June 12, 1961.
        2. DONNA LEE (ENGEL) HOLTON (2288) is the second child of Lee and Donna Engel. She was born September 19, 1934 and is a graduate of Cedar Springs High School. She married Earl Holton (2293), August 9,1952. He is a District Manager for Meijer Super Markets. They have four children.
          1. MICHAEL HOLTON (2294), born January 21, 1954. Married October 11, 1980 to JoAnne Sowa (3497).
            1. NICHOLAS SKEETS HOLTON (3498), born April 2, 1983.
            2. KATY JO HOLTON (3499), born January 13, 1985.
            3. SARA ALLISON HOLTON (3500), born July 7, 1987.
          2. ELIZABETH ANN (HOLTON) ZILIOX (2295), born July 5, 1955. Married December 20, 1975 to Donald Ziliox (3501).
            1. DONALD ZILIOX (3502), born September 19, 1982.
          3. BRIAN HOLTON (2296), born July 30, 1957.
          4. KIMBERLY SUE HOLTON (3503), born July 24, 1966.
      4. WILBUR ENGEL (1316), was the fourth child of William and Esther Engel was born May 29, 1909. He died February 11, 1932 and is buried in the Georgetown Cemetery.
      5. CLARK JENNING ENGEL (1317) was the fifth and last child born to William and Esther Engel. He was born June 23, 1911 and graduated from Rockford High School and attended California Concordia College in Oakland, California. He married Carolyn E. Johnson (2297) of Los Angeles, California, September 16, 1945. Clark served in the U.S. Coast Guard during World War II and now works for the Postal Department. Clark has been a member of the Bethany Lutheran Church of Hollywood, California for thirty years and has sung in the choir of that church for twenty-eight years. They have two children.
        1. SHARON E. (2298), born March 12, 1949
        2. ALLEN C. (2299), born November 3, 1953.

    This Completes The Life Of Holden Crandall Lowing And All His Known Descendants.

    Ch. 07 : Isaac Newton Lowing

    Lowing Family History

    Updated by Bruce Sheridan Lowing

    Chapter 7: Isaac Newton Lowing

    ISAAC NEWTON LOWING (71), the fifth child and fifth son of Isaac and Lavina Lowing was born at Bethany, New York, in Genesee, County, on January 27, 1823. He spent his boyhood there. Two of his brothers, Stephen and Holden, had settled in Michigan in 1841, and his father followed them in 1842, taking up land and building a cabin. The mother, and the rest of the family were to arrive the next year, when all was ready for them. Isaac, at the venturesome age of nineteen decided not to wait for the family, so in 1842, with a scant sum of money in his pocket he walked to Buffalo, and took a steamer to Detroit, arriving there with a magnificent sum of $1.25 in his pocket.

    He left Detroit on foot, carrying 27 pounds on his back. He followed an Indian trail and when he came to Grand River, he found a canoe that he paddled for two days on the river. He finally decided that the river meandered too much and he could make it faster by walking. He had a good stride, as he was six foot three. Much of the way was through a total wilderness. He finally reached Sand Creek, and crossed to the other side, where his brother Stephen had taken up land. Leaving his brother's, he struck through the dense woods to find his father's shanty. He didn"t know where to go, but finally heard someone chopping, and was overjoyed, because he said he would know the sound of his fathers axe anywhere.

    That summer, the father, Holden, Isaac and Franklin Bosworth, who had just arrived to settle his land, lived in the 10 by 14 foot shanty. The little furniture they had was all handmade, mostly of slab wood, two or three slab benches and a table, and the bunks made out of poles, fastened to the walls.

    James brought the family in 1843. It was a crowded cabin, with the father, mother, three boys and three girls. Every night the men folks had to go outside until the women folks went to bed, then they would go in and go to bed.

    For several years Isaac worked as head sawyer at different mills. The Mexican War broke out and he enlisted in the Infantry, November 15, 1847. While on the Gulf of Mexico, he rescued his comrade, William Seavey of Coopersville from drowning, at the peril of his own life. He was mustered out as Corporal, July 18, 1848. For his services in the Army, Isaac Lowing received a deed, which was conveyed to him June 1, 1850, a tract of land 160 acres on Section 30, Georgetown. On this he built his first home.

    In the spring of 1854, he returned to Bethany, Genessee Co., N.Y., and on March 28, 1854, he was united in marriage to Miss Jane West (1318) and immediately returned to Michigan with his bride.

    He was Justice of the Peace for eight years and never had a decision reversed. He filled other offices, and fought for justice and law before courts a number of years in a successful manner. As justice he officiated at many weddings for the pioneers, and was affectionately called 'squire Lowing".

    In 1871, he built the large frame house of timber from his land, and there the family lived for many years. He also built a bowery near his home for the amusement of his children and the neighborhood. It was used for dancing, until one group brought in liquor, and the next day he tore it down. He always wore tucked, stiff bosomed white shirts, which had to be laundered carefully. His wife, being unable to suit his fastidiousness, always gave them to her sister Clarinda Burlingame to do.

    Isaac passed away at his home June 7, 1908, at the age of eighty-five years. Two sons, Joe an d Elwin, and one daughter, Mrs. Ethel Ranney survived him. Jane was born December 9, 1830, died February 19, 1891, at the age of sixty. They are buried in Georgetown Cemetery. Isaac and Jane had eleven children.

    1. DANIEL W LOWING (1319) was the first child of Isaac Newton and Jane (West) Lowing, was born January 27, 1855, and died February of the same year.
    2. FLORENCE (LOWING) STEEN (1320), the second child was born September 26, 1857 in Georgetown, Michigan. She attended Georgetown District School No. 5., also called the Alward School. She became a teacher until her marriage to Claus Steen (1330), September 28, 1881. Her husband was born in the Netherlands, September 9, 1850. He was a farmer. She belonged to the Congregational Church, and was a member of the Maccabees and Gleaner's. She died May 24, 1892, and is buried in Georgetown Cemetery. They had two children.
      1. JANE ELNORA STEEN (1332), was born June 3, 1883, at Georgetown, Michigan. She attended the Alward School and made her home with her brother for many years on Blair Road near Hudsonville. She is retired and now lives with her niece in Wayne, Michigan. She belongs to the H.O.H. Jane passed away April 19, 1974 at age 91, buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
      2. WILLIAM STEEN (1331) was born in Georgetown, June 4, 1886. He attended the Alward School, and assisted his father with the farm until his father's death. He married Mrs. Carrie Sherill (2366), September 20,1940, at Grand Haven, Michigan. They have retired from farming but he continues with the poultry business. He is a member of the Moose. No children. William passed away June 7, 1975 at age 89; Carrie passed away October 29, 1974 in Zeeland at age 86, both are buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
    3. ELROY LOWING (1321), was born July 14, 1859, and attended the Alward School. He assisted on his father's farm until he was stricken with tuberculosis, and died May 1, 1880, at the age of twenty-one. He belonged to the Grange. Never married.
    4. ARTHUR LOWING (1322), was born February 14, 1861, and attended Alward School. He lived at home until he died after a long illness, March 8, 189 1. He is buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
    5. LUMAN LOWING (1323), died at birth June 6, 1862.
    6. HOWARD LOWING (1324), was born April 1, 1863, and died tow years later August 2,1865.
    7. JOE LOWING (1325), was born October 16, 1864. He attended the Alward School. For a time he taught school, he joined the Grange and was very active in that organization. He ran a store in Grandville, and later bought a farm in Trufant, Michigan. He married Violet Corwin (1333), February 6, 1907, and they had one daughter Victoria. He died at his daughter's in Tnufant, April 7, 1950. He is buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
      1. VICTORIA (LOWING) NICHOLS (1334), attended school in Scottville, and Lake Odessa, Michigan. She married Benjamin Nichols (2367), April 2, 1927, and for years lived in Trufant. They have two children.
        1. CHARLES NICHOLS (2368), born April 6, 1929
        2. STANLEY NICHOLS (2369), born August 15, 1932.
    8. ELVIE (LOWING) YOUNG (1326), was born October 30, 1867 in Georgetown Township. She attended Alward School, and lived at home until her marriage to Marvin D. Young (1335), March 31, 1885. He was a lumberman and later a farmer. They moved to Riverton Township, Mason Co., M ichigan. Elvie died October 12, 1887, when her son was only a few months old. She is buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
      1. JESSE LEROY YOUNG (1336), was born March 24, 1886 in Mason Township. He attended schools in Scottville, Michigan. He married Carrie Erma Wood (2301), of Custer Township, Mason County, November 16, 1916 at Scottville. He is a member of Masonic Lodge #445, Scottville, and belongs to State and National Grange. They have two children.
        1. WENDELL M. YOUNG (2302), first child of Carrie and Jesse Leroy Young was born in Riverton Township, October 31, 1917. He attended East Riverton Grade School, Scottville High School and Michigan State University. He married Eleanor L. Gifford (2304), June 28, 1941, at Scottville Methodist Parsonage. He is a farmer and she taught school. They are members of the Methodist Church, and the Farm Bureau. They have three children.
          1. BEVERLY JOYCE (2305), born February 27, 1948.
          2. DORIS CAROL (2306), born June 25,1950.
          3. NANCY ELAINE (2307), born August 4, 1955.
        2. ELVIS MARCIA (YOUNG) ANDERSON (2303), daughter of Carrie and Jesse Leroy Young was born August 14, 1921, in Rivertown Township. She attended the Riverton Twp School, Scottville High School, and Central Michigan University. She married Joe Warren Anderson (2308), June 26, 1943, at Coldwater, Michigan. He is a machine operator and a farmer. She is a Methodist Sunday School Teacher, Jr. Church Leader and he belongs to Masonic Lodge, Boy Scout Leader, she is a substitute teacher in the Scottville Schools. They have four children.
          1. MAX LEROY (2309), born May 11, 1947.
          2. DEAN HARLOW (2310), born February 26, 1950.
          3. BRUCE WARREN (2311), born April 16, 1952.
          4. VERN WALTER (2312), born December 23, 1954.
    9. ETHEL (LOWING) RANNEY (1327), was born at Hudsonville May 4, 1869. She attended the Alward School. She married Alvor M. Ranney (1337), May 27,1891 at Hudsonville, Michigan. They moved to Craig, Colorado where he worked as a bookeeper. She was a member of the Congregational Church, and of the Order of the Eastern Star. She died August 31, 1928 and is buried in Denver, Colorado. They had four children.
      1. ELVIS GRACE (RANNEY) WRIDE (1338), was born at Craig, Colorado, June 30,1892. She attended school at Craig, Colorado, graduated from High School at Grandville, Michigan and attended College at Greeley, Colorado. She married Harry Wride (1341), August 16, 1916 at Denver Colorado. He was a mechanic, now retired She is a member of the Presbyterian Church, Order of the Eastern Star, and belongs to the American Legion Auxiliary. They had two children.
        1. ELSON KENNETH WRIDE (1342), was born June 20, 1920, at Durango, Colorado. He attended local schools and the Colorado A & M at Fort Collins, Colorado (now Colorado State Univ.) He married Anna Mae Shideler (2313) at Albuquerque, New Mexico, March 24, 1947, and moved to Hobbs, New Mexico, where he is Electrical Engineer for the Gulf Oil Corp. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church, belongs to the Masonic Lodge, and sponsor of the DeMolay, and is Republican Party Chairman of County Finance Committee. He served in the United States Marine Corps 1940-1946. They have six children.
          1. CHARLES ROBERT (2314), born January 5, 1943.
          2. KATHRYN ANN (2315), born June 30, 1948.
          3. ELLEN VIRGINIA (2316), born September 24,195 1.
          4. LIBBY LOUISE (2317), born April 4, 1957.
          5. DONALD ELSON (2318), born July 3, 1958.
          6. WILLIAM HARRY (2319), born July 3, 1958.
        2. DONALD HARRY WRIDE (2320), born June 11, 1923, at Longmont Colorado, and died March 6, 1929 at Loveland, Colorado.
      2. HOWARD NEWTON RANNEY (2300), was born May 29,1894 and died February 27,1896 at Craig Colorado.
      3. AVIS MAY (RANNEY) SORENSEN (1339), third child of Ethel and Alvor Ranney was born November 9, 1897. She attended Denver Elementary School and South Denver High School. She married Stanley L. Sorensen (2321), August 1, 1923, at Denver, Colorado. She belongs to the South Presbyterian Church, Ladies Auxiliary to Francis Brown Lowry Post #501 Veterans of Foreign Wars. Elects Chapter #60, Order of the Eastern Star. Her husband is deceased. She has six children
        1. STANLEY LYSLE SORENSEN (2322), was born June 18, 1924 at Denver, Colorado. He attended the Denver Schools. He marred Leatrice J. Brunning (2328) April 1, 1951 at Denver, Colorado. He is Denver City Fireman. They belong to the St.Paul's Lutheran Church. Is a veteran of Foreign Wars, and belongs to the Military order of the Cooties, and the Foot Printers Ass"n. He served in the US Army Medical Corp from 1943 to 1947. They have four children.
          1. VALERIE LYNN (2329), born February 3, 1952.
          2. STANLEY NEAL (2330), born January 3, 1954.
          3. JEANNETTE (2331), born February 7, 1956.
          4. JULIE RENEE (2332), born July 14, 1957.
        2. FRANK ALVOR SORENSEN (2323), born January 16,1927 at Denver. He attended schools in Denver. He married Gloria Marie Santos (2333), June 18, 1947. He is a Veteran of Foreign Wars, and the Military Order of Cooties. He served in the US Navy from January 1944 to 1946. They moved to 3024 Van Buren Dr. , Tampa, Fla., where he is associated with the Lindsley Lumber Co. at Tampa, Florida. They have one child.
          1. STEFAEN BRUCE (2334), born October 11, 1950.
        3. ROBERT SAM SORENSEN (2324), was born August 26, 1928, at Denver, and died September 22, 1937. He is buried Crown Hill Burial Gardens.
        4. RICHARD LEROY SORENSEN (2325), was born February 13, 1930, at Denver Colorado. He attended the Denver Schools. He married Mary Ann Loney (2335), April 11, 1958, at Denver Colorado. They live at 2282 So. Williams, Denver. He was in the service and is a Veteran of Foreign Wars, and Member of the Military Order of Cooties. They have two children.
          1. MATTHEW WAYNE (2336), born March 4, 1959.
          2. MARK ALLEN (2337), born March 21, 1961.
        5. EUNICE DAGMAR (SORENSEN) OSBORNE (2326), was born February 4, 1932, at Denver, Colorado. She attended school in Denver. She married Robert D. Osborne (2338). She is a member of the South Presbyterian Church. He is employed by the Martin Co. They have four children all born in Denver, Colo.
          1. STANLEY ROBERT (2339), born October 13, 1951.
          2. RICHARD MELVIN (2340), born December 29, 1952.
          3. SANDRA KAY (2341), born December 21, 1955.
          4. PATRICIA LYNN (2342), born December 7, 1961.
        6. AVIS MAUREEN (SORENSEN) ROOT (2327), was born July 26, 1940. She attended schools in Denver. She married Kenneth S. Root (2343), who served the US Navy., April 4, 1961 at Denver, Colorado. They were stationed in Coronado, California. She belongs to South Presbyterian Church.
      4. EUNICE ELIZA (RANNEY) MADDEN (1340), was born October 29,1900, at Denver, Colorado. She attended Denver Elementary School and Manuel Training High School. She married John Madden (2344) at Denver Colorado. She passed away July 31, 1925, and is buried in Denver, Colorado.
    10. MYRA LOWING (1328) was born in Georgetown, Michigan May 3, 1871 and died November 11, 1874, at the age of three. She is buried in the Georgetown Cemetery.
    11. ELWIN LOWING (1329), last child of Isaac and Jane (West) Lowing was born August 14, 1874, at Georgetown, Michigan. He attended the Alward School. He married Edith Louella Purchase (1343) July 12, 1899, at Georgetown. Elwin lived in the Isaac Lowing homestead for many years. For a few years he owned and operated a store, and later worked for the Grand Rapids Railway Company. He died December 26, 1946, and is buried in Georgetown Cemetery. They had four children.
      1. BLANCHE (LOWING) (TABOR) BERNARD (1344), eldest child of Elwin and Edith (Purchase) Lowing was born in Georgetown, June 24, 1901. She attended Alward School, Hudsonville, South Grand Rapids High and Detroit Business University. She was married to Paul Taber (2345) July 7, 1925. She belongs to the Presbyterian Church, is a member of the Nursing Associationn, Doll Clubs and WRC. She is employed as a nurse and Ward Supervisor at the Wayne County Hospital. She has one son. Marriage #2 to Mr. Bernard (2351).
        1. PAUL ELWIN TABOR (2346), was born March 3, 1929, He attended schools in Detroit and Garden City, Michigan. He married Patricia Ann McInty re (2347) September 9, 1952 at the Garden City Presbyterian Church. He owns the Garden City Welding Co., where she was a secretary before their marriage. He belongs to the Democratic Club, Optimist Club, Hawthorne Valley Golf Club. He was a Corporal in the Marines from 1945 to 1947. They have three children, all born in Garden City, Michigan.
          1. PAUL DENNIS (2348), born December 2, 1953.
          2. LINETTE MARIE (2349), born August 24, 1955.
          3. TERRI ANN (2350), born June 1, 1957.
      2. BERNICE ARMEDA LOWING (1345), second child of Elwin and Edith (Purchase) Lowing was born September 4, 1904. She attended schools at Georgetown, Hudsonville, Dutton, Grand Rapids High and Olivet College. She passed away September 26, 1924, at the age of twenty. She is buried in Georgetown Cemetery. She belonged to Wealthy Street Baptist Church.
      3. ARTHUR KENNETH LOWING (1346), was born August 21, 1908. He attended schools in Georgetown, East Grand Rapids, Bowen Station. He is a farmer, was never married and lives at Cedar Spring, Michigan.
      4. DOROTHY ALMA (LOWING) SULLIVAN (1347), was born May 11, 1911 at Georgetown. She attended school at Alward, Bowen Station, Grand Rapids, and River Rouge. She was a saleslady. She married Harry J. Sullivan (2352) May 5, 1931 at Detroit, Michigan. He was a fruit broker. She died August 22, 1939, and was buried at Holy Sepulcher, Detroit. They had two children.
        1. JAMES REGIS SULLIVAN (2353), born January 11, 1932.
        2. JEROME ROBERT SULLIVAN (2354), born August 17, 1937.

