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Ch. 07 : Isaac Newton Lowing

Lowing Family History

Updated by Bruce Sheridan Lowing

Chapter 7: Isaac Newton Lowing

ISAAC NEWTON LOWING (71), the fifth child and fifth son of Isaac and Lavina Lowing was born at Bethany, New York, in Genesee, County, on January 27, 1823. He spent his boyhood there. Two of his brothers, Stephen and Holden, had settled in Michigan in 1841, and his father followed them in 1842, taking up land and building a cabin. The mother, and the rest of the family were to arrive the next year, when all was ready for them. Isaac, at the venturesome age of nineteen decided not to wait for the family, so in 1842, with a scant sum of money in his pocket he walked to Buffalo, and took a steamer to Detroit, arriving there with a magnificent sum of $1.25 in his pocket.

He left Detroit on foot, carrying 27 pounds on his back. He followed an Indian trail and when he came to Grand River, he found a canoe that he paddled for two days on the river. He finally decided that the river meandered too much and he could make it faster by walking. He had a good stride, as he was six foot three. Much of the way was through a total wilderness. He finally reached Sand Creek, and crossed to the other side, where his brother Stephen had taken up land. Leaving his brother's, he struck through the dense woods to find his father's shanty. He didn"t know where to go, but finally heard someone chopping, and was overjoyed, because he said he would know the sound of his fathers axe anywhere.

That summer, the father, Holden, Isaac and Franklin Bosworth, who had just arrived to settle his land, lived in the 10 by 14 foot shanty. The little furniture they had was all handmade, mostly of slab wood, two or three slab benches and a table, and the bunks made out of poles, fastened to the walls.

James brought the family in 1843. It was a crowded cabin, with the father, mother, three boys and three girls. Every night the men folks had to go outside until the women folks went to bed, then they would go in and go to bed.

For several years Isaac worked as head sawyer at different mills. The Mexican War broke out and he enlisted in the Infantry, November 15, 1847. While on the Gulf of Mexico, he rescued his comrade, William Seavey of Coopersville from drowning, at the peril of his own life. He was mustered out as Corporal, July 18, 1848. For his services in the Army, Isaac Lowing received a deed, which was conveyed to him June 1, 1850, a tract of land 160 acres on Section 30, Georgetown. On this he built his first home.

In the spring of 1854, he returned to Bethany, Genessee Co., N.Y., and on March 28, 1854, he was united in marriage to Miss Jane West (1318) and immediately returned to Michigan with his bride.

He was Justice of the Peace for eight years and never had a decision reversed. He filled other offices, and fought for justice and law before courts a number of years in a successful manner. As justice he officiated at many weddings for the pioneers, and was affectionately called 'squire Lowing".

In 1871, he built the large frame house of timber from his land, and there the family lived for many years. He also built a bowery near his home for the amusement of his children and the neighborhood. It was used for dancing, until one group brought in liquor, and the next day he tore it down. He always wore tucked, stiff bosomed white shirts, which had to be laundered carefully. His wife, being unable to suit his fastidiousness, always gave them to her sister Clarinda Burlingame to do.

Isaac passed away at his home June 7, 1908, at the age of eighty-five years. Two sons, Joe an d Elwin, and one daughter, Mrs. Ethel Ranney survived him. Jane was born December 9, 1830, died February 19, 1891, at the age of sixty. They are buried in Georgetown Cemetery. Isaac and Jane had eleven children.

