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Ch. 11 : Elizabeth Bosworth

Lowing Family History

Updated by Bruce Sheridan Lowing

Chapter 11: Elizabeth (Lowing) Bosworth

ELIZABETH (LOWING) BOSWORTH (74), the youngest of the nine children fo Isaac and Lavina Lowing, was born at East Gainesville, New York, in 1833. She was ten years old when the family reached Michigan, October 18, 1843. She had a cold memory of that arrival for that night she fell in a creek on the way to her father's cabin. (See life of Isaac and Lavina) She was one of the children that attended the first Canada Hill School, which was built in 1845. Miss Ann Evarts was her first teacher in Michigan.

Furniture and beds were scarce in the log cabin, most of the children slept on the floor in the loft, but Elizabeth had a bed on the floor at the foot of her parent's bed, and said it kept her from being afraid when the wolves howled at night.

In April of 1855, Elisha P. Bosworth (1481) visited his brother Franklin, and Elizabeth's sister Mary (See poem at end of History). Here he met Libby. He came to Michigan again that fall, and married Elizabeth, September 23, 1855, and she accompanied him to his farm in Illinois, going by boat to Chicago.

One year later in September of 1856, Libby's father and mother visited her in Illinois, having taken a steamer to Grand Haven and crossing the Lake to Chicago. After Lavina's death, Isaac made another trip to visit his daughter Libby in 1872.

During the winters Franklin shaved shingles and shipped them to Illinois for Elisha to sell.

In the summer of 1870, Libby and Elisha visited Michigan and were the instigators of the family picture for which 26 members of the family drove the long distance to Grand Rapids.

Elisha P. Bosworth died, April 5, 1904, and two weeks later on April 22, 1904 Elizabeth passed away. Both are burried at LaSalle, Illinois. They had eight children.

  1. ELMA ADA (BOSWORTH) (SPICER) STEEN (1482), was born July 3, 1857 at LaSalle, Illinois. She married Fremont Spicer (1490), September 23, 1879. After his death she married Claus Steen (1330) of Georgetown, Michigan, August 6, 1904. She died August 4, 1906.
  2. ELSKA LILLIE (BOSWORTH) (EVITTS) TURNER (1483), was born October 26, 1858 at LaSalle, Illinois. She married S.R. Evitts (1492), July 4, 1888 and a second time to Thomas Turner (1493), June 16, 1894.
  3. EFFIE BELL (BOSWORTH) BIGNALL (1484), was born Febnrary 20, 1860. She married Herbert Bignall (1494), January 1, 1879
  4. JABIN ELMER BOSWORTH (1485), was born January 16, 1862 and died March 2, 1862.
  5. RUTH EDNA (BOSWORTH) (HAYNES) (SATRANY) MOORE (1486), was born in LaSalle, August 15, 1867. She married George B. Haynes (1495), July 14, 1892. Second marriage was to T. Satrany (1496) and the third was to Joshua Moore (1497).
  6. FRANK ELISHA BOSWORTH (1487), was born January 5, 1869 and married Blanche L. Henry (1498), September 29, 1 901
  7. MARY ELIZABETH (BOSWORTH) BUTTERFIELD (1488), was born November 19, 1873, and married Stanley Butterfield (1499), May 5, 1897. They had five children.
    1. LEE I. BUTTERFIELD (1500)
    3. BESSIE M BUTTERFIELD (1502), was born November 25, 1904.
    4. HOWARD S. BUTTERFIELD (1503), was born August 31, 1908 and died August 3, 1916.
  8. RALPH EVITTS BOSWORTH (1489), was born March 9, 1875 at LaSalle, Illinois. He married Maud Stickney (1505). They had two children.

This Is The End Of The Life And The Known Descendants Of Elizabeth (Lowing) Bosworth.

posted by Trevor Lowing

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