    This Concludes The Known Descendants Of Isaac Newton Lowing.

    Ch. 08 : Mary Jeanette (Lowing Bosworth)

    Lowing Family History

    Updated by Bruce Sheridan Lowing

    Chapter 8: Mary Jeanette (Lowing Bosworth)

    MARY JEANNETTE (LOWING) BOSWORTH (43), the sixth child and first daughter of Isaac and Lavina Lowing, was born June 5, 1825, at Bethany, N.Y. She attended school, and her mother gave her training to meet the rugged life of pioneer women, carding, spinning, weaving, sewing, candle making, quilting, soap from lye and ashes.

    She belonged to the Baptist Church in Bethany. She was eighteen when the family made the boat trip to Michigan, and was always proud of the fact, that in spite of the storms, she was not seasick. The family told how they padded the head and foot of their bunks to keep from becoming battered as their small ship plunged in the waves of the storms.

    Her brother, Holden had written her glowing accounts of Michigan, that their new cabin was right on the State Road, but she found only a fallen tree at the edge of their clearing in the wilderness to indicate the future site of the road, and their lovely home in Michigan was but a 10 x 14 log cabin, with a loft, reached by a ladder.

    Mr. E. Franklin Bosworth (82) had arrived in Michigan in 1842, and had taken up his land near the Lowings. As a boy he had been apprenticed to a Mr. Page of Bethany, N.Y, where he had received an education both in the common schools and at Bethany Academy. When Franklin was 21, he was offered his choice of one hundred dollars or 80 acres of land that Page had prospected in Michigan. He chose the land. He lived in the cabin with Isaac and his sons Holden and Isaac, while lie built his cabin on his nearby land. The rest of the family arrived October 18, 1843.

    Mary J. Lowing married E. Franklin Bosworth, September 25, 1846, and moved the short distance to her new home. They had many of the early hard times, but both being good managers, they were able to build one of the first frame houses in the vicinity, and she had the first carpets on the floor.

    Mary became the mid-wife of the community, and assisted at the birth of 89 babies in her lifetime, as well as being nurse for many other types of sickness. She was usually called before the doctor, and many said her entrance into the sickroom was better cure than the medicine. In spite of her large family and their needs, she welcomed many other needy people into her home.

    They had 11 children, and strived to give each one of them an education, and 6 of them taught school. Franklin was continually called upon for advice in deeds, land boundaries, while during the Civil War, he acted as agent for many of the soldiers, guarding their property and paying their taxes.

    September 25th 1896, Mary and Franklin Bosworth celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary, surrounded by their children, relatives, friends and neighbors. A dearly loved and highly respected couple, that had given of themselves, and due to their presence had made their community a better place to live.

    Franklin died February 23, 1899, and she lived in the old homestead until her last illness. She died at the home of her youngest daughter Gertrude Gillett, June 4, 1903. They both are buried in the Georgetown Cemetery.

