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Ch. 05 : James Lowing

Lowing Family History

Updated by Bruce Sheridan Lowing

Chapter 5: James Lowing


JAMES O.F. LOWING, the third child and third son of Isaac and Lavina Lowing, was born at Canandaigua, New York, May 20, 1819. He had a common school education and became a farmer and carpenter. When his father and older brothers left to seek land elsewhere, he remained in New York to attend the needs of his mother and younger sisters. After the father had some of his land cleared and a home built in Michigan, James brought the family and household goods.

The family arrived October 18th, 1843. James brought the three sisters and his mother Lavina, by boat around the lakes and up the Grand River on a steamer to Stephen's place. The Lake trip had taken them fifteen days, and a storm raged the whole distance. It was late when they arrived at Stephen's and as the family was tired, he persuaded them to stay all night, rather than cross the woods in the dark. They moved out the few pieces of furniture and laid their feather beds on the floor. In the middle of the night Ruth, Stephen's wife was taken with the pains of childbirth, so the children were awakened, dressed, and a man was asked to guide them to their father's home about one mile away. The man carried pine knots that he lighted to assist them in keeping the narrow path through the dense woods. In crossing a creek on a log, Elizabeth who was only ten years old lost her balance and fell in. In the excitement of getting her out the man dropped the pine knot in the water, and they had to finish the journey in the dark. With the man in front they held on to him and each other, and fairly felt their way along. The children never forgot that night trip to their new home in Michigan.

For a year, James worked in the woods of Michigan but realized he could make more money in the carpenter trade in a more settled area. Making arrangements with his brother Holden to purchase a farm for him in Georgetown, he left the community to earn the payments. After drifting for sometime he settled in Burford, Canada, near his brother William, in 1844. There he married Emily Bowen (374), in 1845, and their first four children were born in that vicinity.

In 1855, both James and William, with their families, came to Michigan, and James moved on to his land, near his father's farm. Seven more children were born in Georgetown. He was active in the affairs of that community, and served several years as Justice of the Peace.

Later he sold his farm and moved to Grand Rapids, where he continued to work as a carpenter. He became a member of the Baptist Church, was an Odd Fellow, with all the honors of his local lodge.

In spite of their large family, James and Emily sheltered several of William's children, after Mary Ann died. They always called Aunt Emily their "second Mother", for she had lived in Canada, and sympathized with their homesickness for that place.

James died Sept 20, 1890, and is buried in Grand Rapids. They had eleven children.

  1. JAMES M. LOWING (375), eldest son of James and Emily Lowing, was born November 13, 1846, at Burford, Canada. He had a common school education, was an Odd Fellow and saw service in the Civil War, leaving Georgetown with Company I, Third Michigan Regiment. He married Louise Robinson (1121) at Robinson, Michigan, May 1878. He was killed while at work in a sawmill, by being hit from an exploding pulley. Two children were born to this union.
    1. ALFRED JAMES LOWING (1122), was born Dec 16, 1873, at Robinson, Michigan. He married Pearle E. Clark (1124) at Boulder, California, October 12, 1903. He died in 1953 and is buried in the Oakhill Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Michigan. They had three children.
      1. LOUISE (LOWING) KRAGT (1127), who married James Kragt (1594) and lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
      2. CLARK LOWING (1125), living in White Bear, Minnesota.
      3. JAMES LOWING (1126), living in Plymouth, Michigan.
    2. CHARLES MORTIMER LOWING (1123), second son of James M. & Louise Lowing, was born Jan 14, 1875, at Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was married Sept 23, 1898 to Mary Beche (1128). For years they lived at Boca Del Tora, in Panama. They had one son.
      1. CHARLES ROBINSON LOWING (1129), born Oct 6, 1915, in Boca Del Tora, Panama. He was married to Marian Rankin (2913). Charles graduated from University Military School, Mobile Alabama. Attended Oxford University, Ohio. He held many offices, as an Elder and also served on the Board of Directors of the First Christian Church of Mobile, Alabama, where they were members.

        Charles was employed with the Coca Cola Co., Mobile Alabama for 34 years. Also was on the Board of Directors of the Federal Credit Union, holding office upon his death, at the age of 60, on May 20, 1975. He is buried in Pinecrest Cemetery, Mobile Alabama. There were four children born to this union.

        1. JAMES ROBINSON LOWING (2914), born June 26, 1948.
        2. SUSAN (LOWING) DUPUIS (2915), born February 18, 1951.
        3. CHARLES RANKIN LOWING (2916), born January 19, 1959.
        4. BARBARA LOWING (2917), born August 11, 1961.
  2. WILLIAM CLARENCE LOWING (376), the second son of James and Emily Lowing was born September 23, 1848 at Burford, Canada. He moved to Georgetown with the family in 1855, and enlisted in Company I., Third Michigan Regiment in April 1861. He was killed at the Battle of Bull Run. He was married. Always called "Clarence". Very little data can be found about him.
  3. ERNEST VILLIERS LOWING (377), the third son of James and Emily Lowing, was born February 19, 1851, at Burford, Ontario. He was an engineer, by vocation and spent much of his life converting the big timbers of Michigan into commercial lumber and railroad timbers. He was married at Stanton, Michigan to Esabelle Brooks (1151), June 25, 1876. She was born Oct 6, 1859, and died January 31, 1917. Ernest died at Battle Creek, May 25, 1915. Five children were born to this union.
