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Lowing Or Loren?

Interresting coincidence in names Loren drom Danby and Lowing from Danby.

American Lineage: Elihu5, Edmund4, David3, Edmund2, & Philip1.
Preceding English Lineage: Samuel6E, Henry5E, Henry4E, Thomas3E, John2E, & Thomas1E.
1794. Loren born in Danby VT. Also spelled "Lowing/Lowring". (Gen Refs: DPS p298/99; FDS 1588; SD p1598).
1812. Loren served from NY as a private in the war of 1812 (1812/VET p686, Ingham Co).
1815. Loren married at Danby VT Rutland Co to Hannah Carr born 1797.
1820/30. Loren lived in Peru NY Clinton Co.
1832. Loren lived in Plattsburg NY Clinton Co.
1840. Census of Tompkins Twn/Twp Jackson Co indicated: Lorin Shearman (sic) family; males age 10-15, 20-30, 40-50, females age 5-10, 15-20, 30-40 (p189). 
1844. Loren came to Onondaga Twn/Twp Ingham Co in 1844 (1812/VET, Ingham Co).
1850. Census of Tompkins Twn/Twp Jackson Co indicated: Loren age 55, farmer, Hannah age 53, born 1797 in VT; children Deborah, Cynthia, Eli (p615/d1266/f1266).
1854. Census of Tompkins Twp Jackson Co indicated: Lorin (LDS/AISx). 
1860. Census of Tompkins Twp Jackson Co indicated: Lorin Shearman (sic), farmer; Hannah age 65, born 1795 in VT; children Cynthia, Charles (p558/d3291/f290).
1860. Loren died at Tompkins Twp Jackson Co MI. Buried in Onondaga Cemetery Onondaga Twp Ingham Co (1812/VET, Ingham Co). Lowing Sherman died 1860, age 65 yrs, buried in Onondaga Village Cemetery tombstone).
1870. Hannah age 74 lived with son Eli in Leslie Twp Ingham Co (p184/185/d92/f92).

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