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Sec. 01: Lowing

Lowing Lineage

Robert MacLaughn - 1682, of Scotland - a seafaring man and owner of a large fleet of merchant ships, plying between the Irish Sea and the East Indies.

  1. James - 1705 - While on a trip for his father, married an Irish girl and took her with him, but upon their return, stern Presbyterian Robert did not welcome the little Irish Catholic girl and life was very miserable for her during her married life. His youngest son was John.
    1. John - 1732 - wanting to escape the unhappy conditions in his home, and having become part owner with his father, James, went to the island of Jamaica and settled at Kingston, where he married an English woman and there he lived and died in 1775, leaving a son.
      1. James William - 1758, was fifteen years old when his father died, and the Captain of one of the ships wishing to marry the widow and wanting the boy out of the way brought him to America on one of the voyages and indentured him to a man who treated him badly. He finally managed to escape, and in order more easily to avoid recapture, he changed his name to William Laughn, which soon became Lowin - then Lowing as most of the family spell it today.

        William Lowing after three years as a Minute Man and some other time spent in the Army, married December 24, 1780 Anna Haight, supposedly a descendent of Simon Haight, who came in the "Abigail" with his brother-in-law, Nicholas Stowers.

        Probably Anna was the daughter of William Haight - granddaughter of Joseph and Margaret (-----) Haight. She was born at Crum Elbow (Nine Partners), New York, March 10, 1764 and was sixteen years old at the time of her marriage at Tinmouth, Vermont. She died August 23, 1843. They had 13 children. William died in the fall of 1802 after many years in the army.

        1. James
        2. Mary E.
        3. William
        4. Deborah
        5. Stanton
        6. Susanna dearly loved Stephen Lampman's young sister, Lavinia, and when Isaac, her favorite brother visited her, he fell in love with Lavina and they were married in the spring of 1814. Their first home was at East Bloomfield, New York 100 miles west of the old home at Peru.
        7. Eliza
        8. Isaac - born January 28, 1794, at Danby, Vermont and was at Peru, New York in 1797. -died at Georgetown, Michigan in 1876 at 82 - married in the spring of 1814 Lavina Lampman (1796-1868). They had nine children. Two of them were Holden C. and Jeannette.

          Driving an ox team with their few belongings piled high on a cart, they staked out land in the settlement near what is now East Bloomfield. This land was well wooded and the first years were spent in cutting timber, pulling stumps and building their house and barn, and trying to grow enough food for themselves and their stock.

          As the sons grew old enough they were able to help their father. Isaac and his sons were famous mowers and were hired to mow most of the farms throughout the region. They used cradles and several men followed behind to bind.

          Isaac and Lavina had 6 sons and 3 daughters.

          Isaac was not able to give his children much education. They usually went to school between the ages of five and ten and intermittently thereafter.

          1. William R.
          2. Stephen L.
          3. James
          4. Holden C., born March 19, 1821 at East Bloomfield, New York, died March 29, 1900 - married September 11, 1851 Eleanor Chapin Woodruff, born in New York State and moving early with her parents to Michigan, died September 14, 1907. Holden C. Lowing moved with his parents to Georgetown, Michigan, when 13 years old. A few years later he bought timber land and cleared it and had one of the finest apple orchards in the country, having acquired the trees from the old William Lowing farm in Peru, New York and a fine grove of maple trees. They had thirteen children:
            1. Glenn Emmett
            2. Benton H.
            3. Otis U. born April 1, 1857 - Georgetown Township - died October 13, 1908 - married January 17, 1887, Edna, daughter of Mortimer and Amanda (Blackford) Gillette - born at Ashtabula, Ohio. August 8, 1863, died at Grand Rapids, Michigan.
              1. Roy H. born October 7, 1887 - Living 1949 - married January 17, 1913 - Mary, daughter of John Thomas and Nellie (Bosworth) Sheridan - born October 6, 1888 at Allendale, Michigan. Roy was a dairy farmer for many years and sold the business to his son Hugh in 1950.

                They had five children.

                1. Otis U. - b. Grand Rapids, Michigan, married Grace daughter of the Goeslers.
                  1. Holden born at St. Mary's Hospital, Grand Rapids.
                2. Stephen Jay b at St Mary's Hospital, Grand Rapids.
                3. Hugh C. born March 21, 1918 - married October 19, 1938 at Grace Episcopal Church, Grand Rapids. Michigan.
                  1. Bruce Sheridan
                  2. Thomas Hugh
                  3. Richard Jarvis
                4. Wayne born married Lucile Klawiter
                5. Jay Boyd born married Mary Moses
                6. Mary Joyce married October 1, 1948, Jack Klawiter.

                  Thay have three children:

                  1. Craig
                  2. Glenn
                  3. Mark
            4. Daniel M.
            5. May Belle
            6. Isaac N.
            7. Rose
            8. Dora
            9. William R.
            10. John H.
            11. Eva Annette
            12. Alice
            13. Esther B.
          5. Isaac Newton
          6. Mary Jeanette - b (6th child) Je. 5, 1825 at Bethany, NY , d. Je 14, 1903 in Michigan. M. Franklin Edward Bosworth - a descendant of Edward Bosworth who d. on the voyage to America in 1634, leaving wife and children. September 25, 184
            1. Nellie - b. Dec 18, 1861 - d. May 1 19 -m. Dec. 12, 1887 - John Thomas, son of Thomas and Susan Lambert Sheridan - b. April 12, 1862 - d. (Thomas Sheridan - b. 1818 - d. 1891 - was of Chapel Izod - d. Nov 17, 1905. He was at Blanchartown, Feb 13, 1843, Susan Lambert, b 1825 - d. Nov 17 1905. He was a descendant of Rt. Honorable Brinsley Sheridan, M.P. youngest son of Thomas, Esq. and Frances( ---) Sheridan.)
              1. Mary - b. October 6, 1888, at Allendale, Michigan - m. Roy H. Lowing - (see Roy Lowing). Isaac was the Great Grandfather of both Mary and Roy.
          7. Ulysses
          8. Cordelia
          9. Elizabeth
        9. Twin girls (not named)
        10. Stephen
        11. John
        12. Anna

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