    1. EDITH (LOWING) NIGHTENGALE (1131), was born April 7, 1877 at Stanton, Michigan and married John Nightengale (1136), and moved to Battle Creek, Michigan. They had two children.
      1. BELLE (NIGHTENGALE) COLE (1137), was born March 1898 at Grand Rapids. Mr. Cole (2816).
      2. RUTH (NIGHTENGALE) HATFIELD (1138), second daughter of Edith Lowing and John Nightengale was born Feb 10, 1907. Mr. Hatfield (1595). She was killed several years ago. They had two children.
        1. DONALD DIAMOND HATFIELD (1596).
        2. MRS. BETTY HATFIELD GAYWOOD (1597). Mr. Gaywood (1598).
    2. WINIFRED GRACE (LOWING) HAMMOND (1132), the second daughter of Ernest V. and Isabelle Lowing, was born April 15, 1879, at Stanton, Michigan. She married Cloyd E. Hammond (1139), Oct 23, 1897. He was a merchant. She died March 7, 1957, an nd is buried at Elmlawn Cemetery, Kenmore, NY. They had two children.
      1. LEO JAMES HAMMOND (1140), of 5959 Klice Road, Lewiston, N.Y., was born at Buffalo, NY, Jan 16, 1912. He married Edna Quick (1599) at Niagara Falls, June 18, 1941. He entered service April 15, 1942, in the medical corps. He received four medals and was discharged Jan 3, 1946. He is a Warehouse Manager. They have no children.
      2. REVA LENORE (HAMMOND) PUTMAN (1141), of 38 Virgil Ave., Buffalo, N.Y., was born August 1, 1915. She became a registered graduate nurse. She married Gordon Putman (1600). She died August 1, 1951, and is buried in Elmdale Cemetery, Kenmore, NY. Gordon is a salesman. They had two children.
        1. JOAN LENORE (1601), born October 21, 1943.
        2. ROBERT NORMAN (1602), born Jan 3, 1945.
    3. MORTIMER ERNEST LOWING (1133), third child, first son born to Ernest and Isabelle Lowing, was born at Stanton, Michigan, October 23, 1881. He married Edith L. Holmes (1142), February 19, 1903, at Battle Creek, Michigan. He was a stationary engineer. He died October 15, 1961 and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Battle Creek. They had three children.
      1. WINIFRED HELEN (LOWING) PATTEN (1143), of 143 Oriole Dr., Battle Creek, was born June 22, 1907 at Battle Creek, Michigan. She married Claude Earl Patten (1603), Sept 12, 1928. He is a carpenter at V.A. Hospital and she is employed in the office at the B.C. Health Center. They have four children.
        1. RUSSELL LOWELL PATTEN (1604), born Jan 25, 1930, died March 3, 1930.
        2. DOROTHY JEAN PATTEN (1605), born June 12, 1931.
        3. DUANE MORTIMER PATTEN (1606), of 3608 Owens Way, North Highlands, California was born Oct 29, 1932, at Battle Creek. He attended the Battle Creek Academy, Emanuel Missionary College, Michigan State University, and Sacramento State College. He is an Electronics Engineer for the Hughes Aircraft Corp. He married Ila Grace McCullock (1608), June 26,1955. He is a member of the Republican Sacramento Assembly, and a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. They have three children.
          1. CLIFTON DUANE PATTEN (1609), born Sept 30, 1957.
          2. CLAYTON DEAN PATTEN (1610), born Nov 30, 1959.
          3. CARI DENISE PATTEN (1611), born May 18, 1961.
        4. DONNA MAE (PATTEN) STECK (1607), of 46 Birmingham Terrace, Battle Creek, Michigan, was born May 3, 1936. She attended the Battle Creek Academy and the Adelphian Academy. She married Floyd Louis Steck (1612), Oct 24, 1953. He is a carpenter for Shoals Homes. They are members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. He was in the Armed Services from 1954 to 1956. They have four children.
          1. DANIEL DWIGHT STECK (1613), born September 18, 1954.
          2. DEBRA LYNN STECK (1614), born June 7, 1956.
          3. DAVID ALAN STECK (1615), born October 30, 1957.
          4. DOUGLAS OWEN STECK (1616), born April 25, 1959.
      2. ERNEST MORTIMER LOWING (1144), the second child of Mortimer and Edith Holmes Lowing, was born March 7, 1915 at Battle Creek, Michigan. He lives at 6144 Nimitz Dr, Indianapolis, Ind. He married Gertrude Clarissa Parlin (1617), August 15, 1936, at Battle Creek, Michigan. He is an Industrial Engineer with the Chrysler Corp, belongs to the Episcopal Church, Kiwanis Club, and Chrysler Management Club. He served in the Instructor Training Program of Air Forces during World War II. They have two children.
        1. JOANNA RAE (LOWING) SMITH, of 8536 23 Mile Road Utica, Michigan, was born Sept 15, 1937, at Battle Creek. She married Charles Wilfred Smith (1619) December 15, 1956 at St Clair Shores, Michigan. They own a hobby shop and deal in stamps and coins. They belong to a number of coin clubs, the Detroit Coin Club, the Michigan State Numismatic Society, the Michigan State Coin Dealers Association, Utica Coin Club, and the Royal Oak Coin Club. They have three children.