    1. MARY E. (BOSWORTH) LOWING (83), the first child of Mary Lowing and E. Franklin Bosworth was born in Georgetown, July 12, 1848. She attended Canada Hill School, and a Teacher's training school in Grand Rapids. She taught her first school at Jamestown, when that area was just a few cab ins in the woods. She also taught her home school and Haire's School before going to Manlius, Illinois in the Fall of 1869, to teach there and live with her Uncle Elisha and Aunt Libby. She married Hulburt Loring (91), December 25,1870 of Manlius, Illinois and died in Childbirth June 27 1872. She is buried there.
    2. FRANK E. BOWORTH (84), was born June 5, 1850 and died February 25,1853. He is buried in the Bauer Road Cemetery.
    3. CHARLES E. BOSWORTH (85), was born June 13, 1852, in Georgetown Township as the second son of Mary J. Lowing and Edward F. Bosworth. He taught school for a short time before his marriage to Margaret Sheridan (92) of Allendale on June 11, 1883. Most of his life was spent as a farmer. They lived for several years on the old E. Franklin Bosworth homestead. Charles E. followed the school interests of his father, and likewise was Director of the Georgetown No. 1 District for many years. It was often called the Bosworth School as well as Canada Hill School. He also served several terms as township Supervisor. He retired in 1922 and built a home in Grandville. Charles died, February 26, 1926 and his wife in 1936. They has six children, four of them lived to adulthood.
      1. SUSAN (BOSWORTH) BERGER (1350), was born October 22,1886. She married William H. Berger (1359), April 26, 1911. William Berger was a farmer and automobile dealer. He founded the Berger Chevrolet Company that he operated in association with his sons. It is one of the oldest automobile agencies in Michigan. He was active in civic and business affairs. Susie, as she was known, died in 1957. William lived in the family home on Cottonwood Drive in Georgetown Township. They had three children.
        1. R. DALE BERGER (1360), was born May 26, 1914. He graduated from Grandville High School and was general manager of the Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids. He married Gretchen VanderNoot (2373) on August 27, 1936. They had three children. Dale was divorced and was married to Vivian Burback (2377) in 1961. They reside in Grand Rapids. Vivian passed away June 15, 1988. R. Dale passed away September 3, 1990
          1. R. DALE BERGER, JR. (2374), was born December 23, 1938. He graduated from East Grand Rapids High School and attended General Motors Tech. Following the family tradition. He is associated with his father and grandfather in the automobile business. He is used car manager for the Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids. R. Dale, Jr. married Lynne Ludlow (2378), March 29, 1958. They have two children.
            1. MATHEW SHAWN BERGER (2379), born March 11, 1959. Married Sharie Lynn Vas (1491), daughter of J. Roger and Marily (VanderZon) Vos of Grand Rapids, MI, on July 21, 1984.
            2. JODY LYNNE BERGER (2380), born November 8, 1961.
          2. KAREN SUZANNE (BERGER) WHITE (2375), was born November 1, 1941. She graduated from East Grand Rapids High School and attended Michigan State University. She married Thomas White (2381) in 1959. He is a sales representative for an electrical firm. They have one child.
            1. JACQUELINE SUE (2382), born in 1960.
          3. WILLIAM H. BERGER (2376), born January 19, 1945.
        2. NED BERGER (1361), second son of William and Susie Berger, was born April 5, 1916. He graduated from Grandville High School. He married Lenore Richardson (2383), August 15, 1936. Ned operates the Berger Chevrolet in Ionia, Michigan, where the family makes their home. They have three children.
          1. NED BERGER, JR. (2384), born in 1942, attended Michigan State University
          2. DIANE (2385), born in 1945, attended Ionia High School.
          3. DEBRA (2386), born in 1951.
        3. WILLIAM C. BERGER (2372), was born February 9,1928. He graduated from Grandville High School. In 1950 he married Mary VanderLey (2387). William operates the Berger Chevrolet in Greenville, Michigan. Their home is in Belding, Michigan. They have three children.
          1. WILLIAM C., JR. (2388), born September 18, 1951.
          2. MARY LYNN (2389), born December 7, 1953.
          3. SCOTT MINER (2390), born February 19, 1961.
      2. CARL C. BOSWORTH (1349), was born January 26, 1889. He attended Grandville High School. He married Anna DeVree (1353), March 12, 1912. His early life was spent as a farmer. Later he was an automobile salesman He moved from the family farm to Grandville in 1924 where he lived until 1946 when he moved to his present home in Georgetown Township. Carl served as a school board member and served several terms as a justice of the peace both in Grandville and Georgetown. Anna died in 1949. They had seven children. He was married to Rose Hansen (2391) in 1953. They live at 9197 Cottonwood Drive in Georgetown Township.
        1. WARREN BOSWORTH (1354), was born December 9, 1912. He graduated from Grandville High School. He married Mina Phillips (2394), January 21, 1939. Warren worked in a supervisory job for the Porter Hadley Company in Grand Rapids, for many years. He graduated from Western Michigan University in 1962 and is now a schoolteacher in Grandville High School. He has served several terms as a school board member. Mina is office secretary for the Jenison Public Schools. They have three sons. Warren passed away December 3, 1985.
          1. STEPHEN W. BOSWORTH (2395), was born December 4, 1939. He graduated from Grandville High School in 1957 and from Dartmouth College in 1961. He was married to Sandra DePuit (2398), September 1961. Stephen served with the United States Department of State as Vice Consul to Panama
            1. ANDREW CARL (2399), born July 21, 1962.
            2. ALLISON LEE BOSWORTH (3504), born September 1, 1966.
          2. BARRY P. BOSWORTH (2396), was born August 14, 1942 and was a student at the University of Michigan. He married Nancy DePuit (3505), August 7,1965.
          3. BRIAN R. BOSWORTH (2397), born October 8, 1943, was a student at Dartmouth College. Brian married Sally Plamondon (3506), June 12, 1965.
            1. MICHAEL BRIAN BOSWORTH (3507), born October 19, 1966.
            2. KRISTINA LYNN BOSWORTH (3508), born November 22, 1968.
        2. MARGARET (BOSWORTH) JACOBS (1355), was born January 5, 1915. She graduated from Grandville High School and attended Central Michigan College. She married Louis Jacobs (2400), March 16, 1940. Louis is an accountant employed by the Oliver Company of Battle Creek. Margaret is advertising manager for the Sears Store in Battle Creek. They have two children and live at 265 Hunter, Battle Creek, Michigan. Louis passed away July 23, 1973. Buried in Battle Creek, MI. Margaret passed away March 1989.
          1. JAMES M. JACOBS (2401), was born November 13, 1943, graduated from Battle Creek High School in 1961 and served in the armed forces.
          2. LINDA ANNE JACOBS (2402), born May 20, 1949.
        3. WILLIAM ROBERT BOSWORTH (1356), was born March 20, 1918. He graduated from Grandville High School. He was married to Mary Cronheim (2403), January 13, 1942. William served five years in the Army during World War 11. He served in France with the 100th Division and was discharged from the Army in 1945 with the rank of 1st Lieutenant. He was awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart. After the war, he spent several years homesteading in Alaska. He returned to the States in 1950 and is now superintendent of the Hi-Ram Company in Grand Rapids. William served several years as a member of the Grandville City Commission and is now on the Kent County Board of Supervisors. Bill and Mary have four children and make their home at 3780 Cheyenne Drive, Grandville.
          1. WILLIAM R. BOSWORTH, JR. (2404), was born March 27, 1943 and was a student at Grand Rapids Junior College. Married Linda Prins (3509), February 10, 1967.
            1. WILLIAM R. BOSWORTH III (3510), born June 6, 1968.
            2. SARA CHRISTIN BOSWORTH (3511), born April 6, 1971.
          2. SUSAN M. (BOSWORTH) BUKREY (2405), born January 1, 1945. Married James Bukrey (3512), June 27, 1970.
            1. JESSICA MARIE BUKREY (3513), born November 14, 1973.
            2. BENJAMIN JOSEPH BUKREY (3514), born December 21, 1975.
          3. JON DANA BOSWORTH (2406), born February 27, 1950. Passed away, age 25, February 3, 1976
          4. KELLY M. (BOSWORTH) STOKES (2407), born March 11, 1951. Marriage-2 to Michael Stokes (3515), September 23, 1972.
            1. CASSANDRA MARY STOKES (3516), born February 16, 1971.
            2. KATE ANNA STOKES (3517), born December 23, 1974
        4. JOAN (BOSWORTH) MCCLOW (1357), was born July 24, 1920. She graduated from Grandville High School. She was married to Ray McClow (2408), October 3, 1941. Ray is employed in the construction industry as a welder. He served with the army overseas during World War II. Both are active in local church and community affairs. They live at 4616 36th St. SW, Grandville, but expect to move to a farm home they are remodeling in Georgetown Township. They have five children. Ray passed away December 28, 1989.
          1. KARIN K. (MC GLOW) ORR (2409), born September 27, 1942 and attended Albion College. She married Vance Orr (3518), March 29, 1965.
            1. DIERDRE ELLEN ORR (3519), born May 28, 1967.
            2. DAITLAN ORR (3520), born 1971.
            3. MAURYA KATHLEEN ORR (3521), born April 14, 1980
            4. VANCE WOLMUTH ORR (3522), born November 4, 1982.
          2. LISA M. (MC GLOW) BERRY (2410), born January 15, 1947. Married Chris W. Berry (3523), April 7,1967.
            1. AARON PATRICK BERRY (3524), born January 13, 1969 in Washington, D.C.
          3. MICHAEL RAY MC GLOW (2411), born September 27, 1952. Married Carol Albrecht (3525) of Hudsonville on December 16, 1972. Carol born February 12, 1953.
          4. JILL ELLEN (MC GLOW) BURKE (2412), born September 2, 1953. Married Phillip Burke (3526) of Wyoming, MI on August 26, 1972. Phillip born September 3, 1951.
          5. AMY LEE (MC GLOW) JUREWICZ (2413), born December 24, 1960. Married Gerald Michael Jurewicz (3527), son of Gerald and Janet Jurewicz, on August 31, 1979. Gerald born April 10, 1959.
            1. JEREMY JOSEPH JUREWICZ (3528), born September 27, 1980.
            2. TOBY MICHAEL JUREWICZ (3529), born March 10, 1983.
        5. FRANKLIN CARL BOSWORTH (1338), was born October 21, 1922. He graduated from Grandville High School and the University of Michigan. He was married to Lorraine Gaunt (2414) in 1941. They have four children. After serving overseas with the Army Air Force Intelligence during World War II, Franklin returned to the University of Michigan and received his M.S. degree in 1947. Since that time he has been employed by the DuPont Corporation. He is now a sales executive for that organization. He was divorced and remarried
          1. MORRIS A. BOSWORTH (2415), born August 27, 1942, is in the Air Force. He married Alicia Rodriquez (3530), September 17, 1964
            1. ADRIANNE BOSWORTH (3531), born December 22, 1965.
            2. BENJAMIN THOMAS BOSWORTH (3532), born January 8, 1968.
            3. NATHAN ALLAN BOSWORTH (3533), born January 8, 1968
          2. FRANKLIN C. BOSWORTH, JR. (2416), born May 20, 1947, is a student at Grandville High School.
          3. ANNE LORRAINE BOSWORTH (2417), born June 30,1950, is in school at Stone Mountain, Ga.
          4. BEVERLY CHRISTINE BOSWORTH (2418), born March 22, 1952, is in school at Stone Mountain, Ga.
        6. CAROL ANN (BOSWORTH) SNYDER (2392), was born January 26,1925. She graduated from Grandville High School and Greenville College. She was married to Arthur Snyder (2419), September 5, 1945. Arthur is a graduate of Grandville High School, Greenville College, Asbury Seminary and received his M.S. degree from the University of Michigan. He served the armed forces during World War II. He is now a science teacher in the Ann Arbor school system. They have four children, and live at 1486 Cedar Bend Drive, Ann Arbor, Michigan
          1. CLARENCE H. SNYDER (2420), born May 27, 1950.
          2. TIMOTHY A. SNYDER (2421), born July 24, 1951.
          3. THOMAS L. SNYDER (2422), born May 26, 1953.
          4. ELIZABETH A. SNYDER (2423), born August 19, 1957.
        7. MARY L EE (BOSWORTH) ROBERTS (2393), was born June 29, 1930. She graduated from Grandville High School and attended the University of Michigan. She was married to Claude Roberts (2424), November 7,1954. They have four children. Before their marriage Mary Lee was engaged in Newspaper work. Claude is a schoolteacher and is now a junior high principal in Royal Oak School system. They live at 609 Hawthorne, Royal Oak, Michigan.
          1. JENNIFER C. ROBERTS (2425), born October 1, 1955.
          2. CLAUDIA J. ROBERTS (2426), born August 9, 1957.
          3. CHRISTOPHER D. ROBERTS (2427), born June 5, 1960.
          4. JEFFRY ROBERTS (3535), born December 22, 1964.
      3. LEE BOSWORTH (1351), was born January 25, 1890. He graduated from Grandville High School. He was married, February 14,1912 to Janet De Hart (1362). They had two children. He was employed for many years as a rate clerk for the Pennsylvania Railroad. Later he was a buyer for the Herpolsheimer Department Store. He and his wife Janet played and managed a dance orchestra that was very popular for dance engagements in western Michigan for many years. He died in June 1929 and was survived by his wife and two children.
        1. JUNE MARGARET (BOSWORTH) STANDER (1363), of 820 Washington Road, Grosse Pointe, Michigan, the eldest child of Lee and Janet Bosworth, was born July 3rd 1913 in Georgetown. She attended Grandville Elementary and High School and Davenport McLaughlin Business College. She married Melbourne Stander (2428) September 22, 1934 at East Congregational Church in Grand Rapids. He is Manager of the Northwestern National Life Insurance. She was Assistant Director of Grosse Pointe children's theater. He was two years in World War II. He is a member of Players, both are members of Fine Arts, belong to Grosse Pointe Memorial Church, Detroit Life Underwriter's Association and Life Agency Managers Association. They had two sons. June of St Clair Shores, aged 69 passed on January 17, 1983. Buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
          1. DAVID STANDER (2429), was born at Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, March 22,1937. He has served six months in the National Guard. He is a writer at Jam Handy. He graduated from Grosse Pointe High School and the University of Michigan. David married July, 1962
            1. JEFFREY STANDER (2883), born May 1963.
          2. RICHARD BOSWORTH STANDER (2430), was born November 6, 1947. He sings in a U.S.O. Unit all over Detroit and also makes movies for Jam Handy (This is a Sales Promotional firm).
        2. LEE BOSWORTH, JR. (1364) was born July 24, 1921. He graduated from Grandville High School. He was married in 1942 to Dawn Barnum (2431). They have three children. Lee served with the Armed Forces overseas during World War It. He is now employed as a shipping clerk. He inherited musical ability from his parents and also plays in dance bands. The family makes their home at 3389 Vermont, Grandville, Michigan
          1. SHERIDAN LEE BOSWORTH (2432), born September 22, 1943. Graduated from Grandville High School and is now employed by an office supply company in Grand Rapids. Married Melvina J. Stefon, October 3, 1964.
            1. ROYAL STEVEN BOSWORTH, born August 24, 1965 Married January 13, 1990 to Shelia J. Fairbairn.
          2. CHERYL ANN BOSWORTH (2433), born May 23, 1948.
            1. DAWN MARIE CARROLL (3666), born 1968, died August 17, 1985, buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
          3. BONNIE JEAN BOSWORTH (2434), born November 2, 1951.
      4. MARGUERITE BERNICE (BOSWORTH) CORY (1352), was born on the original Bosworth home, June 24, 1893, at Georgetown. She attended Canada Hill School. She married Clyde Cory (1365), June 20,1917, and moved to Hudsonville, where he worked in the B&T Hughes Hardware Store. After the sale of this business, he purchased blueberry farms. She belonged to the Congregational Church, and the Ladies Society, PTA. and the Georgetown Grange. She passed away April 6, 1960, Clyde passed away at age 86 on February 20, 1976 both are buried in Georgetown Cemetery. They had three children.
        1. THOMAS NELSON CORY (1366), the oldest child of Marguerite and Clyde Cory was born at Hudsonville, Michigan, March 5, 1920. He attended Hudsonville Public School and Grand Rapids University. He worked as a pharmacist at Hudsonville Drug Store for several years. He was a Medical Corporal in World War II., belongs to the Y.M.C.A. and Congregational Church.
        2. GENE BOSWORTH CORY (1367) was born at Hudsonville, Michigan, June 15, 1921. He attended Hudsonville Public School, and was a student at Grand Rapids University, at the time of his death October 7, 1940. He is buried in Georgetown Cemetery. He was a member of the Y.M.C.A. and the Congregational Church.
        3. EILEEN DAWN CORY (2435), was born May 13, 1923, at Hudsonville, Michigan. She attended Grand Rapids Business College, and Hudsonville Schools. She is employed in Grand Rapids, belongs to the Congregational Church and is a director of the Girl Scouts.
    4. LIZZIE E. BOSWORTH (86), was born December 15, 1853 at Georgetown. She attended Canada Hill School, and became a teacher, in the township schools. She passed away May 27, 1877 at the age of twenty-four. She was unmarried
    5. EDITH F (BOSWORTH) (TULIP) JAYNES (1348), was born February 4,1856. She taught in several schools of the township before her marriage to J.H. Tulip (1368) and their removal to Grand Rapids. They had one son Harry Edward Tulip, She was married a second time to Albert Jaynes (1370), and they were living in Grandville, Michigan at the time of her death, March 21, 1937
      1. HARRY EDWARD TULIP (1369), was born June 27,1881. He attended Madison Ave. School and Central High School in Grand Rapids. He married Ellen G. Wallace (2436) January 14, 1939, at Grand Rapids, Michigan. He worked for forty years for the Oregonian newspaper. He is Past Master of the Masonic Order, was 12 years on the Executive Board of the Oregonian Credit Union, and on the Legislative Board of Railroad Retirement Unit #55. He lives at 5917 N.W. 32nd Ave., Portland 11, Oregon. He has no children.
    6. WILLIAM BOSWORTH (87), was born August 21, 1859. He attended the Canada Hill School, and after a few years working on the farm, he left for Grand Rapids to live. He married Bessie Sponable (93) of Georgetown, April 11, 1883. He worked for years, at the Morley Bros. Wholesale Hardware Company of Grand Rapids. After he retired he spent many happy days at his sugar bush on the land that was known as Bosworth woods. It is now Hagar Hardwood Forest Park. He had one son.
