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Lowing Private Cemetery Bauer Road And 28th Avenue

Lowing Private Cemetery Bauer Road and 28th Avenue

Lowing Private Cemetery
Bauer Road and 28th Avenue

Georgetown Twp. Cemetery
Ottawa County, Michigan

The Lowing Private Cemetery is located on the northwest corner of Bauer Road where 28th Avenue intersects.

The story goes that there were two of the Lowing brothers who owned land next to each other. The one wanted to put a road through to the river and the other didnít want to so he set aside land for a cemetery at that corner to prevent the road from going through.

There are only a few stones in the cemetery but still visible signs of other burials. No record was kept of the burials. It is possible that some of the neighbors in that vicinity have family buried here.

In 1970 the Lowing Reunion Association placed a large boulder with this a plaque and this inscription on it - "Lowing Pioneer Family - 1836"

Also on the plaque are the birth and death dates of Isaac and Lavina Lowing.

LOWING, Isaac Born-1764 Died-1876

Lavina Born-1793 Died-1868

(nee Lampman)

A tall monument surrounded by footstones containing the letters, D.W.L., M.L., H.L., E.L., and L. L. On one side of the monument is -

WEST, Francis 78yrs. 7mos. Died- April, 1876

(father of Jane (West) Lowing

On the other side of the monument is -

Children of I. N. and Jane (West) Lowing:

(Isaac N. and Jane Lowing are buried in the Georgetown Twp. Cemetery.)

LOWING, Daniel W. Born-no date Died-2 Feb 1855

Myra 3 yrs. 6mos. 8days Died-11 Nov 1874

Howard 2yrs. 4mos. 2days Died-2 Aug 1865

Elroy 20yrs. 8mos. 24days Died-7 May 1880

Luman Born-no date Died-1 Jun 1865

One other obelisk contains this information:

EMBODY, Clyde Born-27 Feb 1868-Ggtn Died-17 Sep 1868-Bldn

Obe 1yr. 10mos. 5days Died-6 Apr 1873

Winifred 4yrs. 23days Died-8 Apr 1873

(Children of Obadiah and Jane (Lowing) Embody)

According to the Lowing Family book, these children of Franklin and Mary Jeanette (Lowing) Bosworth, were buried in the Lowing Cemetery.

Frank E. Bosworth Born-5 Jun 1850 Died-25 Feb 1853

Twins Ė Bertha and H. Arthur Bosworth Born-11 Jan 1861 Died-abt. 4 days old

posted by Trevor Lowing
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