          1. EDWARD CHARLES SMITH (1620), born June 26, 1957.
          2. ELIZABETH ANNE SMITH (1621), born June 26, 1957.
          3. VIRGINIA RAE SMITH (1622), born Oct 12, 1960.
      3. LILLIAN LUCILE (LOWING) CONSTANTINE (1145), was born May 24, 1921. She resides at Rt., #1, Box 81, Chesterton, Indiana. Husband's RIN 2919.
    4. RUBY (LOWING) SCHRAM (1134), third daughter, fourth child born to Ernest and Isabelle Lowing was born Nov 28, 1884, at Stanton, Michigan. She was married in August 1906 to Edson Schram (1146) at Battle Creek. There were three children born to this union.
      1. HORACE SCHRAM (1147), was born in Feb 1907.
      2. CAROLINE SCHRAM (1148), was born in 1912.
      3. ROBERT SCHRAM (1149), (no further information available).
    5. BEULAH (LOWING) WEIGANT (1135), youngest child of Ernest V. and Esabelle Lowing, was born May 7, 1889 in Georgetown, Michigan. She was married October 16, 1912 to Lewis Weigant (1150). They moved to Niagara Falls, New York. No further information is available on her descendants.
  4. EMILY CECILIA (LOWING) ROSE, HAMACHER (378) fourth child and eldest daughter of James O. Lowing was born in Burford, Ontario, April 26, 1853. She was two years old when the family moved to Michigan in 1855. She married Edward Eugene Rose (1152), born September 6, 1845 in Saline, Washtenaw Co., Michigan; son of Phillip A. Rose & Alzuera on September 1, 1879. They had four boys. They were divorced. She remarried William Hamacher. Emily died April 11, 1920, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
    1. FRANK M. ROSE (1153), Tacoma Washington.
    2. ALZIE E. (ROSE) COOPMAN, FELLMER (ll54), born August 20, 1881, Grand Rapids, MI, died December 8, 1946, Grand Rapids, MI. Married Gerritt Coopman (2921), born January 26, 1898. Her second marriage was to Theodore Fellmer (2922).
    3. EDWARD ALEXANDER ROSE (1156), born September 21, 1886, Oakfield Twp., Kent Co., MI. Died September 4, 1941, Grand Rapids, MI. Married Dec 23, 1905 to Florence Ellen Cunningham (2923), daughter of Thomas Cunningham & Elsie MacLachlan, born July 7, 1888, died November 9,1963, Grand Rapids, MI.
      1. JAMES HOWARD ROSE (2924), born 1906, died same year.
      2. EMILY ELLEN (ROSE) HEAGLE,(2925) born February 14, 1907, in Grand Rapids, MI. Married January 1, 1927 to Howard Heagle (2931). Emily died July 3, 1988.
        1. BARBARA JEAN (HEAGLE) CARO(2932), Husband (2937).
        2. WESLEY ALLEN HEAGLE (2933).
        3. NANCY (HEAGLE) MILLER (2934), husband (2938).
        4. MARY ANN (HEAGLE) MEHL (2935), husband (2939).
        5. JAMES HEAGLE (2936).
      3. HELEN MARIE ROSE (2926), born 1909, died same year.
      4. EVA ARLENE (ROSE) RILEY (2927), born March 30, 1910, Grand Rapids, Mi. Died May 3, 1971, Grand Rapids, MI. Married November 20, 1920 to E. Smith Riley (2940).
        1. MARY KAY (RILEY) GARDNER, SAGE (2941), Husband Gardner (2945) Husband Sage (2946).
        2. THOMAS RILEY (2942).
        3. MICHAEL RILEY (2943).
        4. KATHY RILEY (2944).
      5. FRANCES LEONE (ROSE) BRASS (2948), born July 10, 1912 in Benton, MI. Married John Forbes Brass (2947).
        1. JAMES BRASS (2949).
        2. SUSAN (BRASS) SCHULTZ (2950).
      6. MARIAN ISABEL (ROSE) OLLMAN (2929), (known as Florence) born November 18, 1918, Grand Rapids, MI. Married Lawrence Ollman (2951), September 2, 1936.
        1. ROBERT TERRENCE OLLMAN (2952).
        2. FAITH ARLENE (OLLMAN) MARTIN (2952), Husband (2954).
      7. EDNA RUTH (ROSE) VAN HOUTEN (2930), born May 17, 1917 in Grand Rapids, MI. Married Woodrow L. VanHouten (2955), August 3, 1933, divorced 1960.
        1. DIANNA ROSE (VAN HOUTEN) LEALE (2956), born June 30, 1934, Grand Rapids, MI. Married January 3, 1951 to Vincent Leale (2969).
          1. VINCENT LEALE (2970), born July 31, 1951, Grand Rapids, MI.
          2. JOHN LEALE (2971), born May 29, 1952 in Grand Rapids, MI.
          3. ANNA MARIE (LEALE) PRATT (2972), born March 17, 1953. Husband (2980).
          4. JOSEPH LEALE (2973), born October 22, 1954, Grand Rapids, MI.
          5. ROBERT LEALE (2974), born December 17, 1956 in Grand Rapids, MI.
          6. ELIZABETH ANN LEALE (2975), born December 28, 1959.
          7. DIANE LEALE (2976), born June 4, 1961, Grand Rapids, MI.
        2. CAROL JEAN (VAN HOUTEN) CRAWFORD (2957), born April 4, 1936, Grand Rapids, MI. Married June 1956 to Feneth O. Crawford (2981).