  1. DANIEL W LOWING (1319) was the first child of Isaac Newton and Jane (West) Lowing, was born January 27, 1855, and died February of the same year.
  2. FLORENCE (LOWING) STEEN (1320), the second child was born September 26, 1857 in Georgetown, Michigan. She attended Georgetown District School No. 5., also called the Alward School. She became a teacher until her marriage to Claus Steen (1330), September 28, 1881. Her husband was born in the Netherlands, September 9, 1850. He was a farmer. She belonged to the Congregational Church, and was a member of the Maccabees and Gleaner's. She died May 24, 1892, and is buried in Georgetown Cemetery. They had two children.
    1. JANE ELNORA STEEN (1332), was born June 3, 1883, at Georgetown, Michigan. She attended the Alward School and made her home with her brother for many years on Blair Road near Hudsonville. She is retired and now lives with her niece in Wayne, Michigan. She belongs to the H.O.H. Jane passed away April 19, 1974 at age 91, buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
    2. WILLIAM STEEN (1331) was born in Georgetown, June 4, 1886. He attended the Alward School, and assisted his father with the farm until his father's death. He married Mrs. Carrie Sherill (2366), September 20,1940, at Grand Haven, Michigan. They have retired from farming but he continues with the poultry business. He is a member of the Moose. No children. William passed away June 7, 1975 at age 89; Carrie passed away October 29, 1974 in Zeeland at age 86, both are buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
  3. ELROY LOWING (1321), was born July 14, 1859, and attended the Alward School. He assisted on his father's farm until he was stricken with tuberculosis, and died May 1, 1880, at the age of twenty-one. He belonged to the Grange. Never married.
  4. ARTHUR LOWING (1322), was born February 14, 1861, and attended Alward School. He lived at home until he died after a long illness, March 8, 189 1. He is buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
  5. LUMAN LOWING (1323), died at birth June 6, 1862.
  6. HOWARD LOWING (1324), was born April 1, 1863, and died tow years later August 2,1865.
  7. JOE LOWING (1325), was born October 16, 1864. He attended the Alward School. For a time he taught school, he joined the Grange and was very active in that organization. He ran a store in Grandville, and later bought a farm in Trufant, Michigan. He married Violet Corwin (1333), February 6, 1907, and they had one daughter Victoria. He died at his daughter's in Tnufant, April 7, 1950. He is buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
    1. VICTORIA (LOWING) NICHOLS (1334), attended school in Scottville, and Lake Odessa, Michigan. She married Benjamin Nichols (2367), April 2, 1927, and for years lived in Trufant. They have two children.
      1. CHARLES NICHOLS (2368), born April 6, 1929
      2. STANLEY NICHOLS (2369), born August 15, 1932.
  8. ELVIE (LOWING) YOUNG (1326), was born October 30, 1867 in Georgetown Township. She attended Alward School, and lived at home until her marriage to Marvin D. Young (1335), March 31, 1885. He was a lumberman and later a farmer. They moved to Riverton Township, Mason Co., M ichigan. Elvie died October 12, 1887, when her son was only a few months old. She is buried in Georgetown Cemetery.
    1. JESSE LEROY YOUNG (1336), was born March 24, 1886 in Mason Township. He attended schools in Scottville, Michigan. He married Carrie Erma Wood (2301), of Custer Township, Mason County, November 16, 1916 at Scottville. He is a member of Masonic Lodge #445, Scottville, and belongs to State and National Grange. They have two children.
      1. WENDELL M. YOUNG (2302), first child of Carrie and Jesse Leroy Young was born in Riverton Township, October 31, 1917. He attended East Riverton Grade School, Scottville High School and Michigan State University. He married Eleanor L. Gifford (2304), June 28, 1941, at Scottville Methodist Parsonage. He is a farmer and she taught school. They are members of the Methodist Church, and the Farm Bureau. They have three children.
        1. BEVERLY JOYCE (2305), born February 27, 1948.
        2. DORIS CAROL (2306), born June 25,1950.
        3. NANCY ELAINE (2307), born August 4, 1955.
