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Ch. 10 : Corelia Lowing Spears

Lowing Family History

Updated by Bruce Sheridan Lowing

Chapter 10: Corelia (Lowing) Spears

Corelia (Lowing) Spears (73), was the eighth child bom to Isaac and Lavina Lowing in 1830 at East Bloomfield, New York. She was thirteen when the family moved to Michigan. Very little was recorded about Cordelia in the Lowing Book. She attended the Canada Hill School, and lived at home until her marriage to Martin Spears (1475), when she moved to a home a short distance away. Five children were born to this union before Martin ran away from home, joining the Army at the time of the Civil War, leaving Cordelia with the care of all the children. He never wrote, and when the war was over no one could find any trace of him. The family had a difficult time, and the children moved away as soon as they were able to do so, and found work.

Cordelia died in 1876, at the age of 46, and none of the children except Stephen lived long after their mother died. Stephen moved to another State, and no one ever heard from him. Cordelia was buried in Georgetown Cemetery

The children were Eugene (1476), Inez (1477), Laura (1478), Stephen (1479) and Archibald (1480). Laura and Archibald died in early childhood, and the rest in their early maturity.

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