          1. CREGORY ALLEN CRAWFORD (2982).
          2. CYNTHIA ANN CRAWFORD (2983).
          3. TRACY JEANNETTE CRAWFORD (2984).
          4. MICHELLE RENAE CRAWFORD (2985).
        3. GARY LEROY VAN HOUTEN (2958), born March 7, 1937, Grand Rapids, MI. Married June 1957 to Chara Klitz (2986).
          1. LAURA VAN HOUTEN (2987), born May 11, 1959.
          2. JASON VAN HOUTEN (2988), born August 2, 1961.
        4. JUDITH ANN (VAN HOUTEN) VANDER LAAN (2959), born August 8, 1938, Grand Rapids, MI. Married November 1956 to Robert VanderLaan (2989).
          1. ANNE LOUISE VANDER LAAN (2990), born July 25, 1958.
          2. MARY BETH VANDER LAAN (2991), born June 6, 1961.
          3. STEVEN ROBERT VANDER LAAN (2992), born February 23, 1963.
          4. KEITH BRIAN VANDER LAAN (2993), born May 8, 1968.
        5. BRUCE GORDON VAN HOUTEN (2960), born May 3,1940, Grand Rapids, MI. Married December 1959 to Gillian Emanuel (2994).
          1. DEBORAH VAN HOUTEN (2995), born May 15, 1960.
          2. LAURA VAN HOUTEN (2996), born December 18, 1961.
          3. SCOTT VAN HOUTEN (2997), born October 10, 1964.
        6. WOODROW GERALD VAN HOUTEN (2961), born February 18, 1943, Grand Rapids, MI, Married September 1963 to Sharon Russell (2998).
          1. JULIE VAN HOUTEN (2999), born May 29, 1964.
          2. DANIEL VAN HOUTEN (3002), born September 15, 1965.
          3. MICHAEL VAN HOUTEN (3000), born October 27, 1966.
          4. WENDY VAN HOUTEN (3001), born October 31, 1967.
      8. ERNEST ULYSSES ROSE (2962), born 1920, died same year.
      9. MORRIS ALFRED ROSE (2963), called "Fred", born April 25,1921, Grand Rapids, MI. Married April 1943 to Dorothy Woody (3003).
        1. JUANITA ROSE (3004).
        2. DANIEL ROSE (3005).
        3. JAMES ROSE (3006).
        4. WILLIAM ROSE (3007).
        5. KAREN ROSE (3008).
      10. EDWARD ALEXANDER ROSE II (2964), born October 8, 1924, Grand Rapids, MI. Married October 7, 1950 to Gertrude Letson (3009).
        1. STEVEN EDWARD ROSE (3010).
        2. EDWARD ALLEN ROSE (3011).
      11. DONALD LAWRENCE ROSE (2965), born July 2, 1927 in Grand Rapids, MI. Married, no particulars, no children.
      12. CLYDE WILBUR ROSE (2966), born October 8, 1929 in Grand Rapids, MI. Died January 1958, Married Patricia Smouse (2967).
        1. RUSSELL ROSE (2968).
    4. ERNEST (ERNIE) ROSE (1155), born 1889 in Kent Co., MI. Married August 30, 1913 to Desa Gallup (2977).
      1. NORBERT ROSE (2978).
      2. GEORGE ROSE (2979).
    5. VICTORIA NINA ROSE (2920), born May 9, 1892, Grand Rapids, MI. died May 1, 1903.
  5. HENRY P. LOWING (379), was the first child of James O. to be born in Georgetown, Michigan. He was born Oct 4, 1855. He spent his boyhood in that area, and moved to Grand Rapids with the rest of the family. He married Mary Mautaugh (1157) at Grand Rapids. She was born in 1857 and died at their Grand Rapids home Oct 1895. Nine children were born to this union.
    1. ANNA (LOWING) JACKMAN (1158), was born April 24,1878, at Grand Rapids. She married Willis Jackman (1167), Sept 1897 and they moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. They had three children.
      1. HAROLD JACKMAN (1168).
      2. WILLIS JACKMAN (1169).
      3. CAROLINE JACKMAN (1170).
      4. Baby Jackman (1171).
    2. JAMES J. LOWING (1159), second child and eldest son of Henry P. Lowing, was born in Grand Rapids, Sept 1, 1879. He marred Myrtle Wolz (1183), in 1902. He worked for the former Pere Marquette railway forty years before retiring in 1945. He was foreman of the railroad's roundhouse. He was a member of Holy Name Parish, Holy Name Society and St Paul's society. James died Feb 18,1948. He had a daughter and two sons. Myrtle, aged 94, passed away November 2, 1976, buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Grand Rapids, MI.
      1. ARDELL LOWING (1184), oldest son of Myrtle and James J. Lowing was born in Grand Rapids, in 1904. He attended Catholic Central. He attended Holy Name Parish, while in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and St Gabriel's in New Jersey. He married Ida S. Johnson (1623). Ardell is a retired Electrical Engineer. They have three children.
        1. JAMES THOMAS LOWING (1624), of Long Branch, New Jersey, was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He attended school in Westfield, N.J. and Michigan State University. James was in the U.S. Air Force. He is a designer. He married Lynnie Powney (1627) at Grand Rapids, Michigan. No children.