      2. ELVIS MARCIA (YOUNG) ANDERSON (2303), daughter of Carrie and Jesse Leroy Young was born August 14, 1921, in Rivertown Township. She attended the Riverton Twp School, Scottville High School, and Central Michigan University. She married Joe Warren Anderson (2308), June 26, 1943, at Coldwater, Michigan. He is a machine operator and a farmer. She is a Methodist Sunday School Teacher, Jr. Church Leader and he belongs to Masonic Lodge, Boy Scout Leader, she is a substitute teacher in the Scottville Schools. They have four children.
        1. MAX LEROY (2309), born May 11, 1947.
        2. DEAN HARLOW (2310), born February 26, 1950.
        3. BRUCE WARREN (2311), born April 16, 1952.
        4. VERN WALTER (2312), born December 23, 1954.
  9. ETHEL (LOWING) RANNEY (1327), was born at Hudsonville May 4, 1869. She attended the Alward School. She married Alvor M. Ranney (1337), May 27,1891 at Hudsonville, Michigan. They moved to Craig, Colorado where he worked as a bookeeper. She was a member of the Congregational Church, and of the Order of the Eastern Star. She died August 31, 1928 and is buried in Denver, Colorado. They had four children.
    1. ELVIS GRACE (RANNEY) WRIDE (1338), was born at Craig, Colorado, June 30,1892. She attended school at Craig, Colorado, graduated from High School at Grandville, Michigan and attended College at Greeley, Colorado. She married Harry Wride (1341), August 16, 1916 at Denver Colorado. He was a mechanic, now retired She is a member of the Presbyterian Church, Order of the Eastern Star, and belongs to the American Legion Auxiliary. They had two children.
      1. ELSON KENNETH WRIDE (1342), was born June 20, 1920, at Durango, Colorado. He attended local schools and the Colorado A & M at Fort Collins, Colorado (now Colorado State Univ.) He married Anna Mae Shideler (2313) at Albuquerque, New Mexico, March 24, 1947, and moved to Hobbs, New Mexico, where he is Electrical Engineer for the Gulf Oil Corp. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church, belongs to the Masonic Lodge, and sponsor of the DeMolay, and is Republican Party Chairman of County Finance Committee. He served in the United States Marine Corps 1940-1946. They have six children.
        1. CHARLES ROBERT (2314), born January 5, 1943.
        2. KATHRYN ANN (2315), born June 30, 1948.
        3. ELLEN VIRGINIA (2316), born September 24,195 1.
        4. LIBBY LOUISE (2317), born April 4, 1957.
        5. DONALD ELSON (2318), born July 3, 1958.
        6. WILLIAM HARRY (2319), born July 3, 1958.
      2. DONALD HARRY WRIDE (2320), born June 11, 1923, at Longmont Colorado, and died March 6, 1929 at Loveland, Colorado.
    2. HOWARD NEWTON RANNEY (2300), was born May 29,1894 and died February 27,1896 at Craig Colorado.
    3. AVIS MAY (RANNEY) SORENSEN (1339), third child of Ethel and Alvor Ranney was born November 9, 1897. She attended Denver Elementary School and South Denver High School. She married Stanley L. Sorensen (2321), August 1, 1923, at Denver, Colorado. She belongs to the South Presbyterian Church, Ladies Auxiliary to Francis Brown Lowry Post #501 Veterans of Foreign Wars. Elects Chapter #60, Order of the Eastern Star. Her husband is deceased. She has six children
      1. STANLEY LYSLE SORENSEN (2322), was born June 18, 1924 at Denver, Colorado. He attended the Denver Schools. He marred Leatrice J. Brunning (2328) April 1, 1951 at Denver, Colorado. He is Denver City Fireman. They belong to the St.Paul's Lutheran Church. Is a veteran of Foreign Wars, and belongs to the Military order of the Cooties, and the Foot Printers Ass"n. He served in the US Army Medical Corp from 1943 to 1947. They have four children.
        1. VALERIE LYNN (2329), born February 3, 1952.
        2. STANLEY NEAL (2330), born January 3, 1954.
        3. JEANNETTE (2331), born February 7, 1956.
        4. JULIE RENEE (2332), born July 14, 1957.
      2. FRANK ALVOR SORENSEN (2323), born January 16,1927 at Denver. He attended schools in Denver. He married Gloria Marie Santos (2333), June 18, 1947. He is a Veteran of Foreign Wars, and the Military Order of Cooties. He served in the US Navy from January 1944 to 1946. They moved to 3024 Van Buren Dr. , Tampa, Fla., where he is associated with the Lindsley Lumber Co. at Tampa, Florida. They have one child.
        1. STEFAEN BRUCE (2334), born October 11, 1950.
      3. ROBERT SAM SORENSEN (2324), was born August 26, 1928, at Denver, and died September 22, 1937. He is buried Crown Hill Burial Gardens.