      1. WALLACE CLAY BOSWORTH (1372), was born March 10, 1884, graduated from Central High School in Grand Rapids in 1903 and moved to Chicago where he spent 45 years with the telephone company, including 1 1/2 years with the same company in Korea. He married while in Chicago, had two sons, and is now retired to a farm in Barber, Arkansas. Wallace passed away at age 93 in Alexandria, Arkansas, on October 27, 1977, buried in Grandville, MI.
        1. WILLIAM JOSEPH BOSWORTH (2437), of DeKalb, Illinois was born July 30, 1911 at Chicago, Illinois. He is graduate of Howe Military School. He is active in the Boy Scouts, and is an actor in the local Summer Stock Co. He married and has two sons
          1. JOSEPH BOSWORTH (2439), was born March 31, 1940 and in the Airforce
          2. ROBIN BOSWORTH (2440), was born April 30, 1943 and is midshipman at Annapolis.
        2. WALLACE CLAY BOSWORTH (2438), was born January 10, 1921 in Chicago. He is a major in the Army Airforce. He is married and has two children.
    7. BERTHA BOSWORTH (2370), twin to Arthur were born January 11, 1861 and died within four days after birth. Buried in the Bauer Road Cemetery.
    8. ARTHUR BOSWORTH (2371), twin to Bertha, was born January 11, 1861 and died within four days after birth. Buried in the Bauer Road Cemetery.
    9. NELLIE (BOSWORTH) SHERIDAN (88), was born in Georgetown, Michigan, December 16,1861. She attended the Canada Hill School and took special normal courses at Grandville, Grand Rapids and Grand Haven. She taught ten years in various schools in the County, the first at Haire's. She married John Sheridan (94) at the Bosworth family home, December 12, 1887, and they moved into the Sheridan family home in Allendale. Two children were born there before they made the next two moves, the last place which became their home for many years, and where all the children grew to maturity. Of their nine children, the last six were twins, Frank and Terence, Beatrice and Berenice, and the last two a boy and a girl who they named after themselves, John and Nellie. John T Sheridan, with the assistance of his family farmed this land for many years. In his later years, he turned the farm over to his son Frank and retired to a farm north of Pearline, where both John and Nellie spent the rest of their lives. John was born at Blith, Ontario Canada, April 12, 1862, and passed away February 20, 1938. Nellie died May 1 1946. Both are buried in the Allendale Cemetery.
      1. MARY (SHERIDAN) LOWING (14), the oldest child of John and Nellie Sheridan, was born October 6, 1888 in Allendale Township. She attended Blakeney School, Allendale High School and Ferris Institute. She married Roy Holden Lowing (13) October 29, 1913 at the Sheridan Family Home. They lived in Grand Rapids and later moved to the former home of Roy's father, Otis Lowing, in Georgetown Township. Roy is a farmer. She was Past Matron of the Grandville Chapter of the O.E.S. in 1940-41, and a member of the Past Matron's Club. She was affiliated with the Grandville-Jenison Congregational Church, and an active member of the Georgetown Grange. They have five children: Otis J., Hugh C., Wayne, Boyd J., and Mary Joyce. Their history follows the life of Roy Lowing, under the Holden Lowing family.
      2. CHARLES SHERIDAN (95), Neilsville, Minnesota, was born at Allendale, Michigan, December 17, 1890. He attended Blakeney School and Allendale High School. Charles as a young man joined his Uncle Charles Sheridan, some cousins and fri ends and went into northern Minnesota to homestead a section of land. It was wet land, taking hard work to drain it. He built a small cabin and married Olga Swenson (1374), Jan 14, 1914 at Warren, Minnesota. Blanche, their first child, was born there. When they had proved upon the land they returned to Michigan for a couple of years. When they went back they settled at Neilsville. They belong to the Lutheran Church and the Farmer's Union. They have seven children.
        1. BLANCHE EMOGENE (SHERIDAN) EINARSON (1375), of Goodridge, Minnesota, was born February 22, 1915 at Esplee Township, Marshall Co. She married Harold Curtis Einarson (2444) December 27, 1933 at Neilsville, Minn. He is a farmer and she a housewife. They belong to the Lutheran Church, are members of the Farmer's Union, have hobbies of painting, horseback riding, and big game hunting. They have no children.
        2. BERENICE (SHERIDAN) HOWLAND (1376), of 702 17th St., North Moorhead, Minnesota, was born August 15,1917 at Flint, Michigan. She married Harley M. Howland (2445), October 12,1939, at Shelly, Minn. He is Supt. Farmer's Union Grain., Terminal Association--Fargo Division. She was a Beauty Operator. They were active members of Our Savior Lutheran Church; Minnesota's Farmer's Union; Elks and Elkette Lodge; ETA. and all school activities. Cub Scouts, and Y Indian Guide Program. He collected rocks and minerals and polished stones from which he made and sold jewelry. She painted in oil, and did artwork for various organizations, including TV. They had two children. Berenice passed March 24, 1987 and was buried in St. Petri Cemetery, Nielsville, Minnesota.
          1. HARLEY M. HOWLAND, JR (2446)., was born December 8, 1940. He graduated from Brown's Institute of Radio and T.V. He is a radio announcer, plays the guitar and sings and is active in all music groups. Married Carolyn Oke (3539), July 6, 1963.
          2. DAVID W. HOWLAND (2447), was born April 8,195 1. He plays the piano and sings in the junior choir.
        3. DORIS JAYNE (SHERIDAN) BRAATEN (1377), of Nielsville, Minnesota was born February 17, 1920 at Goodridge, Minnesota. She married Christopher Braaten (2448) January 14,1939 at Nielsville, Minn. He is a farmer and she is a housewife. They are members of the Church Council, the School Board, and she is member of Ladies Aid. They have one son. Christopher passed away June 23, 1989, buried in Nielsville, MN.
          1. CHRISTOPHER BRAATEN, JR. (2449), born at Crookston, Minn, December 9, 1940. Married Helen Metzger (3540), November 28, 1964
            1. PATRICA ANN BRAATEN (3541), born May 27, 1965.
        4. CHARLES LAMBERT SHERIDAN, JR (1378)., of 125 5th Ave., North Shelby, Montana was born December 31, 1921 at Goodridge, Minn. He married Elizabeth Lorraine Hunking (2548), August 28, 1940 at Neilsville, Minn. He is a member of the U.S. Border Patrol (IMM & NAT). She is a housewife. He was in the U.S. Navy--ARM 3/c Aviation Radio Man. They have four children. Second marriage to Shirley Nelson (3542), October 1964.
          1. JUDITH KAY (SHERIDAN) KRATTIGER (2459), born March 3, 1942. Married Larry Krattiger (3543), June 17, 1961.
            1. DOUGLAS KRATTIGER (3544), born December 12, 1962.
          2. GERALDINE RAE SHERIDAN (2460), born August 3, 1944.
          3. JACQUELINE FAYE SHERIDAN (2461), born July 5, 1949.
          4. CHARLES LAMBERT SHERIDAN (2462), born October 8, 1951.
        5. GLENN RAY SHERIDAN (2441), of Murdock, Minnesota was born Sept 4, 1925 at Nielsville, Minn. He is a Grain Buyer. He served in the Navy 1942-46 in 3rd and 5th fleets, and again in the U.S. Navy 1951-55 in 1st Marines. Was in Korea in 1951. He married Arlyne Nelson (2463), June 18, 1947. They had four children. They are now divorced. Second marriage to Gertrude Sellner Hacker (3545), June 2, 1963.
          1. MICHAEL GLENN SHERIDAN (2464), born April 6, 1948.
          2. JOHN PHILLIP SHERIDAN (2465), born January 12, 1951.
          3. KATHRYN LOUISE SHERIDAN (2466), born April 19,1955.
          4. PAUL ELLIOT SHERIDAN (2467), born June 2, 1957.
        6. LESLIE DUANE SHERIDAN (2442), of Fertile, Minnesota was born January 8, 1928 in Scandia Township, Minnesota He married Virginia Shipstead (2468), February 2,1950 at Crookston, Minn. He is a farmer. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1946 to 1947. They belong to the Lutheran Church. They have three children.
          1. SHARON MARIE SHERIDAN (2469), born November 30, 1950.
          2. DUANE ALLAN SHERIDAN (2470), born April 25, 1955.
          3. LINDA JO ANN SHERIDAN (2471), born September 12, 1960.
        7. DONALD M. SHERIDAN (2443), of Beltrami, Minnesota was born May 25, 1931 at Crookston, Minnesota. He married Carol Lund (2472), February 15, 1950, at Crookston, Minnesota. He is a farmer. They belong to the Lutheran Church, are members of the V.F.W. and D.A.V. He was a private in U.S. Army and was in the Korean Campaign. They have three children.
          1. THOMAS DUANE SHERIDAN (2473), born August 22, 1953.
          2. JAMES ALLEN SHERIDAN (2474), born June 10, 19 57.
          3. PAMELA JEAN SHERIDAN (3546), born September 25, 1961.
      3. THOMAS SHERIDAN (96), the third child of Nellie and John Sheridan was born August 16, 1892 in Allendale Township. He attended Blakeney and Allendale Schools and Ferris Institute. As a young man he went to Kansas to work in the harvest fields. While working on a ladder, he fell and broke his back, from which accident he never regained the use of his limbs, and had to spend the rest of his life in bed or a wheel chair. Thomas will always be remembered for the cheerful way he met this affliction. He learned to carve wood, and did some frame work. He amused his family by his violin playing, and his croquet games that he manipulated from his chair. His room was a happy place, full of laughter, and he was an inspiration to anyone fortunate enough to know him. At the time of his death, May 8th 1923, he left a host of friends, who had loved him, because he had smiled and laughed his way through those years.
      4. FRANK B. SHERIDAN (97), of Avery St., Allendale, Michigan was born December 12, 1893 in Allendale, Township. He attended Blakeney School and Allendale High School. He married Fannye E. Stevens (1379 ) November 3, 1921 at Allendale. She was born October 30,1895. He served in World War I in the 505 Air Wing # 1. He is a farmer and at present, the Postmaster at Allendale, Michigan. She is a teacher, holding an A.B. Degree. He is a School Director, Trustee of Allendale Wesleyan Methodist Church. They have five children.
        1. LOIS ERMA (SHERIDAN) ELLIS (1380), oldest child of Frank and Fannye Sheridan was born October 23, 1923. She attended school at Coopersville High, Michigan State University, Marion College, Indiana; Ed. W. Sparrow Hospital School of Nursing. She is a Wesleyan Methodist Church Member. She was the Student Nurse of the Year for State of Michigan in 1952. She belongs to the American Dietetics Ass'n and American Nurses Ass'n. She was Missionary to Sierra Leone, West Africa with Wesleyan Methodist Church from September 1953 - the time of the writing of the original book. She has a BS degree, Michigan State University-1945. Dietetics Internship - Christ Hospital Cincinnati Ohio, 1946. M Rel Degree Marion College, Marion Indiana, 1950. RN Ed W. Sparrow Hospital, Lansing Michigan, 1953.
          1. DAVID MALCOLM ELLIS, born June 21, 1956 (stepchild)
          2. DEBORAH JOY ELLIS, born January 10, 1962 (stepchild)
        2. ALTON BERNARD SHERIDAN (1381), of 3515 Fairmont Blvd, Cleveland, Ohio, was born January 7,1925 at Allendale Township. He attended Coopersville High School, Calvin College, M.A., and University of Michigan E.D.D., Michigan State. He married Vivian Aylworth (2475), August 5,1950 at Allendale. She was born February 20, 1926. He is Associate Professor, Western Reserve U.N., Cleveland, Ohio. She is a teacher with an A.B. M.A. He belongs to Rotary Club, Methodist Church, and the M.E.A.-N.E.A.-O.E.A. He was in World Was II engineers from November 14, 1944 to 1946. Stayed in the Reserves and is now a Captain in the Engineers, Active Reserves. They have two children.
          1. DEAN J. SHERIDAN (2476), born Lansing, Michigan, April 2,1953. Married August 8, 1976 to Karen Mell (3548), she was born December 2, 1955.
          2. SUSAN GAY (SHERIDAN) WHITTEN (2477), born at Vicksburg, Michigan, August 14, 1955. She married Gregor Fogg Whitten (3549) on December 28, 1974, he was born June 13, 1952.
        3. HAROLD DALE SHERIDAN (1382), of Coopersville, Mich. was born August 19, 1928, at Allendale, Michigan. He attended Coopersville High School, Michigan State, B.S., D.V.M. He was 1st Lieut, Medical Corp U.S. Army. Served July 1953 to August 1955 Overseas France. He married Vera DeYoung (2478), February 15, 1957 at Grand Rapids, Michigan. Vera was born June 25,1931. He is a veterinarian. She is an office worker. He is President of Coopersville Club; President of Michigan Ass'n of Profession Dural Products, Inc.; Trustee and Treasurer of Allendale Methodist Church; President of American Veterinary Association of Coopersville. Michigan, Director of Chamber of Commerce. They have three children.
          1. KURT DUANE SHERIDAN (2479), born February 19, 1958.
          2. JILL LYNN SHERIDAN (2480), born August 28, 1968.
          3. TODD ALAN SHERIDAN (3550), born March 13, 1966.
        4. DARRELL FRANKLIN SHERIDAN (1383), of Allendale, Michigan was born March 11, 1930 at Allendale, Michigan. He attended school at Coopersville, Michigan, Calvin College, B.S., Michigan State, M.A. He married Shirley Snyder (2481) A ugust 20, 1955 at Allendale, Michigan. She was born June 20,1932. He is a teacher. She is an office worker. He belongs to M.E.A. and N.E.A. They belong to Allendale Wesleyan Methodist Church. He is Director of Credit Union. They have four children.
          1. TIMOTHY DALE SHERIDAN (2482), born July 17, 1956.
          2. FREDA BETH (SHERIDAN) LERMAN (2483), born May 5, 1958. Married July 26, 1980 to Steven Alan Lerman (3551).
          3. GREGG MARLIN SHERIDAN (2484), born March 11, 1960. Married July 10, 1981 to Amy Jo Alderton (3552) daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Alderton of Dorr, MI.
          4. LISA MARIE SHERIDAN (2485), born March 11, 1960. Died December 8, 1975.
        5. SHARON ALMIRA (SHERIDAN) CONELY (1384), of 715 Davis St., Kalamazoo, Michigan was born December 14, 1939 at Allendale, Michigan. She attended Hudsonville High School, Grand Rapids Junior College, received B.S. from Western Michigan University working on M.A. She belongs to the Lambda, Tau Omega Sorority, The Methodist Church, and National Education Association, Michigan Education Association. She married Rex D. Conely (2486) July 8, 1961 at Allendale. He was born December 10, 1935. He is assistant cashier at Bank in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
          1. ROGER DALE CONELY (3553), born April 9, 1964.
          2. JAMES SHERIDAN CONELY (3554), born May 18,1967.
          3. BRUCE THAYER CONELY (3555), born July 8, 1973.
      5. TERENCE SHERIDAN (98), was born December 12, 1893 at Allendale. He attended Blakeney School and Allendale High School. He married Mabel Blakeney (1385), November 7,1914 at Allendale. He was a plasterer and a farmer, spending most of the time in Allendale and the Conklin Area. His wife was a housewife and after his death, she became a Practical Nurse. He passed away January 26, 1946, and Mabel passed away August 22, 1962 is buried at Allendale. They had ten children.
        1. LESLIE MAXFIELD SHERIDAN (1386), of Box 21, Eaton Rapids, Michigan was born June 10, 1915 at Allendale. He attended Blakeney School and Allendale High. He married Lucille Barrett (2487), April 21,1935. He is a salesman for the Co-op and she is a Secretary. They have one child.
          1. THOMAS LESLIE SHERIDAN (2488), born May 26, 1937.
        2. NORMA (SHERIDAN ) DOANE (1387), of Conklin, Michigan was born September 10, 1916 at Allendale. She attended Blakeney School and Comstock High School. She married Kenneth Doane (2489), October 20, 1936 at Allendale. She is a housewife, and he was employed in Holland. They have three children. Kenneth passed away December 1989.
          1. KARRIN DOANE (2490), was born May 25, 1938. She is married and lives in Oregon.
          2. KEAN DOANE (2491), was born October 14, 1942.
          3. KEVIN DOANE (2492), was born May 2, 1945
        3. LEON BOSWORTH SHERIDAN (1388), of Conklin was born May 21,1917. He attended the Tuttle School and Ravenna High School. He married Flora F McNitt (2493) April 23, 1943 at Conklin. They both are in the Air Control at Coopersville. He fought in World War II. They have five children.
          1. LELAND G. SHERIDAN (2494), born February 29, 1944.
          2. TERENCE A. SHERIDAN (2495), born July 15, 1945.
          3. RUTH ANN SHERIDAN (2496), born March 6, 1947.
          4. CLAUDIA LEE SHERIDAN (2497), born June 23, 1950.
          5. COLLEEN SUE SHERIDAN (2498), born August 19, 1953.
        4. CECILE RUTH (SHERIDAN) POWELL (1389), of Rockfor was born December 9, 1918 in Georgetown. She attended Tuttle School and Ravenna High School. She married Gabriel Powell (2499), February 28,1948. She is a housewife and he is a carpenter. They have three children.
          1. MARY RUTH POWELL (2500), born November 15, 1950.
          2. PEGGY ANN POWELL (2501), born June 29, 1953.
          3. NELLIE BELLE POWELL (2502), born July 25, 1958.
        5. MARLIN JAMES SHERIDAN (1390), of Conklin was born April 30, 1920. He attended the Tuttle School and Ravenna High School. He married Eva Regina Wiltenburg (2503), March 29, 1943 at Conklin. He is a plasterer and is Treasurer of the Township. He fought in WW. II. She is a housewife. They have five children.
          1. DENNIS JAMES SHERIDAN (2404), born July 7, 1944. Married Carol L. Seaman (3044) of Grand Rapids in 1964.
          2. NELVA JEAN SHERIDAN (2505), born June 22, 1946.
          3. MICHAEL MARLIN SHERIDAN (2506), born August 26, 1949.
          4. DWIGHT JOHN SHERIDAN (2507), born August 25, 1951.
          5. ANTON TERRENCE SHERIDAN (2508), born March 19, 1955.
        6. FLORENCE EDITH (SHERIDAN) KREY (1391) of Conklin was born June 19, 1921. She attended Tuttle Grade School, Ravenna High School and Central Michigan College at Mt Pleasant. She married Gilbert Krey (2509) of Conklin, November 11, 1944. He is a farmer and she is a schoolteacher. They have three children.
          1. DAVID ROBERT KREY (2510), born November 10, 1945.
          2. TIMOTHY CARL KREY (2511), born June 1, 1949.
          3. MARIETTA JOYCE KREY (2512), born December 16, 1950.
        7. ROSEMARY (SHERIDAN) SMITH (1392), living near Manton was born September 8, 1922. She attended Tuttle Grade School and Ravenna High School. She married Elwin Smith (2513) September 8, 1944. She is a housewife and he is a Methodist Minister. They have five children.
          1. ROSALIE JANE SMITH (2514), born October 25, 1945.
          2. ARLIE VIRGIL SMITH (2515), born May 23, 1947.
          3. EUGENE WESLEY SMITH (2516), born November 11, 1948.
          4. LESLIE ARVID SMITH (2517), born November 24, 1951.
          5. SARAH ANN SMITH (2518), born February 1, 1958,
        8. ALTA MAE (SHERIDAN) TINDLE (1393), of 165 Orchard Dr, Sparta, was born April 5, 1924 at Georgetown. She attended Tuttle and Allendale High School. She married Donald Tindle (2519). She is a housewife and he is a repairman. They have three children.
          1. STEPHEN TINDLE (2520), born December 30, 1945.