        2. MARY SHARON LOWING (1625), of Marlboro, New Jersey, was born at Grand Rapids, Mich. She attended school at Westfield, New Jersey and Michigan State University at Lansing, Mich. She is an Investment Analyst.
        3. JON ROBERT LOWING (1626), of Long Branch, New Jersey, was born at Westfield, New Jersey. He attended School at Westfield, and Freehold, New Jersey. He married Valerie (3012) in New Jersey.
      2. JAMES GERARD LOWING (1185), (second son of Myrtle and James J. Lowing) was born in Grand Rapids, in 1911. He attended Catholic Central High School, and Fairleigh Dickinson Univ at New Jersey. He is an Aircraft Inspector at Wright Aeronautical, in New Jersey. He married Lucile Blair (1629) at Grand Rapids, Mich. They live at River Edge, New Jersey. She is a teacher. They attend St Charles Parish. They have four children.
        1. VALERIE (LOWING) GORDON (1630), daughter of James G. Lowing was born at Grand Rapids, Mich. She married Gregory Gordon (1634), in 1955, at New York. He is a Designer and she is a Designer and Decorator. They have two children, both born in New York.
          1. ANDREA GORDON (1635).
          2. PETER GORDON (1636).
        2. MICHAEL LOWING (1631), was born in Grand Rapids, MI. He is in the National Guards and is unmarried.
        3. JAMES LOWING (1632), was born in Grand Rapids, is in the U.S. Marines.
        4. PATRICIA LOWING (1633).
      3. LORRAINE (LOWING) STEWART (1186), of 1790 Knapp N.E., daughter of James J. Lowing, and Myrtle Wolz, was born in Grand Rapids, 1914. She attended Mt Mercy Academy and Aquinas College. She married Donald E. Stewart (1637), Sept 28, 1940 at Grand Rapids, Mich. He is a designer. They are members of the Blessed Sacrament Parish. They have three children.
        1. TERENCE L. STEWART (1638), was born in Grand Rapids, MI on December 3, 1942. He attended Catholic Central, and St. Joseph's Seminary.
        2. DONALD JAMES (1639), was born at Grand Rapids, MI on April 20, 1945. He attended Catholic Central.
        3. MARY CELESTE (1640), was born Dec 4, 1947 at Grand Rapids, Mich. She attended Blessed Sacrament.
    3. ELLEN (LOWING) HULBERT (1160), third child of Henry P. Lowing, was married to Fred Hulbert (1187). She was always called Nell during her lifetime. She died March 24, 1961, and is buried in the Cascade Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Mich.
    4. ISABELLA (LOWING) WALSH (1161), fourth child of Henry P. Lowing, married John Walsh (1188). They have four children. Passed away July 29, 1982 at age of 89. Buried at Resurrection Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
      1. MARY WALSH (1189).
      2. JOHN WALSH (1190).
      3. CATHERINE WALSH (1191).
      4. BETTY ROSE WALSH (1192).
    5. JESSIE M. (LOWING) BRIGGS (1162), was born Nov 1, 1884 at Grand Rapids, Mich. She attended Straight Street School in Grand Rapids. On April 21, 1902, she married Ira L. Briggs (1193) who was an electrician. Jessie is a member of the St Andrews Cathedral. Jessie passed away November 27, 1963, burial in the Oakwood Cemetery. Fifteen children were born to this union.
      1. ISABELLE L. (BRIGGS) FRON (1641), of 1548 Robinson Rd., SE, the granddaughter of Henry P. Lowing was born January 23, 1903, at Grand Rapids, Mich. She attended St. Andrews, Junior High-Diamond St. School. She married Joseph S. Fron (1656), June 21, 1921 at St Andrews Church, in Grand Rapids, Mich. He is an accountant and she is the Desk Clerk at St Mary's Hospital. They attend St Thomas Catholic Church, and belong to the Junior Guild and the Alter Society. They have five children.
        1. JOSEPH T. FRON, JR. (1657), of 1148 Aberdeen NE, Grand Rapids, MI, was born July 8, 1922 at Grand Rapids. He attended St Thomas & Catholic Central. He married Janet C. Post (1662), July 6, 1943, at Grand Rapids. He is a Route Salesman with the Colonial Baking Co. She is in the Personnel Dept at Sears Roebuck. They attend the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. He served in the Army from Nov 21, 1942 until Nov 25, 1945. They have two children.
          1. JOSEPH M. FRON (1663), born July 17, 1944.
          2. THOMAS R. FRON (1664), born May 5, 1946.
        2. GERALDINE M. FRON (1658), ---now Sister Isabelle Mary, was born Aug 29,1924. She attended St Thomas and Catholic Central, and Sisters of Lortto College, Denver, Col. She teaches 1st and 2nd grade at Santa Fe, New Mexico.
        3. ROBERT S. FRON (1659), of 140 Fuller Ave, SE, Grand Rapids, was born Feb 19, 1926 in Boston Township, Ionia County. He attended St Thomas, Catholic Central and Aquinas College. He married Mary Ella Wilholt (1665), Aug 11, 1956 at St John Vianney Church in Grand Rapids. Robert is a Postal Clerk and she is a schoolteacher. He was in the U.S. Marine Corps in active duty from Aug 1946 to July 1948, and was in the Reserves from Nov 1950 to July 1951. They are members of St Thomas Church. They have one child.
