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Ch. 05: Michigan - Georgetown Organized In 1839

Georgetown Organized in 1839.

In 1842 Georgetown added a part of Talmadge, south of the River (T 7 N*R 14) W, which was "set off' to Ottawa Co. Talmadge added part of Georgetown, north of the River. In 1842 the name Kent was changed to Grand Rapids.

  • In 1839 Georgetown was organized.
  • The first house in Grandville was built by Julius Abell Esq.
  • Two sawmills on Buck Creek near the mouth of Rush Creek_

Monroe Street follows the trail to Campau's Trading Post, on the bank of Grand River. It kept along the impassable swamp, extending north from the corner of Monroe and Division, then wound along the foot of an abrupt hill from Ottawa to Pearl Street. This hill connected with the now disappearing hill between Pearl and Lyon Streets. - Beyond these hills the trail descended to Bronson Street, South of Monroe, the descent was steep and ground so low as to be deeply covered at high water.

The boat channel of the river was between the Island and the main land and the landing was where the blocks of stores now are on the south side of Monroe Street at the foot of Canal Street west of the foot of Canal Street north of Pearl Street was Mr. Wadsworth's sawmill. From Franklin Everett's Memorials on the Grand River Valley. 1877/8

In 1848 there were 2 houses in Jenisonville. Georgetown Post Office was the first in the Township, on the River - Section 4 as early as 1850 and S.L. Lowing was the first Postmaster. It was moved to Section 9 in 1859. E.F. Bosworth held office from 1862.

Georgetown Grange with 43 charter members and H.C. Lowing as Master - 1875-76-77-78-79-89. W.R. Lowing 1881. At a cost of $900.00 they built a Hall on Section 26 25x60 ft and 18 ft high.

At Haire's Landing sec 8 on Grand River -- Sawmill built in 1856, burned in 1864 and was rebuilt in 1872. They cut 300,000 ft per day. The mill burned again in 1877 and was never rebuilt. On sec 4 about a mile further down the River, S.L. Lowing operated a mill.

H.C. Lowing was one of the 10 charter members of Jenison Lodge inaugurated January 21, 1875. The Lodge room, 22X30 ft was valued at $200.00 with furniture.

E.F. Bosworth, born Washington Co, N.Y. October 28,1818 settled in Vermont - went to Buffalo in 1827. Came to Michigan and in 1843, settled on Section 9 - Georgetown. He was postmaster -- Supervisor and Township clerk. On Sept 27, 1846 he married Mary Jeannette Lowing who was born in Genessee County New York Je 5, 1825.

All along Grand River and the Rapids were Indian trails which the first settlers followed until the land surveyors blazed out the section lines. On the west side of Grand Rapids, was the Council Tree, and all the trails, east, west, south and north led to this place.

The one leading southward along what is now Butterworth Street (now called Road) it wound between the hills to Finniesy and OBrien Lakes to the Indian Village on Sand Creek. It was this trail that Stephen Lowing and Franklin Bosworth followed when they first arrived.

There was a trail that led north from the Council Pine, up River Rouge and far into the Interior. On the east side of the river the Ottawa Trail became the Grandville Road and led to all southwest points. At Bass River it branched to the Pottawatomie Country. Going to the east were many trails. Monroe Avenue started by being a path to the Thornapple River with a branch to Ada. There was also an Indian Trail following around the north of Coldbrook Hill, following the ravines and coming out at Plainfield. The Middleville, Hastings, Battlecreek road was developed from a trail leading in that direction.

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