          2. MELINDA TINDLE (2521), born February 15, 1949.
          3. BRIAN TINDLE (2522), born January 17, 1954.
        9. MARY (SHERIDAN) TROYER (1394), was born June 25,1925. She married Glen Troyer (2523), May 23, 1953. She is a nurse at Ferguson's. He is a Minister,(travels).
        10. HARLEIGH TERENCE SHERIDAN (1395), of Conklin was born August 16, 1926. He married Dorothy Marie Mengel (2524), May 21, 1947. He is a Salesman and she is a housewife. They have four children.
          1. VALORIE MAE SHERIDAN (2525), born September 9, 1949.
          2. TERENCE RYAN SHERIDAN (2526), born April 9,1951.
          3. TARA AILEEN SHERIDAN (2527), born September 4, 1952.
          4. CECILE ARLEEN SHERIDAN (2528), born December 12, 1957.
      6. BEATRICE SUSAN (SHERIDAN) PARISH (99), was born November 16, 1896. She attended Blakeney School and Allendale High School. She married Newton W. Parish (1396), June 30, 1919 at Allendale, Michigan. He is the Distribution Clerk of the Post Office at Coopersville. She is a telephone operator. He served the U.S. Airforce in World War I and is now Commander of Coopersville Post 308 American Legion, is a member of AFL-CIO Union Postal Clerks. She is past president of the 5th Dist Am Legion Auxiliary. They have four children. Beatrice passed May 26,1988.
        1. MORRIS EDMUND PARISH (1397), of Coopersville, Michigan, was born July 18, 1920 at Allendale. He married Frances Ribesky (2529), May 4,1946, at Muskegon, Michigan. He is Postmaster at Coopersville. He has been Commander of Post 308 Am. Legion, belongs to 40-8, is on the board of Ottawa Co. Soldiers and Sailors Relief committee. Also on the Board of Crippled Children Relief. He was in the Naval Air Force, Lt.Jr. Grade. Served three years at Pensacola Base as Instructor. She does secretarial work. They have two children.
          1. CONSTANCE ANN PARISH (2530), born January 15,1952.
          2. JEFFREY JOHN PARISH (2531), born June 9,1953.
        2. LORRAINE E. (PARISH) ROSIN (1398), of Grand Haven was born November 19, 1921 at Allendale, Ottawa Co. She married Herman Rosin (2532) at Coopersville November 30,1939. He is Set-up Superintendent at Grand Haven. He is a Union Member. She is a housewife. They have four children.
          1. RAYMOND ROY ROSIN (2533), born March 24, 1942.
          2. RONALD ROGER ROSIN (2534), born March 23, 1943.
          3. JO ANN ROSIN (2535), born April 24, 1944.
          4. LORA SUE (ROSIN) (REED) BURNHAM (2536), born August 26, 1945. Married Richard Reed , September 21, 1963. Second marriage to Lyle Burnham (2557) on June 30, 1966. Lyle passed away July 21, 1967
            1. ROBIN RAE REED (2557), born December 8, 1963.
        3. GENEVA MARIE (PARISH) BARBRICK (1399), of Coopersville was born January 18, 1925 at Coopersville, Michigan. She attended Coopersville Schools and married Philip Barbrick. (2537) He is Assistant Post Master at CoopersviIle. He was a Bomber Pilot in the Air Force, and made 40 missions or more over Europe in WW II. He is a member of Raymond Rankin Unit 308 American Legion at Coopersville, and was Commander of the Post. He is a member of the AFL-CIO union. She is a housewife. They have nine children. Philip passed on June 24,1983 and was buried in the Allendale Cemetery.
          1. LINDA FRANCIS BARBRICK (2538), born September 28, 1943. She is taking nurses training.
          2. PHILIP CRAIG BARBRICK (2539), born May 7, 1945.
          3. ROGER ALLYN BARBRICK (2540), born October 23, 1946.
          4. RONALD MERLE BARBRICK (2541), born December 4,1947.
          5. PAMELA KAY BARBRICK (2542), born January 29, 1949.
          6. DAVID ROSS BARBRICK (2543), born February 4, 1951.
          7. CAROL JEAN BARBRICK (2544), born July 20, 1952.
          8. SHERRIN GAYLE BARBRICK (2545), born November 11, 1953.
          9. MARK STEVEN BARBARICK (2546), born December 17, 1954.
        4. MERLYN J. PARISH (1400), of Chicago, Illinois was born June 12, 1933, at Coopersville, Michigan. He attended school in Coopersville, Michigan. He was in the Korean Conflict in the Signal Corps. Was overseas 15 months. He is a member of Raymond Rankin Post 308 of Coopersville.
      7. BERENICE J. (SHERIDAN) PARISH (100), was born November 16, 1896, in Allendale Township. She attended Blakeney School and Allendale High School. She married Erwin Parish (1401), April 16,1919 at Allendale. They moved to a farm in Coopersville, where they do a truck garden business in summer and spend the winters in Florida. Berenice had many of the thoughtful traits of her Grand mother, Mary Lowing Bosworth, and will long be remembered for her nursing, and her kindness that she gave to her family and neighbors in time of need. She died December 24, 1951 and is buried in Allendale Cemetery. They had three children.
        1. MARIANN (PARISH) BAILEY (1402) was born at Allendale, December 28, 1922. She is an IBM operator. She married Robert Bailey (2547) in Cook County, Illinois. He is an electrical engineer. He was in W.W.II. They live at 10524 Rowland Ave., Tacoma 99, Washington. They have no children.
        2. BERNICE ARLENE (PARISH) FRAZIER (1403), of Coopersville, was born December 28, 1922. She attended Coopersville High School and Hunter College, New York. She joined the Marine Corp in W.W.II where she met and married Woodrow Frazier (2548), April 22, 1944. They are members of the Methodist Church and American Legion at Coopersville. They are both in the Decorating Business, owning a paint supply store. They have three children.
          1. JANET ELLER FRAZIER (2549), born May 4, 1945.
          2. LON WELLS FRAZIER (2550), born April 25, 1949.
          3. ROBERT ALLEN FRAZIER (2551), born March 1951.
        3. BEATRICE ARLOA PARISH (1404), the twin sister of Berenice Arlene was born December 28, 1922. She died January 18, 1923.
      8. JOHN T. SHERIDAN, (101) was born in Allendale, September 22, 1901. He married Edna Reister (2552) , April 11, 1925 at the Lutheran Parsonage in Blendon Township. John became a plastering contractor, and his wife Edna taught school for many years in Allendale Township. They have four children. John passed away September 21,1963, buried in Allendale Cemetery. Edna Reister Sheridan Behrens, passed away January 13, 1976
        1. DONALD EUGENE SHERIDAN (2553), was born January 10, 1926 in Allendale, Michigan. He served in World War 11 as a U.S. Navy Signalman 3rd Class. He married Ione Johnson (2557) in Blendon Twp., May 27,1949. He is employed at the office at Reynolds Metal. They live in Zeeland, Michigan. They have three children
          1. LARRY EUGENE SHERIDAN (2558), born April 20, 1951.
          2. BETH MARIE SHERIDAN (2559), born January 30, 1955.
          3. MARY JO SHERIDAN (2560), born May 5, 1959.
        2. ROBERT DUANE SHERIDAN (2554), was born July 11, 1927, at Allendale, Michigan. He served in the Merchant Marines 1945-1946 and in the 11th Airborne Division of the Army 1946-1948. He is now a Rural Mail Carrier. He married Betty E. Barding (2561), November 25, 1950 at Holland, Michigan. She is a beautician and housewife. They have four children. They live at 6246 Warner SL, Allendale, Michigan.
          1. TERRI LYNN SHERIDAN (2562), born August 12, 1951.
          2. KATHI RAE SHERIDAN (2563), born June 5, 1954.
          3. JEFFREY ROBERT SHERIDAN (2564), born August 29, 1958. Married to Jane Marie Danenberg (3561), daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James R Danenberg, on May 26, 1978.
          4. KRISTI KAE SHERIDAN (2565), born August 26, 1959.
          5. JOHN EVERETT SHERIDAN (3560), born February 16, 1962.
        3. DONNA JEAN (SHERIDAN) LAUG (2555), was born July 4, 1929 at Allendale, Michigan. She became a teacher. She married Melborne Laug (2566), April 14, 1951 at Holland, Michigan. He served in the U.S. Navy four years during the Korean War. He is now a salesman for Standard Oil. They have two children.
          1. LINDA LOU LAUG (3567), born April 23, 1955.
          2. KURTIS ALAN LAUG (3568), born February 25, 1960.
        4. SHIRLEY EDNA (SHERIDAN) RALYA (2556), was born August 8, 1934 at Allendale, Michigan. After graduation she became a saleslady. She married Earl Ralya (2569), August 15, 1952 at Allendale, Michigan. He is a car salesman. They live at Grand Haven, RR 2. They have four children
          1. MARK WILLIAM RALYA (2570), born July 9, 1953.
          2. CYNTHIA JO RALYA (2571), born March 3, 1955.
          3. SANDRA KAY RALYA (2572), born March 1, 1956.
          4. TIM GLEN RALYA (2573), born December 19, 1959.
      9. NELLIE E. (SHERIDAN) SHOEMAKER (1373), of 506 Maumee, Jonesville, Michigan was born at Allendale, Michigan, September 22, 1901. She attended Blakeney Allendale and Grandville Schools, Western State University and for several years taught school. She married Wayne N. Shoemaker (3574), September 1, 1923 at Allendale, Michigan. He was a School Superintendent, she a housewife. Th ey attended the Methodist Church, belonged to Culture Club, Local and National PTA. and she is a member of the Eastern Star of the O.E.S. They have four children. Wayne died October 20, 1987 and was buried in the Grandville Cemetery.
        1. ROGER ALAN SHOEMAKER (2575), of Schoolcraft, Michigan was born August 25, 1927, at Coopersville. He is a Probation Officer in Kalamazoo County. He was in the U.S. Navy Air Force 1945-46. He married Dorothy Smith Thornton (2579), May 31, 1952 at Kalamazoo. They have three children.
          1. LOU ANN THORNTON (2580), born November 1950.
          2. LINDA GAIL SHOEMAKER (2581), born January 24, 1953.
          3. HOLLY LEIGH SHOEMAKER (2582), born December 18, 1956.
        2. PHILLIP C. SHOEMAKER (2576), of 3361 Golden Ave., San Bernardino, California was born May 28, 1930 at Coopersville, Michigan. He married S. Fern Stafford (2583), April 14, 1951 at Riverside, California. He was in the U.S. Air Force, July 1948 O.T.C., graduated in June 1953. Discharged August 1953. He is Supervisor of the Californian Bell Telephone Co. They have four children.
          1. TERRY LYNN SHOEMAKER (2584), born January 25, 1952
          2. GREGORY WAYNE SHOEMAKER (2585), born April 2, 1954.
          3. JEFFRY SHOEMAKER (2586), born October 13, 1957.
          4. DAVID CRAIG SHOEMAKER (3045), born November 17, 1962.
        3. SUZANNE (SHOEMAKER) DONNELY (2577), of 1840 Cordova, Pomona, California, Apt 1 was born at Coopersville, July 17, 1937. She attended Michigan State University and graduated 1959. She is now a Business Education Instructor. She married Jack Donnely, December 1961.
        4. DAVID CLAY SHOEMAKER (2578), youngest son of Nellie and Wayne Shoemaker was born January 9, 1944 at Coopersville, Michigan. He graduated from Jonesville High School in 1961
    10. ABE L. BOSWORTH (89) was born in Georgetown, December 1, 1863. He attended Canada Hill School. He assisted on his father's farm until his marriage to Mattie Whittiers (1406), when they moved to a farm that now adjoins Hager Hardwood Forest Park, where they lived until his death, April 4, 1898, at the age of 35. They had two children, Maude and Frank Bosworth. After his death Mattie married Marvin Young (See Isaac Lowing Family) and moved to Scottville, where Maude and Frank grew to maturity.
      1. MAUDE EDYTHE (BOSWORTH) BLETH (1405), was born November 26, 1892 at Georgetown, Michigan. She attended Scottville High School and Kalamazoo College, where she received a B.A. in 1918. She taught school and was a High School Principal. She married Peter F Bleth (2587), December 18, 1925 at Ishpeming, Michigan. He was a railroad conductor, and they reside at Great Falls, Montana. They have one child.
        1. GORDON RALPH BLETH (2588), was born August 27 at Great Falls, Montana. He attended Great Falls Schools, the College of Education of Great Falls, Pomona College at Claremont, Calif. He was in the Navy from June 1945 to July 1946. He is a printer and is not married.
      2. EDWARD FRANKLIN BOSWORTH (1407), was born February 4, 1895 at Georgetown. He attended East Riverton School, and Ludington Business College. He was a farmer and merchant He married Olive Catherine Cory (2589), January 31, 1917 at Custer, Mason Co., Michigan. He passed away January 30,1960 and is buried in Brookside Cemetery. They had three children.
        1. LOIS EVELYN (BOSWORTH) BOCKSTANZ (2590), of 1319 Applecroft Ave., Kalamazoo, Michigan, was born March 22,1918 in Mason Co. She attended Scottville Schools. She married Louis Bockstanz (2593), August 14, 1938 at Scottville. He is City Editor of the Kalamazoo Gazette, and she is Secretary at Portage School. They are active in the Methodist Church and School activities. They have three children.
          1. DOUGLAS LEE BOCKSTANZ (2594), born July 4, 1941.
          2. DAV ID LOUIS BOCKSTANZ (2595), born October 17, 1942.
          3. DELYNNE KAY BOCKSTANZ (2596), born June 30, 1945.
        2. CAROL THELMA (BOSWORTH) BOCKSTANZ (2591), of 23115 Olmstead St., Dearborn, Michigan was born December 25, 1919 at Mason Co. She attended Scottville Schools, and became a nurse at Bronson Hospital. She married Glenn Bockstanz (2597), January 1, 1942, at Scottville. He is a teacher of Industrial Arts at Dearborn. They attend the Methodist Church and all school activities. They have three children.
          1. BRADFORD JAY BOCKSTANZ (2598), born March 5,1951.
          2. FRANKLIN LOUIS BOCKSTANZ (2599), born May 4, 1953.
          3. DREW ALAN BOCKSTANZ (2600), born December 9, 1959.
        3. ELDONNA (BOSWORTH) FERRIS (2592), 210 E. State S., Scottville, Michigan, was born March 5, 1922 in Mason Co. She attended Scottville Schools and married Marion Russell Ferris (2601), January 1, 1942 at Scottville. He is cashier at Scottville State Savings Bank, and she clerks and is a housewife. They attend Methodist Church and all school activities. They have three children. Marion Russell passed away August 19, 1964. Eldonna remarried Donald Adams, June 24, 1967.
          1. SUSAN BETH FERRIS (2602), born August 9, 1944.
          2. BRIAN RUSSELL FERRIS (2603), born September 10, 1949.
          3. JILL LOUISE FERRIS (2604), born May 29, 1951.
    11. GERTRUDE (BOSWORTH) GILLETT (90), the youngest child of Mary Lowing Bosworth and E. Franklin Bosworth was born at Georgetown, Ma rch 30, 1866. She attended the Canada Hill School, Grandville, and a Normal School at Grand Rapids. She taught Blendon, West Olive, and a School in Walker Township that was predominantly Catholic. She was married to Elmer Gillett (1408), October 16, 1887 at the family home. They moved to the farm home southeast of Bauer, which he farmed for many years and where all the children were born. In 1922, he retired from the farm and moved to Hudsonville. After his death February 24, 1929, she gave up the village home and spent her remaining years living with her children. She died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ford Leatherman, January 11, 1949. Both are buried in Georgetown Cemetery. They had 10 children.
      1. FRANK M. GILLETT (1409), the oldest son of Gertrude and Elmer Gillett was born in Georgetown Township, September 13, 1 33. He attended Canada Hill School and Grandville High School. He married Mabel Ide of Grandville in 1910. He was a motorman, and a mover of houses, and household goods. He lived in Grand Rapids for years. He died November 18, 1955, and is buried in Georgetown Cemetery. He had four children.
        1. RAULIN E. GILLETT (1420), the oldest son of Frank and Mabel Gillett was born December 29, 1910 at Grandville, Michigan. He attended Union High School in Grand Rapids, Junior College at Grand Rapids and Olivet Nazarene College, Kankakee, Illinois. He married Dorothy E. Brown, May 18, 1934. They live at 5810 Woodheath Dr., Fort Wayne, Ind. He does construction work, is an Elder in Nazarene Church, does work as a Pastor, working to found churches. He taught in High Schools and Colleges. His wife cooks in the school cafeteria. They have six children.
          1. DELORES MAY (GILLETT) SCHULTZ (2606), born April 2, 1936. She attended Ridgeville High School, Ind. She married Neil Schultz (2607), January 1956. He works for the Case Tractor Proving Dept. They are members of Kendallville, Ind. Church of Nazarene. He was in the Army of Occupation in Germany. They have four children.
            1. DAVID LEE SCHULTZ, born 1956.
            2. CHERYL LINN SCHULTZ, born 1958.
            3. MARK ALLEN SCHULTZ, born 1960.
            4. DOUGLAS SCHULTZ, born April 26, 1963
          2. DAVID FRANK GILLETT (2608), was born April 11, 1938, at Olivet, Illinois. He attended Kendallville High School, Ind. and Olivet Nazarene College, Kankakee, Illinois. He married Judy DuGuid (2616), September 1960. He is an IBM operator and she is a secretary in Central Soya. He is active in Nazarene Church at Fort Wayne. They live at 3501 Webster St., Fort Wayne, Ind.
            1. STEVE GILLETT, born May 2, 1961
            2. GAYLE GILLETT, born October 3, 1964.
          3. MARIE M. (GILLETT) MOUNSEY (2609), was born March 28, 1940 at Grandville, Michigan. She attended Montpelier High School, Ind. She married Thomas Mounsey (2617), May 1958 at Montpelier, Ind. He works for General Motors, at Marion, Ind. She is with the Rubber Co., Montpelier, Ind. They are active in Young Peoples work in the church. They have one child.
            1. LINDA MARIE MOUNSEY (2618), born December 1958.
            2. GREG MOUNSEY, born February 1962
          4. MARIAM (GILLETT) GOODHEW (2610), is the twin sister of Marie, and was born at Grandville, Michigan, March 28, 1940. She attended Montpelier High School, Ind. She married Robert E. Goodhew, February 1959, and they live at 616 N. Martha St., Angola, Ind. He is in the office of a Mold Co., at Fremont, Indiana. They are members of Angola Nazarene Church. They have two children. He served in the Marines in Japan.
            1. JUDY ANN GOODHEW (2620), born in 1959 at Winchester, Ind.
            2. JAMES ROBERT GOODHEW (2621), born in 1960 at Angol a, Ind.
            3. JANICE GOODHEW, born November 7, 1965.
          5. ALICE F (GILLETT) ZUERCHER (2611), was born at Geneva, Ind. Jan 11, 1943. Married Herbert Zuercher in Olivet, Illinois.
            1. KIRK ZUERCHER, born April 30, 1968
          6. DOROTHY RAULINE GILLETT (2612), was born August 29, 1950, Decatur, Ind.
        2. RAYMOND GILLETT (1421), the second child of Frank and Mabel Ide Gillett, was born July 29, 1913 at Grand Rapids, Mich. He attended Union High School, he married Geraldine Cuson, March 21,1936 at Grand Rapids. He is a machinist at Jarecki Corp. They live at 2122 Edgewood NE, Grand Rapids. They have one child
          1. RYAN GILLETT (2623), was born November 27,1936 at Grand Rapids. He graduated from High School He married Barbara June VanDerMeer, January 25, 1958. He works for Country Fresh Dairy. He was in the U.S. Navy for 3 years. They have four children. They live at 1450 50th St. SW, Grandville.
            1. MICHAEL EDWARD GILLETT (2625), born March 9, 1960.
            2. MARK GILLETT, born February 9, 1962.
            3. CHERYL GILLETT, born October 8, 1965.