          1. RAYMOND JOSEPH (1666), born July 28, 1957.
        4. P. RICHARD FRON (1660), of 1312 Ellsmere NE, Grand Rapids, MI was born March 4,1929. He attended St Thomas School and Catholic Central. He married Beverly Ann Maker (1667), Aug 4, 1950 at Grand Rapids, Mich. Richard is a Salesman, and she is a housewife. He was two years in the U.S. Army, served 14 months in Korea, 1952-1953. Richard was a Staff Sergeant, Radio Tower Operator for Light Observation in the Army Aviation Unit. (5th L.A.S.). They attend the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. They have three children.
          1. MICHAEL R. FRON (1668), born Aug 19, 1956.
          2. SALLY JO FROM (1669), born Feb 5, 1958.
          3. STEVEN JAY FRON (1670), born Nov 14, 1960.
        5. MARILYN M. (FRON) REED (1661), of 149 S Fuller Ave., Grand Rapids, MI was born March 17, 1932 at Grand Rapids. She attended St. Thomas, Catholic Central. She married James B. Reed (1671), Oct 15, 1955 at St Thomas Church. He is a Planner, and she is a housewife. They attend St Thomas Church. They have five children.
          1. JANET RAE (REED) ZILIZNIK (16 72), born Jan 4, 1952. Married Dave Ziliznik (3013).
            1. LISA ZILIZNIK (3014), born October 16, 1970.
            2. KRIST ZILIZNIK (3015), born June 19, 1973.
          2. KAVEN MARIE REED (1676), born Sept 1, 1956.
          3. JAMES F. REED (1674), born Sept 23,1957.
          4. JOHN C. REED (1675), born Sept 23,1957.
          5. GERRI LYNNE REED (1676), born Aug 1, 1959.
      2. ELLEN L. BRIGGS (1642), born Aug 27, 1950, and died Jan 18, 1906.
      3. IRA LYNN BRIGGS (1643), of 635 Sinclair NE, Grand Rapids, MI, was born Feb 24, 1906 in Grand Rapids Township. His wife is the former Evelyn R. Blair (1677) whom he married on Dec 10, 1930 at Lowell, Mich. He is a plumber for the City of Grand Rapids and Evelyn is an Accountant. They have three children.
        1. EVELYN DOLORES (BRIGGS) CHAPIN (1678), of 1808 Diamond Ave., NE, Grand Rapids, MI, was born Aug 20, 1932 at Lowell, Kent County. She attended Eastern Ave. grade school and Central High School. Evelyn married Richard James Chapin (1681) on April 15, 1950 at South Bend, Indiana. Richard served in the Army from Feb 4, 1952 to Feb 4, 1954. He now works for the Bridges Home Improvement Co. They have three children.
          1. DEBRA LEE CHAPIN (1682), born June 4, 1953.
          2. TERRY RICHARD CHAPIN (1683), born July 28, 1954.
          3. STEVEN GILBERT CHAPIN (1684), born March 18, 1957.
        2. NATHAN BRUCE BRIGGS (1679), of 336 Donald Pl., SE, Grand Rapids, MI was born April 26, 1934 at Lowell, MI. He attended Eastern Ave. Grade School and Central High School, Grand Rapids. Nathan married Shirley Ann Peterson (1685), Sept 11, 1954 in the First Methodist Church. He is a Civil Engineer. They have three children.
          1. BRUCE ALLEN BRIGGS (1686), born June 7,1955.
          2. LYNNE LOUISE BRIGGS (1687), born Dec 21, 1956.
          3. JENISE ANN BRIGGS (1688), born Dec 9, 1957.
        3. GORDON LYNN BRIGGS (1680), of 308 Fuller Ave., SE, Grand Rapids, MI was born May 1, 1937 at Grand Rapids, MI. He attended Eastern Ave. Grade School and Central High School and Davenport Institute, all in Grand Rapids. Gordon married Pauline Anne Schantz (1689) at the Oakdale Methodist Church on Nov 28, 1959. Also served in the U.S. Air Force from March 1956 to Nov 1959. At present Gordon is an Accounting Student. They have one child.
          1. DAVID GORDON BRIGGS (1690), born Nov 3, 1961.
      4. MELVIN HUGH BRIGGS (1644), born Aug 9, 1907 and died Dec 10, 1907.
      5. HENRY LOWING BRIGGS (1645), of 307 n. Jefferson Ave., Lowell, MI. The fifth child of Jessie and Ira Briggs was born, Sept 8, 1908 in Grand Rapids, MI. He married Dorothy Burt (1691), Dec 8, 1930 at Grand Rapids, MI. Five children were born to this marriage. After his first wife's death, he married Dorothy Wood, July 15, 1959. Henry works as a lather and is a member of the Catholic Church and the Moose Lodge.
        1. ETHELANNE (BRIGGS) SCHNEIDER (1692), of 1560 Sargent Rd., Ada, MI was born June 7, 1933 at Lowell, Michigan. She graduated from Lowell High School and married Donald A. Schneider (1697), August 16, 1953 at the Lowell Methodist Church where they are members. She is a member of the Lydia Circle of that church. Donald belongs to the Lowell YMCA and is a design engineer. They have five children, all born in Grand Rapids.