      4. RICHARD LEROY SORENSEN (2325), was born February 13, 1930, at Denver Colorado. He attended the Denver Schools. He married Mary Ann Loney (2335), April 11, 1958, at Denver Colorado. They live at 2282 So. Williams, Denver. He was in the service and is a Veteran of Foreign Wars, and Member of the Military Order of Cooties. They have two children.
        1. MATTHEW WAYNE (2336), born March 4, 1959.
        2. MARK ALLEN (2337), born March 21, 1961.
      5. EUNICE DAGMAR (SORENSEN) OSBORNE (2326), was born February 4, 1932, at Denver, Colorado. She attended school in Denver. She married Robert D. Osborne (2338). She is a member of the South Presbyterian Church. He is employed by the Martin Co. They have four children all born in Denver, Colo.
        1. STANLEY ROBERT (2339), born October 13, 1951.
        2. RICHARD MELVIN (2340), born December 29, 1952.
        3. SANDRA KAY (2341), born December 21, 1955.
        4. PATRICIA LYNN (2342), born December 7, 1961.
      6. AVIS MAUREEN (SORENSEN) ROOT (2327), was born July 26, 1940. She attended schools in Denver. She married Kenneth S. Root (2343), who served the US Navy., April 4, 1961 at Denver, Colorado. They were stationed in Coronado, California. She belongs to South Presbyterian Church.
    4. EUNICE ELIZA (RANNEY) MADDEN (1340), was born October 29,1900, at Denver, Colorado. She attended Denver Elementary School and Manuel Training High School. She married John Madden (2344) at Denver Colorado. She passed away July 31, 1925, and is buried in Denver, Colorado.
  10. MYRA LOWING (1328) was born in Georgetown, Michigan May 3, 1871 and died November 11, 1874, at the age of three. She is buried in the Georgetown Cemetery.
  11. ELWIN LOWING (1329), last child of Isaac and Jane (West) Lowing was born August 14, 1874, at Georgetown, Michigan. He attended the Alward School. He married Edith Louella Purchase (1343) July 12, 1899, at Georgetown. Elwin lived in the Isaac Lowing homestead for many years. For a few years he owned and operated a store, and later worked for the Grand Rapids Railway Company. He died December 26, 1946, and is buried in Georgetown Cemetery. They had four children.
    1. BLANCHE (LOWING) (TABOR) BERNARD (1344), eldest child of Elwin and Edith (Purchase) Lowing was born in Georgetown, June 24, 1901. She attended Alward School, Hudsonville, South Grand Rapids High and Detroit Business University. She was married to Paul Taber (2345) July 7, 1925. She belongs to the Presbyterian Church, is a member of the Nursing Associationn, Doll Clubs and WRC. She is employed as a nurse and Ward Supervisor at the Wayne County Hospital. She has one son. Marriage #2 to Mr. Bernard (2351).
      1. PAUL ELWIN TABOR (2346), was born March 3, 1929, He attended schools in Detroit and Garden City, Michigan. He married Patricia Ann McInty re (2347) September 9, 1952 at the Garden City Presbyterian Church. He owns the Garden City Welding Co., where she was a secretary before their marriage. He belongs to the Democratic Club, Optimist Club, Hawthorne Valley Golf Club. He was a Corporal in the Marines from 1945 to 1947. They have three children, all born in Garden City, Michigan.
        1. PAUL DENNIS (2348), born December 2, 1953.
        2. LINETTE MARIE (2349), born August 24, 1955.
        3. TERRI ANN (2350), born June 1, 1957.
    2. BERNICE ARMEDA LOWING (1345), second child of Elwin and Edith (Purchase) Lowing was born September 4, 1904. She attended schools at Georgetown, Hudsonville, Dutton, Grand Rapids High and Olivet College. She passed away September 26, 1924, at the age of twenty. She is buried in Georgetown Cemetery. She belonged to Wealthy Street Baptist Church.
    3. ARTHUR KENNETH LOWING (1346), was born August 21, 1908. He attended schools in Georgetown, East Grand Rapids, Bowen Station. He is a farmer, was never married and lives at Cedar Spring, Michigan.
    4. DOROTHY ALMA (LOWING) SULLIVAN (1347), was born May 11, 1911 at Georgetown. She attended school at Alward, Bowen Station, Grand Rapids, and River Rouge. She was a saleslady. She married Harry J. Sullivan (2352) May 5, 1931 at Detroit, Michigan. He was a fruit broker. She died August 22, 1939, and was buried at Holy Sepulcher, Detroit. They had two children.
      1. JAMES REGIS SULLIVAN (2353), born January 11, 1932.
      2. JEROME ROBERT SULLIVAN (2354), born August 17, 1937.

This Concludes The Known Descendants Of Isaac Newton Lowing.

posted by Trevor Lowing

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