            4. MICHELLE GILLETT, born October 8,1967
        3. ELSIE (GILLETT) EVANS (1422), born November 26, 1914, at Grand Rapids, Michigan. She attended Union High School. She married Earl D. Evans (2626), July 8, 1933 at Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a welder at Kelvinator, and she is employed by Hekman Biscuit Co. They belong to the Nazarene Church. They have one son
          1. FRED EVANS (2627), born June 23, 1937, at Grand Rapids, Michigan. He graduated from Kelloggsville High School. He married Bonnie Goorhouse (2628), August 25,1958. They have two children.
            1. ROBIN LYNN EVANS (2629), born April 25, 1960.
            2. FREDERICK EVANS, born March 30, 1964.
        4. DORIS (GILLETT) (CLAUSON) BREASE (1423), the fourth child of Frank and Mabel Ide Gillett was born May 18, 1916 at Grand Rapids. She attended Union High School. She married Robert Clauson (2630), December 5, 1936, at Grand Rapids, Mich. They had one child, Roma Clauson. They were divorced in 1940, and she married Phillip Brease (2633), April 4, 1941. He is a Mail Carrier. They live at 2848 Byron Center Rd. SW Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have one child.
          1. ROMA (CLAUSON) (VAN ALLER) HARRIS (2631), was born August 21, 1937. She was married to LeRoy Van Aller (2632), February 3, 1954 at Grand Rapids. They live at 2108 Wyoming Ave. SW, Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have three children. Second marriage to Sidney Harris, 1961.
            1. CHERYL LEE VAN ALLER (2625), born October 4, 1954.
            2. KATHLEEN KAY VAN ALLER (2626), born January 20, 1956.
            3. BRIAN LEE VAN ALLER (2637), born May 12, 1957.
            4. CARL HARRIS, born September 2 0, 1962.
            5. JAMES HARRIS, born October 29, 1966.
            6. PAUL HARRIS, born October 29, 1966.
          2. PHILLIP BREASE, JR (2634)., was born February 15, 1949. Married Anna Halben, 1970
      2. FORREST L. GILLETT (1410), the second child of Gertrude and Elmer Gillett was born April 9, 1890 at Georgetown, Mich. He attended Canada Hill School. He married Adeline Bachman (1424), March 19, 1912. He worked for the Pere Marquette and later the C&O Railway at the Freight office. He is now retired. She is a housewife and caters for church dinners. They have eight children. They lived at 1206 40th St SW, Grand Rapids. Forrest passed away at age 82, December 18, 1972. Adeline passed away June 30, 1976.
        1. LUCILLE E. (GILLETT) HARKER (1425), was born F ebruary 17, 1914, at Grand Rapids, Mich. She attended Godfrey-Lee School. She married Fred Harker (2638), July 17,1933, at Grand Rapids. He is a Metal Rep. of Kelvinator of Grand Rapids. They attend Grandville-Jenison Congregational Church. They have two children. Fred passed away at age 62 on March 12, 1974. Buried Rosedale Memorial Park.
          1. BONNIE LOU (HARKER) CANE (2639), was born February 13, 1936 at Grand Rapids, Mich. She is a graduate of Grandville High School. She married Robert Cane (2641), October 25, 1957 at Grandville. Attend Grandville-Jenison Congregational Church. They have three children.
            1. SCOTT RANDALL GAME (2642), born January 17, 1960.
            2. LAURA LYNN CANE (2643), born July 10, 1961.
            3. LISA RENEE CANE (3578), born April 25, 1966.
          2. MARCIA LYNN (HARKER) (VAN KAMPEN) TIFT (2640), born June 1944. Marcia married Floyd VanKampen (2644) after attending Grandville High School. They have three children. Remarried Dec 3, 1983 to Richard Tift (3579).
            1. KATHY LOU VAN KAMPEN (2645), born January 13, 1962. Husband (3582)
              1. KELLY CARRIER (3583), born April 24, 1987.
              2. ERIN ELIZABETH CARRIER (3584), born Dec 28, 1990.
            2. MICHAEL WILLIAM VAN KAMPEN (3580), born May 5, 1963. Married March 21, 1987. Spouse (3585)
              1. BRIAN WILLIAM VAN KAMPEN (3586), born Oct 21, 1989.
            3. JEFFERY VAN KAMPEN (3581), born December 1, 1966. Passed away August 29, 1988.
        2. HAROLD GILLETT (1426), of 4665 Alpine NW, Comstock, Grand Rapids, was born January 6, 1917 at Jenison, Mich. He attended Lee High School and took wood carving at Davis Tech He married Lavonne Wellman (2646), October 1, 1940, at Grand Rapids, Mich. They attend Baptist Church He is a woodcarver at a Furniture Factory. They have four children.
          1. GLORIA (GILLETT) DE JONGE (2647), born April 23, 1946. Married Richard Dejonge (3587).
            1. JULIA DE JONGE (3588), born January 20, 1969.
            2. JANELL DE JONGE (3589), born January 20, 1969.
          2. MARK GILLETT (2648), born December 25, 1947.
          3. GARY DALE GILLETT (2649), born April 21, 1949.
          4. FAITH JOYCE GILLETT (2650), born August 7, 1955.
        3. BERTIELE (GILLETT) LAWTON (1427), of 1630 36th St SW, Grand Rapids, was born December 30, 1918, at Georgetown. She graduated from Lee High School. She married Robert Lawton (2651), February 24,1939, at Grand Rapids, Mich. He is an electrician at Doehler-Jarvis. They attend the United Brethren Church. They have four children.
          1. SALLY (LAWTON) MALLOY (2652), born June 5, 1940. Married Patrick Malloy (3590), August 4,1962.
            1. DEBRAH ANNE MALLOY ((3591), born November 11, 1963.
            2. LINDA KAY (MALLOY) SMITH (3592), born January 20, 1966. Married May 6, 1990 to Andrew Smith (3594)
            3. SANDRA (MALLOY) MELCHAR (3593), born March 3,1967. Married February 14, 1987 to Larry Melchar (3595).
              1. JONATHAN MELCHAR (3596), born September 1, 1990.
          2. DOUGLAS LAWTON (2653), born May 29,1944
          3. JEFFREY LAWTON (2654), born August 14, 1946.
          4. SUSAN LAWTON (2655), born May 6,1951.
        4. KENNETH GILLETT (1428), of 29720 Old Bedford, Farmington, Michigan was born September 5,1921, at Jenison, Michigan. He attended Lee School. He married Lillian Johnson (2654) in 1958, at Detroit, Mich. They attend the Methodist Church He was a pharmacist mate 1st Class in the Navy for three and one-half years, during W.W.II. He is now in the Styling Division of General Motors
          1. RANDY GILLETT (3597),
        5. BARBARA (GILLETT) DEBOER (1429), of 19517 Blythe St., Resida, CA, was born October 21, 1922 at Jenison, MI. She attended Lee School, and married Charles DeBoer (2657) in 1939 at Grand Rapids. He is a crane operator at General Motors. She is in the Drapery Business. They attend Plymouth Congregational Church. They have three children.
          1. JOAN (DEBOER) MOLAG (2658), of Resida, CA, was born February 1941. She attended Kelloggsville School, Grand Rapids. She married Roger Molag (2659) at Grand Rapids. They have three children.
            1. SCOTT MOLAG (2660)
            2. TERRY MOLAG (2661)
            3. TOD MOLAG (3598), born July 23, 1964.
          2. CHARLES DE BOER, JR. (2599), born July 1, 1943.
          3. THOMAS LYNN DE BOER (3600), born April 18, 1947. Married Wendy Garworth (3601), 1969.
        6. JUNE (GILLETT) NOWLAND (1430), of 19523 Saticoy St., Resida, CA, was born June 7, 1925 at Jenison, MI. She attended Godfrey-Lee School. She married Monte R. Nowland (2662), March 9, 1945 at Grand Rapids, Mich. He is employed in the office of Riker Laboratories. She is an Electronic Tech at Litton Systems Inc. They have two children
          1. MONTE R. NOWLAND, JR (2663), born January 4, 1946. Married Kim (3602), January 4, 1946.
            1. ELISSA NOWLAND (3603),
            2. JASON NOWLAND (3604), born January 24, 1968.
          2. DENNIS SCOTT NOWLAND (2664), born August 23, 1947.
        7. ROBERT L. GILLETT (1431), of 4321 Henderschott Rd of Grand Rapids, was born August 23, 1927. He attended Godrfey-Lee, Jr. College, and Wayne University Law School. He married Ruth Crips (2665), October 22, 1947, at Grand Rapids. He was in the Navy in the South Pacific, W.W.II, for two years. He is an attorney. They have two children
          1. GAIL GILLE TT (2666), born September 12, 1956.
          2. MARK FORREST GILLETT (2667), born July 29, 1959.
        8. ROGER GILLETT (1432), of 1700 N. Santa Anita, Arcadia, CA, was born January 16, 1936, at Grand Rapids, MI. He is a graduate of Godfrey-Lee. Roger is an architect. He is married ???????, Michigan. She attended Scottville High School and Kalamazoo College.
      3. HOWARD E. GILLETT (1411), of 4310 Barry St., Hudsonville, MI was born in Georgetown Township, November 26, 1891. He attended Canada Hill School. He was a Veteran of World War I., serving in the Machine Gun Corp., 14th Cavalry. He was a fireman in the city of Grand Rapids until his retirement. He is now a farmer. He married Clara Boldt (1433), September 11, 1920. He belongs to Georgetown Grange, Metropolitan Club-- Spirit #2. They have three children. Howard passed away July 1971. Clara passed away February 1987.
        1. CLAYTON H. GILLETT (1434), lives at 1629 Philadelphia Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, MI., was born October 16,1921. He attended Ottawa Hills Schools. He married Clarissa Dykstra (2668), June 20,1947 at Grand Rapids, MI. He is a Veteran of World War II. He is Supervisor at Western Electric. They have three children. Clayton passed away at age 51 on August 24, 1973. Buried in Graceland Memorial Park, Grand Rapids.
          1. VICTOR C. GILLETT (2669), born March 14, 1949.
          2. DENNIS LEE GILLETT (2670), born January 31, 1952. Married Kathleen Dinger (3605), July 29, 1972. She was born April 26, 1954 the daughter of Robert and Beatrice Dinger.
            1. SHEILA ANN GILLETT (3606), born May 21, 1974.
          3. KIRK ALLEN GILLETT (2671), born November 7,1959.
        2. ARLEEN (GILLETT) SMITH (1435), of Rt #4, Box 10, Boone N.C. was born March 17, 1924 at Grand Rapids, Mich. She attended Ottawa Hills, Grand Rapids. She married LeBrun N. Smith (2672), August 23, 1949 at Baton Rouge, LA. He is a Professor of Geology at State College, Boone, NC. He is also a surveyor. She is a housewife and Medical Technician. They have two children.
          1. MICHAEL LEBRUN SMITH (2673), born April 4, 1951.
          2. NANCY AUGUSTA SMITH (2674), born November 4, 1957.
        3. LEON E. GILLETT (1436), of 1124 Merritt St. SE, Grand Rapids, was born March 13, 1929 at Grand Rapids. He attended Ottawa Hills. He married Aurefia Ann Matteson (2675), December 31, 1948 at Grand Rapids, MI. He works for the Michigan Bell Telephone Co. P B.X. Repair. They have three children.
          1. RAYLEE (GILLETT) NELSON (2676), born January 26, 1951. Married Bruce Nelson (3607), in 1970.
            1. SARA LINDA NELSON (3608), born December 15, 1971
            2. BRAD CHRISTOPHER NELSON (3609), born April 29, 1975.
          2. KATHLEEN ANN GILLETT (2677), born April 8, 1956.
          3. MARY BETH GILLETT (2678), born May 11, 1960.
      4. MAUDE EDITH (GILLETT) LEATHERMAN (1412), of 41 32nd St., Grand Rapids, MI was born September 25, 1893 i n Georgetown Township. She attended Canada Hill grade school and Grandville High School. She married M.H. Ford Leatherman (1437), December 23,1914, at Caledonia, MI. He is retired from the C&O Railroad. He was Committeeman for the Boy Scouts, for six years. They had five children. Ford passed away January 1971. Maude passed away at age 86, on August 1, 1980. Buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
        1. RICHARD E. LEATHERMAN, (1438) of 9660 Division Ave., S., R.R.#1, Byron Center, MI, was born September 12, 1915 in Gaines Township, Kent Co. He attended Godwin High School. He married Leona Leggett (2679), December 18, 1940 at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids. Richard served in the Navy during W.W. II, on the Destroyer U.S.S. Reno, which on the night of November 3, 1945 was struck by a Japanese torpedo, tearing a 20 by 60 foot hole, just missing an ammunition magazine. Many lives were lost as it hit the sleeping quarters. The Reno was towed 1500 miles to a base where it could be repaired. It had just been in the battle of Leyte Gulf, and was standing by with Task Force 38, in the Philippine Sea. Richard now works for the Consumers Power Company. They attend Redeemer Lutheran Church. They have three children. Richard died March 6, 1990.
          1. CHERILEE (LEATHERMAN) MC KAY (2680), born September 15, 1946. Married Jon McKay (3610), 1970.
            1. CHERIE RENEE MC KAY (3611), born August 15, 1970.
          2. RICHE ANN LEATHERMAN (2681), born November 29, 1953.
          3. LARRY FORD LEATHERMAN (2682), born July 16, 1957.
        2. WAYNE DONALD LEATHERMAN (1439), of 6728 Kalamazoo Ave., Grand Rapids, MI, was born January 5, 1917 at Georgetown Twp. He attended Godwin High School. On November 25, 1944 he married Maretta May Sutton (2683) at Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids. Wayne served during World War II for 3 1/2 years in the European Theatre of Operations. He drove over 100,000 miles in England over narrow, winding roads, delivering highly confidential papers, photographs, or driving high ranking officers to widely scattered bases without light for security. In spite of danger there were no accidents. Wayne now works at Ghillesphy Maintenance, Sales and Service. He is a bookkeeper. They have one child.
          1. DONNA LYNN (LEATHERMAN) PAPKE (2684), born July 28,1946. Married William Papke (3612), 1968.
            1. LORI ELIZABETH PAPKE (3613), born July 6, 1972.
        3. ARLO FORD LEATHERMAN (1 440) of 37 Frontenac SE, Grand Rapids, MI, was born March 20, 1919 at Georgetown Twp. He attended Godwin High School. He married Esther Leggett (2685), August 29, 1942 at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids. Arlo was a Veteran of World War II. He also worked with the Boy Scouts. He was employed at Clements Electric Co. and attended Redeemer Lutheran Church. They had two children. Arlo passed away March 13, 1987, buried in Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens, Grand Rapids.
          1. MICHAEL DAVID LEATHERMAN (2686), born June 7,1946.
          2. TIMOTHY ARLO LEATHERMAN (2687), born January 19, 1949.
        4. ROSWEL A. LEATHERMAN (1441), of 218 North Brooks St., Muskegon, MI, was born January 13,1922 in Gaines Twp., Kent Co. He attended Godwin High School . On February 14, 1946, he married Beverly Coverly (2688) at Redeemer Lutheran Church. Roswel was in the U.S. Marines 1st Division, 81 St M M Mortar Unit during World War II. He participated in battles at Guadalcanal, Cape Clouchester, New Britan and Reletiu. At present is a driver for Wolverine Express in Muskegon. They have seven children.
          1. SHARON KAY (LEATHERMAN) WENTLAND (2689), born September 18, 1946. Married James Wentland (3614) February 6, 1965
            1. JOHN PAUL WENTLAND (3615), born December 20, 1965.
            2. TODD ERIC WENTLAND (3616), born March 3, 1967.
            3. STEVEN JAMES WENTLAND (3617), born November 15, 1968.
            4. DAVID SCOTT WENTLAND (3618), born June 4, 1970.
            5. CARRIE LYNNE WENTLAND (3619), born April 6, 1972.
          2. NANCY LEE LEATHERMAN (2690), born July 29, 1948.
          3. ROLAND FORD LEATHERMAN (2691), born October 24, 1950.
          4. LINDA JOYCE (LEATHERMAN) SHERMAN (2692), born April 5, 1952. Married Fred Sherman (3620), 1968.
            1. MICHELLE SHERMAN (3621), born February 10, 1969.
            2. ROBERT ALLEN SHERMAN (3622), born September 9, 1970.
            3. CHRISTINE ANN SHERMAN (3623), born October 24, 1971.
          5. BRUCE AARON LEATHERMAN (2693), born October 22, 1953.
          6. DAN ERIC LEATHERMAN (2694), born October 29, 1956.
          7. PAUL RYAN LEATHERMAN (2695), born November 12, 1960.
        5. LOTS MARJORIE (LEATHERMAN) (JOHNSON) (TIGCHELAAR) PERRY (1442), of 7125 Noffke Dr., Caledonia, MI, was born November 20, 1926, in Paris Twp., Kent Co. She graduated from Godwin High School. January 1947 she married Lyle Johnson (2696) at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids. They had one child. They were divorced, and Lois married William Tigchelaar (2698) in February 1956. H e works at the Tigchelaar Construction Co. and she at Lear Inc. They attend Redeemer Lutheran Church. Third marriage to Charles Perry (3624), 1964
          1. RENEE SUE JOHNSON (2697), born April 4, 1950
      5. GRACE (GILLETT) VELDMAN (1413), of 4211 Port Sheldon Rd., Hudsonville, MI is the fifth child of Gertrude and Elmer Gillett. She was born March 19,1895 in Georgetown Twp. and attended Canada Hill School. She married George Veldman (1443) January 18, 1914 at Georgetown, MI. He is a farmer and she a housewife. They attend Hudsonville Reformed Church. They have ten children. George passed away April 28, 1964. Grace passed away October 20, 1979 at age 84. Both are buried in the Georgetown Cemetery.
        1. DOROTHY (VELDMAN) ALWARD (1444), of Port Sheldon Rd., Hudsonville, Mi, was born May 21, 1914 at Georgetown, MI. She attended Canada Hill, Chrysler and Alward grade schools and Hudsonville High School. She married Austin Alward (2699), February 10, 1939. He is a farmer and substitute mail carrier. They attend the Hudsonville Reformed Church, and she is a member of an Extension and Mother's Club. They have four children.
          1. ROBERT ALLEN ALWARD (2700), is the first child of Austin and Dorothy Alward and was born January 11, 1940, at Georgetown. He attended Alward grade school and Hudsonville High School. Robert is a bricklayer by trade. On March 6, 1962 he married Ruth Lapp (2704) and lives in Wyoming, ML
            1. ROBIN RUTH ALWARD (3625), born September 5, 1963.
            2. ROBERT ALWARD, JR (3626), born March 9, 1967.
            3. RENEE ALWARD (3627), born October 23, 1969.
          2. WANDA LEA (ALWARD) MUDGET (2701), born September 26, 1942. Married Michael Mudget (3628), June 26, 1970
            1. JILL MUDGET (3629), born April 14, 1971
            2. JAMES AUSTIN MUDGET (3630), born April 17, 1974.
          3. WARREN DALE ALWARD (2702), born May 7,1944. Married February 22,1975 to Blaine Soya Ulrich (3631), born October 29, 1944.
            1. WENDY ULRICH (3632), born April 19, 1970.
            2. WARREN ULRICH (3633), born December 3, 1971.
          4. GREGGORY SCOTT ALWARD (2703), born December 26,1950. Married Ellen Cobb (3634), June 24, 1964.
        2. HERMAN VELDMAN (1445), of Hudsonville, MI was born February 26, 1917 at Georgetown. He married Floy Alward (2705), September 20, 1940 at Georgetown. He attended the Canada Hill and Alward Schools. Herman works at the Edson Meat Packing Co. They attend Hudsonville Congregational Church. They have three children. Herman passed away November 29, 1990. Floy passed away April 17, 1991.
          1. BARBARA (VELDMAN) HUYSER (2706), born December 7, 1941. Married James Huyser (3635), 1972.
            1. MATTHEW HUYSER (3636), born June 19, 1967.
          2. WARD VELDMAN (2707), born January 2, 1943. Married Marcia Horrigan (3637), 1968.
          3. CONNIE LEA (VELDMAN) VAN BEEK (2708), born June 19, 1946. Married James Dale VanBeek (3638), April 20, 1965.
            1. ROSS VAN BEEK (3639), born August 30, 1966.
            2. JEFF VAN BEEK (3640), born January 24, 1968.