          1. JO ELLEN SCHNEIDER (1698), born Dec 26, 1954.
          2. ARTHUR HARRY SCHNEIDER (1699), born Aug 2, 1956.
          3. BARRY MARTIN SCHNEIDER (1700), born Aug 25, 1957.
          4. AMY LOUISE SCHNEIDER (1701), born Dec 26, 1958.
          5. JENNIFER ERIN SCHNEIDER (1702), born Jan 30, 1961.
        2. PATRICIA JEAN (BRIGGS) HENDRICK (1693), was born Feb 13, 1936 at Lowell, MI. She graduated from Lowell High School. Patricia married Bernard Hendrick (1702), Feb 13, 1954 in Lowell. They are members of the Lowell Congregational Church and she is a member of the Dorcas Group of that church. Bernard is a machinist-lather and a member of the Lowell YMCA. They live on Grand River Dr. in Lowell and have four children.
          1. DANIEL A. HENDRICK (1704), born Sept 9, 1954.
          2. JEFFREY E. HENDRICK (1705), born Dec 16, 1955.
          3. MICHAEL S. HENDRICK (1706), born Feb 6, 1957.
          4. TIMOTHY A. HENDRICK (1707), born April 4, 1959.
        3. HOWARD AMBROSE BRIGGS (1694), third child was born March 22, 1930 at Lowell, MI and attended Lowell Schools. He is a lather and married Barbara Burtle (1708), Oct 5, 1955 at the St Mary's Parish in Lowell. They have four children and live on Bowes Road in Lowell.
          1. LAURIE LEE BRIGGS (1709), born May 8, 1956.
          2. CHRISTOPHER EDWARD BRIGGS (1710), born July 9, 1957.
          3. CARLO JO BRIGGS (1711), born Nov 22, 1959.
          4. GREGORY ALAN BRIGGS (1712), born March 16, 1961.
        4. GERALDINE VICTORIA BRIGGS (1695), born Feb 21, 1945.
        5. RICHARD LEE BRIGGS (1696), born April 20, 1948.
      6. DOTTIE LOUSETTA BRIGGS (1646), born October 2,1911 and died January 17,1912.
      7. BERNARD L. BRIGGS (1647), born January 5, 1913 and died March 22,1937.
      8. WALLACE MATTHEWS BRIGGS (1648), eighth child born to Ira and Jessie Briggs, was born January 28, 1914. He attended Ware Schools and works as a machinist- lather. Wallace served in the U.S. Army from 1943 to 1945 and was married to Ester O. Simpson (1713), Feb 15, 1947 in Lowell, MI. They are members of the St Mary's Church in Lowell and have one child.
        1. JOYCE BRIGGS (1714), born Sept 14, 1948.
      9. MARVIN ULYESSES BRIGGS (1649), was born Dee 4, 1915 in Grand Rapids and married Grace Lee Fredericks (1175), Sept 27, 1939, in Lowell. Marvin is an electrician and belongs to the Catholic Church, living at 1440 Sunnyside St., NE Grand Rapids. They have two children.
        1. RICHARD ARLAN BRIGGS (1716), born Nov 4, 1942.
        2. PAUL DOUGLAS BRIGGS (1717), born July 26, 1943.
      10. ESTHER FRANCES LUCILLE (BRIGGS) MULLEN (1650), was born April 5, 1917 in Grand Rapids. She attended Ware School in Lowell and married Loyal Mullen, (1718) a tool and die worker, August 13, 1938 at Elkhart, Ind. They are members of the Congregational Church and have no children
      11. JOHN WESLEY BRIGGS (1651), eleventh child born to Ira and Jessie Briggs, was born Sept 15, 1919. He attended Ware Elementary School and Lowell High School and was in the U.S. Army from 1941 to 1946. John married Evelyn Hotchkiss (1719), June 24, 1943 at San Miguel, Calif. They belong to the St Mary's Church in Lowell. John works as a machinist-lather for Owens Corning Fiberglass. Their address is 12080 Gee Dr., Lowell, MI and they have four children.
        1. GERALDINE BRIGGS (1720), born Oct 19, 1946.
        2. JOHN W. BRIGGS (1721), born Nov 16, 1947. (Jr.)
        3. WANDA BRIGGS (1722), born May 28, 1949.
        4. CARALYN BRIGGS (1723), born July 15, 1956.
      12. JAMES LEROY BRIGGS (1652), of 905 High St., Lowell, MI, was born July 23,1921 at Grand Rapids, MI. He attended Ware Grade School and graduated from Lowell High School. On Aug 31, 1940, James married Dorothy Genevieve Miller (1724) in the St Mary's Church in Lowell. He is a machinist-lather and she is a housewife. They have four children.
        1. JUDITH LORRAINE BRIGGS (1725), born April 1, 1941.
        2. JOAN TERESA BRIGGS (1726), born Aug 18, 1943.
        3. JAMES LEROY BRIGGS, JR. (1727), born April 20, 1948.
        4. PAMLA RAYE BRIGGS (1728), born May 5, 1955.
      13. WILLIAM BRUCE BRIGGS (1653), was born March 18, 1924. He died Feb 22, 1945 in Italy while serving with the Ski Troops during World War II.
      14. JEAN TERESA (BRIGGS) EDGERLE (1654), was born Jan 3, 1927 in Ionia County. Attended Ware Elementary School and graduated from Lowell High School. June 10, 1949, Jean married Robert E. Edgerle (1729) in Kent County. He is a quantitative control engineer, and has served in the armed forces. They have four children and make their home at 2247 Beverly Ave., SW, Wyoming, MI.
