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Haight Lineage

Simon Hoyt, son of John and Ruth (Stowers) Hoyt, born at Dorchester England January 20, 1590 - died at Stamford Connecticut September 1, 1659, according to the town records. In 1628 he came with his brother-in-law, Nicholas Stowers and the Spragues, in the ship "Abigail" with Governor John Endicott, arriving at Salem Massachusetts September 6, 1628. In the summer of 1629, he went to Charlestown as one of the first settlers, but was at Dorchester in 1650. His name on the records was Simon Hoit.

He removed to Scituate, Massachusetts where his wife joined the church, April 19, 1635. On February 28, 1640, he was granted 80- acres on the west bank of the Connecticut River. He removed to Fairfield Connecticut and bought from John Green, a home lot of three acres, March 6, 1649 and later five more lots, but was at Stamford before his death an the inventory of his estate was taken there.



Descendants of John & Ruth (Stowers) Hoyt

  1. Simon Hoyt (Hoit) married Deborah, daughter of Walter Stowers, at the Parish church at Upway. Children born at Upway Dorset England:
    1. John - born March 12, 1614 died Rye, New York 1684 married Mary xxxx
    2. Walter - born January 3, 1616 died Norwalk, Connecticut 1696.
    3. Thomas Hyat - born September 20, 1618, Died September 9, 1656
    4. Deborah - born August 9, 1620, died Upway January 1628 Nicholas of whom further
    5. Ruth born January 2, 1625
    6. Simon Hoyt (Hoit) remarried Susannah Smith (Second Wife) after coming to America. Susannah survived him and married Robert Bates. She died at Stamford Connecticut 1674. - Children born in New England:

    7. Moses
    8. Joshua born in Windsor Connecticut about 1640 died 1690 - married Mary Bell.
    9. Samuel - born about 1642, died at Stamford April 7, 1720 married 1 st November 16, 1670, Hannah Holley. Married 2nd September 20, 1714 Rececca Gold. Married 3rd Hannah Gold
    10. Benjamin - born February 2, 1644 - died Stamford Conn. Jan 26, 1736 married Jan 5, 1670 Hannah Weed
    11. Mary b xx d xx married Thomas Lyon of Stamford A daughter married Samuel Finch
    12. Miriam m Samuel Firman
    13. Nicholas Hoyt - born Upway November 11, 1622 died Windsor Conn. July 2, 1455 [sic]. Also lived at Hartford. Married June 12 1646 Susanna Joyce.
      1. Samuel Haight - born Windsor, May 1, 1647 - died 1712. He removed to East Chester, Westchester County New York. At one time he lived at Flushing Long Island. He was a Quaker - married Sarah.
        1. Samuel jr. born between 1667-72
        2. Nicholas
        3. Jonathan born 1670/84
        4. David born 1670/90
        5. John
        6. Susanna born before 1684
        7. Sarah born before 1686
        8. Mary born before 1693
        9. Hannah born before 1699
        10. Phoebe born before 1701
      2. Johnathan born June 7 1649
      3. David b April 22, 1651
      4. Daniel born April 10, 1653

Many Haights Active in Political Life

  • Early
  • Henry Huntly Haight - 10th Governor of California - 1868 - 1972 -- Son of Fletcher M. Haight - Judge of U.S. District Court for Southern District of California 1850-1861
  • Fletcher M. Haight - Judge of U.S. District Court for Southern District of California 1850-1861
  • Charles Haight - born January 4, 1833 - was a lawyer. In New Jersey Legislature, 1861/2, Speaker of the House, Brigadier General in Civil War.
  • Edward Haight, Democratic Representative in Congress from New York 1860/63.
  • Charles D. Haight - Lawyer in.Y. 1850 moved to Colorado 1870. Admitted to Colorado Bar 1872. Elected to Supreme Bench 1888. Became Chief Justice 1893/98. Lived his last years as a Lawyer in Denver, Colorado.

Many of the Haights were Quakers or Friends - Anna retained her friendship for them. When William was a boy in Jamaica, the Friends were active there and his mother had always been friendly toward them.

Anna Haight

Anna was born at Crum Elbow, New York, March 10, 1764 and from there moved with her parents to Tinmouth Vermont. She was the daughter of William, youngest son of Joseph Haight. Her father was a strict orthodox Quaker and owned a farm not far from the meeting house. When the split came between the Liberal young people and the older Orthodox members, Anna joined the liberals, much against her father's anger and the inability to control his own daughter, caused a break in her father's prestige, both in church and community. From the Dissenting members, a Baptist church was formed at Danby.

After William's death, Anna tried to operate the mill and manage the family finances, but James, the eldest son had bought a farm at Tinmouth & Stanton was too young to help. The purchasers of the Harrington Sawmill, tried to buy the Lowing mill with its better water advantages, but their price was so small that she refused to sell.

After this they bribed any help she hired, until there was no one to he lp her - business declined and she was forced to take out a mortgage on the mill. This she could never pay and so lost the property to the owner of the rival mill.

James sold his property to try to help her and so lost his also. Before the year was out, Anna and her family returned to Danby where they owned a small tract of land with a house on it.

Susanna, Deborah and Stephen were married from this house, James Tinmouth. He was of Quaker descent. He lived 17 years after this marriage and died at Lewis, Essex County New York. having married in 1802.

Ten years after William's death, Anna married William Vaughan. After William Vaughan's death Anna visited all her children and finally settled down to live with James at East Gainsville, New York (Now Silver Springs). The home with all its effects at Lewis, was burned and among the things lost was the War record of William. When she applied for a pension, she had to take that of a private, for the commission as Captain was gone. She died August 23, 1845 at East Gainsville, New York.

The children of William and Anna Haight Lowing:

  • James - born February 3, 1781 - married Polly Warriner, 1803.
  • Mary Elizabeth - born January 16, 1782 - married Gardiner Eldridge
  • William - died in infancy
  • Deborah - married William Vaughan (jr?)
  • Stanton - born November 15, 1788. Died March 5, 1868. Married Artemesia Bloss
  • Susanna - born September 30, 1790. Married Stephen Lampman 1812
  • Eliza - died young
  • Isaac - born January 28, 1794. Died 1876. Married Lavinia Lampman. Twin Girls died in infancy
  • Stephen - married Hannah Cobb
  • John - born February 12, 1800. Married Martha Moses
  • Anna - born 1802 married 1. Sweet, married 2. Benjamin Davis

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