            3. RYAN VAN BEEK (3641), born 1971.
        3. WILLIS H. VELDMAN (1446), of Port Sheldon Rd., Hudsonville, Ml, was born June 27, 1919 in Georgetown. He attended the Alward School. On June 27,1939, he married Hazel Ringerwole (2709) in Georgetown. They attend the Congregational Church. Willis was a partnership owner of the Wedgewood Inn at Grandville. They have four children. Willis passed away November 3, 1979 at age 60, buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
          1. BEATRICE (VELDMAN) BRANDT (2710), was born December 21, 1940 at Hudsonville. She graduated from Hudsonville High School. On November 1, 1958 she married Ronald Brandt (2714) at Hudsonville. He works at the Hart Cooley Corp. S he is a housewife. They have three children.
            1. ROGER BRANDT (2715) born April 26, 1959.
            2. JACK A. BRANDT (2716), born April 23, 1961.
            3. LINDA BRANDT (3642), born April 23, 1965.
          2. KAREN KAY (VELDMAN) WIERENGA (2711), born December 31, 1943. Married Thomas Lee Wierenga (3033), January 31, 1964.
            1. TAMARA WIERENGA (3643), born December 17, 1966.
          3. SANDY L. (VELDMAN) COSTEN (2712), born March 15, 1947. Married Bruce Costen (3644), 1966.
            1. RONDA COSTEN (3645), born September 20, 1966
            2. RICK COSTEN (3636), born October 1, 1969.
          4. BRUCE VELDMAN (2713), born December 23, 1952.
        4. EDITH (VELDMAN) BUTLER (1447), of 22 Batavia PI NE, Grand Rapids, M1, was born November 27, 1920 at Hudsonville, MI. She attended Alward and Hudsonville Schools. On June 10, 1940 she married Robert J. Butler (2717). They are both in the drapery business. They attend the Christian Reformed Church. Seven children were born to this union. Edith passed away September 29, 1981 at age 60, buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
          1. PATRICIA ANN (BUTLER) TIGELAAR (2718), of Hudsonville, was born March 13, 1937 at Hudsonville. Attended schools in Grand Rapids and graduated from Hudsonville High School. She married Harrison Tigelaar (2725), June 21, 1958 at Hudsonville. He is a produce transporter. They attend Hudsonville Reformed Church. They have two children.
            1. BRENDA SUE TIGELAAR (2726), born April 30, 1959.
            2. WADE J. TIGELAAR (2727), born May 24, 1960.
          2. JOYCE (BUTLER) (TURNES) WARNER (2719), of 749 E. Fulton St, Grand Rapids, MI was born March 1, 1940 at Grand Rapids. She married Donald C. Turnes (2728) March 6,1956, at Grand Rapids. He is with the North Central Airlines. They have four children all born at Grand Rapids, MI. Remarried Donald Warner (3648), 1969.
            1. DONALD J. TURNES (2729), born 1956.
            2. WILLIAM P. TURNES (2730), born November 23, 1957.
            3. SHERRY LYNN TURNES (2731), born April 1959.
            4. RANDALL TURNES (3647), born March 7, 1967.
            5. PAULA WARNER, born January 25, 1970.
          3. SHIRLEY (BUTLER) HUDDLESTON (2720), was born August 20,1941 at Grand Rapids, MI. She was married to William Huddleston (2732), February 1958 at Grand Rapids, MI. He is a mechanic. They have six children.
            1. DENISE KAY HUDDLESTON (2733), born. November 1959.
            2. MARJORIE HUDDLESTON (2734), born August 1960.
            3. LORIE HUDDLESTON (2735), born October 23, 1961.
            4. WILLIAM JOSEPH HUDDLESTON, JR (3650), born April 22, 1963.
            5. JOSEPH JAMES HUDDLESTON (3651), born May 28, 1964
            6. TERRY HUDDLESTON (3652), born July 14, 1965.
          4. ILEEN (BUTLER) KRAMER (2721), was born December 31, 1942, at Grand Rapids, MI. She married Dick Kramer (2736), October 23, 1959. He is a Michigan Bakery Maintenance Man. They have two children.
            1. RICHARD G. KRAMER (2737), born April 13, 1960.
            2. ROBERT JAMES KRAMER (3653), born July 6, 1963.
          5. JACQUELINE JUNE (BUTLER) LOWELL (2722), born May 26, 1944. Jacqueline married James Lowell (3832).
            1. DAVID LOWELL (3833), born January 7, 1964.
            2. ANGELA LOWELL (3834), born August 22, 1965
            3. MELISSA LOWELL (3835), born April 3, 1968.
          6. NORMA LEE (BUTLER) BOGUS (2723), was born July 16,1945. She married Richard Bogue (2738), July 23, 1961. They have three children.
            1. KARRY ALLEN BOGUS (2739), born February 6,1962.
            2. PAMELA SUE BOGUS (3654), born January 3, 1963.
            3. TIMOTHY BOGUS (3836), born February 15, 1969.
          7. LOIS SUSANNE (BUTLER) ENTER (2724), born April 19,1950. Lois married James Enter (3837) in 1967.
            1. JAMES ENTER, JR (3838) born August 20, 1968.
        5. GEORGE VELDMAN JR. (1448), of 531 Huizenga St., Zeeland, MI, was born November 3, 1922 at Hudsonville, MI. He attended Alward and Hudsonville Schools. On June 25, 1949, he married Janet Marie Meeuwsen (2740) at Zeeland. He works at Edson's Meat Packing Co. They attend the First Reformed Church at Zeeland, MI. He served in the Blackhawk, 86th Divison during World War II. They have two children. Janet passed away January 1986, buried in Zeeland.
          1. BEVERLY VELDMAN (2741), born June 3, 1950.
          2. NANCY VELDMAN (2742), born June 5, 1952.
        6. DIXIE J. (VELDMAN) MEYER (1449), of Hudsonville, Mi was born October 22, 1924 in Georgetown. She attended Alward and Hudsonville Schools. On June 21,1946 she married Harry A. Meyer (2743). He is employed by the Spe-D-Gas Co. of Hudsonville. They attend the Hudsonville Reformed Church. They have five children. Harry passed away December 25, 1987, buried in the Georgetown Cemetery.
          1. TOM L. MEYER (2744), born January 5, 1951.
          2. TIM A. MEYER (2745), born July 28, 1955.
          3. TERRY B. MEYER (2746), born July 28, 1955, twin to Tim.
          4. TODD J. MEYER (2747), born October 28, 1960.
          5. TED MEYER (2835), born October 24, 1962.
        7. HENRIETTA F (VELDMAN) DYKE (1450), of Hudsonville, was born June 7, 1927. She attended Alward School. On October 16, 1946, she married Dick Dyke (2748) at Hudsonville. They attend the Christian Reformed Church. He is a farmer. They have three children.
          1. LARRY DYKE (2749), born Februa ry 19, 1948. Married Judy Vort (3655), December 12, 1968.
            1. KEVIN DYKE (3656), born May 29, 1970
            2. MICHAEL TODD DYKE (3657), born August 5, 1972.
            3. MARK RYAN DYKE (3658), born August 16, 1975.
          2. GARY DYKE (2750), born February 9,195 1. Married Nov 1972.
          3. DOUGLAS DYKE (2751), born May 11, 1959.
        8. GERALD LEE VELDMAN (1451), of Hudsonville was born October 16, 1929. He attended Alward and Hudsonville High School. December 11, 1954 he married Thressa J. DeYoung (2752) at Hudsonville. He is employed by the Hudsonville Dairy. Gerald served two years in the Korean War. They attend the Hudsonville Reformed Church and have four children
          1. KATHY JO VELDMAN (2753), born October 28, 1955.
          2. LINDA RAE VELDMAN (2754), born December 14, 1956.
          3. JAMES VELDMAN (2836), born August 27, 1961.
          4. SHERYL VELDMAN (2837), born August 25, 1962.
          5. IRWIN VELDMAN (3839), born December 9,1965.
          6. DONNA VELDMAN (3840), born December 21, 1966.
        9. EARL L. VELDMAN (1452) of Port Sheldon Rd. Hudsonville, was born October 4,1932. He attended Alward and Hudsonville High School. Also served two years in the Armed Forces. On June 12, 1959 he married Cornelia Naglekirk (2755) at Hudsonville, MI. He is employed by the Mead Johnson Dairy. They attend the Hudsonville Reformed Church. They have three children
          1. DAVID VELDMAN (2756), born February 12, 1960.
          2. DUANE VELDMAN (2757), born January 14,1961.
          3. NORMAN JAY VELDMAN (3659), born February 19, 1964.
        10. MYRTLE L. (VELDMAN) HUIZENGA (1453), of Hudsonville was born June 26, 1935. She attended Alward and Hudsonville High School. She married Gerrit Huizenga (2758), September 21, 1956 at H udsonville. He is a painter. They attend Hudsonville Reformed Church. They have three children.
          1. STEVEN J. HUIZENGA (2759), born July 13, 1957.
          2. M ICHAEL ALLEN HUIZENGA (2760), born July 11, 1959.
          3. PAUL G. HUIZENGA (3660), born March 26, 1964.
      6. CARL L. GILLETT (1414), of 307 16th St. N. Great Falls, Montana, was born December 4, 1896 at Hudsonville, Ml. He married Dorlis R. Alexander (1454) at Fort Benton, Montana, June 23, 1935. He is a merchant, belongs to the Shrine, Masons, and was a Veteran of World War I. His wife is a nurse. They have two daughters. Carl passed away August 1, 1970, buried Great Falls, Montana.
        1. CARLENE DORLIS (GILLETT) GRERA (1455), of 74146th St., S. Great Falls, Montana, was born August 17, 1936 at Great Falls, Mont. She married Donald L. Grera (2761), May 29, 1953 at Fort Benton, Montana. He is a building contractor. They attend the Catholic Church and have four children.
          1. CARLA JEAN GRERA (2762), born January 3, 1954.
          2. DEBRA LEE GRERA (2763), born February 18, 1955.
          3. CHERYL ANN GRERA (2764), born July 23, 1958.
          4. DOUGLAS GRERA (3841), born October 20, 1964.
        2. SHIRLEY JEAN (GILLETT) COLGAN (1456), was born January 27, 1939 at Great Falls, Montana. She married Daniel L. Colgan (2765), September 12, 1959. He is a student in Forrestry at Missoula, Montana She is a Secretary, graduated from Catholic High School. They have two children.
          1. RICK DANIEL COLGAN (2766), born June 14, 1960.
          2. TERRI COLGAN (3842), born July 16, 1963.
      7. GEORGE D. GILLETT (1415), of 4445 Baldwin Dr. Hudsonville, MI, was born March 21, 1898 in Georgetown. He attended Canada Hill School. On June 7, 1922, he married Florence Ulberg in Georgetown. He is a Metal Finisher at Reynolds Metals. They belong to the Extension Club. They have three children. George passed away September 4, 1975 at age 77, Florence passed away January 7, 1977 at age 74, and both are buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
        1. DALE E. GILLETT (1458), of 3695 Kipling, Berkley, M., was born May 22,1927 at Grand Rapids, MI. He attended Canada Hill grade school and graduated from Junior College, and Michigan State University. Dale is a veteran of World War II. In June 1953 he married Esther June Roth (2767) at Hudsonville, MI. They attend the Presbyterian Church. He does insurance adjusting and accounting for General Motors. They have four children.
          1. CINDY ANN GILLETT (2768), born June 16, 1954.
          2. MARY BETH GILLETT (2769), born July 10, 1957, at Houston TX. Mary Beth met with an accidental death, July 1, 1961.
          3. LINDA RUTH GILLETT (2770), born September 16, 1959.
          4. ELIZABETH DALE GILLETT (3032), born April 25, 1963.
        2. DONALD G. GILLETT (1459), of 1117 N. Hayford St., Lansing, MI was born May 14,1930 at Grand Rapids, MI. He attended Canada Hill School, Hudsonville High School, Hope College and Michigan State University. On May 3, 1952 he married Phyllis Zwagerman (2771) at Hudsonville. Donald is a Korean War Veteran with two years service. He is in the Department of Agriculture for the State of Michigan. They have three children.
          1. LORNA SUE GILLETT (2772), born December 16, 1953.
          2. SANDRA RAE GILLETT (2773), born June 23, 1957.
          3. BRIAN DONALD GILLETT (2774), born February 18, 1960.
        3. MARILYN (GILLETT) MARVIN (1460), born January 1, 1934 at Georgetown Married Larry Marvin (3661), October 19, 1969.
      8. ADA MARIE (GILLETT) ROBERTSON (1416), of 421 N. Cullen Ave., Glendora, CA, was born January 29, 1900 at Georgetown, MI. She graduated from Hudsonville High School and Nurses" Training School at Goshen and Indianapolis, Indiana. On December 30,1925, she married Douglas Earl Robertson (1461) at Hudsonville, MI. She is a member of Glendora Christian Church and Glendora Coordinating council League for Nursing. Ada is a Registered and Visiting Nurse in Glendora. She is divorced. They had four children.
        1. DAVID JUSTIN ROBERTSO N (1462), of 124 Manistee Lane East Islip, Long Island, New York, was born August 20, 1927 at St. Clair, MI. He attended the George Washington University at Washington D.C. On March 26, 1951 he was married to Helen Patricia Cullen (2775) at Washington D.C. David is a Public Accountant. He belongs to the Country Village Civic Ass'n, the St Mary's Holy Name Society, the American Institute of C.P.A.'s and the N.Y. State Society of C.P.A.'s, and also is Suffolk County Councilor for Boy Scouts of America. He also served three years during World War 11 in the Philippine area. They have one child.
          1. MICHAEL DAVID ROBERTSON (2776), born April 6, 1953.
        2. DUANE EUGENE ROBERTSON (1463), of 7332 Almond Ave., Orangeville, CA, was born August 12, 1929 at Hudsonville, MI. He attended school at Farmington, MI, Goshen Indiana High School, Monrovia California High School and Junior College at Sacremento, CA. On June 17,1950, he married Isabelle Delfosse (2777) at Arcadia, CA. He is employed by the Aerojet Corp. at Orangeville CA. They belong to the Catholic Church, and have five children.
          1. KIM GREGORY ROBERTSON (2778), born September 20, 1951.
          2. JEFFRY ALLEN ROBERTSON (2779), born December 4, 1952.
          3. PENNY LYNN ROBERTSON (2780), born December 18, 1953.
          4. PAMELA ANN ROBERTSON (2781), born April 29, 1955.
          5. KERRY ROBERTSON (2782), born December 17, 1957.
        3. KING GILLETT ROBERTSON (1464), of 3840 Elmhurst Place, Boulder, CO, was born January 7,1933 at Detroit, MI. He attended the Army and Navy Academy at Carlsbad, CA, the Colorado School of Mines at Colden CO. His wife is the former Doris Louise Jager (2783), of Kalamazoo, MI whom he married August 1, 1957 at Golden, CO. She is a housewife and teacher. He is a Metallurgist with the Coors Porcelain Co. He was in the Signal Corp during the Korean War. They belong to the Presbyterian Church, the Choir and the Young Married Couples Club.
          1. JACQUELINE SUE ROBERTSON (2786), (adopted) born March 15, 1956
          2. JEAN ELLEN ROBERTSON (2784), born October 24, 1959.
          3. BRUCE DOUGLAS ROBERTSON (2785), born July 14, 1961.
          4. ANN LOUISE ROBERTSON (3843) born March 5, 1968.
        4. DEAN SCOTT ROBERTSON (1465), was born at Hudsonville, MI August 28, 1937. He was in the Army stationed at Treasure Island, San Diego, CA. Married Judy Farran (3844) of Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1967.
          1. WENDY ROBERTSON (3845), born August 28, 1968.
      9. MARION GILLETT (1417), of 40th St. Hudsonville, MI was born February 17,1903. He attended Canada Hill and Hudsonville Schools. He married Verla King (1466) in 1929. They had three children, they were divorced and he married Hazel Nibbilink (1470), April 23, 1941. For years he was Superintendent at the Grand Rapids Creamery Co. They attend the Congregational Church. Marion passed away June 10, 1967, buried in the Georgetown Cemetery.
        1. RUSSELL K. GILLETT (1467), of 3759 Balsum NE Grand Rapids, MI, was born January 30, 1930 at Allendale, Illinois , He attended Union Elementary and graduated from Comstock Park High School and Davenport Institute of Grand Rapids. His wife is the former Beverly Bohn (2787) whom he married, March 14, 1952. For three years he served in the U.S. Coast Guard They attend Trinity Congregational Church. He is employed by the Michigan National Bank in the Mortgage Dept. They have six children.
          1. DAWN LOUISE GILLETT (2788), born April 10, 1953.
          2. KIM ELLIOT GILLETT (2789), born October 7, 1954.
          3. RENEE ANN GILLETT (2790), born March 30, 1956.
          4. BETH HAZEL GILLETT (2791), born September 26, 1957.
          5. LANE RUSSELL GILLETT (2792), born October 2, 1959.
          6. HOLLE MARIE GILLETT (2793), born January 12, 1961.
        2. BETTY (GILLETT) WEBBER (1468), was born January 2, 1933. She graduated from Union High School. In 1955, she married Douglas Webber (2794) at Grand Rapids, MI. He is a General Electric Missile Tech. They live in California where they attend the Methodist Church. They have five children.
          1. SUSAN G. WEBBER (2795), born January 23, 1957.
          2. STEPHEN WEBBER (2796), born February 17, 1958.
          3. CRAIG WEBBER (2797), born June 1959.
          4. THOMAS WEBBER (2798), born August 1960.
          5. SHARI LYNN WEBBER born May 24, 1964.
        3. CAROL ANN (GILLETT) ARNOLD (1469), was born October 1939 at Grand Rapids, MI. From childhood she has lived in the west, with her present address, 9125 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Portland 21, Oregon. Married Jerry Arnold (3663), September 4, 1965 of Bend Oregon.
          1. BRUCE ANDREW ARNOLD (3664), born October 27,1966.
          2. BARBARA JEAN ARNOLD (3665), born April 11, 1968
      10. MARY (GILLETT) FRY (1418), of 1908 Blandford Ave., SW, Grand Rapids, MI, was born May 25,1907 at Georgetown, MI. She attended Canada Hill, Hudsonville High School and graduated from Western Michigan University with an AB degree. Her husband is Lloyd C. Fry (1471) whom she married in 19 29 in Indiana. He is Superintendent of Lee and Godfrey Schools. She is a teacher. They attend the Congregational Church, and are members of the Rotary Club and Rotary Anus and also the M.E.A. They have three children. Lloyd passed....????
        1. HOMER C. FRY (1472), of 1525 Paulson Rd., Muskegon, MI, was born July 14, 1930 at Hudsonville, MI He graduated from Lee High School and Western Michigan University with a Master's Degree. On September 6, 1950, he married Marilyn Hoek (2799) at Grand Rapids, MI. He is a teacher, and belongs to the Congregational Church and also the M.E.A. They have one child
          1. SHARON FRY (2800), born April 4,1951.
        2. CARL FRY (1473), of 28646 Leona, Garden City, MI, was born October 19, 1932 at Stevensville, MI. He attended Lee High School, Junior College and Michigan State University. His wife is the former Delores May Cooley (2801) whom he married October 25, 1952, at Bremerton, Washington. For 2 1/2 years he served in the Navy. He is employed as an Ornamental Iron Erector . They attend the Catholic Church and have four children.
          1. MICHAEL FRY (2802), born November 12, 1953.
          2. PATRICK FRY (2803), born August 16, 1955.
          3. TERRY FRY (2804), born January 18, 1957.
          4. TIMMY FRY (2805), born January 1, 1958.
          5. MICHELE FRY (3847) born February 10, 1961.
        3. KEITH FRY (1474), of 101 Capitol Dr., Midland, MI, born May 21, 1934 at White Cloud, MI. He attended Lee High School and has his Master's Degree from Michigan State University. His wife is the former Mary Lou Brown (2806), whom he married September 3, 1955 at Grand Rapids, MI. They attend the Catholic Church. For two years he served in the Army. He is now a Chemical Engineer in the Research Field. They have three children.
          1. JEFFERY FRY (2807), born May 21, 1956.
          2. JUDY FRY (2808), born August 30, 1957.
          3. KEVIN FRY (2809), born June 8, 1960.