        1. ROBERT FRANKLIN EDGERLE (1730), born March 14, 1950.
        2. RONALD ERENST EDGERLE (1731), born Oct 22, 1951.
        3. LINDA MAE EDGERLE (1732), born Nov 17, 1952.
        4. ROGER LYNN EDGERLE (1733), born May 29, 1954.
      15. IRIS MAE (BRIGGS) CLARK (1655), was the fifteenth and last child of Ira L. and Jessie M. Briggs, born May 6, 1929 in Lowell, MI. She attended Ware Elementary School and graduated from Lowell High School. Iris married Robert Lisle Clark (1734) in the St Mary's Church in Lowell, Aug 23, 1947. Robert has served in the Armed Forces and is now a farmer. The Clarks belong to the St Patrick's Church, Caledonia, MI and live at R.R.#2, Lowell, Mich. They have four children.
        1. MICHAEL ROBERT CLARK (1735), born Dec 10, 1948.
        2. LISLE LONSON CLARK (1736), born July 31, 1950.
        3. BRENDA LOU CLARK (1737), born July 15, 1958.
        4. BERNARD ALLEN CLARK (1738), born Dec 10, 1960.
    6. JOHN J. LOWING (1163), the sixth child of Henry P. Lowing, married Pearl Sergeant (1194). He lived all his life in Grand Rapids. For years he worked for the City Park Department and was supervisor of a municipal golf course. A Veteran of World War I, he was a member of the American Legion and the Elks Lodge. He died Sept 5, 1950, and is buried in Restlawn Cemetery. He had three children.
      1. DOROTHY (LOWING) PELTON (1739), who lives in Grand Rapids.
      2. RAY DODD LOWING (1740), of Atlanta, Ga.
      3. MOREL DAN LOWING (1195), of Grand Rapids, MI, passed away September 22, 1967 at the age of 61, interment Kent Memorial Gardens, Grand Rapids.
    7. HARRY P. LOWING (1164) lived in Grand Rapids, MI. He passed away January 9, 1963, buried in Resurrection Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
    8. ULYSSES M. LOWING (1165), lives in Grand Rapids, MI. He married Doris V. (3016) who passed away May 29, 1964, burial in Oak Hill Cemetery, Grand Rapids. Ulysses passed away at age 73 on August 29, 1965, burial in Woodlawn Cemetery, Grand Rapids.
    9. GEORGE LOWING (1166) lives in Roslyn, New York. At age 73, passed away February 14, 1968.
  6. ULYSSES M. LOWING (380), sixth child of James O. and Emily Lowing. He was married to Mary Warner (1172), and they had two children. No further information is available.
  7. ISABELLE (LOWING) SHOCKY (381), seventh child was born in Georgetown and later moved to Grand Rapids. She was married at Georgetown to L.E. Shocky (1176), who was a night overseer in a big manufacturing plant in Grand Rapids. They had one child.
    1. LILLIAN ISABELLE (SHOCKY) FLANDERS (1177), only child of Isabelle Shocky was married to Harold Flanders, traveling auditor of the PM. Railway Systems. He was a Mason. Both are deceased.
      1. FRED TYLER (1173), died as a young man.
      2. FORREST TYLER (1175), b.??, died 1956, married Olga (Stricker) (3017). Olga passed away in 1983.
        1. MARJORIE FLANDERS (3020), lead three sons.
        2. MEREDITH LOUISE (TYLER) SCHMITT (3018), born 1923, married 1945 to Matthew Christian Schmitt Jr. (3019).
          1. GREGORY ALAN SCHMITT (3021), born 1946, married & divorced.
            1. DONNA SUE SCHMITT (3025), born 1967.
            2. SHAWN MARIE SCHMITT (3026), born 1970.
            3. MATTHEW GREGORY SCHMITT (3017), born 1975.
          2. GARY LEE SCHMITT (3018), born 1948.
          3. PATRICIA LOUISE (SCHMITT) SAINDON (3023), born 1955, married Darryl Saindon (3028).
            1. BRIAN PAUL SAINDON (3029), born 1980.
            2. CARRIE LOUISE SAINDON (3030), born 1983.
  8. EDWARD LOWING (382), eighth child, was married to Eda Ebel (1179). They have three children.
    1. BEATRICE LOWING (1180).
    2. MILDRED LOWING (1181).
    3. ROSE LOWING (1182).
  9. VICTORIA LOWING (383), no information.
  10. ZUA (LOWING) LEEMAN (384), tenth child of James O. and Emily Lowing, was married to Walter Leeman (1201), Nov 2, 1888. They had one child.
    1. MARIAN (LEEMAN) FISHER (1202), married Charles Fisher (1203), May 24, 1919. They have one child.
      1. DORIS ZUA FISHER (1204).
  11. NINA (LOWING) HICKOX (385), youngest child of James O. Lowing was born Nov 11, 1862. She married George Hickox in Grand Rapids, Feb 27, 1887. The family lived in Grandville. Five children were born to this union.
    1. EDNA (HICKOX) CLINGER (1206), eldest daughter, was born May 24, 1898, and was married Aug 19, 1922 to William Clinger. He was born Aug 28, 1896. They lived in Grandville.
    2. GEORGE W. HICKOX (1207), was born June 24, 1901.
    3. THELMA LOUISE (HICKOX) LEWIS (1208), was born Feb 16, 1904 in Grandville, MI.
    4. ERNEST HICKOX (1209), was born Oct 4, 1906.
    5. EVERET HICKOX (1210), was born Oct 4,1906.


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