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Sec. 03: Lampman

Lampman Lineage

From Cuyler Reynold's History of the Hudson River Valley.

The Lampmans of Coxsackie, Greene County, New York were descended from ancestors from Palatin Germany.

The Emigrant ancestor settled in Greene County at the south of Greene's Hill in the town of Coxsackie.

Stephen Lampman born Greene County about 1760 married and had issue Peter, son of above born about 1760 married and had issue.

John Peter born September 17, 1792 died January 2, 1855 married Abigail King, born November 11, 1795 died January 2, 1882. They removed from King's Hill, some three miles to the eastward, where they settled on a farm.

Obadiah born on the Greene County homestead, upon which his parents settled prior to his birth, May 25, 1818 died at Coxsackie, 1902, married Elizabeth Vandenberg, born November 22, 1817 died October 31, 1890 daughter of Peter Vandenberg. Five children.

It would appear that John Peter could be the brother of Lavina and Stephen who married Susanna Lowing in 1812.

Lavina Lampman married Isaac Lowing 1814.

Rachel Lampman (a descendant of Stephen) born August 26, 1824, died March 4, 1910 married Richard, son of Henry and Rebecca (VanLoon) Vandenberg born February 8, 1817 died July 21, 1860. He was a farmer.

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