    This Completes The Life Of Mary (Lowing) Bosworth And All Her Known Descendants

    Ch. 09 : Ulysses Lowing

    Lowing Family History

    Updated by Bruce Sheridan Lowing

    Chapter 9: Ulysses Lowing

    ULYSSES LOWING (72), the seventh child of Isaac and Lavina Lowing was bom in 1827, and lived but a few weeks.

    Ch. 10 : Corelia Lowing Spears

    Lowing Family History

    Updated by Bruce Sheridan Lowing

    Chapter 10: Corelia (Lowing) Spears

    Corelia (Lowing) Spears (73), was the eighth child bom to Isaac and Lavina Lowing in 1830 at East Bloomfield, New York. She was thirteen when the family moved to Michigan. Very little was recorded about Cordelia in the Lowing Book. She attended the Canada Hill School, and lived at home until her marriage to Martin Spears (1475), when she moved to a home a short distance away. Five children were born to this union before Martin ran away from home, joining the Army at the time of the Civil War, leaving Cordelia with the care of all the children. He never wrote, and when the war was over no one could find any trace of him. The family had a difficult time, and the children moved away as soon as they were able to do so, and found work.

    Cordelia died in 1876, at the age of 46, and none of the children except Stephen lived long after their mother died. Stephen moved to another State, and no one ever heard from him. Cordelia was buried in Georgetown Cemetery

    The children were Eugene (1476), Inez (1477), Laura (1478), Stephen (1479) and Archibald (1480). Laura and Archibald died in early childhood, and the rest in their early maturity.

    Ch. 11 : Elizabeth Bosworth

    Lowing Family History

    Updated by Bruce Sheridan Lowing

    Chapter 11: Elizabeth (Lowing) Bosworth

    ELIZABETH (LOWING) BOSWORTH (74), the youngest of the nine children fo Isaac and Lavina Lowing, was born at East Gainesville, New York, in 1833. She was ten years old when the family reached Michigan, October 18, 1843. She had a cold memory of that arrival for that night she fell in a creek on the way to her father's cabin. (See life of Isaac and Lavina) She was one of the children that attended the first Canada Hill School, which was built in 1845. Miss Ann Evarts was her first teacher in Michigan.

    Furniture and beds were scarce in the log cabin, most of the children slept on the floor in the loft, but Elizabeth had a bed on the floor at the foot of her parent's bed, and said it kept her from being afraid when the wolves howled at night.

    In April of 1855, Elisha P. Bosworth (1481) visited his brother Franklin, and Elizabeth's sister Mary (See poem at end of History). Here he met Libby. He came to Michigan again that fall, and married Elizabeth, September 23, 1855, and she accompanied him to his farm in Illinois, going by boat to Chicago.

    One year later in September of 1856, Libby's father and mother visited her in Illinois, having taken a steamer to Grand Haven and crossing the Lake to Chicago. After Lavina's death, Isaac made another trip to visit his daughter Libby in 1872.

    During the winters Franklin shaved shingles and shipped them to Illinois for Elisha to sell.

    In the summer of 1870, Libby and Elisha visited Michigan and were the instigators of the family picture for which 26 members of the family drove the long distance to Grand Rapids.

    Elisha P. Bosworth died, April 5, 1904, and two weeks later on April 22, 1904 Elizabeth passed away. Both are burried at LaSalle, Illinois. They had eight children.

    1. ELMA ADA (BOSWORTH) (SPICER) STEEN (1482), was born July 3, 1857 at LaSalle, Illinois. She married Fremont Spicer (1490), September 23, 1879. After his death she married Claus Steen (1330) of Georgetown, Michigan, August 6, 1904. She died August 4, 1906.
    2. ELSKA LILLIE (BOSWORTH) (EVITTS) TURNER (1483), was born October 26, 1858 at LaSalle, Illinois. She married S.R. Evitts (1492), July 4, 1888 and a second time to Thomas Turner (1493), June 16, 1894.
    3. EFFIE BELL (BOSWORTH) BIGNALL (1484), was born Febnrary 20, 1860. She married Herbert Bignall (1494), January 1, 1879
    4. JABIN ELMER BOSWORTH (1485), was born January 16, 1862 and died March 2, 1862.
    5. RUTH EDNA (BOSWORTH) (HAYNES) (SATRANY) MOORE (1486), was born in LaSalle, August 15, 1867. She married George B. Haynes (1495), July 14, 1892. Second marriage was to T. Satrany (1496) and the third was to Joshua Moore (1497).
    6. FRANK ELISHA BOSWORTH (1487), was born January 5, 1869 and married Blanche L. Henry (1498), September 29, 1 901
    7. MARY ELIZABETH (BOSWORTH) BUTTERFIELD (1488), was born November 19, 1873, and married Stanley Butterfield (1499), May 5, 1897. They had five children.
      1. LEE I. BUTTERFIELD (1500)
      2. WILLIAM T. BUTTERFIELD (1501)
      3. BESSIE M BUTTERFIELD (1502), was born November 25, 1904.
      4. HOWARD S. BUTTERFIELD (1503), was born August 31, 1908 and died August 3, 1916.
    8. RALPH EVITTS BOSWORTH (1489), was born March 9, 1875 at LaSalle, Illinois. He married Maud Stickney (1505). They had two children.
      2. DORIS IRENE BOSWORTH (1507).

    This Is The End Of The Life And The Known Descendants Of Elizabeth (Lowing) Bosworth. ="_blank" href="./genealogy/individual.php?ged=Lowing5.ged&pid=I1488">1488), was born November 19, 1873, and married Stanley Butterfield (1499), May 5, 1897. They had five children.

    1. LEE I. BUTTERFIELD (1500)
    3. BESSIE M BUTTERFIELD (1502), was born November 25, 1904.
    4. HOWARD S. BUTTERFIELD (1503), was born August 31, 1908 and died August 3, 1916.
  • RALPH EVITTS BOSWORTH (1489), was born March 9, 1875 at LaSalle, Illinois. He married Maud Stickney (1505). They had two children.

    This Is Th